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Rumer Willis is a Wild Cherry

Rumer Willis is a Wild Cherry

Rumer Willis goes out and about around set of her latest movie Wild Cherry, on Tuesday in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Rumer, 19, had a cigarette in her hand most of the time on her film breaks.

In Wild Cherry,three girlfriends decide to make a secret pact with each other to wait to have sex and save themselves until they feel the time is right, despite an aggressive plan from the opposing sex.

Rob Schneider, Tania Raymonde (Lost), and Kristin Cavallari (Laguna Beach) also star in the comedy.

10+ more pics of Rumer as a Wild Cherry

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rumer willis wild cherry 01
rumer willis wild cherry 02
rumer willis wild cherry 03
rumer willis wild cherry 04
rumer willis wild cherry 05
rumer willis wild cherry 06
rumer willis wild cherry 07
rumer willis wild cherry 08
rumer willis wild cherry 09
rumer willis wild cherry 10

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  • noname

    bad habit :P

  • malene

    why is everyone so surprised that she is so ugly?
    without all the cosmetic “help” demi would not look like she does.
    as for bruce willis…he is a fcuking ugly dog.

    so it actaully makes sense that their kids are so unfortunate looking, especially this one.

  • mju8

    Somewhere out there, a child is missing their Mrs Potato Head !

  • lousta

    I don’t say bad things about celebs very often…

    ….but this girl is just gross. I cannot stand her

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    I wish you would stop writing about this fugly nobody.
    And keep on smoking Rumer—-it’s good for your complexion:-)

  • Annie

    Well – I truly believe #3-YOU ARE QUITE WRONG! – This family has and always will be a BEAUTIFUL family inside and out. Bruce and Demi raised those Kids out of the limelight somewhat bu raising them in Idaho – Which was a smart move on their part. They acutally were NORMAL parents (as normal as two Mega Stars could be) to their three gorgeous girl! – So lighten up – and Stop being Jealous because these comments Oh My GOd do them SMELL of Jealousy all over it. I bet their upbringing was as protected as yours or mine was,,,at least they were not being snapped away by PAPZ all the time in IDAHO – that town LOVES them – They dropped tons of $$$$ to built up historical places, library, movie theatre etc etc…to bef revenue into the town a town that they all absolutely fell in love with to raise their lovely brood. So, I just felt like I needed to put that out there as MY GENERAL OPINION – not to downrgrade anyone elses, but sometimes, some of these entries are just plain mean and extremely hurtful . For Heavens sakem she is 19!!!!! -YES 19! – Are you on a MOVIE SET doing a movie right now – NO right! – SO SHUT UP! – ANd Ok – There may have been a little help along the way – and of course having (2) extremely famous and SUCCESSFUL CELEBRITY parents to assist in any venture their kids wanna take – but remember – I believe she had a cameo or small part at least in her MoM’s movie Stiptease and there was a another one that escapes me right now, but let me tell you all something, I worked in TV for 5 yrs, just because your parents were and are successful – does not mean that its a given that producers and directors are obligated to put their kids in their movies as say a “FAVOR” What woudl be in it for them! – THink about it – PPL audtion, and if they make the cut – then they are in! Its that simple – yes – it can cut out the hardest thing of all and that is finding an AGENT etc etc….like a NORMAL sttruggling actor first landing H’wood has to do – whilst waiting tables – goes to almost every audition until the right one hits! – This is all DEmi and Bruce’s place in Rumors life can do for her is that – YES – She is known in the industry – but unless she can deliver a quality performance that actually ties in with the type of movie that she is trying out for – then SHE ALSO IS OUT – Just like the rest of us! – No NEPOTISM here!

  • danz

    Geez, writing a thesis #8? Anyway, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, family connections aside, because she may actually have some talent. Sure she may not be a traditional beauty but I really don’t find her all that ugly. She does have difficult features to work with but she’ll find a look that works eventually.

  • nninna

    she has great body.. she should just stay properly..

  • legs

    yikes. she should quit smoking.

