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Katie Holmes Joins 'All My Sons'

Katie Holmes Joins 'All My Sons'

Katie Holmes has finally been confirmed to make her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller‘s play, All My Sons.

As rumored back in March, the 29-year-old actress will play Ann Deever, a woman who visits the family of her former lover, a missing pilot.

Katie is very well suited for the role of Ann,” producer Eric Falkenstein told OK! “There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”

Broadway veterans John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson have also signed onto the play.

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  • Dancer

    I wish her well, but she I feel has been miscast. Doesn’t have the depth or acting range to play the part. Plus she is acting with several really great actors which will make her acting seem even worse.

  • Lindsey

    She looks like Cleopatra lol

  • Nanea

    So Crazy Cruise bought his Robobride a part in a real play?

    What kind of experience does she have, besides being mediocre in Dawson’s Creek and in some movies that tanked?

  • denise

    she is beautiful but needs to put on a few pounds. she looked much better the size she was her Dawson’s Creek years.

    Her marriage to Tom has changed her and not in good way. She is like a robot now, no independence or opinion, it’s sad and disturbing.

  • daisy

    I wish her the best in doing this play. I hope she enjoys the experience.

  • bea

    WTG KATIE!!!!!

  • Frances

    The blessings keep raining on Katie and it always backfires on the envious haters.

  • amc

    Congrats to Holmes
    and great luck to her.
    Lucky for those that can see her.

  • holly wood

    I’m sure Tom is funding the production, hence wifey getting a role. Blech.

  • !!!!!!

    She’s an amazing actress, not only beautiful but so much promise.

    Wow she did tv,the movies and now broadway which has always

    been her dream since she was little.

  • hey

    I agree with #1. She has never demonstrated any great acting skill. She is way out of her league with an otherwise excellent cast.

    Jennifer Garner and Claire Danes recently made their Broadway debuts to good reviews but I cant see the same for Katie.

  • dolly

    So happy for Katie and thanks for the news Jared……

  • Mike

    She is gorgeous people just hate on her because they listen to all of the gossip about her lol

  • troy

    Bashing others are not hurting this celebs but only yourselves.
    My congratulations to her.

  • leggy

    Happy Happy Joy JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    is she gold???

  • kat

    Gonna BOMB big time, no range, no voice, no presence.

    Meant for TV, not Broadway.

  • republican

    She deserves it because she is all around and a gifted actress…add beautiful with a great personality. So kind,classy and graceful.

  • :)


  • Rory

    Bravo,Katie and hopefully this boost the going downhill attendance for the Broadway plays and musicals.

    Good news for the U.S. business and economy is good news.

  • ra

    The dumbing down of Broadway. I’ll pass.

  • Julie

    TC bought his GF the theatre.

  • Bob

    Good news for netflix !

  • Bobo

    that’s pretty cool, good for you katie, nice to see crazy tom will let her out! thinks she will go to Cuddle Parties in NYC..?? DFT News reports all about it LOL:

  • Holly

    Good for her

  • ninja

    Im one happy fan and that is one cute pic of Katie.

  • nanci

    My congratulations to Katie Holmes. I love the cast especially Diane Wiest and the gorgoeus Patrick Wilson. Add Katie in this cast and its a must see. Thanks JJ for this scoop.

  • love

    She should do a musical next.

    She’s a good dancer especially tap dancing and talented vocalist.

  • pr

    Its smart she is going for the versatile challenging roles. Not everyone can have a successful movie career after tv plus she’s Mrs.Cruise so that’s more challenge for her.
    She rocks in Mad Money too; so happy I got the dvd and she really has comic chops. I will miss her in Batman but if her role is just to be killed then forget it.

    Im really really happy about this broadway opportunity for Katie.

  • Manette

    The good news: a theatre experience is ubercool.
    Bad news for me: I will not be able to watch her perform.

  • Bob

    Ugh, that is a terrible picture. What has happened to her?

  • come

    I love her style. Did you see her hot pics? I did. It’s on ‘___ri–ch k–iss . c-o–m___’. She put them on her nice pr ofile there. Is she looking for date, friends there?

  • American

    I knew she’d get the part. I think her acting will be fine but I’m afraid she won’t have chemistry with Wilson. Dunno why. Maybe if Chris Evans was a little older..

  • ?

    Ugh, that is a terrible picture. What has happened to her?

  • dean

    This will be a nice challenge for. A real growing experience!

  • voldi

    big deal

    fcukin idiot woman

  • tweety


  • jedi

    Im ecstatic and amidst the many good news for Katie this is my among my favorite and I know more is to come for her and Tom.

  • Halli

    Patrick Wilson s divine! That man is hot. Katie who?

  • Steven

    Eww… She’s so fuckin UGLY!!!!

  • rien

    My condolences to Arthur Miller.

  • naise

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 05/19/2008 at 9:06 pm is she gold???

    yes midgetdwarf painted her gold :D:

  • Bob

    she’s a talentless bimbo, poor broadway, aren’t those other actors embarrassed to “perform” with her. can’t she just stay in LA and get inseminated?
    every time they come to NY it’s a disaster, well, here we go again.

  • julie

    She’s an egomaniac just like her BF TC. They are both nuts.
    Even Brittany could be saved by her parents, there’s no hope for KH.
    She should stay in LA and have in vitro.

  • some don’t get it!

    Where was KH living before she and Tom signed their contract? New York. Why is she moving back to NY? Because the contract with Tom is over. Tom is ready to have her out of his life because she has about ruined his personal and professional life. (Hey Tom, you dumba*s, what took you so long? )

    Meanwhile, Tom got a favor and they gave her this teensy role in the play to get her out of LA. In a short while, his PR camp will announce the split!

  • me

    I hope that the other cast members can opt out of their contract now. What a slap in the face to have this bimbo in the play….especially because the part was BOUGHT

  • me


    This part for her was bought. Who in their right mind would believe that she auditioned and got the part? I hope Lithgow and the other REAL ACTORS can get out of the play. This talentless gdigger needs to get a job that she’s qualified for like blowing up balloons in a toy store!

  • Dancer

    I don’t think she is totally talentless, but this part is totally wrong for her. She also does not project her voice well, so it will be interesting to see how they deal with her affected sweet non-projecting tones. I don’t think she can bring enough depth to the role. And I do think Lithogow, Weist, and Wilson with their super talented selves will bring her glaringly small talents into a big spot light. Like Jennifer Aniston, she should stick to what suits her talents best.

  • 2 me

    Funny, lol. She would make a great air compressor because she always has the same blank look on her face and her head appears to be full of air–no brains in that ‘noggin.

  • Miapocca

    I think she is still trying to show how desperately foolish she is becuase next an osacr winner and a tony winner she is goign to drown and he crucifies, I guess teh scientilogists will be there with their confidence boosting psycho babble to help her through the nighmare…even cruise hasnt been bale to intimidate folks not pay for an oscar yet , so if she is expecting a tony she willhave to get in line behind the midget..a not so unpleasant experience since she can see over his head anyway..ahahhah