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Nicole Kidman To Pose Pregnant and Nude?

Nicole Kidman To Pose Pregnant and Nude?

Nicole Kidman arrives for a top secret photo shoot at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

It’s rumored that Nicole was doing a pregnant nude cover shoot with legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

Demi Moore caused quite the controversy in 1991 when Annie Liebowitz shot her for the cover of Vanity Fair. Last November, then-pregnant Christina Aguilera bared all for Marie Claire.

10+ pictures inside of mom-to-be Nicole Kidman

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nicole kidman pregnant nude 04
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Credit: Scott/Chris/Danielle; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Ha!

    Perhaps, if it’s true, that will put an end to the people who insist that she’s not really pregnant. Fingers crossed.

  • lilyanne

    Why do celebrities do these things? That’s when I lose respect for them!

  • shoes4life

    I like Nicole but I hope this is a photo she is keeping to herself. There is nothing wrong with being pregnant & nude but I think that is something that should be kept between husband & wife. The one with Demi Moore was more than enough and we didn’t need that one.

  • Annie

    “Perhaps, if it’s true, that will put an end to the people who insist that she’s not really pregnant. Fingers crossed”

    Yeah because there isn’t such a thing as photoshop! :rolls eyes:

  • daisy

    She may be doing a cover shoot BUT the original article NEVER said she was posing without clothing. I don’t believe she would now. The media took the nude thing fromt he past & ran with it because other women have done it.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    mrs freeze needs to stop.

    and why does she keep pulling her clothes in under her belly? hahaha that fake bump isn’t fooling anyone.

  • Shakira

    Nicole is pregnant and happy. So beautiful and proud of her growing baby. I have photos from that time in my life that I treasure and they are good memories. Just a loving mother enjoying her moment. Good for her.

  • bejeebus

    mmmmmkay, nothing wrong with nekkid prego pix as long as you KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!!! celebs need to stop inviting the public into their waaaay personal business and then selectively kicking that same public out of their personal business. it’s irritating as fcuk. make up your minds…in or out?

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Could be true.
    I see pink on her face.
    Is it a girl?
    has it been confirmed?

    well i just see pink. so it might be a girl.

    anyways… that cover will be so hot.

    she has a small belly so its gonna be so beautiful lol

  • Dieter


  • Emma

    Oh please! You don’t invite someone into your private life just because you let someone take pictures of your stomach! lol There are tons of pictures of pregnant women on the beach, showing their bellies. Were they all inviting people into their private lives?

    A pregnant woman’s body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. It does NOT need to be hidden or covered up. It should be celebrated. Are the people here muslims, or living in the dark ages?

    I’m sure the pictures will be very beautiful and tasteful.

  • luppi

    i don’t believe she will take these type of photos.that’s true she is a long time friend of Patrick, but i just don’t believe at all. So please guys, critizes ONLY after this really happen…

  • fendi fan

    she looks pretty good again. I can’t wait for the photos, i always love her work with this photographer!

  • Mike

    i don’t think she’s doing a nude photo shoot

  • George

    There is a big difference between hanging out at the beach and putting your picture on public display. Do you really need something so simple explained to you? I guess so.

  • kater

    Publicity for the movie Australia, not a nude shoot. It’s a routine part of her contract to publicize the movie.

  • Emma

    Well, their bodies are very much on public display when they are on a crowded beach where there are cell phone cameras everywhere. Their pictures could be all over the internet the very next day.

    My point was that there is nothing wrong in showing a female body when pregnant. Maybe you really needed something so simple explained to you. I guess so.

  • wheeeeeee

    I love Nicole! She’s a brilliant actress and is so damn glamorous.

  • bejeebus

    i happen to be one of those pregnant women you are speaking for. your right, there is nothing more beautiful the a pregnant woman’s stomach….i could stare at mine for hours every day. however, (and let me preface this by saying that, obviously, no one will be asking me to pose for a magazine photo spread anytime soon) i would never take pictures of my bump for anyone but me, my husband, my future children and some family members to look at because it is a VERY personal thing. will i be going to the pool/beach this summer? probably. but i will be one of many many of people there and no one will give me more then a passing glance (if i’m lucky). doing something like that is a far scream from appearing on a magazine cover….which shouts “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!”. that is the viewpoint that most people are commenting from.

  • Kobe

    Even if she is there for pregnancy shots, which we don’t even know, there is nothing wrong with that. And frankly she should to shut up all the non believers that won’t give it up about her faking her pregnancy.
    Nicole is a beautiful person so if she decides to put it in a magazine, than that’s her choice.
    I really like Nicole and Keith. I wish them all the best!

  • Tina

    Patrick Demarchelier is one of the most famous photographers in the world. He will do an excellent job. All the nuts who try to make us believe she is faking her pregnancy will be exposed as the sick liars they are, haha. Everyone in the business knows him.

