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Bar Refaeli is a Beautiful Bride

Bar Refaeli is a Beautiful Bride

Bar Refaeli walks the runway as a blushing bride during Puerta De Europa Bridal Fashion Shows on Wednesday at IFEMA in Madrid, Spain.

The 22-year-old Israeli supermodel recently stopped by the 2008 Cannes Film Festival where she was rumored to be shooting an ad campaign for True Religion, Accessorize or Chanel Make Up.

Ready to pop the question Mr. DiCaprio? Nudge, nudge

25+ pictures of Bar Refaeli as a beautiful bride…

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bar refaeli bridal gown 01
bar refaeli bridal gown 02
bar refaeli bridal gown 03
bar refaeli bridal gown 04
bar refaeli bridal gown 05
bar refaeli bridal gown 06
bar refaeli bridal gown 07
bar refaeli bridal gown 08
bar refaeli bridal gown 09
bar refaeli bridal gown 10
bar refaeli bridal gown 11
bar refaeli bridal gown 12
bar refaeli bridal gown 13
bar refaeli bridal gown 14
bar refaeli bridal gown 15
bar refaeli bridal gown 16
bar refaeli bridal gown 17
bar refaeli bridal gown 18
bar refaeli bridal gown 19
bar refaeli bridal gown 20
bar refaeli bridal gown 21
bar refaeli bridal gown 22
bar refaeli bridal gown 23
bar refaeli bridal gown 24
bar refaeli bridal gown 25

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • Mike

    I like the white dress…

  • Angel

    Nah, she is wayyyyyy too young to get married

  • Mike

    Magnificient BAR!!! She is simply perfect to model wedding gowns! LUCKY DICAPRIO!

  • Locfo

    Wtf? How did they make this woman turn into Gisselle Bundschen? I swear, they way they did her eyes made them look like Gisselle’s eyes! Does anybody else see what I am seeing? She looks like Gisselle Bundschen! NO kidding!

  • jupiter*girl

    stunning. she’s the new gisele budchen

  • Helena

    No way, she’s too young.

  • dd

    i dont think leo is ready to get married

  • nikomilinko
  • krissy

    She should date Leo for one or two more years to become close to being the next Giselle. I `m sick of seeing her everywhere mainly because she gets all the attention because of Leo.

  • Peachy

    She looks waaaay better than Giselle. Bar looks like a woman. Giselle looks like a man in drag.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    She looks sexy.
    and i dont think its time for her to get married.
    i think she is young and beautiful and she needs to enjoy her modeling career.


  • bb

    I still don`t think she is such an outstanding model, pretty face but I doubt she is ever gonna be the `next Giselle` even with a prettier face than G`s.

  • oh snap!

    WTF?! gemma Ward, coco Rocha, Chanel Iman, Darla Baker, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, Du Juan.??

    she looks older than 22. i guess it matters who you do sleep with in “hollywood”

  • mif

    Beautiful? Not!

    She has a sour face, even when she’s smiling.

  • Sophie

    Pretty face, but she looks like she’ll eat you alive to get what she wants.

  • Janie

    I think she’s getting all the buzz because she’s talented and people are seeing more of her. Not just because of Leo. That helped in the beginning of their relationship, now she’s doing it on her own. I like Bar.

  • bb

    you know what #17, let`s see what happens to her `talent` after breaking up with Leo, how much you are going to see her…

  • Michelle

    The “Faded Youth” blog has just reported that Bar and Leo have broken up. They didn’t cite any sources and it hasn’t been reported anywhere else. Maybe in Israel?

    I’m skeptical but Bar does look miserable in these pictures. There’s a picture on FY where she appears to be very sad. In all the previous backstage fashion shows I’ve seen Bar at she’s laughing and having a good time. So maybe the story is true.

  • krissy

    It was funny to read `Bar Rafaeli`, `talent` and `on her own` in the same comment. Let`s hope FY is right about the break-up

  • wtf

    Leo’s not gonna marry her..are you crazy?

  • http://justjared vicki

    Bar is very young. Please wait before you walk down the aisle. The wedding dress she had on was beautiful as she is. But, the hair piece, is silly. I can’t picture that on anyone, without laughing.

  • Riri

    Beautiful? yes. Way better than man face Giselle.
    Better body, too. Giselle don’t have a waist.
    Bar has an hourglass figure.

    But she looks so empty and shallow. Not that Giselle has any more depth to her.

    I think Leo dates really stupid and empty kind of woman. At least Bar looks like a woman.
    It just shows how he views woman.

