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Rachel Bilson Gets Milked

Rachel Bilson Gets Milked

Rachel Bilson spends all day shopping with her sister Hattie in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 26-year-old former O.C. star walked down Third Street and hit up high-end boutiques Milk and Satine.

Rachel sported her favorite Coach Siennah sandals in yellow.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson getting milked…

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rachel bilson milk 01
rachel bilson milk 02
rachel bilson milk 03
rachel bilson milk 04
rachel bilson milk 05
rachel bilson milk 06
rachel bilson milk 07
rachel bilson milk 08
rachel bilson milk 09
rachel bilson milk 10
rachel bilson milk 11
rachel bilson milk 12

Credit: Matei/Joy; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jennifer


  • legs

    aww… she’s back to being cute.
    i love her sandals.

  • Lemon award

    When she’s not with her boring Hayden, we have pics every day.

  • salma

    awwwwwwwwww so cute she has a great sense of style and look at those legs wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • odierox

    i love rachel.

  • rachel

    cute outfit!
    love the shoes

  • nikki

    She has the cutest style.

  • !!!!




  • //Bean//

    she is covering her bump with the baby doll & the scarf

  • Josh

    I would love to milk those titz!!!!

  • Josh
  • tessa

    Rachel is amazing!!

  • lissa

    Love her

  • Helena

    She has it easy, doesn’t she? She rarely signs on to movies, so she just relaxes in LA.

  • b

    this is ridiculous she’s not pregnant
    she looks cute but i dont exactly love the outfit

  • anna

    She’s perfect

  • marina

    Rachel and Hattie so cute

  • gala

    Bean, I don’t think she is, she looks so small!Why do you think she is?

  • isabeau

    ahh she looks adorable!

    - read fashion @ Rebel Chic

  • http://msn penny

    luv herr

  • Marley

    I love her hair and her sandals in yellow

  • Josh




  • I love hilary

    I LOVE RACHEL!!!!-xoxo dee

  • *Marissa Smith OC girl*

    OKAAAAAYYY she is not pregnant, this is ridiculous where are you guys reading the s***?

  • aLICE

    she’s so pretty, I don’t really care that she doesn’t do that many movies because she has an amazing style and i just like seeing what she wears.

  • *Marissa Smith OC girl*

    Okay guys PROVE that she is pregnant… there’s no article that she’s pregnant is there?

  • $

    close sources ( people around her friends that know everything) say she is expecting and that she AROUND is 2 months about a few weeks. So you can’t tell that she is pregnant yet, but we’ll start seeing soon!

    And thats all Im saying about that!

  • Ally

    @ 8 and bean and all those who keep pretending she’s pregnant : she is not pregnant, look! She’s holding her baby!! Congrats Hayden and Rachel!!!
    (well, she was supposed to be 2 months pregnant since long time, so her baby is born now and she’s holding him!!)

  • Laura

    :/ No-one knows if she’s pregnant or not other than Rachel, Hayden and maybe a few of their close friends. But I seriously doubt it.

    And to whoever says she doesn’t sign onto much, she’s done two movies since The O.C. finished only last year and she did one movie while doing The O.C. Also, she’s always said she only signs on to movies she thinks will do well or she really likes herself. I’d prefer her to do that than to do a load of terrible movies.

    She’s pretty perfect in my eyes I have to say.

  • Ally

    Well, I really hope that friends wouldn’t tell paparazzi or fans that she’s pregnant!! Come on, she was ‘supposed to be 2 months pregnant’ since november, she was supposed to be 2 months pregnant at Jumper premiere and now she’s supposed to be 2 months pregnant?!
    Are you THAT bored and stupid to believe that crap and to write that sort of comment here?

  • Rae

    She looks so cute. I love her stye!

  • jason lover

    love her! ahaha.

  • Katie

    she looks soooo cute

  • Diunna

    I wish I could look like her. she is so beautiful. I love her smooth skin and her hair. No wonder Hayden loves her. she is soo lucky to have him!

  • Tubaligation123

    Thank you Ally!
    She is not pregnant! Her belly would be sticking out and she would have a pooch sticking out. No! Her tummy is flat. I know the girl is small but the smaller girls show right away and if she was two months she would be defiantly starting to show.

    Ally is right. She was supposed to be 2 months pregnant in November. Then supposed to be two months pregnant in December and then again 2 months pregnant in Jan. My GOD if she were pregnant in Novemeber she would be heavily pregnant by now. Oh! There’s the baby right there she is carrying! Congrat’s Rach and Hayden! It’s a girl! Gimmie me a break! :roll:

    Bean and other’s are sick in the head for wanting Rachel to be knocked up and not married. Give the girl more credit then that! :roll: I think Rach is smarter then that and Hayden too! Besides, in STAR magazine recently Rachel said she does not want to get married and start a family until she is 28. I guess Hayden and her did come out but she does not want to settle down until she is 28. So, she defiantly is not PREGNANT!!! F*cking daydreaming Rayden tards!

