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Mischa Barton's Tequila Tantrum

Mischa Barton's Tequila Tantrum

Mischa Barton and her boyfriend Taylor Locke storm past photographers with a huge bottle of tequila to their hotel on Wednesday in London, England .

Mischa, 22, was in a bad mood and covered her face to try and avoid being photographed.

The ex-O.C. actress is reportedly set to star in Simon FellowsMalice in Wonderland opposite Danny Dyer. The film will be a creepy adaptation of Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist.

10+ pictures of Mischa Barton and her tequila tantrum…

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mischa barton tequila 01
mischa barton tequila 02
mischa barton tequila 03
mischa barton tequila 04
mischa barton tequila 05
mischa barton tequila 06
mischa barton tequila 07
mischa barton tequila 08
mischa barton tequila 09
mischa barton tequila 10
mischa barton tequila 11
mischa barton tequila 12
mischa barton tequila 13

Photos: Will Alexander/WENN
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  • KandA

    first :)

    She looks awful

  • Anastazia

    You know i’m not that kind.

  • margz

    a lot more alcohol and she’ll be the next britney, hahaha

  • 1.-

    that does not look like her! I don’t mean to be all paranoid and stuff… but I think you have the wrong pictures… I don’t care for this actress at all, but that doesn’t look like her

  • elle

    i think she looks lovely. Why does everyone dislike her?

  • lindsey

    she is pretty.

  • b

    isnt marilyn manson also doing the same thing

  • Nanea

    Didn’t she say she had moved to Paris? Why is she out buying drinks in London?

    Her face looks like it’s bloated from alcohol, so it’s not like she learned anything from her past behavior.

  • notmeeshead

    It’s Mischa “I’m sooo not like Marissa cause I don’t have a drinking problem” Barton.

  • hmmph

    That’s not tequila. That’s medicine to make her cellulite disappear.

  • Tinker

    Poor girl doesn’t look very good without make-up.

  • michelle

    She’s heading down the wrong path.

  • extra

    A friend of mine was an extra on the OC a few years ago and he had nothing nice to say about Mischa. He saw her arguing with the director once because she didn’t want to say her lines the way the director wanted her to. She would come in unprepared, wouldn’t memorize her lines, was always asking for retakes. She’d complain about everything like the food, etc.

  • Sandy

    She looks like jessica alba in that pic!

  • cassie

    ı love her but why is she drinking? so sad..

  • meeshhead

    She looks beautiful as usual! You people would be miserable too if you had paparazzi annoying you all of the time. Wait a minute…….you people ARE miserable. Look at all of your bashing posts!

  • http://. marina

    very nice Tequila, one of the best ! (aged is better. Should be enjoyed, not just drunk by pints!

  • sam

    Somebody should send these pictures to her probation officer.

    Isn’t she supposed to take alcohol education classes as part of her plea deal?

  • mia

    She looks beautiful :)

  • cactusflower

    I guess Tequila Tantrum makes for a better headline. Such BS because she’s clearly smiling in these pictures. And, what is up with all the hating on her? She’s no different then the other starlets who people, despite their much more scandalous behavior, still love. I don’t get it.

  • Gemma

    Wow, 22 year old Mischa Barton drinks alcohol? That’s a fucking scandal! I hope you can detect a hint of saracsm, most of the people on this site are so thick I doubt they could.

  • http://justjared vicki

    I agree with number #18. I had read she needed to attend alcohol rehab classes of some sort. But, she never seems to be in a good mood in any picture. Maybe, she needs to take a break from show-biz for awhile and hang out on a beach somewhere. { while back in rehab}

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    She looks really perfect with everything she wears :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • hannah

    wow, i’m not on the bandwagon that thinks she’s gotten too fat, though i think she could do some toning, but her boyfriend makes her look huge! he’s so scrawny.

  • thetruth

    yeah people rip her apart on blogs, but she IS remarkably talentless, and in a way that’s more offensive than the talentlessness of socialites or reality stars, because she’s supposed to be a real actor.

    plus the only people that like her are those who just think she’s pretty & stylish, which doesn’t speak well for her fans

  • shorty

    she’s nasty

  • clinch

    If Mischa’s fans are looking for the perfect gift to give her, well there’s your answer. Tequila.
    She was also begging the bartender for more shots of Tequila at Cannes.
    Now thanks to her boyfriend lugging it for her, she can down the entire bottle in the privacy of her hotel room. Aw what a sweet guy.

