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Taylor Swift @ 2008 Country Music Awards

Taylor Swift @ 2008 Country Music Awards

Rising country superstar Taylor Swift attends the 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday.

At the awards show, Taylor sang, “Should Have Said No,” as she got drenched in water. Check out the video here.

“I wrote this song by myself, and it literally took me just 20 minutes to write before we recorded it,” she says. “I was living every line in this song at the time. I wrote this song about a guy who cheated on me who shouldn’t have.”

The 18-year-old singer won for Top New Female vocalist and dedicated the ACM trophy to her mother.

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  • Jennifer W

    i love taylor she is great. taylor did an amazing performance last night

  • Nouf Al.


  • meamelia

    Her songs are great too!!
    Love Taylor!

  • Ann

    You have to give it to her she is beautiful.

  • sassy

    awesome song!!!! cool performance…love her songs!!!!!!!!!!

  • 007

    Great performance! =)

  • Rae

    She looks beautiful! I love this dress. Her performance was fierce too.


    I am so baffled by people who talk about what a great performance it was, whether it was last night’s or the many other that I’ve seen her perform. I adore Taylor. She is beautiful, sweet and is the poster-girl for how to jump start a career from Myspace. But, get real, people! She can’t sing. I can’t understand when I hear people say what a great job she did and not mention that she was off-key, out of breath, pitchy, and just does not have a good singing voice. Her career is not going to last if she doesn’t learn how to sing, and I personally don’t think it’s something that is easily “learned”. Before long, she’s going to need a lot more than a cute personality to keep winning awards and being praised by the industry. I really wonder what the “industry” truly feels about her……

  • elliott

    aw. amazing, i loved her. herself, the way she carries herself and the way sings, she is just all around great. perfect! She did so well last night. It was no doubt the BEST!

  • LM

    I love this hair style…Michelle Williams wore the same style in the past

  • i agree

    she is gorgeous but she can’t sing… and all country singers can sing.

  • Axxul

    She’s indeed beautiful, this is actually the first time I see/hear her:
    - Her “Shoul’ve said no” song is all pop no country
    - I was surprised at how bad her voice was…she just seems to be the it thing in “country” now but with that voice Idon’t see her career lasting (she wouldn’t have “made it to Hollywood” on AI)

    Based on this only performance I’ve seen she’s a Abril Lavigne rip off with worse voice and worse lyrics.

  • Taylorswiftlover

    I love love love love love Taylor Swift.
    She is so gorgous and beautiful.
    I love her music and I can really relate to her songs.
    I love you Taylor Swift.

  • haha007

    another example of good looks and not much talent in the music industry

  • sweetness

    I LOVE taylor’s studio voice but I have to agree with #8. The truth is she can’t sing live AT ALL. I was thinking that maybe she was nervous when she first sang her tim mcgraw song but she hasnt changed. I still like her songs, just not live. And I really agree with kenny chesney when he said winning awards now are like a sweepstakes and whoever can push the internet button the fastest. I remember when the shows were so unpredictable. Sorry I got off topic but my point is that taylor has disappointed me.

  • emma

    am i the only one who doesn’t find her gorgeous? i don’t think there’s anything truly unique about her and she clearly isn’t a good singer. i wish her all the best for following her dream, but why doesn’t fame require talent anymore?

  • agreed, emma

    No, you’re not the only one. She won’t last in country music unless she learns how to sing. It’s not going to be quite as cute when she’s 25. I have to disagree about her looks, though. I think she’s beautiful. I would give anything to have her hair!! She’ll always be a great writer, though, but other people will sing her songs.

  • http://none emma

    she does sing good live sometimes. when she performed tim mcgraw she was fantastic! but at the cmt awards she sounded like she was screaming, like she was almost trying to sing loud and deliver. i think she is talented, but at times in big performing arenas she does mess up a little. i still love her and shes a gorgeous girl!


    she is a writer, not a singer like carrie or whoev, and thats fine. I like her recorded voice alot more than carrie underwoods anyways, it much more real and full of life.

    I think she get a little carried away when she performs but im sure that the more she does it the better she will get and learn to tone it down, and focus more on her vocals. But she sounded excellent at the beggining of the song! Better than anyone all night long because everyone sounded bad.

    Carrie underwood has the total opposite problem though. She’s always SO stiff and timid when she performs. last night she did better though. and she sounded AWFUL. and looked awful when she performed.

    Not that these two ought to be compared anyways. They are in different categories.

    But taylor is way better.

  • Riley

    I really wish someone would teach her how to do her hair and makeup. She always looks the same, and it’s not a good look. She would look more beautiful with less eye makeup and her hair not done so much. Enough with the curls! Why does she insist on looking so much older?

  • Chelsey

    Another example of her copying other people.

    At the CMT awards, she tried to copy Carrie’s Grammy performance of BHC. Now she is trying to copy Kelly Clarkson at the VMA’s…..

    Shes a follower.

  • cami

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about .. The performance was one of her best.. Can she sing live? yeah she can .. Can she improve singing live .. Definitley! but this performance compared to some of her other live performances was actually pretty well done..

    The thing this girl can do thought is write songs.. She cowrote every song on her album .. and they are all something that every girl can relate to which is really cool ..

    As for her voice.. she’s not amazing .. and she’s not horrible .. she’s just okay ya know.. Is she a Carrie Underwood? DEFINITELY NOT! .. Carrie has one of the best voices in all of country music.. && i don’t think taylor can achieve that with her voice.

    BUT i still think she’s amazing and i love her songs .. and she entertained the crowd.. it’s good she’s getting into both pop and country . it expands her audience a little more.. she’s here to stay i think .

