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Michelle Trachtenberg Trashes Pete Wentz

Michelle Trachtenberg Trashes Pete Wentz

Michelle Trachtenberg may be playing the new queen of mean on Gossip Girl but her on-screen persona seems to be spilling over into her real life.

As we all know, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were married on Saturday during a sunset ceremony at the home of her parents.

As it so happens, before the wedding, one of Pete‘s friends, Guav, caught a departing flight out of JFK airport to Los Angeles for the wedding. He just happened to sit next to Pete‘s ex-girlfriend, Michelle Trachtenberg, while waiting at one of the Virgin Atlantic gates.

Unbeknownst to her, Guav overheard Michelle “talking s—” on the phone about Pete and Guav immediately started texting Pete everything she was saying.

“WHAT?! ….. You’re going to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding tomorrow?!”

Spying on Harriet the Spy? How clever!!

To read Guav‘s “Firsthand Account of Pete and Ashlee‘s wedding”, click here.

Below is a picture of Guav with some colorful marzipan mushrooms, which Pete and Ashlee had for dessert at their Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding. Also pictured are two chocolate table settings from the reception–one is a playing card and the other, a chocolate teacup that was once filled with Raisinettes. Guav also mentioned that celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck catered the event. One delicious dish that was served: lobster tempura with vanilla kung pao sauce. Yum!

Ashlee and Pete‘s wedding pictures from the official photographers hit newsstands in People Magazine on Friday!

UPDATE: Trachtenberg tells Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM morning radio show that the rumors are not true. Listen here (mp3).

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Photos: AP Photo/Matt Sayles
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  • Halli


  • Willis!

    Those desserts look…
    like they’re made out of play-doh.

  • isabeau

    woow michelle dated pete? i didn’t know that

    - Read fashion @ rebel chic:

  • XxMANAxX


  • ac

    Why should he care if he was getting married? Way to make his wedding day awkward.

  • kat

    LoL, CAUGHT UP! i read guav’s blog occasionally and i knew his story was gonna make it on some gossip site. LOL

  • Johann COnrad Dipple

    This story is completely false. First, she never dated Pete Wentz. Second, I know the person she was talking to and she wasn’t trashing the man at all. She was talking about how nice it was he was getting married. I seriously doubt the person even knows Pete Wentz or went to the wedding.

  • kid

    i like michelle since her harriet the spy days.

  • b

    i honestly dont believe she was trashing him. she might be talking about the wedding but he doesn’t actually say what she said that was so bad so i call it bullshit

  • Laurie

    That is hilarious that she got caught!!!!hahahaha

  • mimi

    copied and posted from the post on his lj (which he deleted!)

    > I had to share this. xdawnx 2008-05-19 05:38 am UTC (link) It was
    > incredible. How does she not know that she is sitting next to the
    > Livejournal king?!? Tsk tsk tsk…shame on her. =)

    > I’m stoked for them, and if they don’t name that baby Guav or Guavina,
    > you should complain. (Reply to this)(Thread)

    > OHYGAWD!!! xdawnx 2008-05-19 05:41 am UTC (link) I JUST REALIZED THAT
    > YOU’RE GOSSIP GIRL!!! (Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

    > Re: OHYGAWD!!! lauramhepp 2008-05-19 05:48 am UTC (link) OMG he totally
    > is! (Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

    > Re: OHYGAWD!!! xdawnx 2008-05-19 05:50 am UTC (link) Hahah. We just
    > uncovered tomorrow’s Season Finale revelation. =) (Reply to this)(Parent)

    > No, actually, you didn’t throwingstardna 2008-05-19 07:17 am UTC
    > (link) You didn’t have to post it at ONTD. You could have just like,
    > not.

    he’s pissed!!! lol this guav guy needs to get over himself and stop whoring out pete’s name. he rats on michelle , says he hates celeb bloggers but then tries to justify himself for name dropping throughout his whole post.

  • kat

    well i think it’s legit, they’ve been friends for a long time

  • booyay

    Why does any one get with that ugly twat, I mean c’mon chubier men cannot pull off skinny jeans.

  • ggFREAK!!

    wow…what a real life georgina…im not that surprised

  • asd

    well to be honest pete is an asshole. she should have stayed with shawn ashmore… if she broke up with him for a fling with pete wentz then oh well her loss.

  • stephanie

    LiveJournal king? Huh? I’ve been using LJ for six years and never heard of him.

