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Rachel Bilson - Mother May I?

Rachel Bilson - Mother May I?

Rachel Bilson and her mother Janice, a sex therapist, go shopping in Pasadena on Wednesday, a fine sunny day in May.

They pair stopped in at Sur La Table and Urban Outfitters during their girls day out.

RB, 26, was most recently in New York City, shooting the anthology film, New York, I Love You.

Earlier in the week, Rachel was out shopping in Los Angeles with her little sister Hattie.

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rachel bilson mother may i 01
rachel bilson mother may i 02
rachel bilson mother may i 03
rachel bilson mother may i 04
rachel bilson mother may i 05

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  • alina

    her mom is a sex therapist?! that’s kinda cool!

  • Jase

    I wonder why jared you find it a must to mention her mother is a sex therapist every time she is in a photo with Rachel…

  • rheis

    There it goes again the ultimate (homely) TEMPEST IN THE (empty) TEACUP!

  • lough

    Pardon, but her mom is kinda FUG too!

  • lola

    #2….I was thinking the same thing…

  • Yily

    Rachel Bilson is so generic. She should go away already. Her career is going nowhere.

  • aberfitch

    Boy is the PR machine in overdrive working for this imp?! Bet she is loving the column inches she is getting in the those tacky tabloids, nothing keeps the public interested in you when you are being very GENEROUS!

  • voice of reason

    Nothing like a bunch of people helping to keep JJ rich, every time you post JJ gets more money, still alot to learn young ones

  • Taylor

    Looks more like her grandmother.

  • jade

    # 2 & #5, i was also about to say the exact same thing. the fact that her mom is a sex therapist isn’t that amusing…you don’t need to repeat it every single time.

  • JI

    I get the feeling that she won’t look very well when she begin to age…

  • merckies

    I bet she’s having an “oxygen-malfunction” if she can’t go shopping in 2 days – DAMN!

  • zowoco

    lovely pair, look more like sisters! :)

  • gilmorie


  • Hm

    The mother reminds me of Barbra Streisand in “Meet the Fockers.”

  • Laura

    She looks v pretty as per usual.

  • martgist

    @ RB, 26, was most recently in New York City, shooting the anthology film, New York, I Love You.

    WHAT… WHO?!

    Natalie Portman makes her writing and directing debut, while Scarlett Johansson also directs one of the movie’s five-minute segments. The impressive cast ensemble includes the likes of Shia LaBeouf, Christina Ricci, Orlando Bloom, Hayden Christensen, Kevin Bacon, Julie Christie and many more.

  • ROE

    @ #12

    It’s a common knowledge that people who are DEPRESSED, “shop a lot or eat a lot”. Since eating is not an option for her, she shops a lot… pathetic!

  • becky

    ^oh so she’s pathetic beasue she has depression…is that wat ur saying?
    ive been through depression and its absolute hell.

  • djdanger

    I saw her when these photos where taken. And she’s gorgeous!!!! I never would have thought shed look good in real life. I’ve had misfortunes of meeting celebs with pock marks and acne on their pancaked faces.

  • truth hurts

    Thank god she is growing out that god awful fringe/bangs she looks so much better without all that hair in her eyes.

    Roe #18
    Frequent shopping for celebrities is normal, they have a lot of money and shop more than the average person, that’s because they have heaps of cash. It doesn’t mean they are depressed or pathetic, but it is pathetic to be envious of people who have more than you. Hell if I had as much money as Rachel I would go shopping a lot more.

  • jj

    Does anyone notice how short her legs are.

    She is fugly here. If I saw her in the street, I would not even think that she was good looking.

  • dave

    Man she is ugly. Yeh, short legs too.

  • bb

    What a pathetic creature. She is in “New York I Love You” because of Hayden and “Jumper”‘s financial success.

    OMG, she will ruin this film too just like the others. She sucks at this acting thing, her main thing or shopping thing is the main thing?

  • alisa

    She looks so primitive even in glasses. I agree, very short legs.

  • jj

    Isn’t she like learning disabled or slow, that is why she shops every single day of her life, she can not read a real book.

  • jj

    She is the worst looking out of the young actresses, sorry, you can’t even call her an actress because we all know that she can not act.

    What a pathetic desperate looser.

  • Jamie

    what an unattractive person

  • shadowy

    @ Man she is ugly. Yeh, short legs too.

    Bilson is about as too ordinary looking as they come. She’s completely in Maggie Gyllenhall, Jennifer Garner or Hilarie Swank territory.
    Hollywood needs to start a “Fug Hag Patrol”!

  • pinkydoo

    I think she is gorgeous and cute. She reminds me of a young CIndy Crawford. I’d rather see her shop than be outside of a bar falling all over herself.

  • keane

    So many dresses,shoes, bags, accesories, jewelries sunglasses, etc. etc. ect. to put on yet so little time for this little shallow-brained shopping-mouse!

  • pin

    I’m looking forward to Jared posting pictures of Rachel clipping her toenails. He’s covered her doing everything else.


    Has her IQ gone up already or does she still have a 500 word vocabulary when she does her interviews?
    Maybe reading occasionally instead of shopping nonstop will help.

  • Ally

    “I’m looking forward to Jared posting pictures of Rachel clipping her toenails”
    Well, perhaps “having her toenails clipped”, but I seriously doubt that she does it herself!
    Rachel can’t act, she’s short, she doesn’t sound really smart when interviewed….I agree BUT she’s cute as a button, has now a great sense of fashion (because when she wasn’t as rich as now and as skinny as now, she didn’t dress well) and has never been spotted totally wasted. So for a 20-something young celebrities, she’s okay.
    Her mom isn’t a very attractive woman though

  • hold-up

    it isn’t fair to lump maggie g in with bilson.
    there is a vast difference between these 2 actresses, and that mainly is this :
    maggie g CAN act, and appears to have a life beyond being papped to keep her in the public eye. THAT is all bilson has to cling onto, especially now that even hayden c has FINALLY seen the light and called stop to this o so fake showmance.


    @ #30 – She reminds me of a young Cindy Crawford.

    And that what would happened when the REAL Cindy Crawford be transported back here on Earth after she got “abducted” to Planet Xenu – LOL!

  • Jj

    @ #30 – She reminds me of a young Cindy Crawford.

    Cindy Crawford is 5’10″, are you kidding me, Bilson is to her waste line.

  • lissa

    Rachel is amazing!!
    Thanks Jared

  • Jj

    wow, her legs are short

  • jules

    @ I’m looking forward to Jared posting pictures of Rachel clipping her toenails. He’s covered her doing everything else.

    Naaah… she should be spotted first going to the “dentist” to whiten-up her freakin’ yellow teeth!

  • mary

    I love her

  • alisa


    what’s amazing about Bilson, are you on drugs?

    she is the shortest, the dumbest, the most unattractive and the least talented girl in Hollywood

  • Terri

    JJ does this because you keep posting on them.Keep it up and he’ll keep posting pics!

  • Leslie running





  • jj


    Bilson is not B-lister, she is may be C or D-lister

    She really can’t act at all


    Rachel looks fabulous. I recognized her stunning pendant as a design that she has worn in the past. Very stylish!

  • jj

    she looks fabulous because of some necklace? are you kidding me

    she has got short legs and looks very ordinary, nothing good about her look

  • Neos

    @ 44

    And you would be an authority on being a b***h AND a nobody?!


  • Ruz mary

    I love you Rachel !!!!!

  • Gwen

    Yes, Rachel is amazing.