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Desperate Housewives Season Finale Shocker!

Desperate Housewives Season Finale Shocker!


The last two minutes from Sunday’s season finale of Desperate Housewives flashed ahead five years, bringing about many changes on Wisteria Lane. Here’s a quick recap:

– Model-turned-mommy Gabby (Eva Longoria) appears to be raising two daughters. Juanita and Celia were seen playing with Gabby’s makeup and clothes.

– Bree (Marcia Cross) has a cookbook coming out and her son seems to be her agent. She and husband Orson are still together.

– Lynette (Felicity Huffman) is dealing with her juvenile delinquent sons.

– Katherine’s (Dana Delany) daughter Dylan is getting married.

– Susan (Teri Hatcher) has a new man in her life, played by Gale Harold.

Watch the shocking last two minutes from the season finale here.

Also, USA Today asked Eva Longoria about Kaila Say and Daniella Baltodano, who play Gabby and Carlos’ daughters.

She said, “They are adorable. But I’m not excited about working with children because I’m a really fast shooter. I like to get in and get out and go home to my husband, and children tend to slow that process down. But I am excited about the comedic opportunities.” Yikes!

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  • Si

    So trash!!!!

  • Marrissa

    eva longorias comment is so bitchyy

  • Dalemurph

    I guess both Bree and Danielle have been written off. What happened to Danielle’s daughter?

  • erin

    The biggest thing I noticed is a big absence of Nicolette Sheridan. Seems as though she’s the one who left the show. Very crazy season finale.

  • jess

    arent u a little late on the info jared

  • lc

    Bree is obv. not written off and the baby is a boy(benjamin)….this was a great episode..but i dont believe some of it like how susan could have a new man in 5 years with no mention of her kid

  • mia

    I agree with #2, that was pretty mean, but at least she’s honest.

    After watching the finale, I was like: WTH…
    The Susan part shocked me the most… wonder what happened…

  • Eva

    How did Katherine’s actual daughter die? I did not quite get that.

  • Christy


    the little girl died b/c the armoire where Katherine put her doll the dad gave her fell on top of her, she was trying to get it down from there.

  • justin


    Her daughter was obviously trying to reach the doll she put up on top of the armoire and it fell on top of her.

  • justin


    Her daughter was obviously trying to reach the doll she put up on top of the armoire and it fell on top of her.

  • Sarah

    i was so shocked………….wth happened between those 5 years!!!!!???!!!!!???

  • risslesz


  • Eva


  • katie

    maybe Mike and the baby died somehow…. i dont know, where I am we’re a bit behind so I could be missing something

  • bri

    what the hell?
    wheres mike?

  • Jenn

    I stopped watching this show a LOOOOONNNGGG time ago but now that SEXY Gale Harrold is in it i will watch it!

  • cami


  • gypsy marie

    Geez…tell us how you really feel. What a b*itch!

  • Eva

    Having thought about this, how could the girl from the Romanian orphanage not know she was adopted? She was not that young?

    Julie remembered Dylan and she is her age.

  • aklay

    I don’t think the Susan’s baby has died. They obv cant show everyone in the flash forward. Why did gabby have to have 2 kids, i think one is enough, lol. Hers characters definitely changed the most

    and WHATTTT was up with Susan’s new man?!?!?! I was like “whatttttttt the *#&%!!?!?!?” after ALL of susan and mikes drama , why would they just throw that away?!

    and im sad julie and dylan are leaving, i like the teen characters, makes the show more rounded. who’s gonna replace the teenagers in the show now??

  • Eva

    Well, technically speaking, this was a flash forward to five years from now, that would make it season nine. We don’t even know if the show will make it that long. Sex and the City had six seasons.

    Also, Deanna Troy did not marry Worf, as opposed to the flash forward season finale of TNG

  • Mika

    Gale Harold has lost his looks a little since QAF, but I’s still hit that sh!t. The man’s walking sex on legs…

  • ghgf


    Obviously the new teen characters will be Preston and Porter.

  • Maddie

    gale harold is so HOT!

  • Maddie

    gale harold is so HOT!

  • tots

    aww… that’s too bad for eva. she probably just doesn’t wanna lose her figure.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    This finale was fantastic! I’m so curious to know what character Gale is actually playing and what happened to Mike. I bet divorce. I’ll be rather upset if he died from an overdose. I’m almost certain it’s divorce. And it’s so good to see Gale again. He’s so ridiculously good looking it hurts.

  • Cynthia

    I haven’t watched it this year, but I’m curious… is this flash forward transitioning 5 years gonna be what the show is like next season? As in, while next season take off from where that flash forward ended??

  • deleteatl

    where were bob and lee?

    where was danielle?

    WHY does susan have some new guy?

    what is katherine’s plotline going to be now that her and (possibly) adam are empty-nesters?

    is the EVIL (kayla) back in the scavo house?

    how evil have the other littel scavo’s become?

    did edie leave after all the silent-treatment?

  • skankyHO

    Gabby had some fugly looking children.

  • Brenda Walsh Mckay

    I actually really liked the season finale. Ok so they flash forwarded 5 years ahead but that does not mean when the next season begins they wont go right back 5 years where they left off. I do not believe for a minute they will start next season 5 years ahead. They made Gaby look horrible and took her hair extensions out. You think come next season eva longoria would agree to have her character look frumpy? NO WAY!!! Im sure the witers will have some crazy reason for how the season ended. I could be wrong but something tells me it was a trick to confuse everyone but if you really think about it most likely the show will not end up being 5 years later,just a crazy cliffhanger. Where the heck was Nicolette Sheridan? This show has 1 or 2 seasons left.



