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Oprah Goes Vegan!

Oprah Goes Vegan!

Oprah Winfrey is going vegan for a 21-day detox plan, inspired by Kathy Freston‘s book “Quantum Wellness”.

Oprah and three pals from her production company will be swearing off meat, caffeine, sugar, gluten and alcohol. You can follow Oprah‘s journey at her blog on

“This 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about [eating] differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods – and what I’m willing to do to change,” she wrote on Sunday (day one). “Don’t know if I’m going to feel better or worse, but I’m willing to try to see if my body at least feels differently.”

“Wow, wow, wow! I never imagined meatless meals could be so satisfying.” she added on day two. “I had been focused on what I had to give up — sugar, gluten, alcohol, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese. ‘What’s left?’ I thought. Apparently a lot. I can honestly say every meal was a surprise and a delight, beginning with breakfast — strawberry rhubarb wheat-free crepes.”

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  • breanna


  • Bubbaness

    Please. She’s nothing more than the poster child for every fad diet that’s come and gone the last 20 years.

  • [marie]

    # 2…. That was mean…. But anyways, I’m a vegetarian and giving up meat was one of the hardest things I had to do, but I’m healthier and have more energy because I changed my diet.

    Go Oprah and good luck with your detox…..

  • Shoegal

    I’m sure it’s easy to be sugar-, gluten-, alcohol-, meat-, chicken-, fish-, eggs- and cheese-free when you have a personal chef to fix all your meals for you.

  • 19


    I agree with you, and she has all the money in the world to find alternatives.

  • mickey

    Wow! What’s next? Oprah takes a poopy? Talk about jumping the shark.

  • ah!

    The woman is too full of herself, slim or fat.

  • WTF

    Why doesn’t she just accept that she’s a whale? Even if she does lose some weight she’ll gain it back plus some.

  • joanna

    hey, when you’ve got somone to do the shopping and the cooking, anything is possible. must be nice….

  • jing

    mmm yummie, food that takes like crap.
    Tomorrow she’ll be eating grass, just like those good ol’ vegans.

  • sbelle

    ha ha Mickey.. I agree I am sooo over Oprah. enough already. I could careless what she eats , reads, likes etc,,,,

  • stefanie

    Hahahahahaha, what a copy cat!

    Robin Quivers on The Howard Stern Show did the 21 pounds in 21 days detox diet over 6 months ago. Ron De Luz is the author of her book and it’s very good (I bought it). Robin became a vegan for real. So someone tell Oprah this has been done already.

    Oprah needs to stop these friggin’ fad diets. Enough! She’s too old for this.

  • Katie N

    Some individuals hate her here does not take away from Oprah’s influence on American society. What Howard Stern’s Robin did may have noticed by few junkies but when Oprah does something America take notice… Look at what she did for some book sales!!!

  • not me

    It is not difficult to give up lot of these things, but caffeine? Is there any alternative for that if you want to stay awake…

  • essie

    This woman will end up dead like Luther Vandross from all the weight gains and losses she has gone through over the years. She needs a head doc to give her some counseling.

  • margie

    I just don’t care for her anymore.

  • veisner

    Good for her that she’s doing it but…yeah, with that kind of money? Not very difficult to pull off. Someone let me know when Oprah learns how to stop eating altogether and still live healthily. Then we could save the planet. They trashed her recently on

  • jen

    I totally agree, how easy is it too eat so healthy like this when you have all the money in the world and a personal chef? Get over yourself Oprah, you’re not God.

  • ILove2Read

    I don’t think I could do it.

    I’m sure she’ll lose weight

  • whatever

    Yawn. Oprah and diet. Who really cares? She’ll drop a few and several months down the line, she’ll be fat again looking for the next fad diet. Give it up.

  • chantall

    wow oprah i love you but ur tottaly going to far for some attention..

  • JAn34

    @4 exactl

  • JAn34

    she isnt that nice or important to be obsessing over her…she should go count her billions…..

  • Justin

    #2 Veganism isn’t a fad diet. I’m not going to bother explaining but just google it. You’re ignorant and proud of it. I think Oprah is ridiculous though and just does whatever she thinks is “in.” And #10, you’re even more ignorant and proud of it. You’ve obviously never eaten well-made vegan food. It tastes better, it feels better, and IS better for you than the SAD. I’m vegan and I’ve never once eaten grass. You’re an idiot.

