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Alanis Morissette is a Rockefeller Rocker

Alanis Morissette is a Rockefeller Rocker

Alanis Morissette rocks out onstage during NBC’s Today Show concert series at Rockefeller Center on Friday in New York City.

Earlier in the year, Alanis, 33, attempted a comeback with her single “Underneath”.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alanis’ new look? Anyone see a little Sheryl Crow?

15+ pictures of Alanis Morissette rocking out at Rockefeller…

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alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 01
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 02
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 03
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 04
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 05
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 06
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 07
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 08
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 09
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 10
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 11
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 12
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 13
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 14
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 15
alanis morissette rockefeller rocker 16

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • marisa

    wow. she got bigger.

    i like her better with that dark brown hair.

  • uhh

    uh, did she gain weight?
    i don’t know what she looked like before she broke up with ryan reynolds…? hope here album is awesome

  • Little Loca

    she looks like a 40 something soccer mom?


    She DEFINITELY looks like she gained weight.

  • yeii

    she looks so FAT!

  • Bruna

    she looks huge!!!!!!!
    a diet might be a good idea…

  • Neil

    I really like Alanis as person but she just doesn’t look right here. Something is up here or should I say down.

  • Vshizzle

    man…she looks uncomfortable…

  • Val

    Whoa, I wasn’t expecting a chubby Alanis!

  • amle

    LOL Boy she looks rough now. Ryan traded way up with Scarlett. Alanis Monistat needs to ditch those pants real quick. She looks like she needs to take a good dump.

  • imilky23
    very good site

  • I am Canadian

    Big or not, she can belt them songs out like no one can. Your the best.

  • Maria

    i think Alanis GAINED WEIGHT not pregnant as the rumors entails.

  • w4hyaejj

    she has gained a little weight but you people are tearing her to pieces… it’s not like she balooned up 100 pounds! and even if she did, it was probably because of her brakeup, and everyone goes through that…
    I think she’s amazing, and if she wants to look like before, she probably will!


  • You/Me

    I don’t think it’s a big deal if she gained weight…..but WTF is she wearing???
    She looks like the President of the PTA or something….sooooo not cool. I mean, yeah, age comes no matter what…. but she is only 33 and she is dressed like she is 53!!!
    She needs to fire her stylist…..or hire one!

  • dml

    Jezuz fuck you people seem to be a tad shallow. What’s up with the weight focus? Anyone here care to comment on the MUSIC? The PERFORMANCE? Grow up and start living from the inside out – instead of the outside only.

    Welcome back Alanis!

    You did what in a theatre?

  • Ch.Zh

    Definitely she got some weight…

  • LT

    I like her hair & make-up…horrible outfit!!
    weight gain yes, but she could have concealed it
    in a more flattering choice of threads for sure.
    Yikes! Fashion emergency!!

  • Lenny

    Maybe she’ll replace Kristy Alley as the fat person next to Valerie B. for Jenny Craig ads!!

  • Raven

    WTF? It looks like she has put on a lot of weight? Sorry to say. I like her though.

  • Birmingham lass

    Sheryl Crow? She fits in there three times!

  • papa samson

    So happy to see one of the most talented songwriters on the planet back to give us more. I look forward….and have been since i heard her first song… hearing every single word she sings.


    you blow me away. x

  • Nessa

    It’s not fair to judge her so quick. Maybe she’s pregnant.

  • nikomilinko
  • Fashion Disaster

    what was she thinking w/ that outfit? she looks like an old lady & she totally gained weight. the weight gain isn’t that big of a deal but you don’t wear something that awful. she can so pull off that boho chic look that a lot of people try to pull off & can’t. that look also really fits her music. she has a great voice. someone needs to step in & get her a stylist before she makes anymore appearances looking like she is going to the drug store to buy metamucel & ice cream. the girl is only 33 – that ain’t old.

  • plez

    Her pants are too tight and the vest was a no no.
    Also I liked her hair striaght.

  • Corinne

    The reason why she’s soooo fat is because she’s pregnant
    She didn’t say who was the father but that explains the weight..
    But not the look though…she definitively looks like a 45 soccer mom !

  • julie

    I love Alanis but I think she did gain a lot of weight and is trying to hide it with clothes which maker her even more uncomfortable, makes up for big huge hair and everything… I hope she gets over this soon cause I think it has to do with Ryan. Just my opinion.

    Her music rocks, though. So do the new songs.

  • Helena

    Who cares if she looks bigger, it’s Alanis Morissette! She ruled the 90′s.

  • Regina

    My god, I can’t believe the only subject in the comments are about her weight. It’s people like YOU who makes others anorexic. She’s a great singer, she’s not a model.

  • Pingy-ponga

    I thought it was Sheryl Crow at first.

  • brenda

    The weight gain must be because of the loss of Ryan Renolds.

  • brenda

    The weight gain must be because of the loss of Ryan Reynolds.

  • Aldu

    :O she’s so fat!

  • Island Girl

    shes come a long way from you outta know

  • Linda G

    She is pregnant!
    Pregnant women gain weight………..

  • oliviadog

    Duh- she IS pregnant. Her legs and arms are not fat! That ugly vest is helping to hide the ‘bump’.

  • MyEyeisonyou

    It is obvious she has gained weight but that doesn’t affect her talent.

  • amle

    I think her outfit is terrible. She has a neck like a wrestler. her songs are ok.

  • sandie

    She is letting herself go.
    She’s dressed like she didn’t care and that hair color is not working.

  • Babe

    Yikes! Camel Toe alert!!! She obviously hasn’t had time to shop for new clothes since gaining weight…

  • Aa

    Is it a crime for a woman to gain weight?

  • msguidedmama

    could she be pregnant?

  • Sandbitch

    If she’s pregnant then she must be having twins, one in each leg (Barbar and Barbannis)

    Look, I have no problem at all with fat people’s fattness – they can consume all the greasy junk they like. Better that they eat it or there might be an environmental disaster or something.

  • Traci

    Sorry I think she looks out of shape and sloppy.

  • Neil

    To answer the posters complaining about some of the other posters; It isn’t the weight so much as what the weight, clothes and hairstyle are indicating inside. We all know Ryan and her split-up and now he is with one of Hollywood’s ‘beautiful’ women, Scarlett Johanson. If Alannis’s ego and self-esteem didn’t suffer some bruising after that than she is some kind of superwoman. At the same time I’m intrigued by how she’s used the pain for her latest work. Years ago me and some of my friends used to joke about the cost of breaking up with Joni Mitchell for any guy. Inevetibly that guy was going to cringe at hearing the sweet dulcett tones of Joni singing about some critical shortcomming of his. Ouch!

  • Neil


  • divad

    yikes! this is what Ryan hotness Reynolds was banging?
    she looks like a soccer mom at a 80′s concert trying to be “hip”
    she needs to lose the kmart stretch pants and crimped hair and get back to her anger days…..

  • PC

    I tried to meet her after a concert three years ago. Ten people waiting for autographs after the show and she and Ryan Reynolds completely blew all of us off. “Thaaaaaank You”, Alanis! –a former fan

  • kit

    Wow, she’s as big as a hoose(that’s house in Canadian). Yikes, look at those legs! They’re like tree stumps. She’s packing down the ho-ho’s since her ex fiance is engaged to a gorgeous, much younger American. Silly Alanis-doesn’t she know, Americans always win. Ha! Alanis such an antiAmerican c***, I laughed my butt off when I heard Ryan was with Scarlett. Love it! Eat it Alanis.