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Jennifer Aniston Kissing John Mayer -- FIRST PICTURES

Jennifer Aniston Kissing John Mayer -- FIRST PICTURES

Jennifer Aniston and musician boyfriend John Mayer share a sweet kiss at her Marley & Me wrap party held at Nikki Beach in Coconut Grove last Sunday.

“It was nice that she brought him,” one party goer told Us Weekly after the pair were one of the last to leave the after-party.

Another source reveals, “She’s really into John, and the nine year age difference doesn’t bother her for a second. Jen’s already telling friends she’s falling in love with this guy.”

For more locking-lips pictures and the full story, pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly (with stabbed-in-the-heart Jessica Simpson on the cover).

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  • Shakira

    Hope she is happy.

  • nora

    Oye, This is a great setup. Jen’s desperate attempt to seek attention as Brangis are all over the place Cannes, France, and the GOLDEN TWINS! Hope Jen isn’t losing sleep lately.

  • Vick

    She’s still sucking on those cigarettes!!! How can he stand to kiss her?

    She is so gross…………….. a pothead and a nicotene addict. He can do so much better.

    Mayer better watch out…………… she’s looking for a baby daddy.

  • tass

    US link not working?

  • y’alneedprozac

    the crazies are already posting..must be the full moon…jen looks happy! good for her! i agree that the cig’s are gross…smokers breath is nasty, but brad was a well known stoner too…and ms jolie was a heroin addict….your saint was a real bad girl

  • ace tomato

    I don’t know . . . Jen A and John Mayer seem to fit. Maybe she’ll quit trying to be a movie star and he’ll quit being so angsty and they can both sit on the beach stoned for the next ten years. Shrug.



  • http://msn penny


  • lEO


  • ella

    She is so beautiful

  • You/Me

    Awwwwwww, they are sweet :-)
    Still think he is a phase though, he is just too much of a player… I think ….to settle. I’m hoping Jen isn’t thinking long term, not unless Mayer is as well.

    I don’t understand why you posters claim to be soooo freakin happy for Brad & Angie but lose your sh*t when you see Jen loving and living her life??? If her happiness is that detrimental to yours …if you really can’t live your life happily unless Jen is miserable (uh, Sasha) why even read what JJ posted about her?? You are just setting yourself up for your own misery since Jen looks thrilled with life at the moment. F*cking idiots.

  • carl

    Is great to se her

  • jemi

    cute cute overload

  • ~


  • hahhh

    they look so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sunny

    I must vomiting….

  • toni

    jen is so ugly

  • Melissa

    Brad Pitt still smokes cigerettes. so why down jennifer. I do wish she could quit but I am sure that it is hard.

  • marley

    Is perfect!
    She deserve all!

  • hahhh

    I’m excited for her

  • Stellartes

    I wonder how her ashtray mouth tastes like

  • perfect


  • emily
  • ^

    ashtray. lol.

  • Me


  • John

    The look Gorgeous!!!

  • jaja

    she is pretty amazing

  • deb

    They look cute together and I always wish the best for everyone. Karma is real and don’t want it back in my direction for any reason.

  • oh snap!

    shes ugly i bet she just jealous of brad and angelina and their beautiful family

    so shes going around sleeping with everything

  • friends_fan

    so wishing fake good things when you are thinking otherwise doesn’t work either!

    if you don’t really think what you are writing don’t post….

    and to all the haters especially #2, get a life if you don’t like them don’t post.

  • bet

    They look cute , in love and happy and romantic. I love them………………..


    when your idol have something, i think you want the whole world to stop living thier life. Is that what you want?

    and also, your idol, they do not care about even thier childern stablilty. they probably move the whole childern, just for the two to be seen on the red carpet. The movei is her, the husband can stay in one country let the kids be stable for what ever day she promoting the movie.

    they probably told their kids. kids our spot light comes first , before your stablity. so your father should be on the red carpet to be seen with me. that is very important for us. He have to stand on the red carpet like statue beside me. and tell the kids , we will reward you guys by injoying our Hobbie and we will promise you to talk about you in every interview. As result your father should not stay with you in the state, he have to come with me for the red carpet invent . Do’nt you see our fan wait for us for every red carpet.

    so , haters i can understand you the whole celebrity have to stop thier life when they go red carpet story, becuase your idol take it serious about thier red carpet event more than their kids stablity.

