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Dita Does Dolce

Dita Does Dolce

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese attends the big bash thrown by party aficionados Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at Baoli, Port Canto during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Friday in Cannes, France.

Loving the high-waisted skirt with the lace-up stitching!

10+ pictures inside of Dita Von Teese partying with Dolce & Gabbana…

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dita von teese dolce gabbana 01
dita von teese dolce gabbana 02
dita von teese dolce gabbana 03
dita von teese dolce gabbana 04
dita von teese dolce gabbana 05
dita von teese dolce gabbana 06
dita von teese dolce gabbana 07
dita von teese dolce gabbana 08
dita von teese dolce gabbana 09
dita von teese dolce gabbana 10

Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty
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  • belle


  • lauren

    that hair is ca-razy

  • JI

    The hairstyle is very odd, old and perhaps traditional. I suppose it does have some artistic values.

  • holly wood

    I’m a bit bored with her…the ‘look’ is so predictable for her…I know it’s her own and she works it better than anyone else..but I dunno, I’d like to see her looking like a regular pretty woman once in a while and not a pin up or burlesque model. Do you think men find the look sexy or too made up? Most men I know like less make-up and more natural women..just curious.
    I’d like to see Dita in a pair of jeans and way less white make-up. I bet her natural hair color is pretty..she’s a true blond, not a brunette!

  • Little Loca

    do you ever think she just wears jeans and a t-shirt or better yet a pair of sweat pants?

  • JunoFirst

    okay, so she knows she’s got the classic 1930′s-1940′s looks, and must also really like that era’s style, because she sure plays it up every single time. What amazes me how she can afford all these designer duds when I don’t even know if she ever starred in any movie. I don’t think a burlisque dancer makes that kind of money, then again, what do I know. Unless these designers just use her as a maniquen to advertise for them, and they pay her way in in all these hoopla events.
    She kind of reminds me of the Paris Hilton type. Whatever.


  • Vshizzle

    Just what the hell does this woman do besides wear designer clothes and pose making the same bland face?

  • tom c

    She’s so strange and sort of freaky. Everything is all made up and nothing is real about her.

  • amle

    She tries to act so classy. But wasnt she getting boned by Marilyn Manson for quite awhile LOL

  • Sharon

    Love the hair, love the makeup, love the shoes and the diamond-seamed hosiery. But the “dress” reminds me of my mother’s underwear — a structured black bra and an old girdle worn upside down. I’m not sure even Dita can pull off this look.

  • luckyL

    Weird hair but she sure is pretty!

  • ellen

    She looks so beautiful. Love her style!

  • cool

    Lovely. Dita’s the best!

  • Shakira

    Dita always looks great. I think the time and thought she puts into each outfit just to entertain us is great.

  • Amanda

    She looks great

  • Neil

    sheer perfection

  • dude

    She is pale but cute

  • Reader

    Looking beautiful like always

  • leela

    She’s pretty. I’m glad you mention her sometimes.

  • sweetie

    She is very pretty, but that hair has to go!

  • John

    She is beautiful…And her boobs…wow!

  • cruz


  • Mel

    She is ridiculously hot.

  • keiko

    Wow, she is amazing.

  • no doubt

    I think she is better-looking now than when she was with that asshole Manson.

  • D


  • yaya

    She has flawless skin.

  • Art of the Teese

    I love the TEESE!

  • Laura

    Love Dita and her style.

  • daze

    She is sooo pretty. I love her dress.

  • nikomilinko

    I never like this woman look. It´s strange

  • Amber

    What exactly does she do? I don’t understand why or how she is at all these events. Is “dancing” a well paying job?

  • others not so much

    This woman always looks amazing, I think it was her who single handedly brought back the 40′s look people was rocking last year, class pure class, even though she’s a burlesque dancer, I think she’s fab and her dancing rocks!

  • http://deleted ok

    that HAIR!!!!!

    yuckity yuck!

    she’s very pretty but trying WAAAYYYY too hard.

  • Helena

    I love her fashion style, but what exactly does she do other than be a burlesque entertainer? Since when does that make you famous?

  • qtros

    Who is she?

  • Candace

    Dita has phenomenal taste. Only she could pull off an outfit such as this one!

  • Vshizzle

    I know more people with better looks and talent….What in the hell is this WOMAN famous for??? PLEASE TELL ME???? M. Manson? Ewwwwwww ick factor over the top…I know a lot of the gays think she is “fierce” and all…She is a bland bland bland woman.

  • Candace

    Oh yes, and I’d like to mention (to JunoFirst) that one doesn’t have to star in a movie to be able to afford designer duds. Dita is the Queen of Burlesque (and the Queen of Fashion in my opinion!) and I can’t imagine how much money she probably makes. I’m happy for her, because from what I’ve read about her, she comes from humble beginnings. So yeyae Dita!

  • ester

    I love how she always dresses are a tad eccentric, but in a very classy way.

  • Kirsten

    Her waist is so tiny! She really looks like a doll.

  • dolce

    The design of the dress compliments her hourglass figure.

  • Natalia

    Even movie stars don’t buy the dresses they wear to these big events. Designers loan them in exchange for the free publicity. I’m sure the same applies to Dita, plus I read she makes $ 25,000+ for an appearance. That buys a lot of dresses!

  • ashlee.

    Who’s she?

  • Bailey

    She looks gorgeous.

  • MelliSa

    LoOkz LiKe a DoLL..LoL…

    RIP. GramPii..

  • flame

    I love her old Hollywood style!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    The HOT PORN version of an FLDS polygomist cult woman.

  • Mary

    I love her. She has a classic 40s pin up look.

  • Traci

    Dita always looks great! She looks like she stepped out of the 1940′s!