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Jesse McCartney & Aubrey O'Day: New Couple?

Jesse McCartney & Aubrey O'Day: New Couple?

Danity Kane hottie Aubrey O’Day comes out to support her new boy toy, Jesse McCartney, at Marquee lounge in New York City on Wendesday to celebrate the release of his new album, “Departure.”

Jesse, 21, and Aubrey, 24, were also spotted in each other’s arms (pictured below) at club Butter in New York City on Monday night.

Aubrey has been toting around the Quilted Stam Bag by Marc Jacobs in Beige Fabric/Ostrich Leather.

15+ pictures inside of new couple Jesse McCartney & Aubrey O’Day

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jesse mccartney aubrey oday 01
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 02
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 03
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 04
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 05
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 06
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 07
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 08
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 09
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 10
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 11
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 12
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 13
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 14
jesse mccartney aubrey oday 15

Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • mari


  • Sarah

    hmm. did NOT see that one coming!
    but Aubrey’s cool, so good luck to them.

  • lali

    ;] i_hope_it.

  • lali


  • lila

    who cares??! boring

  • lali


  • cool

    i dont think it will last, but we’ll see…. what an odd couple!

  • TiaBia

    Also didn’t see this one coming. But Aubrey is just so trashy, but whatevs

  • Luv_jesse

    Hate Aubrey O’Day
    She is a slut
    Jesse can’t love her

  • Val

    Trashy slutty action. Fake boobies. Argh she is definitely a ****! Get your roots done girl.

  • Savannah

    Wow… That was really unexpected. I like Aubrey, But with Jesse? I don’t know. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Ha.

  • Miapocca


  • james

    ewww her face looks really used up, bitch needs to tone that make up down! then she might looks less like a ho..
    jesse’s cute tho

  • sara

    she’s 24? that ho looks older! did jared get it wrong? she looks at least 40 with that busted up pornstar face!! haha

  • emilie

    weird couple
    but i like aubrey o’day…so i guess its cool…

  • babysis

    She looks kinda trashy but i don’t really care who’s he’s dating. good luck to them if they are a couple but i don’t they are, the body language is off.

  • eMMA

    Errrr where did this come from??!!
    that girl dont waste her time does she going round men
    she should really get someone her own age :D

  • steph
  • china

    HE IS GAY, Bloggers are always trying to get everyone together or blessed them when they get pregnant or married????? Conservative pigs..>HE IS GAY, get over it…I KNOW, that’s why I’m making this statement.

  • ?

    i thought guys didnt like girls who are high maintence?

    i always thought this was a turn off for them…

    can a guy on here help me figure this out

  • layl

    she is soooo ugly and skanky compared to him
    please say this is a lieeeeee
    what is this world coming too
    please jesse just say noooooooooooooo

  • Tarynn

    stupid girl

    He looks even happier with Katie Cassidy.

  • Vanessa

    You guys are a bunch of haters, I think it’s sad how you guys judge her as a person based on her looks. If you actually want THE FACTS she’s a very sweet person and has countless charities she has started and worked with.

  • djdanger

    What did she get done on her face? Its sooo ODD!

  • yaya

    i just think thats an odd couple. i really didnt see that coming but i wish em the best.

  • MicrochipHo

    You guys have to remember, they don’t get paid that well, they just live in ny for free room and board. It’s not like they have stylists and makeup teams at their beckon and call. They’re just normal chicks who are famous. I saw them in person at rain at boston….The camera is very kind to Aubrey…she looks just as good, if not better on camera as she does in person. Most people look SO much prettier in person. D. Woods. is really pretty in person! Its weird, the light deflects off of the fat and mucles in her body making her look like Ms. thickity thick not a bad thing-she likes to market herself that way) when in real life she kind of resembles a black fleshed out youthful victoria beckham. She has a delicate face and frame…and in person she sounds like a helium version of herself on the show. She kinda bites Vicci B’s style..the bias cut looks like the one vicki had in the summer, (on TV it looked like a wackass mullet) and she wears alot of vicki b type clothing. It looks really cute on her tho. But Aubrey…i can verify she didn’t get breast implants, the 15 lbs she gained displaced itself on her body very well…. but she could use a little more protein and a little less booze-self-tanner-bleach-makeup in her life. Aubrey! Remember how you looked in the showstopper video. Go with that look! Seriously you are purposely making yourself look old! I think the light blue dress and semi-toned down style looks so much better.

  • 24!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How is this old bitch just 24?! She looks at least 10 years older than that.

  • owen

    I’d tap Aubrey.
    If its good enough for puffy, its good enough for me!

  • april

    eeks…love him – she is scary !

  • Veselka

    noooooooooo i heard an intervew before three days and he said he is single i hope he is

  • jeter lover

    shes gross!!!! Jesses way to good for her!!! trashy fake ass hoe!!!!

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :) Jesse can’t love her… :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Diana

    Ew, she needs to take care of her skin! She’s so orange… skin cancer!

  • katie


  • sam

    Um yeah. Pretty random? Anyways….

    She looks way older than him lol !!!

  • ILove2Read

    Aubrey looks older than 24. I don’t see why everyone wants to live so hard, it shows

  • luvees

    uhm, LMFAO.
    wow what a joke.

    he’s just in it for the sex -.-
    BELIEVE ME, it’s probably true.

    because if he’s with a cute innocent, FLAT CHESTED girl like katie cassidy for three years, he cant really like ‘that’ trashy girl -.-

    and i hear she goes through guy’s fast, so we probably wont be seeing much of them together soon.

  • Reagan

    she looks like a prostitute. shes so old looking for her age.

  • chrissy

    it’s obvious jesse isn’t serious about her… look at the body language, his arm is between them in that one pic. he’s protecting himself. hope he’s “protecting” himself in the sheets. gross. she’s nasty.

  • chantall

    uh ther soo ugly aubrey fix you make up and jesse 2 words PROACTIVE PLEASE!

  • hannah

    it’s probably the dress, but she looks preggers in pic. #7

  • Camile

    noooooooo! i dont want jesse to be with that old looking woman:S
    anyway.. iloveyoujess:)

  • michelle

    That’s a weird match! But I loveeeee JMAC!

  • what ever

    he looks 15 she looks 35

  • steph

    NOOOO!!! i love jesse. aubrey looks pretty trashy; sorry!

  • Zanessaroxursox

    <3 Jesse
    Hate Aubrey

  • wowODDcouple!!

    W0W. uhh, yeah i know that Jesse’s song has been doing good on charts and all with his song, but come on this is a D0WNGRADE for Aubrey. Actually I have to say it’s a downgrade for both of them they don’t really compliment eachother. Like Aubrey has her top like falling off and her roots showing with a crappy make-up job and jesse looks pail and like he’s a good boy trying to go bad:PP!
    On the other note both of them have been up and D0WN with their music careers espeacially jesse.

  • nene

    omg bitches neeed 2 stop fuccin hatin on aubrey they look cute together you haters !and so wht if there boobies is fake thats her BI and yall just effin jelous of her so that mean yall bitches need 2 get a feffin life yadigz and im out1

  • nene

    bitches need to stop fontin on aubs cuase she is flii and yall mad buh yea they look cute togther so yall need 2 stop hatin and SO WHT IF SHE GOT FAKE BOOS! YALL JELIOUS!

  • Jazzy

    Wow, did NOT see this coming, but it’s alright, i wanna see how this comes out. But I’d give ANYTHING to see Jesse back with Katie!!!!!! They were totally the cutest couple EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!