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Petra Nemcova Parties with Brad Pitt

Petra Nemcova Parties with Brad Pitt

Model Petra Nemcova blows a kiss to her fans at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS 2008 benefit held at Le Moulin de Mougins during the 2008 International Cannes Film Festival on Thursday in Mougins, France.

Despite a reported diminished party scene at the Cannes Film Festival, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen hosted a popular yacht party for a select few. Petra, 28, was in attendance along with George Lucas, Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. Nice of Brad to stop by given that he and Angie are starting at his Cap Ferrat estate for a few weeks!

Sean Penn and Petra showed up as a couple to an event back in February.

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • ihavenolife

    she needs sleep, major eyebags.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lol you couldn’t help but to throw that name into the title, huh?

  • margie

    Trying to get hits by throwing Brad pitts name.WHY????????????????CRUEL TO THE JOLIE-PITTS,trying to add DIRT to the Family,they have children and Angies pregnant.

  • this ho

    belongs to Sean Penn trying everyway to break up his marriage.

  • vebe

    oh please JJ, how could you put angie man in the title, why must brad name, why not sean pean that’s the correct one, oh media… media…

  • esther

    She’s gorgeous…

    but Jolie is gorgeous and is smart, has children, 1 oscar, 3 golden globes, 2 SAG, has published a book, directed a documentary, OP-ed in the Washington Post, is a UNHCR goodwill ambassador, owns a pilot licence, won big raves in cannes…

    you get the idea

  • funny

    Oh Comon!!Brangelinaloonies.he puts his name there because he WAS there as well.and yeah it is bigger news for Brad to be at this kind of party without Angelina along with this ho.because he is not the type of party guy.I wonder why did he go to such a party?

    Jared.what kind of party it was?it was lap_dancing party?I hope there will be a picture of it.

  • julie

    Does she know her bra is sticking out on almost all the pics lol…

  • beedy eyed blue

    Why is Brad Pitt’s name in this title? It should be Petra Nemcova parties with Sean Penn

  • sunny

    Wow, gorgeous girl with gorgeous breast.

  • original jpf

    Why the stink?! Man, it’s getting harder and harder to even come here read because of the overkill posts that have nothing to do with anything. Who’s comparing Angelina to anyone? Why? The thread is about a party at a house that the Jolie-Pitts are vacationing at, so why not bring up the fact that one of them went to a party AT said home?! What is wrong with some of you people? Stop with the turning of every word, blurb, observation into some need to defend or accuse. It sucks big time.

    anyway….Thanks JJ as always.


  • maria

    Everyone and there dog knows Petra is trying to break-up marriage of Sean Penn,She is hot and heavy after Sean.

  • madonna

    forget this ho.

  • ?

    petra is trying to break up his marriage?what?I thought they split already?I mean wasn’t there a report earlier this year that Robin and Sean were divorced?so what does that mean?

  • hotchick

    what’s that thing on her left breast?

  • nikomilinko
  • sunny

    Haha, Brad got an eyefull of that breast. That dress was going to burst at any time!!!! Lucky Brad.

  • the truth is this

    Old story, LA Times/Fox News article about Paul Allen’sAnnual Party which was last week. Petra was chasing Sean as usual. Brad did attend this.

    The Annual Aids party was Wednesday nite (my time), hosted by Sharon Stone and Madonna. Brad did not attend this.


    Jared blended two parties/events together in a most confusing way.

    Brad’s name should not be associated with Petra.

    Jared must need hits.

  • Brad not at this party

    Brad was not at this Aids Annual Party Thursday nite.

    Petra is chasing Sean and is not succeeding and is getting desperate.

  • Shiloh in BB

    Saw the BB trailer last nite with Indy.

    Shiloh is in BB.

  • Annita

    the truth is this @ 05/23/2008 at 8:40 am

    Old story, LA Times/Fox News article about Paul Allen’sAnnual Party which was last week. Petra was chasing Sean as usual. Brad did attend this.

