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David Cook Does Larry King Live

David Cook Does Larry King Live

American Idol champ David Cook arrives at the CNN studios to take some calls for Larry King Live.

When asked if he felt relieved when the whole Idol experience was over, Cook said, “Yes, in a way. The whole show, the eight-month process from first audition to this, it feels like you’re holding your breath a little bit. And I’ve been asked a few times why I cried at the end. And for me, that was just an exhale, to step back and really think about what just happened. It’s pretty heavy. So, yes, I am relieved, because, now I get to move on to the next phase of all this, which is a record and a tour and all the good stuff.”

Don’t miss a special second hour with Cook on CNN on Monday, May 26! And here are three more appearances he’ll be making in the coming week: Live with Regis & Kelly (Tuesday, May 27), The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Wednesday, May 28) and The Today Show (Thursday, May 29).

David Cook Does Larry King Live
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Credit: Antony Mercer; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Vanessa Love

    I wanted the other David to win. He was so much better.

  • booyay

    Dude has a serious case of the gayface. Really weird looking

  • Raven

    Congradulations David Cook! :D

    I love your scruff! Never shave!

  • kristina

    hes really cute
    i love his hair

  • Ilovedavidcook

    I LOVE DAVID COOK! HE IS TRULY THE DEFINITION OF AN AMERICAN IDOL! he is america’s newest heartthrob and he’s about to get a LOTT bigger. i guarantee that. good luck david cook. we love you. :]

  • Helena


  • kaylie

    wow you people are rude.
    david cook was alot better than david archuleta.
    david cook could sing alot more genres of music as archuleta.
    now i agree david archuleta was amazing, but david cook was alot better and i think he will sell many albums, as well as the other david.

  • ks

    He’s talented, smart, funny, and good-looking. What more can I say.

  • Amy

    Vanessa, Grow up !

  • Amy

    Cook is way better than A.

  • mishy b

    I must say David Cook deserved the title but, on the otherhand I had my fingers crossed for David Archuleta

  • XxMANAxX

    David Cook will be huge just like Kelly, Carrie, and Daughtry. DAVID COOK WILL FINALLY BE THE FIRST SUCESSFUL MALE WINNER. Rueben who? Taylor who?

  • Sara

    YAYY!! i love David Cook!!

  • jo

    Like them both but Cook is ORIGINAL. He’s gonna make it big for sure, just watch.


    Gee wiz. Just jared, my comments won’t go through again… What do you have to be a big shot celebrity like Donald Trump or Star Jones to get your comments through, zeeeesh. Anyway, i’m glad you’ve made it young David Cook…you are on Larry King..the only talk show bigger than that is the Charlie Rose Show.

  • http://justjared vicki

    I love David Cook. What a wonderful voice. I know it must be rough on him thinking about his brother Adam, but he will go on and handle what ever comes his way. He has so far. Good luck to you David.

  • nikki

    wow some of you are rude.
    if david archuleta was better than david cook then archuleta would have won.
    but he didnt.

  • pauli

    I loveeeeeee David Cookkkk, he is so hot and his voice touch me, he is so gourgeous in these pics maybe just a little tired, porr baby he had been interviwed all the time and no sleep hours.

  • joann

    OMG…David Cook is a STAR! He was meant to win and thats just how the cookie crumbles. He is so gorgeous, and I would say almost of a ole soul. His music he makes will be very popular.

  • He Needs a Stylist

    so he for sure has talent but what is he wearing. can he please loose that star necklace. isn’t he supposed to be a rocker? that looks like something my 10 yr. old niece would wear. his clothes look like he wore them the night before or he just pulled them out of the hamper. are they really fug or do they just need a trip to the dry cleaners. the guy needs a makeover big time & a good haircut so that clump of gel on the side of his head won’t be necessary. yeah i am being mean but he is a big star now…

  • davidcookfan

    I love David. He’s been my favorite since the beginning. I’m stoked he won.

    But he’s killing those boots.

    David, I love you… but get rid of them! They make you look like you have clown feet!


  • Sizz

    He’s beautiful inside and out.

    Such an amazing voice too.

    America got it completely right this time.

    Most talented on this season by a landslide.

  • chantall

    idk i didnt really follow american idol this year but i think he needs a stylist!!

  • tracy

    david cook needs to be my boyfriend, like, immediately. love that guy.

