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Lindsay Lohan is the Green Queen

Lindsay Lohan is the Green Queen

Lindsay Lohan goes green at the Dolce and Gabbana party at Baoli, Port Canto during the 2008 International Cannes Film Festival on Friday in Cannes, France.

LiLo, 21, has been getting attention for her recent PDA with BFF Samantha Ronson. The pair were seen cuddling, kissing and holding hands on Sean Combs‘ yacht on Wednesday. They have denied that they’re an item.


10+ pictures of Lindsay Lohan going green…

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lindsay lohan green queen 01
lindsay lohan green queen 02
lindsay lohan green queen 03
lindsay lohan green queen 04
lindsay lohan green queen 05
lindsay lohan green queen 06
lindsay lohan green queen 07
lindsay lohan green queen 08
lindsay lohan green queen 09
lindsay lohan green queen 10

Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty
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  • amanda

    she looks like a drag queen.

  • lauren


  • jenn

    can you look any more haggard lindsay!!

  • Dannie

    Is that supposed to be a dress?? She looks absolutely awful, and her hair looks greasy. Over all just YUCK!

  • Marta

    21 and this legs????

  • vicki pasadena, ca

    She is sooo over. Talent, stupidity, please. a Lesbian kiss is nothing… Who cares anymore about anything she does.

  • You/Me

    Real or fake….who gives a sh*t. I think Lindsay would take whoever would be stupid enough to get between her legs….male or female.
    She’s disgusting.

  • Helena

    She doesn’t look too bad here, especially compared to recent pictures.

  • katerer

    Horrible thighs, horrible skin, everthing.

    Always looks rode hard, put away wet.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so 2005 no one care about lindsay

    it’s all about MEGAN NOW

  • Laura

    i love the dress. however, Linds does not have the legs to pull it off. She isn’t fat but really needs to tone up, especially since she is only 21. I must say her face photographs really well. she is pretty but for sure is getting weathered looking. she needs to darken up that hair.

  • ME

    I think she looks fine. Def. better than normal. The dresses is just a lil too short tha is all

  • LOLA

    Fucking LESBIAN.

  • janie

    Lindsey is a white trash trailer parker no talent thief and a lesbian whore!!!

  • aimee

    she is a skanky, drug addict, “D” lister has been!!!!!!!

  • Ingrid

    She’s hardly a dlister. She will be soon, but as soon as the paparazzi stop photographing her every minute of the day, then she’ll be a has-been.

  • ppffft

    What the f0ck is she wearing! The Christmas wrap from last year?!

  • WOW

    Wow, she is only 21, looks like 40 to me.

  • http://justjared vicki

    Poor Lindsay. What has happened to the cute Parent Trap girl? Now she is “trapped” in her own little world of alcohol, drugs and constant nicotine sticks, and cameras in her face 24/7. I feel sorry for her, and now this mess with Samantha, who looks dirty and greasy and manly all the time. Does she love this Sammy girl? Who Knows, but her luck with men is at an all time 0. Lindsay does not look well, and if her Mother cannot help her { only loves herself} then maybe she should look for help through her father, like Britney. Maybe he has changed enough to help her. I think Samantha will use her, like everyone else.

  • Mike

    love her…

  • JI

    That skin really scares me. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s genetics. I think she got all that from excessive tanning. On top of that, she does have layers of make up in all of those pictures which comes to the question of how bad she would look without make up…? Just my thought.

  • eddie jones

    I think she’s a drug using racist. let’s never forget what she said while fleeing from the police drunk. “the black kid was driving”. I don’t care how she trys to redefine herself, she’s a racist piece of crap.

  • American

    How is that racist? The kid WAS black and she didn’t know his name. It’s just her description which isn’t derogatory at all.

  • fAkin

    why you hate her? I’m sure you don’t have any good reason.
    She looks lovely.

  • Jill

    Pretty shoes. The dress would be pretty if it was floor-length, but that style in a mini just looks silly.

  • gudiya09

    i don’t particularly like LiLo, but i don’t deny that she looks good in these pictures, the dress is beautiful. she looks clean like she did a few years ago.
    is this samantha person a girl? cause if she is thats, sick.