  • Ash

    Lubie Michelle, podoba mi się jak gra w Gossip Girl. I wogóle ma talent

  • starlite

    Michelle is the only person ever to say something negative about an ex-boyfriend?

    Oh, come on… every single person has said something bad about someone at one time or another. Doesn’t make them a bad person.

  • Ann

    I didn’t know they dated either. What every she said I’m sure fatted and Ass deserved it.

  • oh snap!

    damn Michelle dated that nasty boy gross i thought she was better than that

  • *Marissa Smith OC girl*

    Wait she dated him? Oh god i did not know that. ewwwww.

  • katia

    this ‘man’ is UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and nothing more than that!

    please please please try to reduce the amount of topics on him, he is simply disturbing.

  • brian

    actually…guav is a good friend of petes.
    and it is none of anyones business “details” of what she said, and that is why you are not being told them.
    he mentioned it as a funny situation because it’s his personal blog but doesn’t need to tell the world. and that is why he is rad.
    bye you little aliens.

  • chantall

    wasnt that girl in the picture in house?

  • remember da truth

    Nothing this dude Guav has posted makes any sense.
    And how is saying” You’re going to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding’ trashing him?
    Everyone is so stupid here, they just never bothered to pay attention and only heard that she was caught and started in blaming her. But first off, it’s he said – she said. And secondly, it sounds like this Guav dude is desperately trying to make a name for himself off of other people.

  • brian

    guav isn’t trying to make any name. he just mentioned that he heard her talking about him. never said what she said and probably doesn’t plan to and who really cares?

    the only ones making a big deal about it are you people who care about celebrity lives for some reason.
    guav is a very humble person and uninterested in your gossip.
    and he never said anything bad about her, just mentioned how it was funny and how he told one of his dear friends what was going on, who is famous, so you people make a big deal about it.
    give me a break.

  • cool

    uuhh… now what?

  • johann conrad dipple

    Guav is a liar. And, neither Pete Wentz or Michelle Trachtenberg even knows this goon.

  • emme

    psh guav always contradicts’s a pattern on his blogs (i’ve actually followed them for a few years but only recently started to get annoyed by him). he is NOT humble that’s for sure, if you have a different opinion than him, he makes sure you know he is always right and he flaunts about pete every chance he gets…every photo op he’s had w/ pete and ashlee are on his flickr.

    he’s only ‘friends’ because he’s worked for the people. i’m sure guav is super nice and is probably one of those people who knows how to be bff w/ everyone but he sure ain’t humble about it. that and his and his bff’s fetish for asian women ..weird. i used to like him but ehhh now.

  • emme

    and brian, sorry to burst your bubble but guav has actually been featured on ONTD before. he got a kick out of it when his commenters told him about it ( his earlier pics w/ ashlee and pete months before @ a party were posted). so he KNEW darn well that this latest post on his ‘personal’ blog would probably make it on celebrity blogs.

  • master

    Being married to a Filipino girl does not make someone have an “asian fetish”.

    Why is it hard to believe he is friends with Pete? Give me a break he’s been posting about Pete since before Fall Out Boy.
    Pete is not some God that has no actual friends.

    And Guav being offered to call into Ryan Seacrest and not being interested should maybe show you that you are all fucking losers for caring so much when the person that supposedly
    “started” this doesn’t even care.

  • Johann conrad dipple

    The reason Guav isn’t interested in calling in is because he got caught in a lie.

    Michelle Trachtenberg never dated Pete Wentz. Both Michelle Trachtenberg and Pete Wentz denied the rumors that they ever dated. They have been friends for a long time, before Fall Out Boy became famous. Her and Shawn Ashmore didn’t break up because of Pete Wentz.

    Michelle Trachtenberg did call Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson to wish them love and happiness. She didn’t talk any smack about him or Ashlee Simpson.

    And just because someone posts about a paticular celeb doesn’t mean they are friends. It does mean if the man follows Pete Wentz to every event trying to talk to him, he is a stalker.

    I’ve read some of Guav’s other posts. The man is an idiot and is trying to make a name for himself as a celeb blogger, like Perez Hilton and Pink.

  • mandi

    honestly who cares about Michelle???? No one really acknowleges her as a serious actress. I mean come on she was in eurotrip and now she has a tiny part on Gossip Girl *which is over*. Obviously she is jealous that Ashlee and Pete’s relationship is actually talked about. No one even knew they dated!!

