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Fergie is a Flipping Freak

Fergie is a Flipping Freak

Fergie goes wild doing a few front flips while singing her own rendition of Heart’s “Barracuda” on NBC’s The Today Show in New York City’s Dean & Deluca Plaza in Rockerfeller Plaza on Tuesday.

Fergie Ferg is crazy!!! All while in dressed in skin-tight latex pants and leather boots!!! Watch Fergie‘s freakish flip here.

You can also watch Fergie performing “Clumsy” on The Today Show here and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” here.

If you haven’t already, check out Fergie‘s new song “Labels or Love,” the new Sex and the City movie theme song!

40+ pictures inside of flipping freak Fergie

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fergie flipping 03
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fergie flipping 30
fergie flipping 31
fergie flipping 32
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fergie flipping 34
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fergie flipping 38
fergie flipping 39
fergie flipping 40

Credit: PNP/WENN; Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty, Al Pereira/WireImage
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  • legs


  • lori

    can’t see the video but if she has done that… wow …and with one hand???

  • amanda

    shes out of control

  • 007

    Holy! O_O

  • Tina

    that bitch will do anything to keep her from coming home to dinner.

  • shoegal421
  • jing

    meth face.


    dangggg! she crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Just Jared

    Thanks, shoegal!!

  • Mike

    She’s pretty….

  • katie n


  • bejeebus

    unfortunately, i had to listen to waaay too much of her cr@p singing before the video got to the flipping part. 1) she is NO ann wilson and she should just not even try. i was embarrassed for her, 2) her “act” was innapropriate to be doing in front of those little kids at the foot of the stage. she was crawling around like a meth faced stripper and it was the most opposite thing from sexy that has ever been done by anybody, 3) did i mention she has a meth face? she should get a face transplant so that she’ll have something decent attached to her nice body. wtf is josh thinking. he must have a thing for fug faces. weird.

  • Nando


  • amy

    WTF lol

  • #12 i agree with you

    when she was at the foot of the stage there was a 3 yr old!

  • michelle depp

    What’s the bid deal?…. I do the same shit while I have sex!!!

  • http://nevermorelenore./myspace Leo

    hahah well she knows better than to do those flips using the stiletto boots she was wearing at other times…..its funny how she happen to be wearing same damn thing one place with those stiletto boots on and then she happen to be wearing different shoes another time when she does the flips….i guess thats how you know when she’ll be busting those moves =p

  • parisgirl

    I guess she has to do flips in order to keep people interested cause I know that voice of hers isn’t enough -.-

  • tarly

    fergie is out of the loop gosh!

  • michel



  • blah

    Meth faced freak.

  • lara

    OMG she is wild! So pretty too!

  • Wolfie


  • jellm

    Bejeebus, STFU.! She is sweet, pretty and wild. I would love to see what you look like. Oh dear me, she did the same thing on Idol Gives Back.

    Worry about something REAL. Like the fact girls ar watching Jamie Lynn Spears walk around prego and engaged at SIXTEEN!

    The moraltiy, republican police are sickening.

    And worry about Mily Cyrus. She was at the Wango Tango IN LA and doing Pot back stage. My friend worked that show, she was stoned and acted l ike a perv. THOSE are the people you should worry about.

    Fergie was ASKED to record that song for Shrek and the soundtrack, she sounds hot, she sounds like Annie Wilson.

    Chill out and face reality.

    Josh Duhamel is not going to go out with you and MEN find her hot, she is not ugly.

  • bejeebus

    wow! you should consult your anger management therapist asap.

    i had a little trouble making out the point of your nonsensical rant. it’s probably because i do not have to rely on anti-psychotic medications to get through life. i never made any comments regarding jamie lynn or miley….so, once again, not sure where you are coming from. since you so nicely asked for my opinion regarding those two…i don’t think they are good role models either but this thread isn’t about them. unlike you, i am able to stick to the topic at hand. this is because my brain functions correctly. please stop being so envious of this fairly common characteristic just because you do not posess it.

    p.s. i am much prettier than fergie fug (and my “lady lumps” and face are ALL NATURAL)

  • bejeebus

    p.s.s. it’s ANN wilson not ANNIE wilson and fergie doesn’t even come close to sounding like her. in fact, she’s an idiot for even attempting to copy someone who has a faaaaaar superior vocal talent…..but since all she does is knock off other people’s work, i’m sure she didn’t think of mixing up the arrangement or sound to make it original. that would require too much talent…which she does not have.

