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Living La Vida Lohan

Living La Vida Lohan

Lindsay Lohan‘s mother, Dina, and younger sister, Ali, promote their new reality TV show Living Lohan, on The View.

The mother-daughter duo’s segment will air on Monday, May 26 on ABC. Living Lohan premieres later on that same day @ 10:30PM ET/PT on E!

Ali recently sat down with People and shared about being ridiculed at school: “A little while ago … a couple of girls in school made up a video of me and put it up on YouTube. They used disgusting words. Like if my mom ever heard me say that stuff, I’d be grounded for life! … They’re disgusting kids. I got really aggravated… [The students] got suspended.”

Ali adds, “You learn so much more – it’s just hard to focus when girls are giving you problems. No one’s talking about you behind your back. It’s definitely easier. [But] I don’t think it’s just because of my sister [Lindsay] and who she is. I think it happens to all the other girls out there, because girls are just mean. It doesn’t happen with guys. When I asked [my little brother] Cody, he was like, ‘No, Guys don’t care!’ ”

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  • Tamara ModernGear TV

    This little girl is just creepy. Her face is like a 50-year-old Palm Beach socialite but her body is a 12-year-old’s. Just scary that a mother would let a child grow up way too quickly and let her throw herself to the sharks.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Ugh those nasty girls.
    I gotta admit its fun to mess with people.
    But i think they were doing it cause she is Lindsay’s lil sis.
    It happens to everyone.

    Uhmm i didnt know the show was also going to be aired through ABC.

    ill see which one fits better on my schedule.

  • b

    ugh they define trash

  • Erin Brower

    Dina lohan should be Ashamed of herself, ” Whoring” out her 14 -year Old Daughter,and having a show on E! i doubt that, this show will stay on the air for long,i won’t watch it. it’s disturbing to see amother,pushing her kids into Show Business, and they end up hurting themselves. i’m sure that ali will end up being like Lindsay in 6 years !!!! Frenchy92776

  • Confused

    i don’t get why a mother would want her child to get into show business when her other child in the business has had so many problems. yes girls are mean but they are making fun of ali because she is obsessed w/ being famous & i am sure she is bragging about lindsay & her show & how she is going to be famous. that is annoying. i think most kids who are actually famous try to be normal & low key. anyway, ali has a stain on the left knee of her jean. she is dressed terrible – that top & those shoes. dina always looks bad & she could be really pretty if her hair was darker & she dressed better. she is always carrying that gucci 85th anniversary bag from like 3 yrs ago. doesn’t she have the money to buy another bag? maybe not since i don’t think she works but isn’t she lindsays manager? is lindsay not making money these days? oh, now i get why she wants ali to be famous. one more meal ticket!

  • bejeebus

    they are shameless. child services should take dina’s two remaining kids away before she wrecks more little lives with her momaging.

  • Vanessa

    Ewww Ali’s trying TOO hard to look like Lindsay… sickening!

  • Stefanie

    I think this sucks!

  • jobrolover

    i can honestly say that i have never seen such ugly people in my entire….that sounds so mean but OMG….dina had wayyy to much plastic surgery and i wouldn’t be surprised if ali had some work done too…wow…these pics are gonna give me nightmares!!!

  • max

    Ali is so beautiful,but i dont like that hair style and make up. i think she looks better without makeup

  • samd

    i’d definitely call it “whoring”

  • leslie

    you know, i feel a deep sorry for this woman. she’s had her face so lifted that she looks artificial. but she probably thinks she’s beautiful. so sad that she’s trying to have a show biz life through her children. she’s making money off her children. that’s exploitation, but she doesn’t care as long as the money keep coming in.

    looking at this woman makes you wish people needed to take a test and get a license in order to produce children.

  • Vanessa

    Ali’s got way to much makeup on, it got rid of all her freckles. lol


    I’m sadden by those kids… all the Lohan children, even Lindsay.. I mean a mom that whores you around since you are a baby just so she can have 5 minutes of fame… give a break… I a gree with everyone who’s posted..(expect the ridiculously angry one who hates de little kid)…
    I mean can’t they just understand that life is more than being on tv and earning millions of dollars… if you are not happy you’re going down with drugs and alcochol… and that woan is sending her kids down that path… she should eb ashamed of herself!! she’s is horrible…

    And the person who gave that woman an award for being “best mom” or whtever that crap was… probably was more drunk than her… I mean come on!!!

