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"Living Lohan" Video Preview

Living Lohan is a new reality TV show documenting the daily lives of Lindsay Lohan‘s family, with most of the focus being on manager mother Dina and Lindsay‘s little sister Ali. Here are some choice quotes from the Lohan clan:

Dina: “Ali just loves this business and unfortunately, I have to manage her.”

Ali: “I want to be just like my sister, Lindsay.”

Dina: “It’s a big game of chess and it’s our move. Bring it on, let’s go.”

Living Lohan premieres on Monday, May 26 @ 10:30PM ET/PT on E!. In the premiere ep, Dina brings young music producer and family friend, Jeremy Greene, to Long Island to work with Ali. Watch the video preview!

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  • yeeeah

    She still rocks. I love her music.

  • Mehidi

    Second comment ! Thanks for this video!

  • jami

    wait a minute….doesn’t this family make anyone else sick? They are ALL fame whores- they disgust me. I wish they would go away.

  • Ceci

    Nah I don’t like this girl

  • Ceci

    Lindsay is such a spoiled child

  • mel

    Is this ramona from NY housewives???Anyway, for her to get her panties in a was over someone posting sleeezie internet pics of LL, she shouldn’t be yelling at the paps, she should be yelling at her kid, tell her to get a grip. Another painful reality show with a painfully insecure family….

  • Nando

    Fame and cliche who.res.

  • pssst.

    She wants to be like her sister…hahaha!

  • ILove2Read

    I wonder in the long run if they will find it worth it.

  • ugh

    Yeah, you “unfortunately” have to be their manager because you want to and you like the run-off of their fame. Disgusting. Way to be a Mom and protect your children.

  • drey

    Ali wants to be like her sister. The problem is Ali Lohan is fug. Not gonna happen.

  • You/Me

    Just when you thought Dina Lohan couldn’t sink any lower…she pimps out her other daughter. What is wrong with this woman?
    It seems to me she is using her kids to get her 15 minutes
    She already totally screwed one daughter’s career..and life… now she is aiming for the other’s? I can’t stand this woman.
    She is the defintion of fame wh*re.

  • Ann

    This family makes me very sick. They are so disgusting. That mom is so horribly pathetic that it’s sicken. I feel like she is putting her daughter on a street coner like a hooker. Those kids should be taken away from her. Where is the court system when you need it.

  • Me

    Maybe it’s just me, but if my daughter wanted to be like her alcohol and drug addict older sister I would be a “little” worried …

  • Ann

    Ali: “I want to be just like my sister, Lindsay.”
    ^^^^^Her sister is on drugs, alcohol. Has a mental illness, living with a chick thats more than likely her lover. Plus she is a racist.

    Dina: “Ali just loves this business and unfortunately, I have to manage her.”
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^She is such a liar. Dina do not want to work and making money off her kids back is easy money without working. Thats what Dina wants to do. This family is so gross. She will start the son out next.

  • They are sad people

    It’s not public knowledge but that young child is already out of hand If you remember earlier reports on her.

  • !@#$$^(&)#%^#$%@#

    That picture is SCARY!!! it looks like Lindsay!!!
    URGH… and who buys this line “Dina: “Ali just loves this business and unfortunately, I have to manage her.”” O please… woman! you’re a media wh0r3, you love the bussiness and you couldn’t make it so you sold your fmaily to be “famous”.


    lindsay creoo q es un ejemplo a seguirr
    toodos pasamos por esoo ,no lo digo por mi pero creoo q en ese momento le pasaron muchas cosas i c desquito con el alchol i demas
    lindsay tenes mi apoyo siempre i para siempre idola mia

    te ama

  • haha007

    gotta love a parent that pimps out her own children so she can be on tv… and im sure she is very sad that she the “unfortunate” task of being Ali’s manager

  • http://none emma

    whatever. this family sucks.
    lindsay was cool… in the year 2000 :) lol

  • chantall

    dude jami im tottaly feeling u these people hav sick minds and to show them on tv!>?

  • mediterranean

    ewwwww… such a waste

  • viv

    WHAT THE HELLLLLLL!!!!!!!! ali if i could punch you in the face i would who wants to see your ugly face on tv you cant sing and you cant act get that right bitch i hate i hate I HATE HER ALI LOHAN YOU ARE A BITCH your only going to get your 15 minutes of fame oh wait about 5 fuck you

  • Emily

    Seriously a reality show?!
    Just now with everything going on with Lindsay, her drug addiction, alcohol abuse and partying Dina Lohan thinks she needs more crap?!

    Gosh that’s one retarded woman, trying to milk out her own daughter.


    i like lilo is she going to be on the show too?


  • Theyoung

    Yes Yes Yes give me more. this video of her is wayyyy better

  • yumi

    The show is entertaining. I never even heard that rumor that singer-songwriter guy on the show, said he was dating Lindsay. Guess Dina squashed that rumor pretty fast.

    Thx theyoung, for the video…check out this sneak peak of Sundays episode. I really feel bad for Ali! Girls can be such bitches man!

  • K

    do ppl actually think she can sing?? Come on now…i understand maybe if you like the lyrics but she can’t sing (she would never in a million years make it onto american idol)come on ppl she can not sing (stop allowing rich ppl to stay rich and the poor to stay poor) no one in that family is talented and yet theyre still making money because ppl…what like them? i dont get it can someone explain it to me…are ppl going to waste their hard earned money on a girl that cant sing? When there are so many talented artist out there that can??

  • mari marinaccio

    this family needs therapy i watched one episode and im blown away ali is a stinking brat and not lovable at all dina is a dingbat who is completely out of touch with reality the oldest son thinks its more important for his girlfriend to be with his family and cant understand why she wants to spend time with hers???? the youngest son hangs out shooting hoops and looks neglected and bored! and dina badgers her sweet elderly mom for most of the program about going to vegas with her what a moron! have some respect! she seems to be the only one who has some sense in her head if this is an all american family then im moving to canada! yuk!