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Jude Law is a Meter Man

Jude Law is a Meter Man

Jude Law chats on his cell phone and pays the parking meter while strolling through the streets of London on Thursday.

The 35-year-old British actor is reportedly dating rocker Rod Stewart‘s daughter Kimberly, 28, after two were recently seen kissing in the VIP area of the 195 Nightclub in Essex.

An onlooker said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw Kimberly Stewart kissing Jude Law. He’s the first big name we have ever seen in there. So my friends and myself walked over and asked if we could have our photo taken with them. But they said no, turned back to face each other again then carried on kissing.”

The source added: “Two bodyguards then came over to us and snatched the camera out of my friend’s hand because they had seen us taking pictures. They passed the camera to Jude, who then looked through our photos. The bodyguard later gave the camera back to us and, to our disappointment, they had deleted our pictures of Jude and Kimberly.”

Other pictures inside include Jude with director pal Jeremy Gilley and actor Christian Slater promoting the Peace One Day at the Olympia Theatre during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.

20+ pictures inside of meter man Jude Law

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jude law meter 01
jude law meter 02
jude law meter 03
jude law meter 04
jude law meter 05
jude law meter 06
jude law meter 07
jude law meter 08
jude law meter 09
jude law meter 10
jude law meter 11
jude law meter 12
jude law meter 13
jude law meter 14
jude law meter 15
jude law meter 16
jude law meter 17
jude law meter 18
jude law meter 19
jude law meter 20

Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Kristian Dowling/Getty
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  • legs

    his hair looks funny. :P

  • 1.-

    I was going to say… that’s mean. But it’s actually an invasion of privacy to them, they shouldn’t have taken the camera in the first place, but still it’s pretty rude when they cannot lead their lives and kiss whoever they want to… even if it’s gross

  • Mike

    lol i agree

  • Daphne

    Always glad to see pics of my favourite guy. He is a sexy beast.

    He still has the new tattoo on this right arm, the line of ants. I hope it isn’t permanent. It’s a great tattoo but it makes my flesh crawl.

    Good luck to Jude and Jeremy Gilley with Peace One Day. I hope they’re making a real difference and achieve their goals.


    Wooow! I gotta give it to him, When you got, you got it! Just by looking at these pics ,one can tell that he has one dang sexy strut!!! He own that walkway, man!!! grooowwl!

    Mimi Prism ;- )

  • null

    It’s really too bad about his hair. It’s like Phil Collins’.

  • Sandy

    Always glad to seee any pix of our guy who looks refreshed and ready
    for something, work or errands, he”s back on home turf again and
    probably glad to be. This was a surprise out of nowhere Thanks so
    much Jared. Just what the Doctor ordered. He looks fine maybe a little
    pale (look at the arms without their hair) and wistful . It’s been an exciting week. Some of the excitemenet we could have done without.

  • dr jube

    Holy shi*t. He looks fine!! Imagine seeing THAT walking down the street towards you :-)

  • sheryl

    I love ya, Jude! Sending a big hug your way…because you did good with Peace One Day (along with Jeremy!!) and because you just look like you need one!!! :)

    And as always, thank you so much for wearing jeans! And flip flops!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    I dislike celebs who do that. I mean I would so totally sue him for takin away my personal belongings.
    He has no right to do that.

  • rien

    As I saw you walking down the line,
    something tells you will be fine.
    Yet, I don’t want t share my feeling
    “To be in love with you” is my very own sense of belonging
    never will I leave
    and you will retrieve.
    Because I picked you among many things
    and in the great night we will be nothing
    You and I will be becoming

    I don’t care if you and Kim kissing on the fences
    or in the garden
    Because when the kiss is cold
    and the night is wet and old
    to my arms you will come
    to love and to be loved in return!

    (in the night my love returns to you, Jude. I believe in your works, so enjoy your life, my dear, my love!)

  • joe

    Visit OuttaRehab for your entertainment news!

  • shorty

    i wonder how long before he’s bald

  • Rae

    He looks damn good.

  • ericap

    I love him!!!


    jus letting you know even if pictures get deleted u can take them 2 a camera shop and get the pictures back as long as you havent taken to many since then. memory cards have a chip in them that stores the deleted photos. i know cause iv done it 2 times!!

  • lynn

    The reason why he looked so sad..that’s because he was on the phone with me that day. Wishing me a very happy birthday, explaining why he couldn’t come and how deeply deeply sorry he was…hehe
    Doesn’t matter sweetie, just be there next year on my 40th.

  • rien


    Not before I get him first, Sweetie! ;-) …

  • AnnieRich

    My gawd, he looks great. Yummi.

  • Sebastian

    gimme gimme gimme! gimme gime moaR!

  • Pole

    He looks dead sexy if a bit glum. But that’s understandable :-(

    @Rien: what a lovely poem. You are really talented :-)

  • nikomilinko
  • elle

    Sweet hottie!!!Thank you jared!!!