  • nninna

    stand .. not stay .. :)

  • remember da truth

    Danz — well said. What people call “fugly” on here, like kids just discovering the word, is what the rest of the world calls “ordinary”. She wouldn’t be called ugly at your office or walking down the street. They just expect everyone in Hollywood to get fake features and look the same.

  • remember da truth

    Look who they have in this movie:

    a reality show player (can’t say “star” regarding those people, they are one step above Jerry Springer contestants airing dirty laundry under scripted conditions)
    a washed-up obnoxious comedian whose audience is 14-year-olds
    a television actress
    the daughter of two famous parents

    What a winner THIS movie will be!

  • jennifer

    i think she doesn’t look ugly here, i’ve seen worse

  • vienna

    for someone so ugly, she sure has a lot of confidence. good for demi and bruce for at least nurturing that. that’s the least they could do for their ugly daughters after giving them such fug faces.

  • ainsley

    why is everyone so surprised that she is so ugly?
    without all the cosmetic “help” demi would not look like she does.

    Demi was very pretty at Rumor’s age. I remember her when she was 19 or 20 or so on General Hospital..Demi looked very pretty and not unlike how she does now..just older. Ive seen pics of demi as a child too and well// Poor rumor just never had a chance..fug from the start

  • joey

    @n°8 yeah okey,STFU RUMER!!

    u are the ugliest creature ive ever seen on earth !! DIAF!

  • Sinna

    Danz- you made me laugh about your comment about #8 writing a thesis. so true

  • bejeebus

    argggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did i miss this first time round??? my eyes must have blocked the horror! in the movie, she and her friends are blocking vigorous attempts by the opposite sex to take their virginity??? bwwwaaahhhhaaaaa!! i don’t know what her two pals look like but i don’t think rumer here has ANYTHING to worry about. i can’t imagine any guy trying to chase down that particular conquest unless it’s on a dare! she could turn a man gay with a single glance from her too tiny eyes and block shaped head! gross.

  • tawi-tawi

    she actually looks really good in these pictures…especially in the last one…it’s all about the angles, and some people are not photogenic…

    i really do not understand the haters, as if you are all Greek gods & goddesses or something…i have never seen her in the movie, but if she is a talented actress, who cares about the freaking looks?!

    you, people, are so vain and narrow-minded, it’s disgusting

  • angie

    i’ve seen uglier.

    her features just don’t seem to go together…. and that chin.

    and it says in her bio that she’s 5’6.

    she looks way taller than that.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    OMG! Some of you people are just awful! She’s NOT ugly. She’s not attractive but to call her ‘Ugly’ is just not right.

  • bianco

    don’t listen anyone! ı love youu

  • Wrysmile

    Geez, you guys dont pull any punches.

    It’s funny though.

    Sorry to add to the hate-train but I seriously doubt anyone in hollywood would look twice at her if she wasn’t her parents’ daughter. Her publicist/agent must be working over time. She seems to be everywhere despite her looks and non-personality.

  • Tina

    She tries so hard to be famous *rolls eyes*

  • yoda

    am i the only one who thinks she looks gorgeous? i find her body nice.

  • Buzzkut

    Heaven forbid she needs money.. and if this trashy role is all she can star in, she should go back to school and get a career in something else.

  • Jughed

    Rockin’ bod, but she’s not very pretty is she?

  • black


    The child smokes!!!!

    Come on Americans—– go after her—–right now!!!

  • jlt

    she looks good here, I’ve never seen her look better the hair works

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Here goes #29!

    Smoking is a nasty filthy habit that kills millions of people every year.
    You have got to be a stupid ass to engage in that behavior.
    Luckily our Europeans friends are catching on to the dangers of cigarette smoke and you can actually have a meal in a nice restaurant without people blowing smoke in your face as you eat.

  • Grunion

    Rob Schneider, Tania Raymonde (Lost), and Kristin Cavallari ?

    Wow. just put that fucker straight to video right now.

    the only thing making Rummer attractive is a bottle of wild turkey.

  • sanguinivorous

    Normally, based on all the pictures I’ve seen of her before I’d say Rumer is a bit on the fugly side, but in these pictures she doesn’t look half bad.

