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Jude Law @ Cannes Film Festival 2008

Jude Law @ Cannes Film Festival 2008

Jude Law joins director pal Jeremy Giley at the photocall for their new movie, The Day After Peace, at the Majestic Beach Pier during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Monday in Cannes, France .

Last year, Jude and Jeremy traveled to war-town Afghanistan to help promote the United Nation’s annual Peace One Day (POD), their annual day of worldwide cease-fire and nonviolence envisioned by Jeremy.

The Day After Peace charts his campaign for a non-violence day from the beginning. His journey features Jonny Lee Miller, David Beckham and Jude.

30+ pictures inside of Jude Law does the Cannes Cannes…

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86 Responses to “Jude Law @ Cannes Film Festival 2008”

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  1. 1
    Ingrid Says:

    Your same old title is getting annoying, no offence!

  2. 2

    jared your a love. jude looks fantastic….he’s letting his hair grow back…what a face….surreal……jude you get sweeter and sweeter looking.

  3. 3
    shammy Says:

    Is he not the sweetest and dreamiest creatures alive? Oh, Jude you look lovely today. Also, love the scenery of where the photos are taken with Jude. What color is that shirt as it matches his eyes perfectly.

    Sweet love sent to Jude!


  4. 4
    sheryl Says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!

    And great project. Hope I can see the documentary.

  5. 5
    luisaonline Says:

    Wow!! Judeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Cute, cute!!

  6. 6
    Pole Says:

    Thanks a million for these pictures Jared :D

    Jude looks awesome and supersexy!

  7. 7
    Daphne Says:

    Thanks JJared. I knew you’d come through with the new photos. “Is he not the sweetest and dreamiest creatures alive?” Yes yes yes a million times yes!

    I see the lovely curls have returned to the back of his neck already.

    One minor complaint — the look is casual and elegant, but it looks like the same outfit he wore to Venice for Sleuth last year.

  8. 8
    Shonathan Hilton Says:

    David Beckham? im so MAJORLY there!

  9. 9
    auntiemoneybags Says:

    There’s my favorite British boy with the best smile ever!

    It is so great to see Jude happy and smiling. Jude, you made my day. :-)

    You too JJ. Your the best!


  10. 10
    Sandy Says:

    Thansk for coming through Jared, What a batch of delights this is.
    jude all smiles and the old sweetness and charm and onece again in
    the forefront of a major charity. As gorgeous as he looks on the
    outside , the innards, heart and soul are even more beautiful.
    The incomparale Jude!

  11. 11

    daphne, his outfit looked almost the same at cannes. it’s a style i guess he feels comfortable in for these photoshoots and he’s right. they look perfect. jeez…look at the pictures this man takes. he’s not real….he’s a party doll. no mortal looks like this.

  12. 12
    Gizz Says:

    hahaah he is wearing MAKEUP lol

  13. 13
    haha007 Says:

    at least he’s not doin the Cannes Cannes anymore

  14. 14
    Daphne Says:

    @#12, Where?

  15. 15
    auntiemoneybags Says:

    He’s one doll I’d like to play with :-)


  16. 16
    emily Says:

    i wish he had more hair, he would look a lot better!!!

  17. 17
    jami Says:

    Jared, thanks!!!!

    Jude is HOT. He looks absolutely awesome here. So happy to see these photos of Jude!

  18. 18

    sooooooo delicious Jeeeezz

    hottie man wow hahaa

    ‘n talented of course XD

  19. 19
    Sandy Says:

    Too bad Emily (#16) you don’t know what you are talking about. His
    hair has been short for REPOSSESSION MAMBO and now is starting
    to grow out again. If you watch you will see the changes. Look at the
    fromt of the BILLIANCE site for Jude and see the pictures of his
    hair looking the same quite a few years ago after he had shaved it
    off for another film. An actor’s hair is not only his crowning glory but
    a tool of the trade like mustaches and beards etc. it helps create a
    character and then is dispensed with in between roles. I’m esplaining
    something you and a lot of others don’t seem to know because the
    nonsense with the hair has been a big joke this past year. Those
    close to Jude knew about the demands of the part and understood
    the problem and the uninformed just kept babbling away. Not that
    ot really nade a difference – he would look great bald too (with
    those beautiful features) but it wasn’t called for . We have all
    suspected that most of the bloggers could find nothing ellse to write
    about so they resorted to this.I gl cuess the old Jude is back and now we all can be happy.

  20. 20
    erica Says:

    My Boo is super sexy and he is owning it
    Jude is not even wearing a tux and he is still

  21. 21
    sheryl Says:

    “One minor complaint — the look is casual and elegant, but it looks like the same outfit he wore to Venice for Sleuth last year.”

    Daphne, I wish we could wrestle that gray t-shirt away from him…but he’s probably got 11 more stashed away. LOL

    Huges and kisses to you, Jude!

  22. 22
    sheryl Says:

    I meant “hugs and kisses”…LOL

  23. 23
    Daphne Says:

    “I wish we could wrestle that gray t-shirt away from him…”

    Yeah I’d wrestle that t-shirt from him… and that jacket and those jeans while I’m at it. Hehe.

    *Go retrieve mind from gutter*

  24. 24
    purpleworm Says:

    All I can think of when I look in those gorgeous eyes and contemplate that kissable mouth is the lucky woman who gets to enjoy them up close and personal. D@MN it, I want to be her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When she finally surfaces in his life I’m gonna be one jealous woman. But I’m sure I’m not alone. But still, d@mn, d@mn, d@mn.

  25. 25
    rien Says:

    I want to know, why those eyes looked so sad,
    or is it only the melancholy that visits me this morning?
    His lines when he laughs I want to touch
    but what is that look?
    Was he thinking about the children of war,
    and then remember his own?

    I want to know, why those eyes looked so sad
    the smile was shaken
    and barely there!
    I love the line under his eyes
    telling me the lovely years we shared
    but what is that look
    can somebody tell me why?

    Jared, sweet Jared
    does it matter if the package is the same
    but the contain you serve is full of surprises?
    We don’t want to see all those fake beauty
    because the real beauty is here to see
    Jared, sweet Jared
    Jude said:
    “There are many things that better left unspoken
    but “Thank You” is not one of them.”
    So Jared, sweet Jared
    Thank you.

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