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Amanda Lorber Interview -- Send in Your Questions!

Amanda Lorber Interview -- Send in Your Questions!

Amanda Lorber, the editor-in-chief of Cypress Bay High School’s The Circuit newspaper, will be ringing up Just Jared for an exclusive interview later this afternoon to talk her addictive MTV reality TV show, The Paper.

The comments section is open for you to ask Lorber about her experience at in-chief and about the paper’s staff, including Mrs. Weiss, Adam, Alex, Cassia, Dan, Giana and Trevor.

If you’ve never seen The Paper, you can catch up on all of the episodes at


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  • xueminn

    i think amanda is a v smart person with a very cool and unique personality! too bad that the rest of her team can’t appreciate it! go amanda!

  • caroline :)


  • michelle

    Umm…What’s been her favorite moment as editor-in-chief?

  • Palmspringsliving

    How did you deal with the fact that many of your editors didn’t like you and were plotting against you in several of the newspaper issues?

  • Desireé


  • KIM

    Where is she going to college? Where are Adam and Alex? What would her dream job be when she is out of college?

  • siv

    why are ur class mates such idiots ?

    i mean by the senior year u would think they would pick up on how not to talk like dits …

  • lexi

    how do you deal with all the editors? how many of them are you actually good friends with? how did you react when you first saw yourself on “tv”? What do you plan on doing after you leave high school? AND is alex really that hot in person?

  • Kristen

    Amanda, do you go back and watch the show after everything happens? If so what were your reactions to the comments people said toward you?

  • Jason

    You rock, Amanda! I wanna know where you learned all those hot moves you were working at the prom!

  • Jonas Fan

    Amanda your awesome just FYI :]

    Do you think it’d harder for all of you guys at the newspaper to get along? Because in the last episode (The one with prom) you guys seemed so happy in that ‘Wanted’ picture…but now it seems so different! Do you ever think you’ll be as close with them as you use to?

  • Carla

    What did your teacher do to try to appease the rudeness of your co-editors?

  • Elana

    What’s the full story about you and Alex? Who has had crushes on whom? How long have you been friends?

  • Lulu

    How do you deal with all the spinless cowards on the paper. These people are so hateful did their parents not teach them any morals. Glad you keep your head up don’t let them bring you down!

  • Liz

    love you! who makes your purple glasses??

  • Graig!

    Ok i love the show. I have on staff at my college paper for 2 years now. I started calling my editor Amanda even though his name is Rich.

    My Question is are the ratings doing bad and is that why there ending the season so soon, or was it like an eight episode thing? and, Will there be a season 2. Team Amanda Bitches!

  • jamie

    my quesstion is: who does she have the biggest crush on based on the cast of the paper? &&&& why did she go get a nose job?

  • http://vanashbrenique sam question is if there will be another season of “the Paper”??
    b/c I lovee the showw andd ur dog! <333333333333333333

  • JP

    Why is Giana such a raging bitch?! Now that you’ve seen the show are you still friends with Alex?

  • l

    amanda btw I LOVE you on the show , I’m a guy and would love to know if adam swings the other way cause no denying he is deff a cutie . :D

  • Tanya

    Where did you get your glasses? They are super cute!

  • juicyjencouture

    I didn’t think I would love the show, but I’m addicted.
    I just wanted to know, who is your role model in journalism?

  • Baby

    Love this show! amanda you rock!!

  • Erin cook

    I love this show….my question for Amanda…..Was it hard watching the shows back and knowing how mean all of her classmates were behind her back….especially two-faced Alex??

  • Saraaaaa

    Hey amanda!
    what’s your relationship with alex right now?
    are you guys friends or not.

