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Christina Aguilera Shares Diet Secrets

Christina Aguilera Shares Diet Secrets

Christina Aguilera shares her diet secrets and work-out tips in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

The 27-year-old new mom talks about her son Max, how she got her body back and shedding 40 pounds in four months.

Her tips on losing those pregnancy pounds? 90-minute, five-day-a-week workouts with a trainer and no more white bread.

As for the kinds of cravings Christina had during her pregnancy, she said, “Oh, my God, candy! I had a huge craving for candy toward the end of the pregnancy, from Starbursts to Skittles. I actually took a picture of myself with my big belly in a little lingerie top, surrounded by bowls of the candy I like.”

As for the famous growth in her chest that came from breastfeeding…

“It’s kind of hilarious! I’ve never fit into an E-cup before,” she says. “I look at my husband and go, ‘Guess what size this bra is?’ And when I tell him, he’s just amazed. We keep the tags that prove it, to look back for memory’s sake!”

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  • Ellie

    meh….she looks good?

  • james

    her body looks fab but she has no personality whatsoever! shame really because she’s got a cool voice..
    can anyone say DRAG QUEEN? eww

  • donita

    she`s adorable than britney :P

  • Jamie insider

    You mean she’s MORE adorable than Britney =).

  • me

    She has not got her body back yet! that is so untrue and by the way it’s normal because it does not mean that she looks ugly i am not against her but I am against the magazine, this photograph has got photoshop her legs are crossed and if we look at older pics (from last week in justjared) she has not got her body back, why lie to people?

  • Lee

    Lookin fine! Christina’s on fire! HOT!

  • JED

    i agree ME, this covers rediculous! it’s such a poor image to send out to new mothers, i never thought christina would do the ‘look at my new body’ crap

  • leo

    she’s so fucking hot… gahh…!

  • fred

    she better tries the “How to NOT look cheap and vulgar like me”

  • Portia

    She’s talented and she looks like a 50′s diva, she’s hot. But I think she would look even better with little less make up, more natural-looking.

  • Nouf Al.

    her dress is a Killer!!

  • hmm

    oh she’s not fooling anybody. it’s a magazine pic and they are always altered. she didn’t lose 40lbs, she had a baby!!
    besides, she doesn’t look good in the paparazzi pics. she never had a good body in the first place… bow legs, fake boobs, long torso, nose job and bald spots.

  • lana

    Christine looks like Drag Queen

  • Lord

    beautiful! <3 thanks for posting!

  • sse

    is that supposed to be her in the pink dress? it looks more like jordan price! did they use the wrong photo?

  • adri

    She looks AMAZING!!:)
    Sexy and beautiful :))

  • Natalie

    Her boobs are too big. Too much make-up. No class at all.

  • jADE

    Now THAT is how you get your body back. The photoshop thing is complete utter bullshit because in recent pictures she looks exactly like that. HATERS.

  • Some chick

    That is not even a decent photo of her…her face looks off. But she still looks awesome, whether or not she’s still got some more weight to lose.

  • uhhh

    I don’t hate her, I just pity those who believe she is a standard beauty because she is NO class at all, she looks cheap and dirty with those fake boobs and too much make up, and I’m proud to say that I definitely have much more better looking legs than her bow ones, ha ha ha how many times can you say that any part of your body looks better than those of celebs? Yeah at least she can sing, she better stick with that although many can’t stand her voice, I honestly don’t care about that, there are better, there are worse.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    a siliconed tranny oompa loompa who went to clown college – not impressive.

  • Sinna

    If only she could stop looking like a Tranny Mess. There’s something about her legs I just don’t like, can’t quite put my fingure on it.

  • bejeebus

    i wonder if anyone will agree with me on this. christina and mariah carey have great talent. yet, b/c of the way they dress (present themselves to the consumer), i feel that they distract from what they have to offer. people tend to see them as more of a joke then as attractive, very talented, accomplished women. that’s just what i think every time i see those two dressed like cheap hookers from the early nineties with all the tranny makeup, plastic looking hair and spandex clothing.

  • bejeebus

    she’s a little bit bow legged. that’s why her legs look odd from certain angles.

  • bejeebus

    yes, i do know this dress is leger before anyone feels the need to point it out to me.

  • Bee

    Talk about hateration! lol she looks fabulous! it wouldn’t kill people to admit that once in a while. And comparing it to her resent photos I believe it.

