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Nicole Kidman @ 2008 Country Music Awards

Nicole Kidman @ 2008 Country Music Awards

Nicole Kidman (in YSL) comes out to support her main man, country superstar Keith Urban, at the 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday in Las Vegas.

The LA Times reports that the Oscar-winning actress took a spin class two days in a row – Saturday and Sunday – at Body and Soul gym on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.

Nicole tends to keep her head down when she spins which isn’t advised because it’s bad posture that cuts off your airway and lessens your oxygen intake,” said one spinner. “But if she keeps coming to [spin] class, she’ll learn good posture on the bike, which keeps your core engaged and your diaphragm open.”

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman @ the 2008 Country Music Awards

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Photos: AP Photo/Isaac Brekken
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  • ihavenolife

    she looks beautiful.

  • delly


  • hulagirl

    why does she hold her dress this way? Is she trying to emphasize her bump? WE KNOW ALREADY!

  • kathy

    she is starting to show

  • hola hola

    hulagirl jus shudup and dont be jealous u ugly bitch

  • madu

    she’s so great pregnant!!!

  • http://. marina

    I don’t like this color on her, but she seems so happy. I hope everything comes out OK in her pregnancy

  • notbusy

    Very pretty dress!! They look so happy. I watched the pre-show and it was very windy out there at times so no wonder she’s holding on to the dress.

  • gshock

    ya i agree with that. in every pictures she hold her dress like that. i think she’s very proud that finally she’s pregnant

  • e l e n a

    they baby will still be there even if u take ur hand off!

    finally u show…so milk it

  • Anonymous

    She looks like skeletor!…dear goodness…she’s no Angelina!
    ..that bump is probably a fake and they have paid for a surrogate.

  • sasha

    I love this couple, so beautiful.

    Thank you!

  • Shar

    Wow, she’s finally showing at 7 months, lucky girl. Like me, her stomach will go right back down in a week, yes it’s possible for ur stomach to go down that fast after ur first baby. Mines did, and it got firm again just one month after i had my baby. Oh and i didn’t exercise, i couldn’t, untill after 6 weeks, doctor’s orders!!!!

  • isa

    This baby will be beautiful.

    Beautiful couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daisy

    She looks beautiful! And Keiht looks wonderful. She can hold her dress any way she wants people.

    Wow, I didn’t know that the LA Times had become a gossip rag. Nicole has taken spinning for years she knows how to do it. The eeyewitness doesn’t need to give her advice.

  • beth

    They are so happy.

  • pinkydoo

    He seems so much cuter than her. I think she is a great actress, but I just don’t see them together.

  • Beautiful lady

    Nicole is beautiful. I’m so glad she’s finally found happiness – she deserves it.

  • Silvia

    looks better now that she has less botox and isn’t working out so much—whenever she has her own events she works her upper body so much it looks manly but now w/pregnancy and it’s not her thing she seems to have let up.

    the lips are FREAKY though big time. ew! and the dress IS trying to hard with the extra up front fabric and the hand at crotch b/c everyone says she doesn’t look pregnant…she’s carries her own way she should get over it.

  • gizmatage

    She looks fantastic pregnant. And honestly, why shouldn’t she be proud that she’s finally pregnant? She’s been wanting to have a baby biologically forever, and made no secret about it. Got two bad pregnancies, and now at the age of 40, she’s finally pregnant? Why shouldn’t she be proud?

    Her skin looks so much better compare to the pre-pregnancy, not as “shiny” as it used to look before w/ the botox. But unfortunately, her lips are ruined, nothing one can do anymore :( Oh well, as long as she keeps up the NO-Botox policy after the baby’s born, she should be fine.

  • Renae

    Good on her!

  • what a ridiculous comment “she deserves it” And who doesn’t ? and what has she done exactly to “deserve” it other than marry a bizillionare (Tom) and make a lot of money pretending?

    such a ridiculous thing to say! Just say you’re happy, period.