  • megan

    fugly looking children lol mean but in a way tru but on that note the 5 yrs into the future was such a shoker and 2 me that’s how u do a season finale!

  • Brandon Walsh

    Why are you in shock?? Susan is going to be having a dream where her supposed new hunky husband Gale Harold,btw his real name is Harold Gale. Do you know any man with the name Gale or Gertrude? Just before Susan wakes up Gale is squatting over her head and lets out this rip roaring fart right on Susans mouth and than as shes gagging shes suddenly awoken by Mikes Stinky feet in her face. I hope I did not spoil your fantasy.

  • Zac Efron

    Next Season they are renaming the show to “Flatulent Housewives”Mike and Susan are still married he was just in the bathroom taking a dump. That sexy QAF guy is Maynard all grown up. They always say the camera adds 30 years to your face…

  • DIDI

    Creator Marc Cherry made a few comments concerning the finale, one of which was that poor decrepit Gabby would not stay so “messy” long enough for America to get upset with him. Longoria is way too pretty to keep looking like that for too long! :)

    Cherry also said that the main purpose for the five year jump was to give the show a fresh start. Next season will start with them still five years ahead. Side note: Eva – the plot jumping 5 years does not mean that we automatically jump that many seasons as well. It will still be season 5. Cherry did say, though, that season 7 will be the last one (occurring in 2011), after which he and two (unnamed) leading ladies will leave with him. His reasoning is one we’ve all heard before – want to get out while the show is still hot and leave a positive memory in everyone’s minds. Cherry’s hope is that ABC will not be stupid enough to continue the show without him or two of the leading ladies. He has preemptively “promised” a spinoff called “Vicious Cheerleaders,” which, if I had to guess, will likely spin off of his potential idea to end the show by flashing back to when the women were all in high school – pre Mary Alice suicide of course.

    Also, James Denton (Mike) has not been completely written off the show…yet. He has been told that he will know one way or another in mid-June. Those who are definitely off the show are: Bree’s daugher, Danielle; Susan’s daughter, Julie; Katherine’s daughter, Dylan; and Lynette’s children.

    I’m definitely excited for next season…. :)

  • Star Jones ex Reynolds

    Desperate Hags is getting a much needed makeover. Edie will be gone due to a lethal bug bite. Bree is sooo beautiful that she decides to shave her head and join the Hare Krishna and only eat raisins and prunes. Susan is leaving to reprise her role as lois and clark. Dixie Carter is going to be moving back and will be the star of the show. Kaley is coming back and will be 5 years older and being played by Lindsay Lohan. Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano are being considered for guest spots as their characters from Charmed. Stay tuned Ugly Betty is getting a makeover. The revamped show will be simply “Betty”. America Ferrera refduses to wear braces,glasses and a wig so wait till you see the new Betty Suarez….

  • DIDI

    Marc Cherry just this very minute announced he’s giving up television and moving to Fiji. Didi knows everything!!! I am da bomb and don’t you forget it. could someone please pass the Beano..I have such bad gas after that season finale..


    Listen here DIDI or is it DoDo…Who gave y’all the right to sit up here and start giving updates….Heyyyyyy. I never said any of what you said I said. I know you are really Rosie O’donnell trying to start some more trouble. This ain’t no Elizabeth Hasselbeck Donald Trump situation OHHHHH KAYYYY…They don’t call me Marc the Cherry for nothing. I prefer tubesteak over any cherries anyhoo.


    Whatever happened to the Season Finale to the Flintstones or the Jetsons? I am still waiting for a Series finale for the Brady Bunch.Which desperate hag has the finest smelling butt?

  • smelly bunghole

    Can we start a new topic already..Mama is so bored. Lynette has a fresh new menu and its deelish…fried pubecakes,azzburgers,urinaded soda pops and a fresh whiff of the chefs windy bum..


    I wonder what happens to mike. after 4 years of drama they just kill him off? then what’s the point in the first place?!

  • rien

    Eva Longoria, I never like her. And now with her comment about working together with children I can only say: yikes, yikes, yikes!

    So long, Eva. I feel sorry for your child!

  • _nika

    those usernames are hilarious lol. such childish things to write…
    I hope mike is not gone, I really like this character.

  • rossy40

    To #35 Brandon Walsh…

    Hate to break this to you, but yeah, his first name IS GALE. His complete name, is in fact, Gale Morgan Harold III, born July 10th, 1969.

    Google it! I didn’t have to because I remember watching the credits for QAF, and seeing an interview where he was teased for having a “girl’s” name, until he said, “It’s spelt like a boy’s G-A-L-E; it’s Gaelic for “happy” & “cheerful”…”

    Others with Gale as 1st. name are…

    Gale Sayers: a.k.a: “The Kansas Comet”, was a professional football player in the National Football League.

    Gale Banks: an avid car enthusiast, winning racer, entrepreneur, and successful businessman.

    Make sure to do some research before you tell somebody who’s right, that they’re wrong.

  • Martinis_on_me

    In five years…how could Gabby have two kid’s? The one on the bed looks much older than “five”. I guess some how there was adoption??? What about Adam? I thought for sure him & Catherine would be back together I love the fact the women rallied together to help Catherine out after killing that S.O.B.!!! Shocker about the 1st child. And Susan…kind of disappointing but Wow! none the less…

  • MIlla

    well…what a finale!! I´m not sure if i like the ending..but I really dont like the fact that Mike is gone..!!! Well I hope he had surgery and had to get a new face ..hahahah

  • hi

    will there be another season???
    i m from germany so we rn’t that fast xD

  • violette

    MIKE?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!