    The Annual Aids party was Wednesday nite (my time), hosted by Sharon Stone and Madonna. Brad did not attend this.


    Jared blended two parties/events together in a most confusing way.

    Brad’s name should not be associated with Petra.

    Jared must need hits.
    Thank you very much for clearing that up! So Brad did not attend THIS party but another one!!. I suppose Jared confused the two because it was hosted at the house he’s currently staying with his brood and he is co-starring with Sean Penn in his latest movie. So he thought he would attend!!

    Or he just did it on purpose to start some discussion out of nowhere again!!

    Well a blogger got to make some money right?? LOL!!

    And once again some people are making a big deal out of something that didn’t happen!! LOL!!

    Get your facts straight for once people!!

    Original JPF-I agree 100%

    Have a nice day JP fans!!

  • passing through

    I can’t wait for all the reports to start rolling in about how Nemcova stalked Sean Penn at the party.

  • NM

    I think you can almost see her nipples, GROSS:

  • NM

    I think you can almost see her nipples, GROSS:

  • sunshine

    Uh, oh, we all know that Brad is prone to cheat, and he does like pretty women. By the looks of how Angelina looked on the red carpet lately, and Brad looking as if he was just not that into her, like when he snatched her hand away from her face at the restaurant, This might be the next big scandal. Brad cheats on Angelina, with Petra. I would believe it. I do not think Brad is that attracted to Angelina during this pregnancy. IMO, it seems as if Brad has started emotionally detaching himself from Angelina. He never leaves without someone lined up. It just broke my heart when she received, along with Clint Eastwood that standing ovation, when she turned to Pitt, and you can see in her eyes that she was hurt that he did not even try to hug her, kiss her or anything, and clearly she was waiting for some form of affection. I believe she is still waiting. Well, you know what they say, what goes around comes around.

  • the real lou

    25 sunshine @ 05/23/2008 at 9:35 am ,What a piece of fiction that you wrote,and not a even a good one.3+ years and you are STILL running from blog to blog making up lies on this couple.Says alot about your life doesn’t it?

    I hope Amfar raised alot of money because it will go toward a good cause.

  • Ceci

    Well may be Brad doesn’t mind seeing his name with Petra Nemcova/
    And what’s wrong if Brad’s name is mentioned here? After all he is not married to Angelina, well even if he was it would not be wrong FOR Brad Pitt.

  • a reader

    sunshine, your analysis is full of craps.

    And Jared, you ARE trying to get hits from Brangelina’s fans with this post. Any dimwit can see that the only topic that get hits substantial enough to get more ad revenue is one with either Brad Pitt or Angelina’s name in it.

  • the real lou

    27 Ceci @ 05/23/2008 at 9:53 am ,What a stupid post! Guess I should expect no less considering the cra p you posted on the last Angelina/Brad thread.

  • a reader

    Now to this dimwit call model. Her claim to fame was surviving tsunami. She was not and still is not a good model. She’s pretty but it is the kind of average pretty one see in the mall, not super model material. She’s trying hard to climb the stairway to fame though.

  • NAM

    Brad probably was thrilled to get away from the witch for a couple of hours. Being holed up in a far away mansion in France with no other company but a whining self centered b1tchh must be very trying for him. I’m sure seeing Petra made his anxiety worse…realizing that he is STUCK with Jolie for a very very long time with the anchor of 6 kids she’s suckered him with -

  • NAM

    Ahhh Braddy boy…bet you long for those sweet, care-free woman who know how to enoy life. Now now now Braddy….enjoy the rest of your life with a morticia-like being who cares nothing except herself. The kids, as Brad must know by now, are simply being used as a form of therapy for her.

  • YUMM

    Brad prefers blond and thin. He ain’t got that any longer…don’t blame him for seeing Petra. SHE’S FRESH AND LOVELY!!!

  • KC

    I used to respect Petra for what she went through but now she just seems like an opportunistic famewhore who uses her Tsunami experience to further her exposure.

  • remember da truth

    Sunny #10 That’s what I thought! She is GORGEOUS and love the boobs!!

