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David Beckham's Boy Bonding Time

David Beckham's Boy Bonding Time

David Beckham puts the squeeze on his son, Brooklyn, 9, at the Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Western Conference Game 1 at Staples Center on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Thanks to the cheering of the Beckham bunch, the Lakers outscored the Spurs in an 89-85 victory.

10+ pictures inside of father-son bonding time with the Beckhams

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david beckham brooklyn hugging 01
david beckham brooklyn hugging 02
david beckham brooklyn hugging 03
david beckham brooklyn hugging 04
david beckham brooklyn hugging 05
david beckham brooklyn hugging 06
david beckham brooklyn hugging 07
david beckham brooklyn hugging 08
david beckham brooklyn hugging 09
david beckham brooklyn hugging 10

Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • cassie

    so cute!!

  • Slnie

    Who is David Beckham?

  • cassie

    haha 1st=)

  • Indiana

    They’re British.. why are they even trying to be American? Pathetic people.

    Brooklyn takes after his mother. A spoilt brat.

  • JI

    Oh Yeah! Lakers with the 20 point comeback!!

  • iw

    So British people aren’t allowed to like basketball? Americans need to get over themselves.

    I wonder if he watched Manchester United win the Champions League…almost as dramatic as the time he won it with them.

  • Tiffany

    so cute!

    love you becks

  • PJH

    Even in that silly shirt, he’s still beautiful. I love that he goes to Laker games. I have a feeling he doesn’t even consider british vs. american sports, he just likes sports, and I’m sure he doesn’t struggle to get great Laker’s seats! I’m glad they are taking part in the LA landscape. Maybe we’ll see them at a taco truck next. :)

  • nikomilinko
  • b

    Becks is hot and seems like such a good dad, I’m sure that was a fun game to be at… amazing comeback! & Glory Glory Man United!

  • madonna

    A* dad!

  • laura

    aweee love him….such a good dad…he looks hot in anything

  • czarina

    You know, I can understand not liking an adult, particularly a celebrity who chooses to be in the public eye and you can take them or leave them.
    But what would possess you to, without knowing anything about a CHILD, make some kind of sweeping character judgment about them?
    Brooklyn is a spoiled brat? Why? Have you met him? Do your children hang out with him? Has he been recorded as saying something offensive in public?
    So, basically, if none of the above is true, you are just being unkind to a ten year old boy because you don’t like his parents or the look on his face in a picture?
    Shame on you.

  • ellie

    This is adorable! Awwww =]
    David really is a perfect daddy.

  • JJ Loch

    What BEAUTIFUL father/son time. Beckham is aware of his son, even during the action. My father wouldn’t let me walk in front of the TV set for HOURS and it was a wavy hand thingy he gave me if I wanted to move from the couch.

    JJ :D

  • I agree…

    Sorry czarina, I’m with Indiana on this one… all you have to do is look at that child’s smug little face and pull up any vid of him where he has been taught to yell at and taunt the paps…(no manners what-so-ever!) he is a SPOILT ROTTEN YOUNG BOY!- not his fault, per se, but definitely the FAULT of his materialistic over indulgent parents’! You NEVER see the JP kids act in such a manner… those kids are quite well-behaved much more so than the 3 spoiled beckham brats!

  • parisgirl

    @ Indiana
    I enjoy basketball and you better believe I’m not trying to be American so please shut the hell up -.-

  • LJ

    lol, i didn’t know that only americans love basketball..And calling kids brats only judging by paparazzi pictures is so funny…

  • steph
  • Bebes

    Hate those tattooes but at least he smiles which is more than his bitchy wife does.

  • imilky23

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  • imilky23

    check this out:
    so cool

  • imilky23

    check this out
    so cool!

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph


  • Pet

    Ugh he’s not even really good looking


  • wwe


  • null

    Indiana – it’s people like you who give americans a bad name.

  • czarina

    To I Agree
    Please feel free to provide links to video of Brooklyn Beckham “taunting” the papparazzi.
    Moreover, I am amazed by people who see pap pictures and just take them at face value—I have some nice swamp land in Florida that I’m sure you’ll snap up in a heartbeat!!
    Have you ever seen video of the “taunting” done by the paparazzi? That they swear at and say really nasty things to celebrities–or even the young children of celebrities–in order to get a reaction for a photograph?
    Or, how about the fact that they take dozens of pictures and only select certain ones to sell or show?
    You see a pap pic of Brooklyn and–with your obviously insightful understanding of human nature based on only seeing a picture or an annoyed young boy who has cameras shoved in his face (because that wouldn’t make YOU upset, of course), you can spend five whole seconds analysing his character.
    Let me go get those deeds for those great Florida properties…

  • czarina

    I would also like to add, in case you’re wondering why I’m so defensive about these character assissinations against a ten year old boy, it’s not devotion to the Beckhams, but the fact that I have an 8 year old little boy myself.
    He’s wonderful, fun, adorable and the delight of my life. But he is not perfect nor is he polite and charming 100% of the time. He gets mad when he doesn’t get what he wants. He says things that sometimes embarass me (or make me laugh, depending on my day), he fights with his friends over silly things and nags his Dad and I when he wants something. Is he spoiled? No (because he does not get his own way or everything he wants)…he’s just a typical 8-year old learning his limits.
    And I don’t care what anyone thinks of me (like me or lump me), but I would be very, very angry if some stranger who had never met my son or only saw him at his worst for a few seconds, publicly said unkind things about him (that, who knows, he might actually read?)
    Adults should have the good sense and, more importantly, the compassion, to give young children the benefit of the doubt.

