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Alessandra Ambrosio is a Malibu Mommy-To-Be

Alessandra Ambrosio is a Malibu Mommy-To-Be

Pregnant Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio steps out in Malibu on Sunday with longtime boyfriend Jamie Mazur.

The couple expect their first child late summer/early fall.

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  • ihavenolife

    lucky dude.

  • legs

    i like her dress.

  • zoe

    she’s good on victoria’s secret. its also brave of her to step out without any makeup on- go her! i like her dress too…

  • EE

    Another Brazilian model traps a man by getting pregnant, and forcing a huge commitment and milking his money…

    What a shocker!

    We haven’t seen that since 2 minutes ago, when some Braziliandid that to Matthew McConaughey.

  • BellaSHAI

    She’s soo beautiful, with or without make-up!
    i love her.

  • salma

    i love her dress HOT MAMA

  • kayla :)♥

    umm… that was fast. wow okay then…….

  • kayla :)♥

    that was really fast…. umm… okay?

  • Tyra

    Has this girl gained any weight except her bun in the oven? I am not pregnant or fat,but always felt heavyyy after looking at her picture,even when she is pregnant. Damn!
    She is the prettiest girl in the biz.

  • bejeebus

    i wish i had her legs…then i could be living my dream prego life. as it is, i have to wear the super long prego lady empire waisted dresses. my legs won’t be breathing fresh air all summer. poor little shut in legs….never to see the light of day. sob.

  • rassa

    “i wish i had her legs…”
    i don’t she’s a fatty with an ugly face and weird feet.

  • bejeebus

    “she’s a fatty”???? noooo, she’s P R E G N A N T. if you think she’s fat, you must be typing your comments from your room at the eating disorders clinic!

  • rassa

    yeah she may be P R E G N A N T but there’s no need for her to go around in public in a short dress showing off her fatty legs.

  • rassa

    yeah she may be pregnant but there’s no need for her to go around in public in a short dress showing off her fatty legs.

  • bejeebus

    her legs aren’t fat either!!!! have you lost your mind? eat a candy bar and get your blood sugar back up!!!!

  • zoe

    there must be something wrong with you….alessandra has fatty legs? wow…either i must be blind or you…i think the chances are that, you are the one who’s blind. alessandra’s got one of the most gorgeous pair of legs!

  • bejeebus

    my only complaint about her would be that she and her boyfriend need to go ahead and get married before that baby is born. i’m sick of all these unwed parents. they can commit enough to have a baby but not enough to get married????…it makes no sense and sets a horrible example.

  • bejeebus

    sorry rassa for all the harsh comments after some careful thinking i agree with you about alessandra’s fat legs, weird feet and fatness overall.
    lose some weight alessandra.

  • bejeebus

    ummm….pretty obvious to ALL that you have taken my moniker and are faking comments that are in agreement with your own. apparently, you not only have body dysmorphic disorder but you are also just plain nuts. good luck with that!

  • krung krung

    looks like her bump is a lot bigger than Kidman, hehe.

  • rassa

    what?! bejeebus i have no idea what you’re on about i didn’t do that i was takiing your advice and eating a candy bar due to my body dysmorphic disorder you know.
    “looks like her bump is a lot bigger than Kidman, hehe.”
    krung krung- that’s because alessandra is a fat fat fatty.

  • bejeebus

    enjoy your candy bar.

  • rassa

    i did very much enjoy my candy bar
    looks as if alessandra should lay off them though.

  • Rae

    She looks beautiful. Her boy is hot.

  • Josh braum

    oh god, not this slut again. Really jared, go follow some real celebrity, not this bitch

  • Maryna

    Dear EE,

    Go to Hell, darling. Seriously. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Jealous is a funny thing!

  • Yeah

    I’s time for VS to fire her now. She’s fat! She ruined herself by getting pregnant.

  • nope

    #21 – that is exactly why the Nicole being tall and thin comments don’t work about he lack of belly. This chick is younger and a VS model and is showing. Everyone is different, but I have a hard time believing a 40+ woman, with already a slight stomach and who works out hard to stay thin, wouldn’t show at all.

  • Birdie

    I don’t think anorexia is sexy if that’s what some of you mean by saying she needs to lose some weight and being fired because she’s pregnant.
    Alessandra is very beautiful like that and she does not need to lose weight at all.

  • katherine

    yeah she’s really beautiful,
    i’m jealous

  • chantall

    i bet u a 100 dollars that rassa is fat and tryin to make her self feel better

  • meny

    ” EE @ 05/19/2008 at 4:59 am

    Another Brazilian model traps a man by getting pregnant, and forcing a huge commitment and milking his money… ”

    i think you need to think about your country first before speaking of another one.
    because by that comment of yours, you are not only insulting the woman (Alessandra) but also her country (which turns out to be also mine), so think twice before posting on internet a comment like that :)
    it’s not really cool neither is polite (since we’re like, in a public space).

    aand, i agree with someone who said that the only problem left is; for her boyfriend to ask her in marriage, i also don’t like when it turns out that the mum stays alone with the baby and everything :/
    hope that if he does, he does it soon. hahahah ;D

  • chantall

    who ever left that comment is messed up its so rasict and im not even from brazil right behind u meny alessandra looks radiant in that and so happy!

  • Cute

    but nowhere NEAR as pretty as Angelina Jolie without makeup. This is how most of the supermodels look without their face paint.


    Dear EE,

    Go to Hell, darling. Seriously. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Jealous is a funny thing! [1]

    u r a PRECONCEPTIONED person



  • rassa

    we were actually joking, you people are all so sad.

  • shamir
  • shamir
  • iakynthi

    The racist-guy or girl must be completely uninformed.Let’s enlighten him:Alessandra made 6M in 2006 and that’s only one year…Second,she doesn’t seem to care about marriage and if she does,which is normal and healthy now with the pregnancy,her boyfriend will be very lucky…And last but not least,what is wrong with the Brazilians?I know many people from Brazil that came to work in my country (Greece),especially athletes,and I have to tell you that they are all good,kind and with strong values and very moral.”Really cool”as you Americans would say.which is something that you are not…I’m really sorry for you people.

  • Caron Morrison