  • what a ridiculous comment “she deserves it” And who doesn’t ? and what has she done exactly to “deserve” it other than marry a bizillionare (Tom) and make a lot of money pretending?

    such a ridiculous thing to say! Just say you’re happy, period.

  • vjkhlj

    They look so gorgeous together

  • mossy

    i love her! so happy that she’s expecting, i wish her and keith only the best. i love the fact that she embraces being pale, it’s all about spf and taking care of your skin.

  • Maleficent

    I’m so happy for her, just seeing her smiling in these pictures. I’ll admit, i was worried early opn that this pregnancy would be plagued with problems, when she didn’t start to show for so long…but seeing her at 7 months with a pronounced belly and a radiant smile…i’m thrilled for her because she’s made it no secret how badly shee wanted at least one biologocal child to go along with her two adopted children. I wish the best for her and Keith. :)

  • Sorry

    I am still not buying she is pregnant. She is holding the fabric of her dress to emphasize a “bump.” The prostetic belly will be coming out of the closet soon.

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous couple! Good luck with the baby!

  • kim

    she looks amazing and keith hot

  • essie

    her lips look huge

  • number1kufan

    Exactly, she deserves to be happy!!!! I am so excited for them both!!! He deserves to be EOTY too!!!!! I would be showing off my belly too if I were her!! They look so happy together!! I can tell they are in love!! Anyone who says different is just jealous!!! Nicole and Keith, I wish you years of health and happiness!!!!! God Bless your family:)

  • shoes4life

    I say congratulations to Keith & Nicole!! She is simply excited about her new bundle of joy. I just hope her other two children will be able to share in this joyous ocassion with her (like they did with Suri) because it seems that she don’t get to see them that often.

  • birthday girl!!!

    simply stunning..

  • 123

    they’re amazing!

  • Bella

    Seriously, if they were faking this pregnancy, why would they wait this long for her “prosthetic” belly to look noticeable? They would have made it obvious early.

    She’s pregnant with a baby, they are obviously happy, leave them be.

  • sammy

    Gorgeous couple!

  • danz

    I love the dress, although I wish it were a brighter colour, it suits her perfectly.

  • Observer

    I think she looks classy and elegant for a pregnant woman, unlike some other pregnant celebrities (and I’m only talking about celebrities, not regular women) we see who look so pregnant ALL OVER as to make me think of a fat cow.

  • terri

    I just wish she’d do something with her hands besides pull her dress against her belly. We know you’re pregnant!

  • yikes

    she looks beautiful but her neck looks scary – so skinny.

  • lana

    she looks happy but she keeps holding her belly like is too heavy?? is not even that big!

  • L

    Her lips look so scary especially in other pictures not posted here, like the Joker gets injected with balloons…so sad.

  • L

    Her lips look so scary especially in other pictures not posted here, like the Joker gets injected with balloons…so sad.

  • lynvee

    Congratulations!!! Both Keith and Nicole deserve this joyous moment in their lives. The dress is beautiful, it becomes her and Keith suit is also nice. God Bless to you both. We here in Down Under are looking forward for the arrival of your baby.

  • Dancer

    She is glowing. They both look so happy! I can’t believe those of you who think she is faking the pregnancy. As another poster said–if she were, she certainly would have made sure her ‘bump’ had popped long before this. Love this odd pairing!

  • daisy

    For those of you who are questioning why she was holding her belly for your information Nicole said that the baby was KICKING as they were walkign the carpet. So there is your reason!

  • Heather

    I have nothing but best wishes for them. They make a beautiful couple and are going to have a gorgeous child together! =)

  • Rae

    She looks really pretty and so happy! I wish she would wear some other kind of lipstick though. Her lips won’t ever look the same but they look freaky with that much gloss on them.

  • anon

    She looks amazing. it’s gonna be a cute baby

  • Frenchy

    I love the dress. it’s so chic. The red hair is back!