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :) -:) :) David is so charming :) -:) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Sarah

    I totally agree with you Czarina !!!
    And maybe Indiana and Co should watch the videos where papz are shouting like mad guys all around the kids, making Romeo Beckham crying !! So I can totally understand Brooklyn Beckham to want “his revenge” by not smiling to the papz when they are around him !!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    becks loves the kids.

  • Sam

    look INDIANA and FRIENDS who agree…oh and BY THE BY im BRITISH! its unfair to make judgements on Brooklyn hes a little boy how can you say hes got some SMUG FACE?! At the end of the day its not his little fault that he was born into the world with millionnaire parents, hes just watching the game with his dad, something all of us ‘average folk do’ u cannot make judgements about people on the face thier pulling when theyre watching a game, also try being followed around all day by cameras, hes got every right to frown. To be fair you seem like the one with the attitude problems, making judgments on some little kid! for gods sake!!


    Leave the beckhams alone, theyre fine and doing great, AND stop being so jelous as to start picking on little kids!!

    Over and OUT!

  • dangasindahaus

    To the people who think they know everything about the Beckhams and 9-year-old Brooklyn:

    Brooklyn doesn’t smile when there are papparazis around especially when Romeo is with him is because it annoys him. He’s old enough to know that camera flashes can cause his little brother some discomfort.

    Give the kid a break. He’s been through a lot with all the paps and the death threats before.

  • Lic_merRy

    so cute!

    i love beck’s

  • sadam

    Why Americans always attacks people who has nothing to do with them?
    And they’re so mean with kid too?

  • david’s biggest fan

    everyone wants to talk about david>>>please shut your mouth because u still don’t know who is the best man in the world..if u hate your self u won’t hate david…understand?

  • I agree x 2

    For the LAST TIME it is NOT JEALOUSY! It is plain fact that these “celeb” parents’ PUSH the limelight onto their kids- that’s NOT PROTECTING THEM that’s EXPLOITING THEM! and there is no “celeb” couple out there BETTER at EXPLOITING their kids than these two over-exposed, narcissistic fools! $$$ isn’t everthing ppl! for God’s sake! They have “built” their “image” around “family”- they are the ones who should be protecting their kids NOT exploting them! Take Johnny Depp as an example- well established, brilliant actor/celeb- anyone EVER see pics. of his kids? I don’t think so… because he and Vanessa PROTECT/SHIELD them as GOOD parents’ ought to! GIve me a break- these are ppl. who you will NEVER meet in your lifetime what do you care if their kids are well behaved or bratty? It’s no reflection on your life, now is it? For goodness sake this is a GOSSIP site- learn to live with it if ppl. don’t “agree” with you, or god forbid happen to “HATE” this over-exposed, talentless, good for nothing family! GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  • simon

    beckhams are the best!! good luck to devid for the upcoming england matches. he’s the best

  • ping

    brooklyn looks more miserable than smug imo. cant say i blame him.

  • cali

    Who cares if they are Brits doesn’t mean they cant like basketball what a ridiculous comment!….Theres nothing cuter than a father taking his son to a game. At least Becks spends quality time with his kids hes a good father and person. He’s an LA resident now why shouldn’t he be enjoying one of the best sports America has to offer and voting for his team. Step off!….Where is Romeo?!

  • cici

    i luv the beckham boys!!!

    there all so cute

  • Box

    to i agree both for 2 times…

    it is not EXPLOITING you idiot!! it is called as giving them a NORMAL life! if all of the other children can go anywhere with their parents…why not the Beckhams?? they want to have a normal life too! the reason that we are seeing the pictures or videos of the Beckham’s kids is because there are people who are known as PAPARAZIs been following them around everyday unlike the other ordinary people!
    celebrities who are hiding their kids are the ones that DEPRESSING their own kids by not giving them the normal family life they deserve! they should know that being a celebrity you have a price to pay and the Beckhams accept that.
    i am a huge Johnny Depp fan too but i honestly bet Johnny Depp’s kids have been wondering all these times what it would feel like to have a normal life like the other go out with their parents and do everything together like the other NORMAL kids and the other normal family! if you don’t want any pictures of you or your family to be taken, then stop being a celebrity for god sake!
    i bet “i agree”, if YOU are the celebrity and you have kids, i bet your kids will hate you forever for not spending time with them enough like the other normal kids!

  • Kay

    I think he is a great husband and father. Btw, what do you mean trying to act American? I’m American myself, but I think that’s why so many people in the exterior hate us, because a lot of Americans are so uninformed about OTHER people in the world. He’s just enjoying a Lakers game because hello, it’s a SPORT that he enjoys and he does live in LA you know…..& to top it off, he’s enjoying quality time with his boys. I believe that when it comes to soccer, he is a bit over-rated though. I’m not saying he is bad; simply, over-rated.

  • Caroline

    Brooklyn Beckham looks so cute, and i’ve never met him but i think he would be nice.

  • wilddyan

    hahaha ‘acting american’ genius comment, its sooo stupid its hilarious, so when people like tom cruise or usher come and watch man utd or real madrid they are ‘acting english or acting spanish’. What a prick the person that said that is. People dont ‘act’ a certain way but if you live in a country, whether its your home country or an adopted one you try to take advantage of what that country has to offer and join in in the way of life. And as of the kid, if you sat for an hour and a half watching a game and we contiually took pictures of you would you look great and happy the whole time??? What a bunch of hating losers people like INDIANA are, I mean really get a life

  • ta

    fantastic famly. love them


    to fuck all of u who think those boys are spoiled prove it!!!!!