  • Guav

    “Johann Conrad Dipple,” your comments are hilarious.

    Let’s get something straight—I’m not a stalker. I’ve known Pete since before Harriet was spying, back when he had dreads and used to crash at my apartment when he was in NYC. You’ve read some of my other posts? Obviously not this one from February 2003: Seriously, you’re making yourself look like a total retard by continuing to insist that I don’t even know the guy when there is ample, easy to find evidence to the contrary—the least of which is that I was at his wedding, and you weren’t.

    None of that makes me cool or important—I’m neither—I’m just some guy whose friends happened to get popular. It happens.

    I’ve been watching you yap away like a moron about me for days now, and I’m tired of it. Let it go. You’re obviously someone affiliated with Michelle trying do damage control. That’s understandable and I don’t fault you for that—you can even call me a liar and say I made the whole thing up—I don’t have a public reputation to protect so I’ll let it slide. However, I suggest that you draw the line before the personal attacks and stop calling me a stalker and an idiot and saying I want to be a celeb blogger and other completely ridiculous nonsense that I find personally insulting, because if you piss me off enough, I might just be inclined to share the specific details of Michelle’s conversation that I have kept to myself this entire time—such as what happened the night of that party in NY or what she said about the wedding.

    Don’t overplay your hand, you f***ing turd, or it’s going to backfire.

    A word of advice you might want to pass onto Michelle: I was not trying to listen to her vapid conversation, I was trying to get work done on my laptop. But being a New Yorker, she talks SO DAMN LOUD that I could not be the only person who heard every word she said, especially since her mouth was about six inches from my damn ear. My advice is that the next time she’s talking on the phone about private details and says to the person on the other end “I can’t talk about it now, I’m in public,” she should take her own advice and NOT TALK ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC for the next 45 minutes while surrounded by strangers.

    Cause the truth is, I didn’t know who she was and didn’t care until I realized she was talking about stuff that had to do with my friend.

    P.S. For what it’s worth, what Michelle said in the interview with Ryan about not saying anything bad about Pete is absolutely 100% true—she did not say a single negative thing about PETE, and I had already specifically told him that. And like I said in my original journal entry, she didn’t say anything that any other catty girl wouldn’t say in the same situation. It was just the normal petty crap that girls say, and most of it was in jest. This is a total molehill and we shouldn’t even still be talking about it. Quit while you’re ahead.

  • Guav

    Actually, I take that threat back. I’d never publicize what she specifically said just because one of her toadies doesn’t know when to STFU. It’s not her fault that you suck at this.

  • alexinne

    can’t wait to see her wedding? My marry so sudden? Hmm.. something smells fishy.. you know what i mean..

  • johann conrad dipple

    First, I am not associated with her in ANY way.

    Second, YOU got caught in a lie, period. If YOU are not careful, you’ll wind up looking like a bigger idiot than you already are.

    You’re a liar and a celeb wannabee. And neither Pete Wentz, or Ashlee Simpson knows who you are. That much I DO know for sure.

    I DO know many people who work in the entertainment industry.

    If you DO publicize any more lies, you might find yourself in a court of law for slander.

    You want to come after me? You won’t like the results. And I DO have the lawyers to back it up.

  • ohann conrad dipple

    By the way, if Pete Wentz is REALLY your friend, then ask him to ask Michelle Trachtenberg if SHE knows who I am. His answer? He will say no. Ask Michelle Trachtenberg, herself. She will ALSO say no.

    Of course, you are going to publish that I am her and that she actually wrote these posts.

    You wrote that she did say mean things about Pete Wentz. Then, you COMPLETELY backtrack, after she went on “Ryan Seacrest” and denied it. She DOES know Pete Wentz and if YOU were such good friends with Pete, she would have known who you are. And, she doesn’t.

    There are too many holes in your story.

    A word of advice:

    If you do know celebs, which I doubt, even if you hear something bad one is saying to another, DON’T PUBLISH IT. I do know myself some celebs and have seen many of them do many stupid things. I don’t publish these things out of respect and courtesy, two things that have evaded you somewhere along the line.

    You might try publishing something NICE for a change, like photos of the wedding, or how nice the two of them looked. Rather than some conversation some actress had on her cell phone. By the way, she DID call Pete Wentz and wished him and Ashlee love and happiness.

