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Clint Eastwood is Shirtless

Clint Eastwood is Shirtless

Academy Award-winning actor/director Clint Eastwood, 77, goes shirtless and relaxes at hotel Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France on Friday with his wife Dina, 43, and their daughter Morgan, 11.

Clint attended the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of his film, Changeling starring Angelina Jolie. Changeling opens everywhere Friday, November 7.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Clint Eastwood

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Mike

    um eeew lol

  • ha

    no wonder she was kissing angelina jolie the other day.
    Considering her options I don’t blame her.

  • http://. marina

    he’s almost 80, what did you expect? he is not the cute guy from the movie, he was handsome a long ago.

  • änsky

    oh God.

  • peps

    Give the guy a break. He’s freakin’ 77!! And he’s had *plenty* of years in his younger days to be the good-looking stud.

    He has an amazing legacy of actual GOOD films, which is more that you can say about 90% of the worthless fame-whores that usually are talked about on this website.

  • well he is almost 80

    no wonder the wife was kissing Angelina.

  • totally blinded

    ewwww!! that is most disgusting thing I have see all day!! thanks, clint.

  • whatever

    He was good looking? When? He’s never been “buff” or “hot” and he’ll always be known as “Dirty Harry.” But I’d never classify him as good looking!

  • whatever

    Well we all knew Angelina was a lesbian anyway… geesh! Tell us something new.

  • e.

    Absolutely right, peps. And that legacy insures he will be remembered after he’s gone unlike all those other people too. I say good for him that he didn’t decide to be one of those people that got a bunch of work done and now look bizarre. There’s nothing wrong with growing old. That’s life.

  • e.

    Oh, and in response to “whatever’s” question…you apparently never saw reruns of the black and white show, Rawhide. Clint played Rowdy Yates and I guarantee you there was many a woman who thought he was HOT back then.

  • bet

    I think he looks great for his age. Imagine your granny. His wife looks great.

  • goodness

    he is almost eighty,what will you look like at this age?Give him a break.

  • Helena

    Clint was hot back in the day, leave him alone!

  • catty

    He was one of the handsome guys in his time. He is in his private time with his family..We saw Jack Nicolson shirtless last time .He doesn’t look sexy either. I wish the paps live them alone.


    Damn it Jared. You know you mustn’t put stuff like that on the web. Are you trying to give people a heart attack?.


    I did not have S E X U A L I N T E R C O U R S E with that man.

  • nikomilinko

    He is very older to show his muscles,…..


    F U C K he’s rich. I’ll do him for 10million dollars.No. Make it 20.

  • respect

    Respect your elders, so that you can live long.

  • courtney
  • Regina

    Haha, I’d love to see what you all look like at his age. That’s if you’re healthy enough to even reach his age.

  • Mike

    i was joking…i realize he’s old…ill probably look like that too….lol

  • April

    Great guy! At least he is real, and not a flake. He is more interested in putting out good work then caring what a bunch of plastic wanna be’s think. I wish there were more in that business that were like that. Maybe things wouldn’t be so screwed up there.

  • Neil

    Yeah, I guess those years when he was ONE OF THE TOP matinee idols were totaly bogus. The sad truth here is most of us wont look this good at his age, if we live that long.

  • Sherylsp

    I’m not offended by the sight of his saggy man boobies to match the rest of his droopy old man exterior. What offends me is the fact that he actually became a dad again at the ripe old age of 67…now that’s something to EWWWW about!! I guess much younger wifey was desperate for Baby Mealticket while his sperm was still somewhat ripe. Let’s hope he can at least live to see the kid make it to age 21.

  • whatever

    LOL I’ve seen the man act…I’ve seen his movies. Now, I said nothing about his talent – grandmother’s probably find him attractive – this man is not nor has ever been attractive. And it’s the “Desperate Housewives” who had nothing but to be barefoot and pregnant, home watching TV eating bon-bons that think he’s hot. Guess it was better than your beer belly husbands – oh wait, THAT’S what he reminds you of!

  • jane two

    Agreed, Clint looks great for 77 but in his day, he was every woman’s dream guy…tall, craggy, tough, charismatic, looking VERY good on horseback and overall dripping with testosterone. Yummmmy. Now…not so much but if we are all lucky, we’ll make it to his age and then see how YOU compare to Clint at 77. (But maybe from now on he should keep his shirt on when cameras are around LOL)

  • ?

    They have a gorgeous daughter


    JJ -

    Videos and pix of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt @ Cannes Film Festival – – for The Changeling and Kung Fu Panda.


  • Starrynites

    Clint Eastwood was a handsome man in his prime.. . . But don’t be quick to judge because getting old, saggy and decrepit unfortunately happens to everyone. . . . . He just looks like a 77 year old man in the twilight of his life.

    Twelve years ago he was able to snag a much younger woman. . .At least he isn’t trying to look like a twenty-something like a Joan Rivers . . . But then Hollywood is kinder to men. . .than women

  • 1.-

    shirtless and gross!!
    My grandpa is older than this guy, and he doesn’t look this bad!

  • krung krung

    ummm, he’s over 70, what do y’all expect a six pack abs? i love Clint, a very good actor and director.

  • brenbren

    gross that he’s 34 years older than his wife! That would mean that he had their daughter when he was 66 and she was only 32…..that is nasty

  • no name

    He’s freaking Clint Eastwood. He’s the man no matter how old he is. For 77, he’s still got it going on. Watch him in Dirty Harry or High Plains Drifter. He was one good looking guy back in the day.

  • chantall

    this teaches that girl a lesson dont marry and OLD man! lol omg jared y would u EVER put anything like this in cyberspace! effing nasty


    My eyes, my eyes——–please put a shirt on!!!

  • Helena

    26, I have to agree, the child will have a dad who will be too old to do anything with them (like play with them), but Clint seems to be quite healthy for his age…

  • Nathalie

    Getting old is sad and humiliating. But young Clint Eastwood was a very handsome man.

  • Katya

    I think Dina married Clint because she loved him. What a concept, eh?

  • http://. marina

    at 77 he has permission to not wear a shirt if he wants too. You need to not overreact (sp). Go to a beach in Europe or to the english garden in Munich and you will see people even in the nude enjoying the sun (all ages and looks) and there is no morbid interest because of that.

  • Mila

    still love Dirty Harry

  • ericka


  • amle

    What is great is that Clint doesnt care what we think lol.
    He actually is in better shape than alot of guys much younger than him.

  • scottdavis0676

    Back in the day, Clint was a very good looking guy. He had piercing eyes and brooding good looks. He was a tall, slender, virile man, who also happens to be one of his generations finest actors. He has been around for decades and been featured in some of Hollywood’s most memorable films. Give him a break!

  • To 1

    Why you stole my name? I won’t say something like this to Clint Eastwood .I don’t think any one with the brain would. He 77 and look fine for his age. You just has to be realisic to see that.

  • 1

    1.- @ 05/23/2008 at 4:12 pm shirtless and gross!!
    My grandpa is older than this guy, and he doesn’t look this bad!
    Why you stole my name? I won’t say something like this to Clint Eastwood .I don’t think any one with the brain would. He 77 and look fine for his age. You just has to be realisic to see that.

  • tarly

    creepy now taht guy needs to lose that chub

  • tay

    I think they should pass a law that makes it illegal for men over the age of 35 to be outside with out a shirt on….

  • shorty

    poor clint.