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Nicole Kidman Hits Up Bryan Adams Concert

Nicole Kidman Hits Up Bryan Adams Concert

Nicole Kidman and country superstar husband Keith Urban leave the Bryan Adams concert from West Hollywood’s The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard on Monday.

At Sunday’s Country Music Awards, host Reba McEntire joked about Nicole and Keith, saying, “Last but definitely not least, also nominated for Top Male Vocalist tonight is Keith Urban. And of course, we all know by now that Keith is going to be a dad. Congratulations. I don’t wanna go into all the details about how all that happened. But Nicole Kidman is definitely calling him Entertainer of the Year. Good luck, Keith!” Yuk, yuk!

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman hitting up the Bryan Adams concert…

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nicole kidman bryan adams concert 01
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 02
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 03
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 04
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 05
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 06
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 07
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 08
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 09
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 10
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 11
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 12
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 13
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 14
nicole kidman bryan adams concert 15

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  • sofia

    Sweet pictures! I like this couple!

  • emily
  • Ewww

    she looks sweet, pretty, and glowing.

  • daniela

    she looks so good again!

  • Shakira

    That’s my girl. Looking beautiful, with your man and adding to your tribe. All the best.

  • pretty woman

    again in red, love her in darker colors!

  • princess

    red if definetly Nic’s color. She and Keith are my favorite couple right now…of course after Brad and Angie!love them so much!and they have good taste for music, i love Bryan too!

  • ally

    Very cute, thanks!

  • Rosie

    they look cute!
    I would die to go to a concert of Bryan, he is one of my favorite singers.

  • Rosie

    they look cute!
    I would die to go to a concert of Bryan, he is one of my favorite singers.

  • guilherme

    love them! wish the best for the couple!

  • JIm

    she’s beautiful and glowing!
    i saw australia’s trailer, she looks fantastic…i hope people will change their minds about nicole. she’s a great actress, a good person, it’s sad to see how people can be rude with someone who doesn’t deserve it.

  • Louise

    I like very much Nic, but sorry i don’t like Keith! he is not the right man for her, she deservs better. I would love to see her with Jude Law or Sean Penn.

  • sasha


  • mandy

    JlM thanks for your words!
    I also loved the Australia trailer. I know it will be a great movie! and Hugh Jackman is so hooottt!



  • robert

    well sasha people like you should not exist…so much hate is bad for the world…i’m so for you…from your mouth we only have bad words and opinions…

    well about Nicole and Keith, i only have goos words to say. Of course Keith made mistakes, but who doesn’t????
    he changed, at least he changed!

  • isa

    so beautiful thank you

  • Vania

    why people don’t leave Keith alone??? ok he made many big mistakes in the past, he had drugs and alchool. people change. he changed, Angelina changed (or you forgot the mistakes she made), people can change! and i believe he did!
    of course Nicole was very important, and as a fan of him, i thank for her. She is an ANGEL in his life!

  • Where is she in red? Red is um, RED. She is wearing (and other sources say so) a BLACK dress and a dark burgundy sweater.

    Her dress so short you can almost see her crotch. Get over it NK you aren’t 23, you’re 40 about to be 41 start aging gracefully and buy some class…don’t see Angie in a mini-dress or holding her crotch…Angie’s hand is on her belly.

  • jenifer

    I love them!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Nicole has that look that I want in a woman lol
    For some reason she reminds me of Bree from Desperate Housewives. and vise versa.

  • lauren

    thanks JJ for more photos!
    I wish Nicole wear more times red dresses, she is always so glamorous in that color.
    I love Bryan too! I miss new musics!

  • Ha!

    She looks really happy. That’s so nice to see.

  • justme

    It’s only a matter of time before the ‘crazies’ medication wears off and they make their way over here.

  • luppi

    SHE IS NOT IN RED PEOPLE! but she still looks pretty.

  • justme

    I spoke too late. They’re already here !!!!!!

  • Locfo

    I think their baby is going to have a big forehead!

  • JIm

    Mandy said:
    “JlM thanks for your words!
    I also loved the Australia trailer. I know it will be a great movie! and Hugh Jackman is so hooottt!”

    You’re absolutely wellcome my dear. I admire Nicole very much, for what she does, and for her dignity in her difficult times.
    The time will tell us how she is important in movie industry, the nasty gossip about botox will disappear. The only thing will remain is her great talent.
    Many here are fakes or haters for job, but I’m real, and many others here are real, and we all agree: Nicole is a great woman. The bad times will end soon. We hope with Australia.

    I’m a man, but I think Hugh is a good actor, in the trailer he looks like Clint Eastwood!! ahahaha

  • Dancer

    You’re an idiot. She’s pregnant. She has mentioned she has been having morning sickness 24/7 and she probably is tired. Princess Diana fell asleep at state function in Canada and she was what–21?
    Get a life.

  • sdhdg

    They are wonderful thanks

  • lu

    ZING(s), your a poor idiot!

  • Kiki

    Wishing Nicole Kidman a very healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby!

  • diane

    Look at those great big lips and boney neck she looks like an alien

  • Heather

    They even hold hands in the car! How sweet! I love them as a couple. They are going to have one beautiful looking baby!

