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Ashlee Simpson Wedding Pictures -- FIRST PHOTO!

Ashlee Simpson Wedding Pictures -- FIRST PHOTO!

Here is the very first photo of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz‘s weekend wedding, featured on the latest cover of People.

The mag, which reportedly shelled out $1 million for the exclusive wedding pics, described the ceremony as “the ultimate rocker event,” complete with 10,000 black magic roses, red-and-black d├ęcor and chandeliers dripping with crystals. But for the couple and their 150 guests, it felt more like a sweet fairy tale.

“She looked like a girl right out of a movie,” the groom, 28, says about his new bride, 23, who wore an ivory lace Monique Lhuillier gown and a cathedral-length veil during the nondenominational ceremony officiated by her father, Joe Simpson.

FYI: Pete‘s English bulldog, Hemingway, was the ringbearer!

Ashlee and Pete‘s wedding invitation can be found here, along with chocolate table settings and one of their desserts here.

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  • Janie

    She looks so pretty!

  • Rita

    FIRST!! Jess looks drunk in the picture… seems like a fun partayyy!!!

  • the captain

    movie? which movie? the one where the bride brings her ugly dog to the altar???

  • bejeebus

    ummmm… comment

  • anon

    She looks beautiful. How nice that they styled their bangs the same way.

  • rachel

    i’m so happy for them

  • haseo

    Its the dog that was cute ! just kidding :D

  • anywho

    Man everyone is getting married out of wed lock in hollywood it the a new trend of something. Anyways she looks cute and at least she is happy I hope it lasts and they dont brake up, like her sister did.

  • Mary

    alice in wonderlad theme is tacky……..she seems immature…

  • Helena

    The twits look like their playing dress up.

  • Kim

    anywho @ 05/21/2008 at 10:22 am
    Man everyone is getting married out of wed lock in hollywood it the a new trend of something. Anyways she looks cute and at least she is happy I hope it lasts and they dont brake up, like her sister did.

    Getting married out of wed lock – wtf???

  • Ha!

    “Getting married out of wed lock?” That doesn’t make any sense at all. Do you mean getting pregnant out of wedlock? Was it actually confirmed that she’s pregnant? What am I saying? Who cares?

    They look exactly the same as they always do except for the clothes.

  • jing

    both are chinlicious. Hahahahahaa

  • null

    Jessica looks so trashy. To my surprise, it’s Ashley who looks so much better and classier now.

  • naty

    I can’t stan Ashely simpson! she seems fake to me .

  • naty

    I can’t stan Ashely simpson! she seems fake to me .

  • mel

    of course there has to be a photo op of Jessica and Tony, who by the way, looks uncomfortable with his arms around her….

  • You/Me

    Everything makes sense now!
    Joe Simpson was forced to publicly humiliate Jessica by begging Tony Romo to attend the wedding as her date because he had already made a deal with PEOPLE MAG for exclusive pics in exchange for $1 million…. pics of Tony & Jessica were mandatory for the deal to go through. LMAO..
    Joe Simpson makes me sick.

  • Leilani

    Yay!! Love them! 8)


    hahaha…that was a good one jing

  • i love pink

    Ok first of all Ashlee looks beautiful & Pete looks awesome.
    BUT that picture of Jessica & Tony romo just trashes up the magazine cover.

  • Shygirl

    I know this topic is for Ashlee, but what’s this I read on the cover? Shania Twain slipt ? I’m shocked!!!

  • DLO

    Why the picture of Jessica and Tony? NO NEED!!

  • jj

    Man everyone is getting married out of wed lock in hollywood it the a new trend of something. Anyways she looks cute and at least she is happy I hope it lasts and they dont brake up, like her sister did.


    keep smokin’ that crack, Anywho……

  • http://. marina

    they are posing in their usual forehead to forehead shot as always

  • Buzzkut

    Ugh “Choke me!” Jessica seems about to lose her modesty and class in front of a room of guests.