  • rien

    Thanks, Pole!
    I have been thinking. Many times some people said that Jude lost his looks….but look at him. Even in a daily clothes, that million men had already worn, old t-shirt, old jeans, and flip-flop, …as if it was a brand new creation from Dior or Armani…as if he was a photo model on the cat walk, well the models always look sour anyway…This man….if there was no monitor in front of me, I did not know what would happen to him…I could just…… erghm!

    The creator of jeans must have been thinking or imagining a muse who looked like Jude….This ragged jeans looks so zexy on him!!


    Oh! I totaly agree with ya , Rien! He is damned beautyful even when his is looking a bit disheveled, Not many men can actually claim that!
    Your comment about the male models at the catwalk is so friggin
    funny :- D, and true!! He, heh! A hug!

    Mimi Prism

  • Pole

    I think many of us here would trow ouselves at him like Kim – hopefully without any cameras around :-D

    BTW thanks for the pictures Jared :-)

  • AnnieRich

    Can`t stop staring at these photoes. Look at that body.

  • onmyown

    I have 2 films he made – 2 with Paltrow, 1 of which Jolie and Paltrow were casted. I forgot the name of the film. It was Captain … . The other memorable film is with Matt Damon, and again Paltrow.

    Yea – he can act alright. Sexy ? Uhmmmm – I have to think about that.

    Gee Rien – you surprised with that poem. A woman fantasy – I say go for it !

  • jami

    Jude looks good, thanks Jared. I am not loving the bare arms, but I know the hair will grow back. Maybe he shaved them for the new tattoos?

    He does look a little sad- I wish I could give him a kiss to make it all better ;)

  • auntiemoneybags

    Who need chardonnay….when you’ve got JJ

    You are my drug of choice :-)

    Thank you once again my friend. Beautiful pictures as always.


  • Sherylsp

    How uncool to bother Jude and Kimberly like that in a club, taking photos of them like geeky tourists! I think their bodyguards had every right to confiscate the cameras the way they did and delete any unwanted shots—how would any of us feel, famous or not, if random strangers were taking pics and ogling them of any of us, perhaps with the danger of those pics being sold and splashed in tablois everywhere? Yes, we’re not celebs and they’re used to such things, and I’m sure it was pretty exciting for “regular folk” to see them in there, but comon—be cool and give the guys their space. Leave the unplanned candid shots for the paps who stalk celebs regularly.

  • sheryl

    Yeah, Jamie, I’ll be so very glad when the arm and chest hair are back….(I miss it!)…and that “tattoo” is gone off his arm. I still wonder what that’s all about…? Some have suggested Mambo reshoots, but I just don’t know…

    More hugs to you, Jude :)


    if i saw THAT coming at me i would instantly make a human fence in front of him. when he couldn’t pass i’d faint in his arms…as i was fainting i would mutter something like only a kiss from jude law would bring me to. after the kiss because jude is such a compassionate guy i’d say my fainting medicine is in my home and i need someone to accompany me back to retreive it. being such a gentlemen he would take me home. once inside i would lock all doors and windows and hold him hostage for the rest of my life. what i would do with him after that….well…..that”s a whole other story….

  • Jude’s Lady

    As ever, I’m in love with him.

  • sharyllee

    My love to you, Jude. he is so beautiful but i like hair arms and hair chest. I hope it will grow back..

  • denise

    oh, leave him alone about the hair. At least he’s being real about it and not getting hair implants.

    I still think he is gorgeous and I love that outfit! He’s still one of the sexiest men in hollywood in my eyes.

  • purpleworm

    yup, he looks pretty glum. hadn’t noticed his bald arms. eeek! he really was de-nuded, poor baby. it must take forever to grow back and I bet it’s a little itchy – he’s pretty hairy. Maybe Kim can rub some cream on it. hee. The weather in London looks nice, tho!

  • erica

    My boo is looking so damm sexy !
    Jude, after you get off the phone call me baby.

  • Joyce

    Jude, just get your
    sexy self over here so I can cheer you up.

  • deanna

    I can not get enough of this man, Jude are a Sexy Beast.!

    and flip-flop oh so ZEXY!

  • auntiemoneybags


  • troy

    yikes he’s balding

  • jerithan

    Too bad about the hairline. For a screeen actor that’s gotta be pretty rough. Still looks pretty good. He has a cute profile. What’s with the smooth arms?

  • sharyllee

    I love him!!

  • AnnieRich

    He remainds me of a greek classic sculpture. Love him..

  • luisaonline

    He’s been a naughty naughty boy!


    but don’t we like him a little naughty………i said somewhere else that if jude gets any hotter he’s going to be what’s really bringing on global warming. how can one man eminate so much sex……

  • Sandy

    Good thinking Delores – this week they were saying some of the proof they had used for the deductions for global warming didn’t pan out so now we have the answer that makes sense – We have the real
    reason for it. (i do remember that Crichton wrote a novel about his disbelief of this whole theory too and nobody paid attention to his
    proofs – well you did it Delores – THE REAL REASON – JUDE LAW

  • auntiemoneybags

    He’s a naughty hottie

  • eVE

    How can a man make jeans and flip-flop
    so freaking H O T !
    Jude , do me now !