  • haseo

    Cook is so cool dude! he changes the tone of some song mean!
    so cool :)

  • janeway

    David Cook is amazing. i never really cared who won before but I was thrilled-he truly deserved it. He seems like a genuine and humble guy-let’s hope success and Hollywood won’t spoil him. It sounds like his family will keep him grounded. Congratulations to him and his family and best wishes to his ill brother.

  • Glenn

    He’s a size 13, y’all. That’s why he has huge…shoes.

  • Candy

    David A is way better than him.

  • carly

    Best! American! Idol! Ever! Seriously.

    Also, freakin hot.

  • anne

    well, whether cook or archuleta wins still the same result
    both are very good singers
    so its a win-win situation
    both will sell good albums

  • andrea

    i think if you dont have anything nice to say why even bother commenting negative stuff

  • andrea

    i think if you dont have anything nice to say why even bother commenting negative stuff

  • dcfan

    he really deserve it!!!
    goodluck on his career..

  • Noelle

    He’s amazing. And hot!!

  • Reace

    so cute……………
    love u DC……………………

  • LJ

    He is kind of hot..He has sexy voice..


    I just want to say that this season of American Idol was the best so far. America got it right with 2 great guys going head to head with the title. My favorite in the beginning was Jason Cook but as the season went on there was no way he could compete with the 2 Davids’.

    I must say in the beginning I didn’t think David Cook would be one of the last 2 standing. He deserved to win because he can perform all different genres of music so please don’t take that away from him with the hate. Both Davids’ were good and both of them will get a recording contract. So, with this being said David Cook won fair and square and by 12 million votes that is by a landslide. Way 2 go David Cook Rock On! Congrats to David Archuleta too you were great too.

    Be Positive People and Rock On!

  • cookiedough

    Congrats D.Cook, you deserved it! He rocks!

    Thanks JJ, and please keep posting anything new on David Cook :)

  • aa

    so ugly face

  • Ellen

    I was glad David Cook got the title of AI, America got it right !

    Cookie is a total package.

  • Fan

    Oh grow up. David Cook is very talented and I’m looking forward to seeing what he plans to create. Archie is good too but he’s cursed with his age. At 17 everyone will compare him to Jonas Brothers, or Zac Efron or people like that.

  • wow

    I saw that Larry King interview. He’s the most poised and articulate idol winner ever. He knows a lot about music too. I expect him to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The harder the rock music, the better.

  • Lindsay

    finally, America got this right. i don’t live there but i was seriously rooting for Cookie. if Archie won, i’m fine with it. best season of AI ever.

  • lady

    David Cook reminds me so damn much of the deceased Macedonian singer Tose Proeski – you guys should google Tose proeski also check You Tube – Tose was also a very down to earth guy and did a lot for charity even as a child singer he was donating his money etc.

  • Kim in Calgary, Canada

    There seems to be a lot of people questioning why David Cook beat David Archeleta. The answer is simple, David Cook was the most talented, charismatic & articulate contestant (not to mention sexy)

    The question I (along with many millions of fans) have is “Could you please sing something?”

  • nita-indonesia

    Yay….David Cook..!! Luv him from the beginning.. Thanks Jared for posting his pics.. He’s such talented musician, humble, caring, and smart, too. IMO he has potential to be the most successful Idol winner. Go David…!! We’ll always be your die hard fans :)

  • fan

    he is cool

  • Kim in Calgary, Canada

    On Friday’s show there seemed to be a lot of people questioning why David Cook beat David Archeleta. The anwer to that is David Cook was the most talented, charismatic and articulate (not to mention sexy) contestant.

    The question I (along with millions of fans) have is “Could you please sing something?”

  • Lillianne

    David Cook is INCREDIBLE. Intellectual, articulate, handsome, LIPS FOR DAYS, great hands (smile), down-to-earth, extremely talented at a LOT of things (he’s a graphic artist and a baseball player as well as a singer/musician), soooo nice and loving, sensitive yet very strong, and just an all-around fantastic Midwestern WASP-y boy with an edge.

    Did I mention all this adds up to sexy fodder for smart women with taste?

    Intelligent, kind, and sexy sells. Listen up, advertisers. :-)

  • steve

    are david cook and kimberbitch.. opps typing errorr..I mean kim caldwell together? *.*