    That is probably Hattie’s dollie she is carrying around. Rachel actually has a cute figure. Tiny yet curvaceous. Who knew??!! :shock:

  • e

    she is not wearing the “h” necklace in these pics.

  • Diunna

    28 huh?

    Well ONE more year and then Hayden probably will pop the question and ask rachel to marry him. He’ll be 29 and she’ll be 28. Perfect age!

  • Diunna

    nothing but bones but what a cute figure!

  • Laura

    I don’t know, I don’t feel that Rachel and Hayden are meant to be together. Sure, they’re in a relationship now and that’s fine and they seem quite happy together but they don’t seem to be two people that want to spend the rest of their lives togehter, that want to get married and have children together. Who really knows though, they may be engaged soon.

  • Daya

    she not want start a family until she is 28 but sometimes the kids come by surprise :)

    She’s cute

  • -

    She could be pregnant before marriage and next year. Hayden really loves her and its only been a year or so. But they will break up next year or later this year. Trust Me. They will break up. :)

  • the oc fansite

    Love Rachel, and always will. She’s so CUTE!

  • Tubaligation123

    @ 41,
    how do you know they willbreak up? Oh gee that is great. They have a kid out of wedlock and end up breaking up? Excuse me that is bad. Why do people want to see this woman punching out kids before she is actually married is beyond me?? Sounds like a lot of silly teenage girl talk to me. :roll:
    Okay…Rachel is starting to grow on me and I think I’m starting to like her and you f$cker’s go ruin it for me with the pregnancy $hit. She is not. Look at her! Her tummy is FLAT in the black mini skirt. She is actually really cute. Tiny and yet very curvaceous! Work it Rach! 8)

  • Leslie running

    f=or some reason when Hayden dated Sienna Miller, I just loved sienna more and more but while he’s dating Rachel Bilson, I can’t seem to like for some reason. I cant see my self liking rachel at all!. I wish he would’ve stayed with Sienna Miller or just get with Natalie,because I HATE Rachel BiLSON with a passion. I cant stand her for some reason. She just seems sooooo fake!

  • STUPID RAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ 43 Tubaligation123

    RAVEN that is you. You are bipolar and crazy as f**k. You are posting under a different name. We all know you didn’t go anywhere,now you are pretending to like rachel, you need to make up your little crazy obsessed mind and get a real life. you are so stupid and you aren’t fooling NO ONE

  • Laura

    No offence, but you only seem to know Rachel because she’s dating Hayden, so you can’t really make this judgement that she’s fake when people who have been fans of hers for years now know that she is one of the least fake starlets out there. She’s fun, charming, hilarious, sweet, nice and most importantly has a really good heart.

    And you can’t hate somebody you don’t know…

  • Katey

    @ 46

    The best post ever on any rachel thread.
    If Hayden is with her then there is something special about her. he said she is very sweet and beautiful and I never heard of her doing anything mean. I would love to be her bestfriend. I think Rachel is an awesome ,beautiful person, But there is someone out there for her that is NOT Hayden.

  • Leslie running


    Ofcourse you can hate someone you don’t know. That’s just the way life roll. I dont like her. I never will give a shyt about her and I could care less if she die tonight. She is fake.

  • [Stop]

    By the way:


    Hayden has some very obsessive fans that harass rachel and her beauty. They hate to see Hayden with a girlfriend and a well known celebrity girlfriend at that. His fans are getting crazier and crazier by the day of this relationship. They say mean stuff about rachel out of jealousy! and TRUTH is, If you are a Hayden fan and you say you are going to end up with Hayden..dream on because Millions also say the same. If Hayden is happy with Rachel Bilson who seems like a sweety pie,then let him be.

    I’ve seen where Hayden would date a girl for a short periods of time, or for years at a time. So NO ONE knows when this will end or when the future (marriage, children) will begin. Only God know as for now and Hayden is VERY happy with Rachel. So Im happy for Mr. Christensen also. Im a Hayden fan myself, but I am NOT going to trash every girl he dates, He could marry and fall in love with one of his fans…anything can happen, but you nevver know.

    Be nice about the two being together and let it be. STOP posting here if you have something bad to say. If there is only good things said about her here then let it be, its only like20 something people anyway. Rachel do have fans but its mostly because of the OC, dating Adam and her Fashion style. No, she dosen’t score A-list MAJOR movies, No she dosent be on the cover of HIGH fashion mags or MAJOR mags like Rolling Stone etc. But she is a human and dont be so cruel, just because she is dating the man of your dreams. Get over it.

    Maybe God has someone out there for the both of them that they havent met yet. They are still young. so let them be. and let them be happy with eachother. You all be happy with yourselves. Love yourselves and respect the two.

    BYE BYE!

  • [Stop]