  • Exhuman

    WOW! She Looks HOT! Amazing… <3

  • ha ha ha

    not hot at all, her mama pics were ZERO b/c none bothered spend a penny for her and her ugly husband.
    even Nicole Richie has sold much more than she ever had. do you believe it??? Nicole Richie…

  • lILIAN

    she looks amazing, so hot

    the haters are so funny HAHAHA

  • Criss

    looks hot. and keep the red lipstck away. muuch better without.


    Christina a natural beauty that covers it with tons of makeup and her breast are a Joke nothing sexy about them they weight more than her entire body!!She looks like Shauna Sands little sister.

  • infloatables

    Can silicone-filling be readjusted – just at – anytime you ask the implant surgeon to so?

    or maybe he’s busy….

  • GONX

    haterrrss is so stupiddd ¡¡

  • GONX

    haterrrss is so stupiddd ¡¡

  • lih

    she is so…err…perfect!

  • captain obvious

    she has one of the ugliest rat faces, and stumpy ugly bow legs i have ever seen. i don’t care how much makeup and blonde hair she is wearing. that doesn’t make her face pretty.
    she is sick.

  • BellaSHAI

    She looks amazing.
    I want her body!!! :P

  • http://justjared.buzznet Debra

    She always looks like she just climbed off a stripper pole. I hate that. She just looks dirty. Sorry, but thats what I think every time I see her. She is too tanned and too blond

  • http://justjared.buzznet Debra

    She always looks like she just climbed off a stripper pole. I hate that. She just looks dirty. Sorry, but thats what I think every time I see her. She is too tanned and too blond

  • kim

    Katherine Heigl wore this dress on the cover of Cosmopolitian a few months ago


    Nothing but HATERS on this f***ing page. Christina looks good and makes enough money to buy your pathetic lives. Sit the f*** down and shut your pie holes.

  • Jennifer

    Ugly. She’s such a skank.

  • anon

    Sorry. I prefer “chunky” Britney compared to this. That’s the only reason why people will buy the magazine. No one is saying “oohh look at Christina”. They’re saying “Britney’s in a bikini? I want to see”. Even at Britney’s lowest she still garners more adoration. Christina has a better voice but people still prefer Britney’s music. I’ve seen better looking crossdressers. Christina needs to put the 40s look behind her because it’s getting old already. Britney needs to find some better medication to take that won’t make her gain weight (she was a lot thinner before she was diagnosed and put on meds. Brit at least has an excuse. And you can say she’s real and doesn’t go under the knife like most celebrities do to lose weight.

  • kik

    Drag Queen all the way!

  • Rhi

    god people, shes a very beautiful and talented person and good for her for being proud of what shes acheived- juggling her career, paps, a new baby boy and comments like this but still being able to look gorgeous. yes we all know mags are air brushed but you’ve seen her in the past and she cant fake that. oh and for added information her boobs- all real sweetheart. besides its not as if anyones comments matter, including my own. shes not gonna change for anyone and she shouldnt have to.

    i say good on her. i admire a stongminded person like her. don’t let anyone sway you either guys. its whether you’re happy or not which is important.

    take care Xx

  • gagiliganbabey

    She is the best U Haters… Christina Keep it up Baby Girl U LOOK Gorgeous… Some people hate to see others in happiness…She lost 40 pounds…Whats Ur Problem with Dat?? Get A Life u Freaks…

  • gagiliganbabey

    She is the best U Haters… Christina Keep it up Baby Girl U LOOK Gorgeous… Some people hate to see others in happiness…She lost 40 pounds…Whats Ur Problem with Dat?? Get A Life u Freaks…

  • Jaz

    Oh come off it guys.
    She is beautiful!
    All your talk about ‘too much makeup’ and ‘natural beauty’… seriously
    take a look around in society today, ‘natural beauty’ is scarce… Her makeup makes her stand out as an individual, a signature look if you like!
    And come off it, as if all the other celebs don’t wear just as much, just not bright red lippy! Cause’ theres is more natural tones but the amount is just as much!
    Take a look at the pussycat dolls,
    THAT is trash
    Christina is class.

    Go suck one haters, cause Christina is classier and more beautiful than you’ll ever dream of being.
    ta ta

  • Mama

    FIRST of all, all you ppl on here say that she isnt good looking STOP lieing to yourself, y’all kno she look damn good. especially after having a kid… i had a kid and i definately do not look like that. so koodos to her for that. secondly, she has an awesome voice. bet none of yall sound like that when you sing. she has got talent, and the looks. id show that shit off to. and so would the next person. all yall are just mad cuz you all have no life. and if you do it consists of talking crazy bullsh……… BAHHHHHHHHhhaahahahahhaah

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