  • Kacee

    Amanda i love u on the paper how do u stay so happy and smiley after the other editors are so rude 2 u

  • Melissa

    hey amanda i love the show the paper anywho i was wondering if alex is such a good friend like you say he is then how come he shows a different side of him when your not around and is he still with that girl and is trevan and giana still together?!


    amanda is my favorite! (next to adam haha)

    - would it be weird if i friended you on facebook?
    - does anyone act differently around the cameras?
    - did MTV know you were going to be editor-in-chief to begin with? because you were narrating so it would have been weird if someone else got it…
    - what has been your favorite aspect of this experience (being on the show, The Paper)?
    - how did you get on the show?
    - what do you want to be when you grow up?

  • DeAnn

    I love the show Amanda…sooooo long ago I was on my high school newspaper and watching your show brings back good childhood memories.
    But ANYWAY…

    What are your future plans and do they include Journalism/communications?

  • ericka

    How do you feel about people who seem to be your friends to your face turn around and talk shit about you when you arn’t around?

  • eddie jones

    holy cow I can’t believe I missed or will be missing this. Why isn’t MTV labeled in the same class as HBO is. Theres nothing but homosexuals on that channel, it might as well be the homosexual channel, real nice programming you sickos

  • edaj

    amanda is such a funny,sarcastic,and smart girl,with a great sense of fashion..

    where do you shop for clothes and accessories?

  • miles Gilbert

    Hi Amanda,
    first of all, I think you are really beautiful.
    Second, where did you decide to go for college after high school?

  • tien

    Where do you shop & what are your favorite brands?


    Ask her why she let the other doofus do the front page when it’s her job.

    Ask her that if she wanted to be Editor in Chief so bad– why isn’t she acting like one.

    Ask her why she just sits around and lets everyone put together the paper while she just sits on her ass and watches with her mouth hanging open.

    she annoys me….


    Ask her why she let the other doofus do the front page when it’s her job.

    Ask her that if she wanted to be Editor in Chief so bad– why isn’t she acting like one.

    Ask her why she just sits around and lets everyone put together the paper while she just sits on her ass and watches with her mouth hanging open.

    she annoys me….

  • taylor

    If you could write for any newspaper in the world, which one would you write for?

  • KIM

    I live in the same city and this was filmed over a year ago! All of these kids are already in college!

  • libertyk

    i LOVE this show – and Amanda you are really classy.

    I wondering about the production of reality shows…
    - What was the process of agreeing to be on an MTV reality show?
    - Do you feel like the editors/producers cut certain scenes or encouraged certain conversations in order to create drama?
    - Did you have any qualms while filming about being put on tv for the whole world to see?
    - Do you feel like people were accurately portrayed?

    Either way I think you’re really brave Amanda and just keep doing what you do!

  • zoey

    how do you think your newspaper staffs compare to others across the country? what are your thoughts if someone told you that not all newspaper staffs are as dysfunctional as yours?

  • Amanda roxxx!!

    Hey Amanda! I totally think you’re awesome and misunderstood. Anyway, why is Adam such a diva. BTW…is he gay? Me and my friends all think so.

  • Ellen

    LMFAO!! Who cares about her??
    No one cares about the teenagers on MTV with their pointless shows.
    MTV is Killing itself with all this stupid shows, who wants to sit there and watch a show about high school kids and their school newspaper???
    Are you out of your freaking mind?
    Do people really have no lives?

  • R.J.

    I would like to say, first off, that i adore Amanda and don’t see why her staff is so rude. Amanda takes the paper seriousely, that doesn’t make her a bad person.

    my question is…. Amanda, Why haven’t you slapped Giana yet? She is a complete idiot and b*tch. How she has any friends is beyond me.

  • I’m betting on Alice.

    I have that dress. :)

  • Mrazrockit

    Uh… no one cares about this chick.

  • Cami

    Alex is mad ugly.. how anyone thinks he’s remotely attractive is beyond me.

    I love your style and hair Amanda.. the glasses are very cute.

  • stephanie

    what was it like to be getting filmed everyday of your life was it hard or it was like no bigeg

  • kyle

    Omg , I love you!=]

    If you could write for any newspaper or magazine in the world, which would be your choice?

  • http://? sharon

    why you did a nose job?

  • courtney