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Ellen to McCain on Same Sex Marriage: "Our Love Is the Same"

Ellen to McCain on Same Sex Marriage:

On today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, the lesbian talk show host talked with Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain about their views on same-sex marriage and her plans to marry her partner, actress Portia de Rossi, this summer.

“I’m obviously excited and to me this is only fair and only natural,” Ellen said.

McCain said “people should be able to enter into legal agreements, and I think that that is something that we should encourage, particularly in the case of insurance and other areas, decisions that have to be made. I just believe in the unique status of marriage between man and woman. And I know that we have a respectful disagreement on that issue.”

“Blacks and women did not have the right to vote,” Ellen responded. “I mean, women just got the right to vote in 1920. Blacks didn’t have the right to vote until 1870. And it just feels like there is this old way of thinking that we are not all the same. We are all the same people, all of us. You’re no different than I am. Our love is the same. To me — to me, what it feels like — just, you know, I will speak for myself — it feels — when someone says, ‘You can have a contract, and you’ll still have insurance, and you’ll get all that,’ it sounds to me like saying, ‘Well, you can sit there; you just can’t sit there.’ That’s what it sounds like to me. It feels like — it doesn’t feel inclusive…It feels — it feels isolated. It feels like we are not — you know, we aren’t owed the same things and the same wording.”

Responded McCain, “Well, I’ve heard you articulate that position in a very eloquent fashion. We just have a disagreement. And I, along with many, many others, wish you every happiness.”

“Thank you,” joked Ellen. “So you’ll walk me down the aisle? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Touché,” McCain laughed.

“Well, my hope is someday it won’t be called a contract; it will be called marriage,” Ellen ended.

You can watch the video of Ellen and McCain here.

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100 Responses to “Ellen to McCain on Same Sex Marriage: "Our Love Is the Same"”

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  1. 1
    lala_girl Says:

    she’s awesome! ;D

  2. 2
    alicia Says:


  3. 3
    Lauren Says:

    well put, ellen.

  4. 4
    Melrose Says:


  5. 5
    Lou Says:

    Well done ellen, completely agree.

  6. 6
    You/Me Says:

    Mmmmmmm, while I don’t really agree with McCain …..marriage is marriage no matter how you word it…..I’m glad to see that he stands his ground. Ellen razzed him on it and he stood firm letting her know that he also has the right to believe in what he chooses to believe in.


  7. 7
    Leilani Says:

    I love Ellen!

  8. 8
    Merry Says:

    I’m sorry but I totally agree with McCain. Ellen is awesome and hilarious. but marriage is meant to be between man and woman. personally I think gay marriage is wrong and sick. Marriage is marriage and it’s meant to go only one way!

  9. 9
    mia2 Says:

    I love me some Ellen but have to say that I wholehearterdly stand firm in my belief that the sacred union of marriage be between a man and a woman. I reluctantly agree with civil unions because I do champion the safety and protection of gays and beleive that if they are loving and commited to each other, they should receive the protection and safety of healthcare and insurance together. However, my support ends there and falls way short of supporting gay marriage.

  10. 10
    Realitycheck Says:

    If you agree with mccain then you might as well go get yourself a couple of slaves to help you, or your woman, cook and clean and raise the children while not allowed to work or vote. Evolution of equality will not be denied, only delayed. Do we really need our sweet grandfather that doen’t understand society in today’s world to lead our country?

  11. 11
    j Says:

    I agree with Ellen! That is such a backwards way of thinking.

    He didn’t even have a strong response to her argument, just basically “I think this is the way it should be because that’s the way it’s always been”. Well, traditions shouldn’t always be held sacred.

  12. 12
    Charlotte Says:

    I so proud of Ellen for doing this interview. I just watched it & thought it was terrific. I like that she said “let’s talk about the elephant in the room” referring gay marriage. Bravo!! For those who are still uncomfortable with this issue check OUT our short produced to educate & defuse the controversy @

  13. 13
    Kim Says:

    Homosexuality is a moral sin. If we say this is ok, then is murder ok, adultery? Where do you draw the line?