  • de Cosmos


    So tired of her and her effin’chin and her droopy titz.

  • silly_rabbit

    She is ugly.

    And just because it’s not necessarily the nice thing to say doesn’t make me or anyone else “narrow-minded”…it’s the truth.

  • silly_rabbit

    I do like what’s she’s wearing though…a lot. :)

  • Dieter

    Jared thank you for posting pics of smoking women – all women need to smoke a cigarette once in while: and who smokes gets it straight in the pooper – no exceptions here !!!

  • thugbonnet

    Um..Annie? Not everyone WANTS to be making movies. I know this must be complicated for you, but people want different things out of life. And even if I WAS stupid enough to buy into the BS of how being famous is the absolute best thing ever, I wouldn’t want it if I had to be as dog ugly as Rumer is. Nobody is jealous of her….have you noticed that pretty much 99% of the time when people talk about her, they are ALL calling her ugly? Yeah….”Annie” my ass, I bet you are ugly potato head Rumer herself! LOL…YOU are the loser. Yeah right…jealous of that thing! HAHAHA!

    PS- come up with something original, that whole “UR JUST JELOUS” crap is way tired and needs to be put to rest already, OK? Thanks!

  • BellaSHAI

    She’s so pretty just like her mother. (:

  • PhillipP

    You’d think with all her parents money she could afford a decent plastic surgeon to fix her terrible potato head looks.

  • emilie


  • Lana

    This girl is truly painfully ugly.

  • Anon7

    The glasses, the hat, and especially the cigarette ain’t workin’.

  • theorginalalimartini

    Enough. Blah! Quit shoving this no talent potato head down our throats already. I don’t care who her parents or step parents are. Exactly. WHO? Who gives a flip.
    No coat tail riding allowed. You aren’t talented enough to be anything in the entertainment business. Go to college. Get a job, because the easy money isn’t coming to you this way, sweetheart. Blah.

  • jupiter*girl

    this girl is sooo pathetic. i really hope this movie does it for her, because she’s been soul searching for quiet some time…u can tell by all her drastic hair changes. this girl has no identity…except for the fact that she wants to be an LA Hipster…she would trade her life to be Lindsay Lohan in a heartbeat. Bitch needs surgery and a therapist.

  • babytee

    she is so fugly. ewww!

  • Tracy

    Take it from someone who lives in Idaho righhttttttttt next to where Mr Willis owns a buncha land — NO ONE CAN STAND THE ASSHOLE OR HIS FAMILY.

    We’d all be a helluva lot happier if he sold all his shit here and quit trying to push his agenda through the planning and zoning boards….

  • anoymous

    Why are people hating on this girl? The girl is working her butt off to have a career. It really annoys me when people are like it’s because of her parents that she is getting roles. Do you people stop to think that MAYBE, just MAYBE the girl has talent? She would be landing big roles left and right because of her parents but she isn’t. She’s gradually getting projects just like any other WORKING ACTRESS. If the paparazzi didn’t follow her we wouldn’t even know she was working. It;s not like she’s flaunting herself out there with a reality show like Ali Lohan or Ashlee Simpson back in the day.

    Oh and people also abuse her when she comes to red carpet events. Well why shouldn’t she? If you guys had the opportunity to dress up and come out to a premiere wouldn’t you? And people keep saying she’s ugly, but she is a human being made in God’s image. Everything that God created is beautiful so do not make fun of God’s creation. All humans are all creations of God including her. God loves her. Please stop hating on this poor girl. I’m not even a fan of hers but I guess I just want to promote peace and love. JESUS is Lord and GOD is love, AMEN. God bless you all, AMEN.

  • missMIMI

    what is wrong with you people?!?!
    This girl is NOT ugly!
    Your persperctive of beauty is demented then

  • zara zabrina

    ok maybe she’s not so ugly but she’s pathetic. sorry but i think she has no acting talent so far (until proven otherwise). she’s seems to be just riding with the media’s attention on her parents. get a grip on ur life girl!