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Sophia Bush is Toned

Sophia Bush is Toned

Sophia Bush grabs a cab home after arriving home to Los Angeles via LAX airport on Tuesday.

Last night, the 25-year-old One Tree Hill star dropped by the Tone product launch party held in conjunction with GenArt Styles at New York’s glamorous Hammerstein Ballroom.

“I’m thrilled to help Tone launch this new line. Women feel fabulous putting on that perfect outfit, or slipping into an incredible pair of heels,” said Sophia. “I think we should start feeling fabulous as soon as we begin our day, with beauty products that feel like fashion accessories too!”

For more information on Tone, visit

WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s season finale of One Tree Hill???

10+ pictures inside of toned Sophia Bush

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sophia bush toned 02
sophia bush toned 03
sophia bush toned 04
sophia bush toned 05
sophia bush toned 06
sophia bush toned 07
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sophia bush toned 10

Credit: MO/ISBP; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ll

    Is she trying to dress like Angelina?

  • couper

    I thought the finale pretty much sucked.

  • em

    How is that dressing like Angelina? Goodness.

    She is lovely. Gorgeous skin.

  • nunny


  • i love pink

    I didnt watch last nights episode of OTH.
    But i think Sophia is an amazing actress.

  • Skye

    The finale was awesome of oth last night BUT im soooo tired of the tension between peyton and lucas which has been going on for the last five seasons! They writers need to make them get together and find someother tension because its getting old. peyton and lucas are meant for eachother!

  • shannon

    she was amazing in the finale well that’s my opinion she does look nice for someone coming off an airplane luv the outfit

  • OTHFan

    I liked it but i wished it said who was going to vegas with Lucas!

  • gen

    one tree hill season finale was fantastic—except the end,. i can NOT believe they ended it like that…such teases!

  • jade

    yeah i was soo mad when they didn’t say who was going to vegas with lucas..but whatever that means another season!!!! YAY………..i just hope it was lindsey
    p.s i love lucas and peyton

  • jade

    i mean i hope it isnt

  • majahswish

    Who was Lucas talking to? It better be Peyton!! This whole thing has gone on too long!!

    Sophia looks great!!!!

  • tay

    Is it just me or has she gained weight? Looks like she needs to “tone” those arms.

    Not saying she looks bad. She’s just put on a few.


    She looks beautiful, even without makeup.

  • Laura

    I agree. That dress she had on in the finale wasn’t very flattering, but she looks bigger in these photos. I guess that makes sense with eps being shot in advance. She seems to gain more in arms and ass/legs.

    Like the dress not the jacket.

  • elliott

    i think he was talking to peyton, i mean after a letter written for you and everything, its bound to mean something like that. im also glad jamie got into the pool even thought it was with floatys, still mega cute! i thought the finale was pretty good.

  • Yasmine

    i cant wait four months for it to come back :s
    i hop brooke ends up with the dr. ethan copeland (??)
    lucas is getting annoying- what was up with the mohawk? yea okay
    deb and skills, i hate stupid storylines like that.. liek are the writers that deperate for something interesting it makes the show looks so fake sorta how the oc ended up
    peyton isnt as annoying as she used to be…
    i always wanted lucas and brooke together, but hes being annoying so i hoep he and peyton get ogether so she can be happy.. linsday i dont care for.. dan cant die- he brings drama to the show they probly wnt let him die..
    haley and nathan jamie are too cute for words… done lol///

  • http://n/a jasmine

    I’m not crazy about the outfit, but she looks gorgeous anyways.

  • kayy

    love the dress, but it doesnt go too well with the vest

  • nancy

    Yikes! That is an ugly ass outfit.

  • Komal

    She’s gorgeous, and no, Brucas are meant for one another =)

  • umm

    i thought the finale was pretty good. i just really want to know who lucas calls!!!! ugh. it made me soo made that all three girls answered their phones…IT BETTER FREAKING BE BROOKE!!!!!!!!!
    i mean come on. she’s going through a hard time with angie leaving and lucas wants to marry someone and who better than Brooke?? She has always loved him, even though he screwed her over with Peyton. Brooke is so forgiving=) i love her!

    k! im done rambling! =)

  • laura

    WTF is she wearing?

