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John Mayer is a Mickey Mouse Man

John Mayer is a Mickey Mouse Man

John Mayer wears his love for Mickey Mouse on his shirt as he buys some camera equipment at Samy’s camera in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old future Mr. Jennifer Aniston was seen lunching with his trainer, Harley Pasternak, at the Kings Road Cafe.

Mayer left the store after reportedly spending around $11,000 on equipment. YIKES!

10+ pictures inside of Mickey Mouse man John Mayer

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john mayer mickey mouse 01
john mayer mickey mouse 02
john mayer mickey mouse 03
john mayer mickey mouse 04
john mayer mickey mouse 05
john mayer mickey mouse 06
john mayer mickey mouse 07
john mayer mickey mouse 08
john mayer mickey mouse 09
john mayer mickey mouse 10
john mayer mickey mouse 11
john mayer mickey mouse 12
john mayer mickey mouse 13

Credit: Danielle/Matei/Dean; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, WENN
Posted to: Harley Pasternak, John Mayer

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  • me

    He looks hot!

  • amanda

    He’s still creepy looking

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Camera huh?.I bet we are going to see a P O R N tape with them soon. I don’t trust him.

  • jen fan

    This story is already going to the extreme with two people just starting out in the dating seen.

    I wish they would stop doing that.

  • jcbw

    He’s looking really good. Maybe Jen can un-douche him. Make him write better songs.

  • faith

    I curious if Jennifer pees on him yet. Eventually she’s going to pee on him.

  • kosmo

    how tall is he? looks bigger than i thought

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    mayer’s looking like a new man.

  • Mike

    love him

  • leni

    I like that #5..Un-douche him.
    He is more like Jennifer’s son.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    mayer’s looking a little like brad pitt now.

  • girly girl

    it looks like he is trying to steal that camera

  • Just me

    John looks great here! A Canon I see, that answers my ?

    Have you seen the mini rolli?

  • girly girl girl

    Yes, it looks like hes sticking the camera in his pants as he’s looking around . Put them three pics in order and the camera went in his shirt and down his pants.!! Busted !!

  • solana

    Yikes! That’s gotta be some BIG photo project. Lookin good, Future Mr. Aniston. *rolls eyes*

  • Cannes

    Jen and Mayer are not in a real relationship : it is acting for Cannes.

  • lei

    he looks hot. i love how he looks lately, probably the classy lady near him is helping too.

  • lei

    I adore him. He looks so good and he’s so talented.

  • olii

    don’t you think he’d go for angelina if he had the chance? :D

  • lei

    oh, he looks so cute. nice nice t-shirt.

  • irteza

    looks better with the short hair.

  • lei

    The man is perfect: hot, talentated, amazing voice, funny and has a gorgeous girlfirend.

  • JJ

    I love John mayer and Jennifer :)
    He more hot than Brad Pitt, well it’s not important if he is hot or not, i just want he treat Jen nice and love her forever.
    *sorry i got drunk now * but i love them both.

  • hello

    I’m loving the tee shirt. I want one. JM is looking good these days.

  • Shelly

    Photography is Jennifer’s hobby,I think he wanted to surprise her but
    he got caught.That’s why he was trying to cover his purchase,not steal

  • http://deleted ok


    he’s not “treating” jen in any way ’cause this is not a real relationship. sorry to shatter your dreams.

  • jade

    I like Jennifer and John together. She’s beautiful and he’s handsome
    and a very respected musician.

  • wake up and smell the coffee

    Vince Vaughn-ish

  • lei

    Oh, he rocks that t-shirt. Man he buys cameras one after another. I bet his laptop is full of pics. OH, and he looks amazing. It appears Jennifer has a great effect on him.

  • lei

    Jared, the future Mr. Jennifer Aniston. She’s big but he’s also big too. Well, Jennifer Mayer doesn’t sound that bad.

  • isabella

    ya know John has a heck of a lot of fans, a heck of a lot, and keep this up and you’re going to be making enemies Jared.

  • lei

    I’m starting to feel the people with different views start parting ways on this blog, everyones goes and post in their favourite’s threads. That’s good.

    Being a John fan, doesn’t he look just great? I adore him and his music.

