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Katie Holmes' Broadway Break

Katie Holmes' Broadway Break

Katie Holmes dons her shades as she takes a break from a Broadway theater in New York City on Friday.

Kat, 29, will be making her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller‘s play, All My Sons. She will play Ann Deever, a woman who visits the family of her former lover, a missing pilot.

In other news, TomKat is reportedly suing Petit Tresor, a baby boutique in Los Angeles for publicizing false shopping details of a $350,000 spending spree at the store. “Petite Tresor is trying to get publicity for themselves by telling the press that celebrities are shopping in their store when they’re not,” says a rep for the couple.

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  • LOLA


  • Letícia


  • Ewww


  • Anonymous123

    She looks SO miserable, and she´s sort of morphing into Tom Cruise.

  • ahleeeeeeee & pete fan
  • Letícia

    poor hair!

  • Money does not buy happiness

    Unlimited shopping was part of her contract. She probably spent more than what they reported, and rightfully she earned this with every awkward stupid wrist hold. When you marry for money you earn every dime, which is evident by the happiness she displays in most photos, these included.

  • PardyHardy

    I feel so sad for her…

  • Janie

    Anyone think maybe she is just tired?

  • juh

    I hate her… :)

  • Jay

    LOL @ #10 .. anyway, she seems so weird . . .

    -Social Elitist

  • marcus

    It’s so nice of her to let the beauty school students do experiments on her hair, but I just hope she can get it fixed by the curtain call!

  • Starrynites

    So talent less Katie Holmes will star opposite the outstanding Oscar winner Dianne Wiest and Tony winner John Lithgow in a production of Arthur Miller’s ‘All My Sons’.?????

    What a huge joke . . .

    Does anyone remember her awful movie ‘Mad Money’, and how it fared so poorly at the US box office and how her dreadful performance was essentially panned by the critics.

    It’s obivious she is being considered for roles (or getting them) because of her relationship to Tom Cruise, not because of any acting talent she possesses. She should be embarrassed to accept roles based merely on her marriage to Tom Cruise. What a creepy, pathetic woman. . .

  • poor granny kate

    What happened to her arm? Did she have a s troke?

  • WHAT?

    In other news, TomKat is reportedly suing Petit Tresor, a baby boutique in Los Angeles for publicizing false shopping details of a $350,000 spending spree at the store. “Petite Tresor is trying to get publicity for themselves by telling the press that celebrities are shopping in their store when they’re not,” says a rep for the couple.


  • pr person

    First of all…. the Cruisazies people read Life & Style (which is whom the comment was made to)? Be pretty funny if Petite Tresor pulled out the receipts for proof and told the Cruisazies to take their business elsewhere.

    Awwwww… no smiles for the paps? Must not have been a regularly scheduled photo op.

  • Locfo

    Jared they are not suing them. A lawyer sent them a letter telling them to stop telling the media what they buy from the store, wether it is true or a lie. Because Petit Tresor keeps telling the media that celebrities buy things at their store that they didn’t buy or that they spend an amount that they didn’t even spend on merchandise.

  • http://justjared vicki

    Poor Katie looks pale and tired again. And of course, never smiling. Maybe she takes those lessons from Victoria “stone-faced” Beckham. I think poor Katie must be drinking some of Suri’s toxic formula, but all joking aside, she really looks miserable in every picture. What will it take to make her happy? Maybe Broadway will put some happiness back into her life. Who knows. She may do very well on stage, so let’s give her a chance.

  • !


  • tom cruise is gay

    talentless ugly Tom Cruise’s beard, and boring.

  • frida

    Jarred what is wrong with you ??? They are not suing Petit t . !!! Why you are soo a liar about Tomkat ??????????? Live this family alone , please !

  • onmyown

    I am not here to make nasty comments about Holmes or Cruise. Everyone has right to express an opinion – bad or good. If it makes them feel good thrashing Holmes, make them sleep better tonight, and helps them with their self-esteem, then by all means go for it. Knock your self out with hate.