    Her fake crying on the show makes One Tree Hill a sh_tTy show. Maybe if she leaves the show, it will be good.

  • Anne

    Nothing could help OTH that show sucks.

  • Caroline

    It was a great cliffhanger….I have a feeling he is calling Brooke to get married?
    I like the fact that both Jamie and Nathan confronted their fears together.I love Sophia shes so pretty and has great fashion sense.

  • nikki

    gosh she has like perfect skin!!!!

  • JUICY4U85


  • _nika

    horrible dress.

  • lousta

    she is so pretty!
    Love sophia

  • Portia

    She looks natural, I like that. She’s definitely cute.
    I like the finale, but I think it’s about time they bring back Lucas and Peyton together, they are meant to be together and all this pointless uncertainty is getting kinda annoying. I want to see them together at last.
    Go LP!

  • someone pretty

    I love her she is a natural beauty
    I watch One Tree Hill only for her ;)

  • andy

    what is she talking about? she used plastic surgery and now she talks about feeling beautiful in the morning? such an hypocrite.

    what’s that fugly thing she’s wearing? this girl has no class and no taste

  • ana bella

    Sophia looks great

  • Ikram

    She is so pretty i thing that she must be have a dinner with wentworth miller
    The are going together so perfectly…
    Sophia with or without make up good style or not(never happend that she wasn’t good dress up)
    She is THE beautifulEST GIRL IN THE WORLD

  • Liora

    Sophia never used plastic surgery !!!
    You should look at pics of her as a child and she looks exactly the same so shut up !
    Sophia is beautiful and I love her dress , I’d like to see you after a 4 hours plane !!!

  • Liora

    Sophia never used plastic surgery !!!
    You should look at pics of her as a child and she looks exactly the same so shut up !
    Sophia is beautiful and I love her dress , I’d like to see you after a 4 hours plane !!!

  • bejeebus

    i was just about to say the same thing. she’s def put on some weight….doesn’t look bad but it sure is noticeable.

  • gypsy marie

    what is it, 1992? what is up with that outfit. yikes!

  • Sandy

    She loooves the paps, she can’t even look away.

    The dress again isn’t flattering. She looks pregnant.

  • onetreehilippa

    shes great/1 i think the one tree hill finale was amazing! did dan die? who was lucas calling>? aaaaa cnt wait till september!

  • Tonys

    I love how she treats show business. She doesn’t act like its her LIFE. She treats it like a business, which it is. And that means being nice to the paps. Only once have I ever seen her get aggravated, but it was when they said to her that she was too good for her boyfriend, Jon. And yeah after a 4 hour plan ride… I wouldn’t look amazing either. I actually have a picture with her after my 4 hour plan ride and of course I look like crap. I like seeing her not perfect, makes her more human

  • LUKA

    I love Sophia, especially her voice.
    The finale was pretty good, but I hate have to wait so long to find out who was Luke calling.
    I hope it was Brooke, they’re the best couple. Peyton and Luke is just too much drama.
    She never really appreciate him.
    Don’t get me wrong nothing against Peyton oe Lindsey, but Brooke is the best of their 3 and the best for Luke.

    Season 6..come come come…
    Hoping for Luke and Brooke.

  • lauren

    She looks hideous. haha.

  • Liora

    And you are pathetic !!

  • Sophia bush fan

    She looks amazing…as she always does.

  • Amelia

    Did she have her chest fixed? The dress looks comfortable, but why are her breasts about to swallow her? Looks very uncomfortable!!! She is just blah.

  • Amelia

    Oh and to whoever said that she hasn’t had surgery? You are wrong, go back and check those pictures…. smart move, she had it all fixed before her marriage with Chad, people didn’t knew her then! haha!

  • mari

    i hate peyton..she’s so annoying
    and i think he marries brooke

  • nicole

    he prob is calling brooke because brooke and lucas havent been involved since high school, YET she kept getting broughten up in lucas love situations, which was random. like it was no longer just peyton or lindsay, but petyon, lindsay or brooke? I hope it is brooke but i think she is a better friend to peyton than peyton was to her and wont marry him. who knows.

  • Chelsey

    Lucas called Brooke. For sure.

    Thats the only thing that would actually be a shocker…

    Lucas and Peyton are sooo dull and boring together. Brooke actually makes him more interesting. They are just beautiful together.