    I bet that kid hasn’t had a normal childhood like a normal 14 year old…
    it is sickenning

  • millers-ex

    It’s so obvious why Lindsay turned to drink/drugs !

  • Nando


  • maure

    Okay, so let’s sum up,
    Nose job?
    Lips plumped?
    Eye contacts?
    Hair extensions ?

    Hmmm, Am I talking talking about Dina? no I’m talking about a 14 years girl for god sake, those people are sickening and irresponsible.

  • oh snap!

    look at her face! damn even when lindsay was in the lime light at her young she looked her age but this old little girl looks old as hell

  • sushi

    She need to stop acting like she’s 21

  • shorty

    ewwwwwwwww the mom looks freakish

  • noneya

    Wow — who in the world really gives a f@ck about them? I think it’s sad she is using her 14 year old daughter to give herself 15 minutes of fame. She is a media who@e –

  • Julie

    i really dont know who is uglier. dina is just discusting no wonder lindsay turned out the way she did
    and ali is just a kid pretending to be an adult

  • veisner

    What a strange, strange family. They’re just gonna swallow themselves whole and fade into obscurity. They featured em on

  • viv

    wow ok first how scary do they look especially ali she looks like a human and a bitch at the same time i hate her she cant sing or act get the fuck out ali you will never be a star like miley, selena, keke, ect all those teen stars you suck go fuck yourself bitch and as for her mother shes a stupid mother plus she looks like a men shes single right if so i can figure out why

  • lissa

    No comment what so ever!!!! Ugh.

  • Kiki

    Peculiar and self-absorbed woman/mother….

  • finickycritic


  • regina

    Oh gosh..I actually thought those were new wax figures, seriously.

  • melissa

    one word for the both of them: disgusting.
    theyre a discrace to our country

  • holly wood

    i love a good stupid reality show any time…but this one i’m passing on…Dina is pathetic…it’s no wonder Lindsay is so screwed up…She calls herself a stage mom and pimps out her kids so she doesn’t have to work. that sickens me. maybe Lindsay has talent and was a natural at one time, adorable in The Parent Trap, but now, she’s washed up, washed out and OVER. her sister Ali, no words…she was a cute little girl a few months ago…what the heck happened? dina took her to the plastic Doc already? OY. she does look like a Hamptons socialite. she has the face of a 30 year old..i guess Dina wants to selfishly look like her daughters sister and not their mother. she should be encouraging Ali to get good grades and go to college instead of pushing her toward a fake career in hollywoodland. i’m just as pissy over Wil and Jada Smiths kids acting at such young ages. the ego’s of these people…lordy,

  • Alison

    What a family of desperate wannabes. *yawn*

  • Janie

    The Lohan’s are white trash trailer parkers!!!!

  • Amy

    They are a bunch of low class rednecks!

  • Amy

    They are low classs, ignorant, uneducated trash “D” listers

  • Kris

    Didn’t Lindsey just steal someone’s fur coat at a party? She is a thugs, a thief and a whore!

  • Steph

    They are TRASH, TRASH, TRASH!!!

  • Katie

    This family is pathetic!!! They are an embarassment to the human race!!

  • Mul

    Ignorant media pigs!!

  • Lori

    Disgusting whores!

  • nicki

    They are pathetic waste products

  • trish

    stupid white trash

  • Diane

    They are sick and pathetic. Such an embarassement!

  • Sami

    Someone should lock Dina Lohan up and throw away the key. She is a terrible mother and role model.

  • Jo

    The Lohans make me sick. Attention whores. Everyone is laughing at them because they are idiots.

  • Karen

    WHITE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nk

    WTH, she’s all 85 lbs, 4ft 9 in and 14 yrs old pimping herself like some 50 yr old has-been, she’s heading straight to Trashville! Yet again, this is a sad day for America, yet again….

  • judy

    I hate to say this because that girl is only 14 but she looks like she’s in her 40′s wow! That’s not a good look.

  • Amanda

    okay where do i even start???! just leaving it at this they both look like wax/plastic figures and WHORES. a 14 year old girl should NOT look like that. at least i dont know any that do! and i dont think anyone else does. the world is sickening these days why cant people want to be the age they are????

  • OMG

    EWWW!!! her mom looks like Michael Jackson and her little sister Ali doesn’t even look like a 14 year old…way too much make up on….she looks way different from the last time i saw a picture of her….which is a BAD thing by the way…not a good thing…..

  • tarly

    thats impossible to be lindsays mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!