    Some of you bloggers have nothing better to do than to talk smack about someone to get people to read your blogs.

  • guav

    Except you said “I know the person she was talking to,” which makes you hardly an impartial observer. And if you are “not associated with her in ANY way” then you have absolutely zero firsthand knowledge of what actually transpired. Either way, the veracity of your comments is questionable.

    Since you’re posting under a fake name (you clearly do not have the courage of your convictions), weren’t present when this conversation happened, and continue to be so provably wrong on such a central aspect of this issue—”neither Pete Wentz, or Ashlee Simpson knows who you are. That I DO know for sure”—despite volumes of evidence to the contrary that anyone can plainly see for themselves, nobody is going to take anything else you have to say seriously.

    Come after you? Who said anything about going after you? What, exactly, are you thinking I would sue you for anyway? Being mean on the internets?

    Get a grip.





  • guav

    Fine, I believe you. You don’t know Michelle at all. Which like I said, means that your take on what did or did not happen is even less convincing. And how could Pete possibly ask Michelle if she knows you? Johann Conrad Dippel was “a German pietist theologian, alchemist and physician” who died in 1734.

    No, I’m not going to suggest that you are Michelle writing this. I think she’d probably be much smarter about this than you have been. And no, at no point did I ever say Pete was the one she said anything negative about.

    “She DOES know Pete Wentz and if YOU were such good friends with Pete, she would have known who you are. And, she doesn’t.”

    Of course she doesn’t know me—I’ve never met her. Are you seriously trying to tell me that Michelle knows every single friend Pete has, dating back to when she was 10 years old? Besides, I live in NYC, not LA, so I see him infrequently, every few months. Besides, if SHE is such good friends with him, why wasn’t she at the wedding?

    “There are too many holes in your story.”

    Such as?

    “If you do know celebs, which I doubt, even if you hear something bad one is saying to another, DON’T PUBLISH IT.”

    And if you haven’t noticed, I DIDN’T publish it. That seems to have evaded you somewhere along the line. I made a point to NOT repeat the specifics of what was said to anyone besides Pete. All I wrote about was the SITUATION, because it was comical. I have no plans to repeat those comments either. And I don’t know “celebs,” I just know Pete (and through him, the other guys in the band and Ashlee). And I’d never publish anything they said to me in confidence, obviously. We’ve already established that I don’t know Michelle, so she doesn’t get that same courtesy.

    “You might try publishing something NICE for a change, like photos of the wedding”

    Uhm, I don’t HAVE any photos of the wedding to post, since we had to check our cameras and phones in with security.

    “or how nice the two of them looked”

    This makes me wonder if you even ever read my initial entry, since the bulk of it was abut the wedding itself and how beautiful it was, NOT about Michelle Trachtenberg yapping away in my ear for close to an hour.

    “By the way, she DID call Pete Wentz and wished him and Ashlee love and happiness.”

    I know, she mentioned that when she was on the phone. She said “I just talked to Pete last week.” I don’t doubt for a minute that she wished them the best. That doesn’t preclude her from making catty comments a week later to someone else, does it?

    “Some of you bloggers have nothing better to do than to talk smack about someone to get people to read your blogs.”

    As anyone can see by reading my journal, I hardly ever talk about celebrities, because I simply don’t give a shit about their personal lives. I really don’t understand this whole fascination with the private lives of public figures, whether it’s Bill Clinton’s blowjobs or Britney’s problems. Most of my entries are about politics or pictures I take of my friends, family and scenery. I hardly watch TV at all, which is why I didn’t even know who she was. My wife follows all that gossip crap for work, I couldn’t care less about it.

  • johann conrad dipple

    I have spoken my peace on this subject. This much is true:

    You did post an untrue story about Michelle Trachtenberg.. and
    she denied the story you published.

    You got caught in a lie. Period. Now you’re trying to defend yourself and it isn’t working.

    I’d really like to keep this exchange going. I am finding this rather amusing that:

    You thought I was associated with Michelle Trachtenberg to the point of levying threats against her.

    If you are freinds with Pete Wentz, as soon as he reads this blog, and reads the threats you levied agianst one of his longtime freinds, you won’t be for long.

    By the way, Guav isn’t your real name.

    You can show all the photos you want, post whatever you want on the internet. I can post proof that I know a few celebs, myself. It doesn’t mean I actually know the people. But Ii can sure make it look that way.

    Using the internet as proof is like using a typed letter with no signature as a legal contract.