  • lei

    He looks hawt. The samples he realeased of his future songs sound amazing too. He’s a total hit. No wonder someone like Jennifer fall for him.

  • lalala

    hope, they last. :-) he looks so sensual – look at his lips… ;-).. *rrrr – and jen seems to have become more sensual too since she is together with him – it suits her

  • the captain

    what about the do???

  • Maniffer

    loly @ 05/21/2008 at 2:59 am Jared, the future Mr. Jennifer Aniston. She’s big but he’s also big too. Well, Jennifer Mayer doesn’t sound that bad.

    ..>>>Oh yeah they are big, that is if you are talking about C-list crowd .. yup they totally rule that crowd LMAOOOO!

  • Maniffer

    with that big camera Maniston should beware.. one day sex video of him urinating on Maniston will circulating on the internet.

  • lolla-j

    please spread the hate in other threads. Neither John or Jennifer have fans like this.

    John is so cute with that Mickey t-shirt.

  • TJ

    This creepy douche bag is trying to change his image by putting on a Mickey Mouse shirt. He is dumber than we thought. How is that going to change the fact that he likes to deep kiss guys like Perez while women like Jessica Simpson works him from below.
    Jen is just like Jessica Simpson. John likes them dumb.

  • Paul

    John has alot of ex-fans that he lost because of this stupid publicity stunt. Now the brainwashing is trying to convice everyone that he is something and he is not. So Mr. John gay Aniston is perfect.
    Pr team is trying to trick people into thinking more of these two jerks than you should. The media see this for what it really is an ugly publicity stunt gone wrong and two proud to stop it. Least Owen Wilson stop this phony mess. Jare you are not the only one that got threats on line the did this before on other sites.

  • Lea

    Posts across the internet repeat the samething. Here is one I pull from another site:

    Media brain washing. This was in my Critical Thinking class.
    Here is another point. In order to make a publicity stunt work you have to man the the person’s web sites to make sure you sway the minds into buying this publicity stunt. The PR team will leak reports like this all summer. Then get on the web site and blog to keep you going along with the story. Just to try to make this believeable.
    This reports are leaking from the same people. If it’s so true then why leak stuff. Time will tell everyone that it’s real.
    These stupid I’m in love reports jumped the shark. It’s too soon for anybody to be in love. It’s kind of like Jessica Simpson running around telling everyone that she and Tony are getting married after dating for only 2 weeks. These reports seem so desperate that I feel sorry for those involved.
    I’m just disappointed John Mayer would be a part of a pr stunt. I thought talent rule not publicity tricks.
    Seriously I would fire the PR team.
    I also think Jen’s looks are plain old average and nothing special.

  • Sara

    The second picture looks like he is stealing the camera. Not funny.
    He is a jerk.

  • SHaron

    Douche bag got what he wants.

    Dating and relationship expert Matt Titus sees this kind of behavior as an ego trip.

    “I think John likes to conquer the current ‘It girl,’” he said. “I think he has a very egotistical freak in him that’s masked by that pretty-boy artist-who-doesn’t-care vibe. He aims for the ‘It girl’ to make him the big guy in Hollywood, the guy on all the magazine covers alongside Jennifer Aniston. Mission accomplished.”

  • share

    And then in picture 11, the camera is under the t-shirt. Duh

  • Todd

    Being a John fan I think he sold out to a Publicity Stunt and I’m disappointed that talent was not enough.

  • SHaron

    I like what this Matt Titus said it’s a good article. I think both are trying to benefiting:

    “John controls the press through his sort of smirking, smiling style, but Jennifer controls them by using strategic timing,” Kaiser continued. “I mean. look at the Vince Vaughn breakup — timed perfectly to the release of their movie ‘The Breakup.’”

    So, which one — Aniston or Mayer — is benefiting more from their hookup? Kaiser believes older woman Aniston is the clear winner.

  • Dee

    beware jen, angelina will “try” to steal him from you…that’s totally her!

  • Helen

    lolla-j I wonder why you don’t think John Mayer fans are not complaining? I see that they are complaining.

  • dj

    Photography is also John’s hobby. The camera could have been for him.

  • Rose

    You know the saying “fake it untill you make it” well Maniston is doing alot of faking it. What a douchebag.