  • dr jube

    when is she not in a bad mood? she was just here in Australia and was overtly grumpy in her interviews and throughout her MTV committments

  • Ally

    So I guess, she’s really taking her whole DUI situation to heart toting around that tequila bottle. Maybe feeling remorse and guilt over drunk driving and drugs only occurs in the country she committed her DUI in?

    She already looks to have been drinking.

  • meeshhead

    Reply to #25: “Talentless” actors don’t have a resume of 28 films, plus a starring role in a hit tv show (The O.C.). “Talentless” actors don’t have one of the most highly acclaimed critics in the film industry praising her talent (Roger Ebert), not to mention the legendary producer and director Lord Richard Attenborough, who gave her the lead role in his new film “Closing the Ring”.
    And her fans see well beyond her beauty and her fashion sense. She has inner beauty as well, as seen in the many international charity drives she heads up.
    If you don’t know the facts, you don’t have the license to bash!

  • Ashley

    reply to 25:im a huge Mischa fan, and so is meeshhead because i know him. the reason we love Mischa goes far beyond her looks and style! we love her because shes an amazing actress, but most importantly an amazing, kind person, which is more than can be said for any of you people

  • abby

    She wasn’t the lead in Closing the Ring. Richard Attenborough may have praised her but he also suggested that she take acting classes. Talk about a backhanded compliment.

  • meeshhead

    To Abby: Mischa was one of the 3 lead characters.
    Look here, and also notice who’s featured on the poster for the film.

  • meeshhead

    To Abby: Mischa was one of 3 lead characters, and had a prominent role in the film. Look here, and also notice who’s face is taking up most of the poster for the film.>>

    And many famous actors attended the acting school that she went to, which was prior to the film.

  • cannes

    Misch-ing out
    By Alice Walker, Emma Donnan & Katie Hind

    Mischa Barton has been causing some hair-tearing in Cannes. The team behind the star’s new movie You And I just can’t track her down.

    “It’s been quite a nightmare,”

    said one exasperated aide. “She hasn’t checked in so we have had to cancel interviews and photo sessions at the last minute.

    “She didn’t even show up, not even for one minute, at the gigantic party we threw just for her in Cannes.”

    Mischa, 22, seems to have had “other commitments” – party-hopping around the luxury yachts.

  • Michelle

    God some of these comments are evil have any of you actually met her? Because I have and she was really nice and polite. So what if she is drinking alcohol and made a few mistakes she’s only human

  • BBC

    Reporter’s log: Cannes 2008

    WEDNESDAY, 21 MAY 1600 LOCAL TIME (1500 BST)

    It’s Mischa time again.
    BBC Radio 1’s Natalie Jamieson spoke to the director of her new movie, Roland Joffe (yes, the same Roland Joffe who made The Killing Fields) last week.
    He was at a loss to explain why his star had pulled out of interviews for the film.
    “She hasn’t pulled out of interviews, she’s pulled out of everything,” he said. “We don’t know where Mischa Barton is!
    “All I can say is her room is here, she is here, but trying to get the two together has just been impossible. We just don’t know where Mischa is.
    But he wasn’t too angered by the vanishing act. “Mischa’s 21,” he said.
    “I have no idea where she is, but sometimes I don’t know where my 21-year-old daughter is as well.”
    Russian pop group taTu – who are still going, apparently – star alongside Barton in the film. Describing their movie debut, they gave us the quote of the festival.
    “Is not lesbian film,” said the duo. “Is love film.”

    TUESDAY, 20 MAY 1845 LOCAL TIME (1745 BST)
    The errant actress is, we’re told, now in London, having singularly failed to do anything to help promote her film in Cannes last week.
    She’s in the UK to launch (wait for it…) a handbag! Oscar Wilde would be proud.
    Her PR has told Radio 1 that Barton will do an interview, but on one condition – that they only ask questions about handbags.

    You can read more here

  • paolo

    dear Mischa is marvelous with that haircut

    absurd thing.. if I/you want to write me
    http]://]/ petersite06

    a hit would come me

    thing would give for know you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HotForWords

    She should switch to Vodka, much easier on the brain the next morning :-)

    Your trusty philologist

  • Argon

    They don’t call it To-kill-ya for nothing right?