    However, I do have a point to make, and solely about the theme on this thread – that is whether or not Petit Tresor has the right to publish what this couple bought, or did not buy, or how much they spent.

    IMO, Petit Tresor has gone beyond propriety limits. I would not want Petit, any department or specialty store to make public on things I bought, did not buy or how much I spent. If I remember correctly, a bookstore can’t even make public what book I bought ! That holdings by the Court should prevent Petit from crossing over the line to protect my, yours or anyone’s privacy.

    As to the Cruises, or Katie in particular, what she does in her private life or what her faith is, why she married Tom Cruise is really NONE OF MY BUSINESS !

  • talal

    She looks very sad. Hope she’s ok.

  • julie

    Go Home, your visits to New York are always a disaster, you will just make a fool of yourself again. Don’t be a jerk, just go back to LA,
    get inseminated and go shopping. Have you completely lost your mind?

  • legs

    Cant wait for this Katie play….

  • Reese

    Pretty girl even without makeup. Love her purse too.

  • Starrynites

    I don’t believe it was that Petit Tresor publicized a shopping spree by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise but the details that they spend $350,000.

    The “average income” of the average working stiff in the US is around $46,242 a year. (That data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau). So, for people to realize K&T are spending that kind of money, at one time, on one little kid just sounds so self-absorbed and self-centered.

    The economy is in the crapper and many people are out of work and there is Katie Holmes pampering this one child to the extreme. Gosh, $350,000 is more money than most people could dream about in a lifetime and here is this silly woman squander such a large amount of money on this one child while so many other children go without simple necessities ~ like food and medical care.

    Who would want anyone to know you were so out of touch that you would buy an additional $350,000 worth of crap to add to your child’s already over-the-top mountain of things/stuff.

  • laughing

    a life
    jealous ones.

    Not liking this celebs but
    all the staring and posting
    on their threads is real

  • chatz

    i dont understand u people…when d stars get dressed or dolled up ull say theyr so full of themselves but wen dey go natural and less made up ull say dey should dressed short ur a negative person nothing good to say..1 thing im sure of is ur lives are miserable,no money no luvlyf nd mybe no friends lol

  • rays


  • jedis

    Only the lowest common denominators read and believe tabloid crap.

  • mj

    Oh yay — when will Katie perform?

  • chef

    Katie will rock Broadway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • orca

    Thanks Jared. She looks tired but still lovely.

    Between Suri and rehearsals and performing 6 times a week
    will be a challenge. Way to go,Katie.

  • anustin

    big screen doesn’t like u….off to broadway!!!

  • philly

    Among the few who can pull off a natural beautiful look with no speck of make-up.

  • philly

    # 35 Katie did TV,movie and now broadway and more of the bigscreen for her. What did you do for the world and others?
    insulting people you dont know is not community service or a testament to good family upbringing or church life about not juding others but letting God do it.

    Also, Katie’s Mad Money DVD is selling superbly and soars at the rentals too. Read on CNN Money and MSNBC.

  • Meg

    Loooove her

  • a reader

    God bless her and Tom. She is so beautiful along with her daughter Suri.

  • nikomilinko
  • winnie

    Between Suri and rehearsals and performing 6 times a week
    will be a challenge. Way to go,Katie.


    Especially if she is looking this tired not rehearsing or performing. she only has one child, and plenty of childcare help. Hope she is ok

  • HUGO


  • swing

    Good to see her because I miss her,Tom and Suri.

  • alma mater

    She’s trying to keep the low profile but watching the pics New Yorkers are staring at her and immediately recognize her. Thanks JJ for our Pretty Woman who will soon light up broadway.

  • ivy

    Oh the agony of envy because this is such a prestigious Arthur Miller play. What a perfect cast this is.

  • Ely

    I cant believe this chick is only a year and a half older than me. She looks really old, depressed, and so gloomy.

  • Linda G

    Run Katie! Make your escape…………

  • julie

    natural beauty? she looks horrible. the purse looks good.

  • ashlee

    Is she covering a black eye

  • pinks

    NY hearts KATIE HOLMES