  • BritBoy

    . . . , your comments were so stupid, one of the stupid reasons being criticisising what Nicole was wearing, and then commenting favourably on Angelina holding her stomach. Didn’t all you toads think that Nicole was stupid for holding her stomach? Why is it okay for Dykelina? At least Nicole has legs worth looking at, unlike Angelina. Vania was right when she pointed out that everyone makes mistakes- didn’t Angelina when she had all those lesbian love affairs, but than straightened up once she got nominated for an Oscar?

  • really

    Yea, Nicold, I’d be embarrassed of my hair too if it looked like that. As long as Dancer is bringing Princess Diana into this, shouldn’t Nicold know better – why isn’t she wearing a seat belt? Glad she is showing more concern for her ugly hair than the safety of her child inside.

  • martha

    How come she isn’t wearing a seatbelt? How come her lips are so enormous? How come her boobs looked so big at the ACM awards on Sunday, but the next day she is flat chested?

    How come a 40 year old won’t stop dressing like a 21 year old? How come she feels the need to show her private area to the photographer?

    So many questions. Such a classless woman.

  • holly wood

    aside from still too tight looking, she is by far the prettiest pregnant celebrity thus far…and I happen to think Keith came around….addiction is the devil..

  • C

    They are so cute together. I love them
    I can’t wait for them to have their baby! I wish them all the best!

  • daisy

    Perhaps they aren’t wearing their seatbelts yet because they just got into the car? Why didn’t you bring up that Keith doesn’t have his on yet either???

    I find it laughable that people say her face is still too tight. All those predictions of her face is goign to fall & it still hasn’t. LOL. Gee maybe that is because she has never used botox!

  • lilyanne

    It looks to me like she is wearing burgundy and brown but I do agree that the colors are flattering on her.

    I agree that Angelina has been given a second chance. She has come a long way from her wacky 20′s. Here’s a question; would everyone still idolize everything she does if she was the one married to Urban or better yet, stayed married to Billy Bob Thornton? Would you Nic haters come around if she was the one with Brad Pitt? In other words, does the man make the woman more likeable or respectable?

    I happen to respect Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie as actresses. As people in a photograph, I think AJ comes off more serene and confident whereas Nicole seems a bit insecure (the way she holds on to Keith’s hands with a death grip or the smile that seems forced or unsure). There is something very vulnerable about Nicole. I think she must really worry about what people think of her and Angie doesn’t care and never has. Angie is lucky to have found her inner peace and perhaps Nicole, like many of us, is still looking for hers.

    I wish Nicole and Keith all the best. Marriage and parenthood are hard enough without facing the obstacles that celebrity couples must face.

  • art8fashion

    I wish them both the best. I am so happy for Nicole. She seems so happy to be finally be pregnant.

  • They are such posers

    They are holding hands FOR THE CAMERAS. Keith got in the car first, Nicole last. Terribly rude Keith. Then he grabs her hand when he sees the cameras. Nicole can’t stop giggling and posing for the cameras. She desperately needs the attention. I agree with the comments above, she is very insecure. Very sad. She is so beautiful but can’t get past her insecurites. And yes, the dress is way too short. I don’t get all the “classy” comments. I think her popularity comes from peoples dislike of Tom. Wierd.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    nice forehead.

    it’s funny how she’s supposed to be pregnant but she’s getting skinnier! lmaoooo

  • Emma

    They are so sweet both of them. They seem very affectionate towards each other. Nicole is very feminine and fragile, like Monroe, in a way. I’m sure their child will bring them much joy and happiness.

  • rien


    Well mate, you should ask the Australians. She had been famous long time before she was famous in USA. She started her career back there in 1980s. And in 1985 she got the breakthrough with Dead Calm (a hell of a thriller!)
    She got Golden Globes, Oscar, and loads of nomination, and then she got famous because many people hated Tom Cruise? Wow, that’s a new way to see a career of a very talented woman.
    Look again, mate. She is not Katie Holmes. Look harder, she is a talented beautiful hard working woman. I think, insecurity is not even known in her dictionary! Otherwise, she would hide herself in Indulkana near by the Pedirka Desert!

    Do you really think that Nicole needs to seek for attention? You definitely mistake her with Katie Holmes!

  • rien

    just in case you forget, the world is not only United States of America. There is a country which is called Australia. There are people there, and not only sheep. Just because some people are/were not known in USA, doesn’t mean that they did not exist.

  • zoe

    she looks pretty. she’s actually glowing! it seems that she doesnt mind the paps which is good! =)

  • They are such posers

    Hey Rien -

    I said “popularity” not “fame” Big difference. Read slower next time! I agree she is very talented and beautiful. And she might have been famous in Australia, but no one heard of her anywhere elso. She wanted worldwide fame so she came over to the good ole’ US of A where Tom introduced her to the big dogs and she got big time famous. Kind of like Katie, famous for just being married to Tom. She didn’t win an award till late in the marriage. Then Tom dumped her, she “played’ the victim, started winning awards like crazy and now people protect the poor vulnerable Nicole. And boy does she play that up!