    This is just too funny. You want me to give advice Michelle Trachtenberg? I don’t even know her. Do you really think she would even care what you said? A quote from her, “”Tabloids make up crazy ***, and I don’t have to play into it.”. And she doesn’t.

    Legit gossip bloggers including Perez ilton and Pink don’t respoind to people, such as myself, and not to the point of threatening a celeb over it. This is just too funny.

    After all these posts, I stand by what I originally said – you DON”T know Pete Wentz and you wern’t anywhere NEAR Michelle Trachtenberg in the airport. You made the whole thing up.

    It doesn’t matter who you, or I, or anyone else knows. The facts are, she said the story WASN”T true.

    So you can get angry all you want, at her, at me (For pointing out the obvious) at any other blogger here. You got caught in a lie. And I’m sure it’s not the only one you’ve told.

  • johann conrad dipple

    Allow me to make a correction:

    Perez Hilton and Pink aren’t really LEGIT. I stand corrected.

  • guav

    P.S. And I didn’t tell Pete any part of her conversation that didn’t have something to do with his wedding. So let’s review:

    She said a whole bunch of stuff, some perhaps embarrassing. I didn’t tell any of that to Pete—it wasn’t his business. She made a few comments that concerned the wedding that I felt were unkind. These I relayed to Pete partially via text, and the rest when I saw him the following night. That’s what friends are for.

    None of these things did I repeat in my journal or anywhere else, and I have no plans to do so. I have no interest in making her life more difficult, and regret that my unthinking entry stirred up as much nonsense as it did. That’s why I took it down a couple hours later.

    I do, however, have an interest in you to stop talking about things you know nothing about. The more you make me write in response to you, the bigger this molehill gets, so seriously, just use your head and drop it.

  • johann Cconrad dipple

    You are trying to tell ME what to do? I am enjoying this exchange too much. The one thing I am doing much to my own personal satisfaction is that you are getting angry enough to keep responding to me.

    I know a lot more than you do. A LOT more.

    You’re just a sad little man who claims to know Pete Wentz. I SERIOUSLY doubt that claim, or any other.

    But this is rather amusing, seeing you respond. Your defending yourself tells me a couple of things. First, you know what you are saying here isn’t true, otherwise you would have not even responded to my posts. Then, you actually thought I WAS associated with Michelle Trachtenberg. How long did THAT take to set in?

    By the way, the molehill has alrady turned into a rather large mountain. The press may get a hold of this series of posts. This is after all, a public forum.

    Too funny.

  • guav

    You’re right, I don’t know Pete. I admit it. Back in 2003, when FOB was playing to 50 people in bars, I hatched my nefarious plan to pretend to know this unknown band, and posted a series fake entries in my journal about these two guys who nobody had even heard of yet, with the hopes that someday they’d be huge stars and I could make up a fake story about—of all people, Michelle Trachtenberg. You got me! You have foiled my plan with your supersleuthery. I am no match for you, master detective!

    “Legit gossip bloggers including Perez ilton and Pink don’t respoind to people, such as myself”

    Wow, you have uncovered the shocking revelation that I am not a legit gossip blogger. Which is exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time, of course.

    Since you are right about everything, I will go to sleep :)

  • Just another hardcore kid

    to johann Conrad dipple

    If you took the time to read his journal you would know that Guav is his name, It’s part of his last name.

    Also if you really took the time to look he has known Pete for a while now. Stretching back to the days of Pete’s old band Arma Angelus.Just go to his journal and look under the Fall Out Boy or Pete Wentz tags, you’ll see that your claim of him not knowing Pete is absurd.

    So in closing if you’re going to open your mouth and spout off about things you obviously don’t know about take the time to read. As far as I know Guav’s journal is completely open for anyone to read.

  • psedu-names are funny
  • observer

    johann conrad dipple keep calling gauv an obsessed stalker but it sounds like projection to me. do a yahoo search for johann conrad dipple and look what you find …….

    page after page of them running around commenting on every single michelle t story always defending her and saying the story isn’t true …. shes not dating this person she didnt kiss that person this story is a lie that story is made up…. thats all he does… hes a serial michelle tractenberg troll

    if johann conrad dipple is not michelle herself or someome friends with her then he is the creepiest most obsessed fan ever who claims to know eveything about her personal life so anyway you cut it his whole persona is very shady and i dont trust anything he says