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Denise Richards - Cowgirl Up!

Denise Richards - Cowgirl Up!

Denise Richards works out her cowgirl hat onstage during MTV’s Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios on Wednesday in New York City.

The 37-year-old actress has been making the media rounds drumming up publicity for her new reality show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. She has also been telling her side of her messy divorce with Charlie Sheen.

18+ pictures of Denise Richards cowgirling up…

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denise richards mtv trl 01
denise richards mtv trl 02
denise richards mtv trl 03
denise richards mtv trl 04
denise richards mtv trl 05
denise richards mtv trl 06
denise richards mtv trl 07
denise richards mtv trl 08
denise richards mtv trl 09
denise richards mtv trl 10
denise richards mtv trl 11
denise richards mtv trl 12
denise richards mtv trl 13
denise richards mtv trl 14
denise richards mtv trl 15
denise richards mtv trl 16
denise richards mtv trl 17
denise richards mtv trl 18

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • Mike

    She is one of the few celebrities I dislike…maybe because of her new reality show??? IDK… <3

  • Mike


  • oh snap!

    is any one really gonna watch her crap show? im not but i will be watching The Dina Lohan’s show, lol

  • Lorraine


  • Lorraine

    no one likes you, go away :)



  • stewie

    she is soooo annoying , shes crap.

  • Janie

    This woman should be next to the dictionary definition of nuts.

  • http://justjared vicki

    Denise and Charlie need to get along. They will regret this one day when their daughters are older. I no longer like Denise Richards, but I have always loved Charlie Sheen. The constant fighting and bickering reminds me of high school. Denise, no more interviews. You just make things worse for yourself. Keep quite.

  • Laura

    Yes, keep “quite” Denise! lol We all know Charlie is really a saint.

  • Laura 2

    i actually feel bad for her. i can’t say i am a fan but she seems nice. i don’t think she is bright enought to be mean. as awful as it sounds, w/ her it appears as if you get what you see. i think it was wrong for her to date richie but again, i don’t think she has that much commen sense. as for charlie, he is scum. the hateration should be on him & is wannabe fiance. that girl keaps giving her 2 cents when what is between denise & charlie should stay between them publicly. anyway, who (including denise) would want to be w/ a guy that is know for having an addiction to prostitutes. sick, sick, sick. he isn’t even cute anymore – his wall street days have been over for a long time & how he keaps ragging on denise is over the top. let the girl live her life for the sake of your kids. i just think everyone is being unfair to her. it is easy to call the woman in a divorce a bitch & the guy gets off easy (no pun intended relative to charlie).

  • She Looks Awful

    didn’t she used to be really pretty? i guess we all get older but now she just looks cheesy. those cl’s are so ugly. most of his shoes are to die for but those look like they are from payless – under $20.

  • Bianca

    ima need her not to have the generic ass – pic a tat off the wall fairy on her fat ass cay-kel. ok thank you.

  • lyn

    Regardles of what you think about Charlie Sheen. Denise have admitted that he told her all about him reputation and she thought she could change him. That man have been .upfront about his life, so why are you people like shocked. The problem I have is why would she still want to have his sperm to have another child. It is amazing she would have another child by him to make sure they all look alike. I think the girl want bank. She needs to go settle down somewhere and raise those girls. I think Charlie does not want the girls in her reality show, he think they are too young. Why is it that he should not have any thing to do with what she does with those little girls. I do believe he gives her a lot of child support and alimony, so why cant he have an opinion about his children.

  • dan dan

    she’s beautiful

  • riley

    Say what you want about her but she is still gorgeous. She looks 100 times better than Britney, Lindsay, Paris et al who are 15 years younger. She obviously takes care of herself . Her hair is real unlike the rest of them too!

  • http://jUSTJARED jAN

    Can’t stand her, such a liar. Cant stand Kate Hudson either, very pretentious.

  • EILeen

    I think this woman is a trouble maker, do not like her. The interview with Matt Lauer made her look dumb and stupid. Even some of the pictures here she looks like a mean witch. She needs to go away.

  • joe

    She she going to tell us how she hooked up with Heather Locklear’s husband? Bimbo.

  • Dancer

    I loved how Whoopi Goldberg took her to task on the View this week about pimping out her kids on her reality show. I agree with the poster that said she doesn’t think the woman is too bright. She totally can’t see why folks think of this as pimping the kids out. They are too young to have a voice in the matter. Her show will be public record available on DVD or whatever the current technology is out there when the kids are older. It certainly seems like she is putting her need for attention above the needs of her daughters.

  • Aimee

    Can’t stand this dumb blonde! TEAM CHARLIE

  • Some chick

    This woman is so vile.

  • Kris

    She is a media whore!!!

  • Steph

    She is a stupid lying bimbo

  • Eileen

    She is a fake and she has NO talent! Go away!!!

  • april


  • mom

    #20, that was classic when whoopi called her out on the view. She talked out her asssss. She’s pimping out her kids, and making the rounds on all the tv shows. She’s going to prove herself to be a desperate, spiteful, divorcee….just like charlie. Best to just keep it on the down low

  • whatever

    Man can you NOT waste your server space on this nothing loser who thinks she’s an actress?

  • bird

    I dont have strong opinions on way or another on Denise. I think because her ex is such a skank. I think the truth lies somewhere between with these two. I might check out her show because Charlie told people not to. ha

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    She is pretty but not a good actress…

  • Lizz

    She comes across as a bitter, back stabbing, CRAZY BITCH.

    team sheen

  • Greg J PRITCHARD .

    Denise Richards ROCKS……..luv ya…xxoo

  • Greg J PRITCHARD .

    Denise Richards ROCKS……..luv ya…xxoo

  • Mike

    Excuse me…i happened to tune into her reality show and watched it for 5 minutes and the whining about the how she doens’t want the paparazzi to ruin her girlfriend weekend in Hawaii….well excuse me…your on your reality show…driving around lost..saying a racist comment about mexicans…saying you are normally picked up and driven around..walking into a hotel with camera going….and you wonder why the paparazzi is shallow, fake, no talent, whining…well you think of a word to call her…I just had a post a comment here on how much i dislike her.