  • stewie

    why does ASHLEE’S CHIN look like a witch’s chin? what’s up with that? i hate how she didnt dye her hair back to blond. she kinda looks like an idiot with that orange/brown hair. also, why did jessica become so slutty-esque?

  • ahleeeeeeee & pete fan
  • L

    Ashlee looks beautiful, but that picture of Tony looks he’s saying “here’s the photo you wanted me to take, can I please get on with my life”

  • tas

    I totally agree with YOU/ME. People had a deal with the Simpsons for the wedding pics, and I’m assuming Joe Simpson had editorial rights over what pictures ran, etc… The Simpsons want to squash embarrassing breakup rumors between Jess and Tony so they put that picture on the cover to make it look like Tony and Jess are still on. Well, I still think they are either broken up, or will be soon. It’s such a sham.

    I do feel sorry for Ashlee. It’s her wedding day and pictures, she gets on the cover of People, and her tabloid queen sister is there too. It’s just not right. At least Ashlee can take comfort in knowing shes married, has a guy who loves her, a baby coming, and is much more intelligent and mature than her older sister.

  • Ingrid

    Ashlee has a witch chin. Where’s her wart?

  • wah

    Ashlee has a witch chin.

  • wah

    That pic of Tony and Jessica was unnecessary for this cover.. It was Pete and Ashlee’s day.

  • ahleeeeeeee & pete fan
  • Rae

    Classy picture of Jessica. And of course Joe Simpson officiated. He is so creepy.

  • Chelsey

    lmao look at the pic of jess and tony. Can we say “photo op!” wow, just admit you are broken up, no need to pretend for the cameras.

  • Sleepy

    I think Ashlee looks very pretty and I like that the dog took part in the wedding and photos but, that picture of Jessica and Tony is disgustingly trashy… It should have been just Ashlee and Pete on the cover.

  • mandi

    I love Ashlee and Pete together. Congrats to them!

  • BellaSHAI

    Awwh, she looks pretttyy. iloveher &ilove him.
    Cheers for the happy couple!

  • bee

    why dont you’s all leave jess alone with tony so they can livetheir lives in peace its none of your business if their together or not and those pictures were not photoshopped so stop your bull already and let them be get on with your on life!!

  • Mark

    The only thing this family is famous for is selling their business. Papa sells everything associated with this family. I’ll bet with the payment he throw in a picture of Tony and Jessica. Next he will sell pictures of the baby. Don’t Pete have a say in anything. It’s disgusting.
    Hollywood has gotten very disgusting.

  • vIvien

    Why did People pay $1M for their wedding pictures? Were they worth it? Her album is doing abysmally.

  • H

    Jessica looks like a cheap whore and that smile Tony has plastered on his face is so fake. I can’t believe they paid $1 mil for their stupid wedding pics.

  • Alison

    I am laughing at Pete’s hair. Ashlee looks nice though.

  • _sigh_

    Ashlee looks great, but who’s that chick in the veil?

  • sad

    So Jessica makes the whole day about her nasty, whorish self, big surprise. I guess ugly men need to slut it up to get attention, nice wig tranny!

  • bee

    jess didnt ask to have her picture taken with tony forsome strange reason the paps wont leave her alone

  • linda

    i hope pa simpson is happy now whoring tony for the paps just so Jessica can save face.

    tony hope you now know that the simpson family will only use you for their gain and will trash you in the magazines at all times.

    watch your back, tony. now that you’ve broken up with jessica watch all the bad stories that will pop up in the tabs courtesy of pa simpson and jess.

  • baby bliss

    Ashlee and beau look lovely on their wedding day, others not so much.

  • shayna

    Awe, Ashlee looks beautiful, who cares what people think, their happy and i’m happy for them. I like how she stepped out of the box a little bit and didn’t do a traditional styled wedding. and Jessica doesnt look trashy shes just dancing who the hell cares lol. good for her shes having fun.