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America’s Favorite Zip Code is Back! Below is the very first commercial for the 90210 spinoff series.

90210 centers on a three-generation Beverly Hills family and will air this Fall. Watch the commercial below!!

Starring: Dustin Milligan, AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Walter, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, Lori Loughlin, Ryan Eggold, Jessica Stroup and Michael Steger.

You’ve gotta live by the code…

40+ screencaps inside of the very first commercial from the 90210 spinoff series…

First ’90210′ Commercial

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90210 commercial 01
90210 commercial 02
90210 commercial 03
90210 commercial 04
90210 commercial 05
90210 commercial 06
90210 commercial 07
90210 commercial 08
90210 commercial 09
90210 commercial 10
90210 commercial 11
90210 commercial 12
90210 commercial 13
90210 commercial 14
90210 commercial 15
90210 commercial 16
90210 commercial 17
90210 commercial 18
90210 commercial 19
90210 commercial 20
90210 commercial 21
90210 commercial 22
90210 commercial 23
90210 commercial 24
90210 commercial 25
90210 commercial 26
90210 commercial 27
90210 commercial 28
90210 commercial 29
90210 commercial 30
90210 commercial 31
90210 commercial 32
90210 commercial 33
90210 commercial 34
90210 commercial 35
90210 commercial 36
90210 commercial 37
90210 commercial 38
90210 commercial 39
90210 commercial 40

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  • me

    1s tt

  • wings4music

    Has this thing fulfilled everyone’s else’s expectations of being generic & headache inducing? Or just me?

  • Riley

    AnnaLynne McCord’s hair drives me crazy.


    They have the token black guy but NOT a token black girl. C’mon.

  • Dianne

    Jessica Walter, NO! You’re too good for this!

  • Mike

    cool….never watched 90210 lol

  • 007

    Looking good :D

  • 1.-

    BORING!! great another tv show about how spoiled kids are here in LA!

    This is the most boring thing ever, I can’t believe they are going to keep throwing crap into tv channels…

    it saddens me the hollywood has to remake EVERYTHING because htey have NOTHING new… isn’t it awful!??

  • grey


  • Godiva

    This looks bad! Where are the original ideas for TV?

  • sushi


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i’m actually looking forward to this – i cant believe it.

    i just cant believe in this day and age they still doing the whole token black guy. shiit looks ridiculous.

  • oc?

    sooo dixon mills aka token black guy is adopted by rich family
    so basically hes ryan
    the girl from degrassi is therefore seth
    then aunt becky is kirsten the alcoholic
    sandy cohen is apparently the principal
    so familiar
    but so good

  • abby

    Does anybody do anything original anymore?

  • Riley


  • Blu

    it’s a spin-off…not a remake there have been plenty of tv shows that were spin off and they were successful. no one was complainin then, so why are people complaining now.

    tristan wilds aka dixon mills is hot. the end

  • abby

    Is it bad that I LOL at this.


  • megan

    dixon’s hot! u kno at first i wanted to hate this show i mean their can only be one 90210 but i’ll gie it a try

  • michelle

    Yay! I can’t wait!!!
    Dustin Milligan is so cute!

  • molly

    they cant compare to the original 90210 cast.
    i mean… its DARCY from degrassi! thats all i can see her as. but i’m gonna watch it, to see which of the old cast is going to be in a little of it.

    ughhhh, i miss beverly hills 90210 with steve and kelly and donna and david and dylan and brandon and even brenda!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Everyone talks about this show.
    So im totally going to watch the new episodes.

  • lissa

    lets see how this compares to the og series

  • jennifer


  • essie

    oh my that’s really horrible.

  • Stacy

    When I first heard that they were remaking this show I was a pretty excited. I watched the OG when I was younger, and now im rewatching all the old ones with the DVD collections. I want them to bring back brenda and dylan so bad! I don’t think they will though. Then after watching this preview it makes me feel that they are only using the name of 90210 to initally get viewers, rather than trying to stick with what the first 90210 was about! This will only be good if they tie in the old 90210 with the new! So if they can do that I’ll watch. But if not this is going to fail for sure!

  • rolling eyes

    Dame right #25 — just about using the title but not keeping the same type of people.

    And everyone is over hyped its ludicrous…. all the promo showed was that they are gonna push the racy shitz so they can get more ratings, not that there is anything new to it..

    It just another piece of garbage for the already garbaged filled nation of America… you’ve done well americans you really know how to represent ;)

  • Annika

    It doesn’t look all too promising from the trailer but the cast is too gorgeous not to watch and they seem to have amazing chemistry!

  • rolling eyes

    Annika, its called being paid well to have good chemistry…

    or in their case, just having a job is good enough to fake it ;)

  • denise

    not excited about it. you can not make a 90210 “number 2″

    i think this is going to fail…and bad.

  • Laura


    Maybe can fill my OC void along with Gossip Girl

  • ashley

    This is going to be so shitty.

  • chantall

    dude this is sooo sad its gonna make everyone in LA look bad ha its a good thing im not from LA!!! :)

  • drew.

    they just did this show, its called The OC.

  • DeeJay

    The OC is calling it wants its plot line back… Come on another kid from the bad side of town moving in with a rich family?!?!?

  • Lisa


  • talula

    Where’s Brenda?

  • Oracle

    I’m not able to watch the video, but i can view the pics. And from what i can see, it look like a Terrible Noxema commercial.

  • Elle

    This looks like it will fail. It just doesnt look appealing. It looks like they are trying so hard but it’s just not going to work. Or maybe it will i could be wrong.

    And I know it’s not a remake it’s a Spin Off. But with the same name, people arent going to help but compare it to the Original 90210.

  • kat

    There will never be a show that can replace the massiveness of Shows like The OC, Dawsons Creek, and even 90210. This new version looks like crap. Shows will try to copy the old ones or re invent them as the writers like to spin it, but….everyone knows.

  • EvilDead

    Seriously do we need another show about California Teens and 20 somethings?

    At least it looks like the ideas are running thin so they have to rehash the old….

  • Jenny

    The Original 90210 rules!!!!

  • Chezerina

    Token black kid adopted by white family. [check]
    They move from the boondocks out to California [check]
    Where they face temptation and big city living and adjusting to a fast pace new life [check]

    The N’s already done this isn’t it called South of Nowhere?

  • Luti

    Like it!! I think it’s gonna be good!!!

  • Tee

    Ummm wow that does not look good at all…. sad.

  • anaisFromParis

    Yeaaaaaaaaah That’s cool!! I will try to watch on internet coz I live in france and it will not set on tv yet!
    Cool there is a caracter from Degrassi!!

  • Marcia

    I loved 90210 But having all new people no one is going to want to watch a bunch of new people. You should have just gave the show a different name because it is not 90210. And seeing the commercial it has nothing to do with the old 90210.

  • Zac

    I think Jessica Stroup is a hottie. She’s sexy.

  • ilove90210

    mills? celia? it’s wilson and debbie, right!?! BTW, I hate Ethan

  • zane

    jessica stroup is hott