    I like Ellen, I find her entertaining, one of the best comedians ever, but I don’t not agree with same sex marriage.

  14. 14
    Dieter Says:

    as Bette Midler once said “you know they like to move around a bit” JOHN MCCAOIN 4 President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    korli Says:

    #10 and #11 must be really ignorant.

    Mccain 08!!

  16. 16
    bonnie Says:

    Gays and Lesbians are sick people, no matter how popular or rich!
    I feel sorry for them that they can not be normal in life- females should have dreams of love and life with a man-a real man- and Men should have the desires for a woman-a real woman. I do not understand their brain thoughts. They have to go through life as a FAKE (they are not what you see) they are not normal human bodies- they are ABNORMALIf we allow marriage between gays and lesbians, we will find this world in a real bad situation- no where to turn- no where to go- nothing but LIES will fill this world. Please think !- America will change dramatically and it wont be good.

  17. 17
    agreed with kim Says:

    i love ellen too. shes funny as hell but i dont agree with this
    she shouldnt have said its natural..
    whales ******* seagulls isnt natural..sorry
    ive had friends that are gay and i dont treat like them ****
    but i dont agree with it
    do what u want in private, dont ask the world to accept what is wrong

  18. 18
    Katie Says:

    #10 – Realitycheck. So you’re saying that we can’t believe in what we believe in? My aunt is a lesbian, I don’t love her any less than I did before she told the family, but that doesn’t mean I think that she and her partner should be married. People are allowed their own views and McCain was not disrespectful toward Ellen and she wasn’t disrespectful for him for having his own opinion in the matter. You’re the one being disrespectful.

    Congratulations to Ellen and Portia, I’m glad to see they’re happy :) That’s all anyone should ask for, is happiness, no matter who you’re with.

  19. 19
    stan Says:

    Why ignorant? Just because they have a different point of view?

    Then, should I warn you that you’re supporting a miserable and retrograde grandpa in his way to the WhiteHouse?

    You know babe, I live in Spain, where same-sex MARRIAGE has been legalized, and everything seems to be working perfectly. You know what? I you don’t like what you see, then turn round your face. Make it simple.

  20. 20
    steph Says:

    lesbos lol gotta love em

  21. 21
    Jane Says:

    People who agree with McCain seriously need a huge reality check. This is 2008. Get with the times. Homosexuality is not wrong or sick. People who think it is are. I feel sorry for all the narrow-minded people, you’re really missing out on life if you judge everyone, especially if you judge them by who they love. Ellen is in love with Portia. Now, if Ellen was in love with a man, then nobody would care, right? Well, why do people care that she’s in love with a woman. It’s so ridiculous that people care who others love. How’s it bothering you any? Everyone should be allowed to show their love, any way they want to. When a man and a woman are in love, they get married. Why can’t two men or two woman who feel the same, be married? Get your heads out of the Bible, which was written by a man, not “God”. And for God sakes, get the hell over yourself.

  22. 22
    Kim Says:

    From Jane #21:
    Get your heads out of the Bible, which was written by a man, not “God”. And for God sakes, get the hell over yourself.

    This is what is wrong with our society!

  23. 23
    the real tita Says:

    #19: you should be ashamed of yourself. You want respect for your own opinion but not for the other side. You have your opinion, other people have theirs. Why do you have to resort to namecalling to state your point? Does it make your argument sounder?

    And if it works in Spain, good for you but this is America. The people here at least have some respect for tradition and some conviction.

  24. 24
    Ally Says:

    Go Ellen. I can’t believe how narrow-minded so many people are in the LAND OF THE FREE. So glad I don’t live there.

  25. 25
    stella Says:

    wow 23 is that supposed to be ironic? i don’t know which America you live in but the one I do, “respect for tradition and some conviction” has been looooooooooong gone. if anything, America is more open minded compared to other nations. only the old crackers still can’t get our of their caves and thinks backyards.

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