  • djdanger

    Haha vegans don’t eat grass! Silly. I’m a vegetarian, and I’m proud of oprah. Who knows, she might even become a vegan permanently

  • Jojo

    I never believe in dieting. I believe in moderation. Dieting has always had a temporary effect on people who has weight issues. They will always go back to their original weight, and much more. Moderation, and regular exercise is always the best.

  • betduke

    The article should have read, “Oprah goes for va jay jay”, since she hangs out more with Gayle than Stedman.

  • vidstr1

    how come she doesn’t have brad and angie on her show?

  • wannawin4mymomplease

    Brad and Angie REFUSE to be on her show again because Oprah sided with Jen A. after their divorce!!

  • 1.-

    who cares!!! I don’t like Oprah, she promotes so much
    pseudo-science… that’s bad!

  • onmyown

    Oprah’s weight is like a yoyo – up then down, up again, down again . It’s been like this ever since I can remember.

    She has aged, so her metabolic rate has proportionately slowed down. Nothing new there, nor this so-called “program”. Still, she’s got money to spend, so go for it.

    Like the ones before this, her weight will go down, then slowly go up again. Each time this happens, her self esteem goes down further.

  • not me

    Yes, she looses and gains. but I don’t think her self esteem goes up and down like with us, mere mortals. With her billions, mass appeal and influence I am sure it is sky high….Cravings are not always related to self esteem.

  • Oprah Shopra

    Our ancestors would have become extinct on a vegan diet. It’s not natural. Humans are omnivores for a reason…our biology requires a wide variety of nutrients and sources of amino acids. I think the vegans I’ve met look pale, anemic and kinda frail, not exactly vibrant and healthy.

    And how come we are all got to get “detoxified”? Our liver does that for us, not fiber. Poop is poop…psuedo science is the correct term for sure. Lotta people making a good living pushing this junk science.

  • Oprah loves fads

    The live detoxifies our bodies, not a vegan diet. We are omnivores and need a variety of meat and plant nutrients to be healthy and full of energy. Human beings back in pre-historic times would have become extinct on a vegan diet.

    Vegans look thin, frail, pale and undernourished in my opinion. MOst of them are anemic.

  • vidstr1

    ohhh…yeah I hope they boycott her then…she’s not a god but she acts like one…

  • onmyown

    To Not Me #32 – Age and metabolic rate are directly proportional, although regular exercise and good eating habits help stimulates metabolic rate. Money can make you feel good – that’s for sure but not always, and for the most part, money’s effect is temporal and they do not always go up together.

    Like the rest of us mortals, Oprah through the same stresses.

  • http://justjared Swizzle

    I always laugh at movie stars/celebrity’s when they have these strict diets, Oprah now included. Do you actually think she made those crepes? NO WAY! They all have cooks/chefs/dieticians who prepare all their meals so don’t be fooled. If we all had these nutritionists/chefs at our disposal we could all try these ways of eating. But the truth is it is not easy, and takes lots of discipline. So Oprah, give every American a vegan chef and we’ll all try it!

  • Kay

    She sure has stirred some hatred towards her after getting into religion. I wouldn’t say I hate her, that’s just exaggerated, but I don’t agree with her point of view at all.

    On the other hand, wow huney, not even sugar? :P

  • rebecca

    I think this is great! The diet she is on is actually really easy. Once you make the realization of what exactly it is you are putting into your body, corpses and excretions aren’t so appetizing any more.

    I hope she takes the 21 day thing and turns it into a lifestyle, and I hope that 20 million housewives do the same.

    Go Oprah!

  • rainbowvegan

    um , im glad shes doing this , i got very ill when i was 19 years of age , and found that a vegan diet works best for me to keep the pain at bay , i find it easy to find alternatives to meat and dairy , maybe im lucky that i have 2 wholefood shops in my town which sell things like chatin chicken , cheetin turkey , chatin ham and bacon , and soya and rice milks , soya cheeses etc etc , i supose its just up to the big supermarkets to get more of this produce on their shelves , for ages , there was just the soya and sometimes rice milks , but i heard from a friend the other day that one is selling dairy free cheese now , so its really up to all shops to offer these alternatives is a thought

  • arainbowfeeling

    this video would most resemble my feelings about what the vegan diet can do to transform a person from sickness to a state of growing contented welbeing

    peace to all

  • http://earthlink BETTY GRAHAM

    who wants to keep going up and down losing pounds, i would just like to lose but cant . so if u can please keep on doing so. and GOD bless. Iwish their was some way u could help ME.