  • Sara


    Amen, sister.

  • Lorrie

    Thank you for summing up exactly what I was thinking. This was just horrible to look at.

  • ck

    I’m no prude but when I watched this earlier today live, I cringed as she was on her knees in front of her guitarist singing “suck-it suck it”..then slithering down the stage as the camera showed what seemed like a couple 7 year olds looking up at her.
    You have to know your audience.

    She looks fine to me. Seems like a nice gal when I heard her interviewed

  • carli

    HELLO the ASKED her to sing that song for the soundtrack and the Wilson sisters wanted to peform with her. You are all crazy, she sounds darn close to Wilson.

    Yeah she was a little wild, but she’s a totally sweet nice person and the rest of her performance was really sweet.

    I really do wonder why people go nutso over this, there is way way worse out there.

    And really I would worry more about all of the celebrities getting pregnant like it’s the thing to do before being married, and showing off naked crotches, and being 16 and on Disney and doing n*de shoots and also being pregnant.

    Fergie being in leather will not make them do bad things, But having Disney have two little sleazy girls on is not a good thing. Miley and Jamie are the one’s to worry about not Fergie.

  • kara

    She is very pretty. I am so sick of people holding her past addiction against her and calling her ugly. I did not see ugly at all.

    she is a very sweet person. Yes, I i was like whoa during her performance, but she was not that bad!

    Madonna making out with Brintney who is young enough to be her daughter on the MTV awards that all kid watch was way worse.

    Yeah and Jamie Lynn on Disney pregnant and engaged is digusting and something worse to worry about!

  • vala

    That was cool! She is hot! I love Fergie for her ability to do so many different styles! And she is pretty. Stop insulting her about meth. She got over it ! She should be praised for getting over it! Geeze!

  • leeena

    I do not know how anyone can think Josh duhamel would find that disgusting! She is very sexy! I think some people here are just a little too too angry and “appalled” and need to call her “ugly” when she is a hottie and very sexy!

    Jealousy doesn’t look good on some of you calling her “meth face”.

    She is pretty and very very sweet and hot!

    And Josh isn’t going to date you ever! LOL

  • Lorrie

    jellm = kara = carli

  • Lorrie

    jellm = kara = carli = leeena!!!!!!
    This is getting really funny!!!!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Well about the outfit… she needed to wear something so pop if she was goign to do some flips.
    so i totally understand that.
    its not lookin bad at all.
    i think she looks sexy. lol

  • rene


  • olive

    She just needs to stop already. Her singing stinks. She looks like a total bimbo gyrating like that in front of those kids in the cr*ppy outfit. She’s on the Today Show not at the Pussycat Lounge! D*mn.

  • Alison

    This chick still has to be on meth. Seriously who else her age acts like this??? It is so 12 years old. I think she also needs to stop ruining classic songs by trying to cover them.
    Run Josh Run!





  • May

    the best part was when she did like Axl Rose at the end dancing and saying “you know where you are? you are in the jungle baby, you’re gonna die” :P
    very nice!!!!

  • Catherine


    Spot on mate. The black eyed peas were in Australia last year or so and she was so stoned and off her face, she couldnt even remember her own lyrics!!

  • art8fashion

    Love the boots. I would love to know how high they are. How do this celebrities walk , run, perform, etc gracefully in mile heels is beyond me.

    Thanks Jared for the close up shots of theshoes – one of the main reasons I come to this blog.

  • giovypeas

    i think shw was AWESOME!!! her performances are always great!
    the best was barracuda…she did it GREAT!!!
    her voice is so WONDERFUL and she is so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    LOVE Fergie and her music!

  • lalalove

    She’s gonna pee herself later!
    She’s good for that!

  • Tanya

    wow she` totally acting like she`s turned on or something….but that thing with the hand was pretty amazing though….

  • nikki

    I’m not a fan of the pants, but I love those boots! can someone id those high heel boots? Thanx

  • Denise

    Where is Josh?!
    We want Las Vegas!!!!

    We continue to boycott the NBC!

  • Lordof Wolves


  • Macksfield

    She needs to know her audience better. That was family crowd, her performance was on the same level as a topless bar. Bad judgment on her part. Show a little respect Fergie, you may be hot but your not invincible. Did you see those children in the audience? Not a very good role model during this performance.