    And i also admire the hard working kids specila zahara. and also, Madoxe , Pax.

  • Alicia

    yay! this is so wonderful–golden showers for everyone!!

  • isabella

    ahhh…….how romantic! Wish I were Jen. But, have seen these LAST week.

    oh and Pitt is a chain smoker you loons. At least Jen isn’t polluting little children.


    WOW you’re NUMBER 2 POSTER on a Jennifer thread. Spewing and spitting. Did you wipe that crap off your screen yet. GEESE, get a grip kiddo…jennnifer is here to stay, she’s free to live her life and DESERVES to be happy. Suggest you do to a cite that has joLIE flashing her bare breasts (GROSS and UNCLASSY FOR A MOTHER by the way) for you and try to calm down.

  • noWONDER

    NO WONDER brad looked like a deer caught in the headlights at Cannes. NO PDA with jolie either. AWWW he’s a hurtin somebody.

    p.s. anyone here know why he HASN’T or WON’T acknolwedge his “twins”. He has remained CONSPICUOUSLY QUIET..meanwhile, she does allllllll the yammering.

  • pwee

    Its good to see Jennifer happy.


  • wow

    Wow…so women can’t have the freedom to sleep with whoever they want nowadays without being degraded or called a sl*t? It’s so sad that this mentality is still so prevalent in our world.

    I don’t think she’s ugly. She’s certainly a lot better looking and fit then the average american woman.

  • old pics!

    Those are old pics, last May 8 during the wrap party of her movie in Miami!

    After NYC, Jennifer went to Philly last May 15 alone and John stayed in NYC attended his friends bday and went to Connecticut last weekend for the opening of the new casino there. He and Jen were not seen together since May 15.

    We;ll see when they are going to surface again!

  • wait and see

    they are not a hot couple in reality, only in the tabloids………….it’s a HUGE publicity scam hastily erected to stop the fallout from Brad and Angelina at Cannes. this is at the wrap party where she HAD to appear with a man because of Brad at Cannes. It is a game where Huvane has to rival Brad because he doesn’t think jen has her own character without that flawed relationship. They did the same with Vince Vaughn. That is why Vince was in Miami before this charade started. Remember last year how the audiences went wild over Brad and Angelina ? Stephen Huvane does. It made his client look bad. Hence this silly game due to end SOON. She hardly knows him and is trying very hard to look hot for the audience…. a big fake act that is already over before it began. Wait and see.

  • http://. elena

    bet, your writing skills equal your intelligence. Your imagination is probably increased by illegal drugs or maybe you are like this naturally.

  • Rebecca

    Why are some of you bringing up Brad Pitt? That’s years old already. Will you people stop already! If she’s happy, good for her. She needs to find someone who she can be happy with, and if John is the man, then more power to both of them.

  • xx

    they aren’t even sleeping together………..I KNOW………..but really it is nobody’s business, except for the fact that it is a fictional relationship designed purely for the sake of publicity.

  • bet

    We love her. they look cute , sexy and hip. I hope she is having a good time. injoying life to the fullest.

  • kat

    at least they kiss inside the club… while saint angie flash her breast out at the terrace…. when she knows the whole world are watching her every moves… for all thats worth, all men are happy to see thats breast…

  • nora

    Umm, this is as real as when Jen and Vince played their “romance” act to the press. Guess both Jen and John need free PR for the summer.

  • bet

    The kissing pitcuter is very intetment. they look like they are in love.

  • xx

    she has already killed the game, it was over before it started

  • xx

    why isn’t she with him now ? BECAUSE THE WHOLE THING IS A BIG CLAY PIGEON

  • bet


    thank you. talk about publicty. she know people are taking piture on there front yard. Becuae there is already a lot of piture take before the flashing. so haters what do you call this one?. And also, after thier idol said she is not going to be seen naked even in the movie, yet she flash it to the whole world to see in front of hunderd camera.

  • enya

    love them together. but the title should be John Mayer kissing Jennifer Aniston. He seems he initiated the kiss.