    His reputation is impeccable. He is the elite of the elite.

  • N

    tacky tacky…getting photoshopped images of yourself. She could just have Keith take pictures if she wanted them. But no this all about being able to her appear perfect. She’s been working out like a fiend spinning every day, horrible. Thank god her sister doesn’t follow her lead.

  • bejeebus

    one more thing…..
    children whether still inside your body or outside your body should never be used for publicity. that’s just low. i include j.lo, christina aguilera, and all those other celebs that partake in photo ops and/or sell pix of their kids in this particular group.

  • molly

    Yeah, hold on to that belly, Nicole. Wouldn’t want it to fall off or anything.

  • Matt

    The fake pregnancy rumors just took a mortal blow. LOL
    You go Nicole. Your body is beautiful and we will all love to see the pictures! The bigots can choose not to look.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Who the fuck is “infamous” that he/she can monopolize that moniker?

  • [â��I n F a m o u sâ��]

    You are such a pussy that you don’t publish my comments.

  • Helena

    Oh, it is so boring and predictable to pose núde and pregnant now. Yawn. Annie Leibowitz created such an iconic picture. It’s a shame that it keeps on getting ruined.

  • JIm

    please nicole don’t do that…this kind of pics are horrible…

  • ah!

    She’s good actress and was beautiful. Too bad she has ruined her face. Can’t stand her lips now.

  • Sam

    Hers won’t be. They will be beautiful.

  • Pepper

    She will not skip a chance to take her clothes off….

  • Pepper

    She will not skip a chance to take her clothes off….

  • Rae

    She holds her stomach a lot. Maybe her back bothers her. I stood like that when mine hurt. If so, I feel for her. Back pain sucks with pregnancy.

  • tiffany

    only greedy celeb will sell everything even their privacy for money, disgusting

  • tiffany

    only greedy celeb will sell everything even their privacy for money, disgusting

  • tiffany

    only greedy celeb will sell everything even their privacy for money, disgusting

  • lilyanne

    I still have not forgotten the Demi cover pics. My husband took pictures of me while I was pregnant. It’s an intimate “couple” thing, not to be shared with the world. Pregnant bellies have been around for as long as people have been around. LOL. Contrary to their opinion, celebrities are not the first women to give birth and their pregnant belly is not any more photo worthy than any other. However, it is one more way they can make mega bucks and sell out.

    I hope it’s just a rumor. I’d like to keep my respect for her.

  • carla

    she looks very happy! i love her sunnies!

  • sandy

    i don’t believe at all she will public this photo, if it really exists…i think it’s only gossip!

  • shaye

    I am really sick of these stars – like they are the only people who get pregnant. Who gives a S**T any more. Do they really think they are the only people on this planet that have children.. Anything for money. She is ugly to the bone.

  • josh

    it’s so easy critize others….

  • ivone

    i know Nicole, she is a very private person, she will never do it! this is not true i’m sure!

  • diane

    Maybe she wants a nude picture to go with the nude picture keith had done then there would be two weirdoes together

  • nudity is beautiful

    Nic has appeared nude live on stage in The Blue room & she has also appeared nude in many of her films, she has a great fit, healthy pregnant body it’s her business, maybe it’s for Keith not for the public.
    It’s her life, her body & her career.
    Get over it people she will do what she wants!

  • the dq

    Hopefully it’s just a bunch of hype and she won’t do such a picture. It’s been done so much, it’s just old. If she wants to do some tasteful pics for her own personal use, that’s great, but not for the world to see.

    Also, she’s NOT making any points with holding her clothes in right below her belly. It’s like “See everybody I really do have a baby bump.” WHO CARES, you monochromatic twat!!!!! See, she’s making me cranky!

  • Jaye

    I thought we were soooooo over the pregnant celebrity photo shoot. sighs

  • Eve

    There are several reasons why she is doing this, I think. I can understand her wish to document her pregnancy. Patrick is a great photographer and any photo taken by him is bound to be in good taste. She will not show “everything” in the pictures. The focus will be on her belly.

  • holly wood

    does she really need to show off how thin she’s managed to stay while pregnant? i think it’s a typical “actress” look at me thing to do, so no big shock.

  • daisy

    The original source of the photoshoot story was the New York Daily News! A tabloid newspaper. Also they NEVER mentioned any clothes would be shed. She has to do interviews etc. for magazines for the movie! People jumping to conclusions as to what she is doing these during this photo shoot is just wrong. There is nothing different in promoting a movie & posing for pictures befoe you have your baby. It akes a good few months for these covcers to come out & this may be the last chance she has to get to LA before she gets a little bit gusy wiht other priorities in her life.

    She is already famous, she doesn’t need any more reason for attention.

    What she does is her & Keith’s business no one elses. But people will only believe what they want to & try & make it their business.