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Madonna is the Queen of Cannes

Madonna is the Queen of Cannes

Madonna (in Chanel) joins director husband Guy Ritchie and actress pal Sharon Stone at the premiere of her new film, I Am Because We Are, at the Palais des Festivals during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Wendesday in Cannes, France.

I Am Because We Are is a documentary written, narrated and produced by Madonna. This movie documents the concern over the millions of orphans in the African country of Malawi who have lost parents and siblings to HIV and AIDS, many of whom live on the streets. The film also shows the efforts with Madonna‘s charitable organization Raising Malawi in helping with improving their lives and conditions.


40+ pictures inside of Queen of Cannes Madonna

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108 Responses to “Madonna is the Queen of Cannes”

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  1. 51
    gigi Says:

    “Some of you Angelina Jolie fans are so paranoid. You think anyone who is beautiful or doing charity or adopting a child or have beautiful kids are in competition with Angelina. You trash Madonna, Gwyneth, Tom Cruise or anyone you think is in competition with Brangelina. Angelina has been a superstar for 3 years. Madonna has been a superstar for more than 25 f***ing years and still going strong. She is also the most famous woman in the world and the biggest female in music in history.”

    I completely agree with you. I love Angelina too. But Madonna has been around for so much longer and she has really evolved as a human being. Have any of you even heard of Malawi before Madonna showed the way? Show some respect.

  2. 52
    Material Girl93 Says:

    Madonna is the best!!! she’s beautiful!!! the Queen!!!

  3. 53
    Shonathan Hilton Says:

    First of all, im not liking the dress. its lookin so…halloweenie

    Second of all, i think we need more celebrities like Madonna and Angelina.

  4. 54
    BRAZIL Says:

    She’s The Queen Of Pop and The World!!

    so hot and sexy!!….love the dress and how she looks

    Guy looks hot to!…but Sharon..hmmm

  5. 55
    my2sense Says:

    Queen of Cannes?? Queen Mother is the title better suited for her.

  6. 56
    kiki Says:

    This over the hill hag is looking mighty fugly.

  7. 57
    Dany Says:


  8. 58
    joey416 Says:

    Madonna is gorgeous…shes pretty much worn every kind of dress you could possibly imagine from every designer, in every style, fabric and colour imaginable…this one is very couture, and glam and only Madonna could pull this off…

    A Peice of Art – showcased on a living work of Art!

  9. 59
    Larry Brown Says:

    “Queen” is absolutely correct, since Madonna is TRANSGENDERING before our very eyes-LOL!! Must be a side effect of that Kaballah/New Age crap she embraces. Her husband looks SCARED, as he should be- RUN FOR THE HILLS, MAN! RUN FOR THE HILLS to escape this New Age He/She entity!! “She” and Jolie are nothing more than GARGOYLES in dresses- LOL!!!!

  10. 60
    l dobermann Says:

    Madonna is the only modern style icon. Period.
    Someone above said that she never had any fashion sense. Madonna has never needed to follow fashion. She is fashion. And that’s not my opinion so don’t give me the ‘everybody’s entitled to blah blah’ speech, it’s a historic fact. And as for Angelina Jolie, I don’t see why anybody would want to come off as stupid as comparing her social influence with Madonna’s makes them seem. Angelina has made a few respected films – or at least one, I believe (no?) – and she’s a good humanitarian but as far as legend goes, she’s invisible next to Madonna. No one should take this negatively though – few people are comparable with Madonna.

    Have your idols but be sophisticated enough to recognise certain people’s social and historic importance. Maybe then you’ll understand why people go more crazy over Madonna than Angelina.

  11. 61
    Silvia Says:

    She looks perfect!

  12. 62
    lafemme Says:

    You can take the woman out of America, but you can’t take the
    American out of the woman.

    All the money in the world can’t buy refinement or elegance.

  13. 63
    jupiter*girl Says:

    Yes, the dress is SEE THRU, but this is Madonna we’re talking about. And she looks stunning by the way, love that damn dress!

  14. 64
    holly wood Says:

    i’d love to know who did her plastic surgeries…they made her look better than she ever looked even in her 20′s…but, still a stuck up jersey *****.

  15. 65
    Roadwork Says:

    Dont you ever compare Jolie to Madonna, I get greatly offended. It make me sick to my stomach to think someone could compare the two. I love Madonna. Ive been waiting for her return to Cannes ever since that one greatest red carpet moment of all time with the Truth or Dare Premiere. Where she wore the retro white underwear under the pink cape with a big black buffont of curls on her head.

  16. 66
    bet Says:

    Queen my ass. She always seem to forgot she is 50 years old. They called it Cannegelina not cannemand. People do things for her not because they love her but because they afraid her big mouth . Not talent just big mouth that is all that work for her\

  17. 67
    bet Says:

    Queen my ass. She always seem to forgot she is 50 years old. They called it Cannegelina not cannemand. People do things for her not because they love her but because they afraid her big mouth . Not talent just big mouth that is all that work for her\

  18. 68
    bet Says:

    I don’t agree to compare a 50 year old to 32 year old. The age different brings the time the bussiness.
    In the billboard profile they say Maddonas talent is s manuplation. Check to see it. But for Mariah Carrey they said it is her talent her amazing voice made her carrier.

  19. 69
    chantall Says:

    no offense i love the song 4 minutes and maddona but she looks FUG!! seriously the dress is nasty!

  20. 70
    maggie Says:

    OMG…. Fugly dress.
    She should’ve been arrested by fashion police!!!!

  21. 71
    Icones Says:

    Wow Madonna and Sharon Stone reunited in a picture!!!! the 2 biggest stars,evryone in canne say that this is the picture of ” cannes” that will stay there for some long years the 2 hottest icones together! everyone were crasy about today’s premiere a real storm .

    AS for “Bet”no offense, but i think it’s an insult and a bit ridiclous to compare the level of talent and fame of the queen with your littel new popular ” brad stealing ” idol ,if ppl talkedabout your idol it’s only because of brad pitt no one was pay attention to her before,every one knows that, she had been in cannes in 2004 for a cartoon no one pay attention to her , she was just known to get f*cks in the limos, cut herself and wear a vial of her blood, a psychotic ho, nothing more.

  22. 72
    Bet betty Says:

    No. Underware. Kind. See-Through.


    The. Biish. Is. Plain. Crazy.

  23. 73
    Bet betty Says:

    Both. Without. Ring.

    They. Will. Anounce. Split. In. Any. Minute. Now.

    Counting. Down.


  24. 74
    phil Says:

    She looks how I imagine Ashley Olsen will look when she’s really old, wrinkly and crypt-keeper-like!

  25. 75
    Bet betty Says:

    Even. The. Good. She. Is. Supposed. Doing.


    So. Pretentious.

    That. Is. What. Americans. Adore.


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