  • jul

    she is just not that pretty,. It comes to my mind BUTTER FACE, meaning I am sure you know: “but her face”.

  • anon.

    humm….If she depends on Leonardo´s decision she wont´dress bride never!

  • Yily

    Bar is gorgeous! She’s a supermodel! She’s way hotter than Gisele who looks like a man most of the time.

  • she is boring

    she will be gone as soon as leo dumped her

  • Miss carolina

    Bar seems like a sweet girl. I’m glad she and Leo are happy together.

  • jennifer

    I agree totally with you miss carolina, I also like Leo and Bar together, I think they are a cute and gorgeous couple. And Bar is stunning as ever.

  • YAWN

    Bar x100 = Giselle. All Bar has is Leo and as soon as he dumps her we can forget about her.

  • blue

    i am tired of her especially when she is is describe as supermodel!!!!

  • tawi-tawi

    Remember when they split, and she said to the papers: “Oh, we have different schedules, it’s tough to have a long-distance relationship”, and then she disappeared from all the radars, cause nobody cared who she was, and what kind of model she was. (I was shocked seeing ruining her little career like that)
    Next thing we know she is back with Leo. I think during that time of oblivion she got smarter and decided to get back with Leo no matter what to get at least some career…I do not see any chemistry between them…and she’s never been sweet like some people naively think here…

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    * UGLY * White Trash, Fluffy 80′s Dress * FLATTERS – This FUGLY HAG!!!

  • zoe

    she looks good on the runway. and yeah…she kinda looks like giselle!

  • blue

    on fashion spot forum,bellazon and leofans there is one poster who goes by nickname Lye2003 i wonder if she works for bar refaeli ,cause she post every possible story item abour Bar, of course she could be hardcore fan but she could also doing great pr work.

  • EvilLynn

    Is this the same dress from the “Sex & the City” movie that’s coming out? It reminds me of that dress…

  • Little Miss

    Leo tries to come accross as this serious person, but then keeps dating these Air heads. He needs to get his act together and find a woman that actually has depth. Then maybe marriage and children will come, but at the moment he hasn’t found a wife.

  • lilly

    Isn`t a wedding/wedding dress about being happy and excited rather than looking cold and totally emotionless? She looks like she is being tortured on and off the runway.

  • to lilly

    you are so right

  • Dieter

    she is so beautiful – the hottest modell right now and the only one with a beautiful face for years: I heard she has an IQ of more than 160 (for your comparison: Miranda Kerr has 145 which is very good as well)

  • Aline

    Why aclamating this f9u9cking dumb? She is not good to be a supermodel. She doesn’t have many important campains. People are responsable for creating idols and PLEASE let’s stop creating fake idols. An idol should give a messaga, should be an example. It’s not because this woman divides blankets with Leo that she is a celebrity or a possible idol. She doesn’t give any message as woman, as person.

  • Cindy

    Well don’t know much about her but shes pretty.

  • anom

    Supermodel , just because she looks like all the Victoria Secret models doesn’t qualify as supermodel well not to me. She is pretty enough but is an indetikit.. she looks like Alessandra, Giselle a bit and some others I don’t know the name but look similar. I believe the ONLY reason she is anywhere is because of Leo. If they were not dating she’d be some struggling girl who is taller and thinner than average.

  • lilly

    to Dieter #41. I have serious doubts that her IQ is more than 160. Somebody with that intelligence would know better how to talk in public, i.e. about her homeland and not making controversial comments. She is all about her career so if she was so smart she shouldn`t have done that. Plus, it is very well known that Leo doesn`t date smart girls. Oh, and one more thing, a beautiful face doesn`t necessarily turn someone into a supermodel and Bar is the perfect example for that.
    On Faded Youth there is a picture of her ( off the runway ) where she clearly looks sad. It took over two years to see emotion on her face and I mean both on and off the job. Congrats, Bar.

  • someone

    lmfao! the title scared me! i thought it meant Bar in an ACTUAL wedding dress, like she was going to get married to Leo! lol!

  • jennifer

    the problem is that Leo loves Kate Winslet but she’s already married, I’am just kidding, but I think funny when Leo’s around Kate because he’s always blushing, who knows? But I really like Bar, she’s beautiful!

  • anonymus

    Well, Leo and Kate certainly have more chemistry than Leo and Bar…

  • angie

    Giselle and Bar are both blah looking. Leo wants to be the better looking one in relationships.

  • xo

    who are you to judge her?does anyone really know who she is? so why do you hate her that much?cuz she’s getting attention thanks to leo?cuz she’s prettier than all of you?no doubt