    Funny to see the loons are going off on Brad’s name in the title…. So what? WE know the truth, no need to “defend” and make it sound like there’s something to defend! Yes, Brad’s name attracts attention, so what?
    Sounds like a great party. Angie was at home with the kids, resting after all her press work for TWO movies, and lots of interesting people to talk to and have fun with at Paul Allen’s party.

    I wonder if Petra and Sean are still together?

  • +++

    NAM @ 05/23/2008 at

    Sorry Nam, Brad was hold and chain by the plastic surgery, botox addict, coke addict, cahin smokers witch for god damn 7 yrs. He is save by his Angel babymama, settle and contend. He had already knew it’s a hell living with a self absorbed, bottle bleach bitch is. He ain’t going any where.

  • amle

    I think the thing I noticed most about the pictures is the gal all dressed up in black and gold. Look at her fingernails. She must have been doing her gardening earlier in the day.
    Petra needs to get a new plastic surgeon. She has a Michael Jackson nose.

  • +++

    YUMM @ 05/23/2008 at 10:58 am Brad prefers blond and thin.

    Maniston aint blond and thin, she”s bottle blonde , short and stucky but brad did stick with that bitch for 7 yrs.

  • remember da truth

    Annita #21 and the rest of you who can’t read…

    JJ says that these photos, which are obviously on a red carpet, were from the AIDS party. IN A SEPARATE PARAGRAPH, not saying it’s the same party, he mentions that Paul Allen threw a party for a select few on his yacht. Petra was one of the select few.
    He has no pictures of the private party, but used the pictures from the red carpet of the AIDS event to show a pic of Petra.

    You people are BEYOND stupid. This is why going to Brangelina threads on JJ are an exercise in watching people’s neuroses at work. Mental midgets and psychos….

  • #35

    Sean Penn is back with his wife Robin. She was with him in Cannes earlier last week and even went to a party Petra threw.

  • ehpatrol

    who cares.

  • N

    I can’t stand this woman. She is a major attention whore.

  • truth digg

    Radiantly beautiful. More Brad’s type than “Morticia” Jolie…

    Of course there was some heavy flirting going on, but Pittis stuck with Jolie for a while longer.

  • Jane

    Bet bradders will find it refreshing to spend time with a normal woman after being a babysitter for a psycho bitch for the past three years. No wonder he looks as rough as a bear’s arse hahahaha

  • K

    Run Brad, she’s a man stealer !!!!!!!

  • Petra mattar

    my name is also Petra! I think shes pretty :)

  • sara

    lol@people who thinks she actually was parting with Pitt.hehehe

    some of you need to know that Paul Allen’s party is alittle more different than your usual b-day is not like they are dancing and there is a room for people to fukc each other.

    lol@people who think Petra can actually attract Pitt to

    you know that in this kind of party,there are alot of lobbies for people,social,yeah it includes dancing as well.but actually A-list actors and actress usually don’t enjoy this kind of ho in this kind of party.there are alot better and more interesting people in this kind of party to attract him toward themselves,alot better than Petra.LOL

  • trolls

    Maybe GC will be interested but not Brad. Nemcova is a Ho.. Maybe GC will dump the other ho and get Sean Penn’s left over.

  • lsam

    Okay, I am writing this for the second time. JJ you keep us interested in this thread because of Brad’s name. Great move. The only problem is it feeds back on people who live in the past. People who wants to talk about Angie back when she was young. People who wants to get even with Angie for bearing Brad’s first child. People who wants to say any negative nuisances just to offend Brangie fans. Well, future tabloid writers, get a life. Angelina Jolie will be Angelina Jolie. She does not have any regrets for what was her past, her present and future. She lives her life the way she wants it. She is with Brad and Brad is with her. You can speculate all you want by your “blond and thin” nuisances but by the time the twins arrive you can go shout at the ocean all you want. Okay JJ, you got my hit.

  • tricky thread

    Fans go to Angie’s thread. This is Petra’s thread. A sure bait.