  • Amanda

    She’s beautiful and a wondeful songwriter and I LOVE her personality, but I have to agree with those who said (in a not-so-nice manner) that she isn’t the most amazing live singer. I would still pay to see her live, though. I thought the performance was very entertaining, though the vocals were shakey.

  • XxMANAxX

    Shes a good songwriter, but her singing is not that good. Cute girl though.

  • Sheri

    I totally agree with Emma (# 16) ~ I don’t think she is very good-looking; she has an “alien” look about her with those slanted eyes. And I think her talent is WAY overrated. What was the thing with dousing her with the water at the end of her performance? It was weird and totally out of place. I haven’t seen this video yet ~ so maybe this is done in the video, too ~ but it was a very strange thing to do live! I’m amazed this girl has gotten this far, to be honest.

  • clem

    taylor is amazing in every way
    her songs are real
    she is beautiful and talented

  • Daniella

    You r so amazing i’am probably your biggest fan i sang our song for the talent show with my best friend Alyssa!!!

  • I-produce

    I agree with #8. Taylor is NOT a singer. She is tall, cute, nice hair, nice lips, but that wont last, well…….. the height will last. The studio had to worh the pitch correction machine on overtime. Her songwriting is ok. More of novelty songs than anything. If not for her dad putting 3 million dollars in a studio, she would never have been signed. I wish her the best, but I am afraid that the best has already come and gone.

  • Marci

    Her new song You Should Have Said No just hurts my ears. Yeah, the girl can write, but her singing voice is like finger nails on a chalkboard for me. Are the sound engineers listening to this before it’s released to the public. I can’t understand her popularity except for teeny boppers everywhere can relate to her and don’t really know what good music sounds like. She’s a gorgeous girl, but she sure can’t sing. Stick to your true talent Taylor…write songs for other singers.

  • greg

    Can you say overrated Taylor Swift is very overrated 3 or 4 years and she should be gone from the country music landscape.

  • chelsea

    Just because shes pretty definately does not prove she can sing. Sounds like it after it’s all recorded and edited. However, when she sings live??? CLOSE YOUR EARS. its on of the most awful sounds..she can’t sing live at all. Idk if its her nerves or what. sorry

  • sabreen

    i like her but she can find someone batter i maen joe jonas come on her is so ugly

  • Kazzo

    Well Im glad to see a few people agree, i nearly turned off the tv when she sang last night, it must have been embarrassing to some of the professionals in that room.

    Shes a songwriter?, give me a break. She wears dresses that are made for women 10 years older and she has a good publicist.

    Even the tim mcgraw song she talks rathers than sings in spots, thats because shes not a singer, sorry sad but true.

    Carrie is that far in front of her and others at the moment you can see who is second ….

  • Agree

    Yea she can definately write songs but the singing is definately not there.

  • izabella

    Beautiful? Awsome? Talented? Cute?

    Don’t make me laugh my ass off, she can’t sing people! Hello?
    She looks like a shrew, that could eat corn on the cob through a pickett fence!

    Can any of you fans hear or see? Ha-Ha!!!

  • casie johnson

    Taylor swift is a GREAT singer. whoever says she can’t sing , is a hater. they are just mad that They can’t sing. Taylor is pretty and sweet and nice. she can TOTALLY sing!

  • taylor fan

    Taylor Swift is DA BOMB!!!!!!!

  • @ casi

    casie, she may be sweet and nice but she cannot sing to save her life.
    no,i am not angry that i can not sing nor am i a hater. then again, im not the one trying to pass myself off as a “country” artist, she cant sing, its a simple fact.

  • perfect pitch

    Taylor Swift DOES NOT SOUND GOOD LIVE !!!. She is horribly out of tune and her voice is really weak and whinny! I actually like alot of her songs and thinks she is really talented song writer. Her voice even sounds nice and sweet on her cds and she is really pretty als well…. Pretty poor live for a pro, hope she get better!

  • perfect pitch

    One last thing, anyone who thinks she sings in tune LIVE is some what tone deaf….Sorry it is the truth! I promise you.

  • perfect pitch

    I have to apoligise to Taylor after re watching 41st CMA, she isn’t to bad on ballards.. The song when it rained on her was not to bad pitch wise. That romeo one was shocking…

  • john

    Taylor Swift cannot sing live. I can barely tolerate her voice on CD. Her songwriting is okay, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. I guess it appeals to teenage girls and I’m sure becoming a lot of their friends on MySpace helped. She’s very average looking. I find her kind of funny-looking actually.

  • rebecca

    Taylor really hurts my ears when she sings live. And I don’t get why anyone thinks she’s beautiful. She looks like an alien and a cat combined with bad extensions. She dresses much too old for her age. I’m so over her.

  • lauren

    Everything is overrated about Taylor. She can’t sing, her lyrics are corny and she’s ugly.

  • shelia

    Taylor’s hair always looks like spiderwebs.

  • george

    I think that she sounds okay live from the one or two performances I’ve seen. But she’s not hot at all. She’s too skinny and plain.

  • renee

    Taylor sucks.

  • anthony

    Taylor’s way too overhyped and overrated. She can’t sing, and she’s definitely NOT country. She’s nothing special at all; I’m not sure why so many people like her so much. Well, OK, maybe because 95% of her fan base consists of Myspace-loving teenage girls, who are easily brainwashed into thinking she’s the greatest thing out there. They’re too young to know what good music is…at least for now. I don’t think Taylor will last much longer like this though. Soon the whole sensation will fade and she’ll be just a memory…

    Thank goodness.

  • bianca

    Taylor is indeed beautiful. No surprise there. The only problem is that the poor girl just…can’t sing. When I watch her live [on YouTube or what have you], it seems as though she thinks that she’s hitting all the right notes and dong everything perfectly…but she just…can’t sing.

    I don’t understand how not many people have noticed that this gorgeous girl just has no capability of carrying a tune.

  • andy