  • Microchipho

    Poor girl. She’s so old looking and her career is over, and she is broke now, which is making her look worse without the stylists and makeup,a nd ken paves and etc. Why the hell is she in Cannes?

  • chantall

    she totally needs to work on her thighs… i dont like that dress. and her skin on her face looks like it has to many broken veins

  • ech

    why blonde? This hair color doesn’t fit her. She needs to go red again. She used to be so beautiful, but now she looks so used and abused.

  • mari

    she looks like a drag queen[2]
    oh please,this “relationship” is SO false,she’s just trying to get attention don’t matter what. but pretend to be a lesbian it’s crazy,so,go to REHAB e never come back :) insane!

  • null

    She looks rough, but I think it’s mainly due to the hair. It’s awful. Her eyes are pretty, though.

  • samantha

    wow,a bunch of haters,you scumbags make me puke,get a life,you pathetic worms

  • holly wood

    I’m glad she’s not starving herself like most of her peers…she has a very 50′s body…’s not bad at all…just could stand some toning as it has been said already…
    But, I have to agree with some of the comments about this girl. She had so much going for her at one point…her performance in The Parent Trap was wonderful. She WAS a cute kid…and HAD talent and potential…that all appears to be history now. Too many times of messing up and studios don’t want to take a chance on you, even with insurance..I can’t stand to listen to her on TV interviews..she comes off as such a bratty biotch. And full of herself. We all know both of her parents are messed up majorly, so she doesn’t get good parenting. As for her relationship with SaMANtha Ronson…I think it’s the real lesbo stuff…I always thought Linds was more into girls than boys…and she’s a huge Klepto too. I think Sam worships her and keeps a good eye on her at all times…As it has been said, Lindsay seems to eat up any lovin’, no matter who or what it comes from..sad, but true.
    Anyhoo, it will be fun to see when they openly ‘come out’’s not as if it’s any big secret now..

    Have a happy sunday Gossipers.

  • Samantha

    Those legs are horrible, and that piece of material she’s wearing is so inappropriate. She needs to see a couple of Bollywood awards nights (Cannes equivalents) – Many Indian actresses might wear a colourful Indian style dress like that – but with matching trousers (or leggings – i mean she’s so into leggings, where are they when you need them?!)…. At least something a bit more demure and discreet… How slutty and cheap does she look? Get a new stylist Lindsay. And work on doing some real meaningful movies and learn how to act, and you might get a real invitation to Cannes instead of just turning up for the photo op…

  • L

    This Samantha Ronson thing is such a ruse. She just wants people talking about her, which she got.

  • Miley

    Wait Linsdey n the grl were caught kissing?

  • honeycomb

    that dress looks like victorian curtains! with diamond accents… and i’s scary how much she looks like her mother, which is not compliment considering that her mom is AWFUL looking!

  • alena

    it’s weird, while i’ve never thought her unattractive, she’s never stuck out as being gorgeous to me (or most people from what i can tell). she was cute when she was younger, but now she manages to look both old & used up and child-like (like in the smiling close-up of her) at the same time.

  • BD

    ahhh, you stupid ugly girls. Lindsay Lohan is hot. Any straight guy would love to f her…she really is a hot piece. I am sick of all you hideous girls commenting on someone who is SO much hotter than you will ever be. You should all be ashamed you UGLY TROLLS!

  • Lady J

    If Lindsay is happy, then it doesn’t matter who she is with.
    Here’s a better video of lindsay…the skirt is a little too shirt.

  • truvy

    I’m not really sure that she can turn back the hands of time. The way she has aged in just a few short years is astounding. She looks at least ten years older than she really is. BTW, I’m sure she’s dating Ronson as a PR stunt. I don’t think she’ll ever be where she once was.

  • Robbo

    In all seriousness, she could pass for 35 with that skin….

    And lets hope she doesnt drop anything, I dont want to see a ginger beaver. The dress is way too short!!! Ickkkk.

  • olga

    a little fat legs ;/ too short green dress!!!

  • lip

    It’s ironic– she has been parading around fake BOYFRIENDS but now that she’s worked up the confidence to show her very real girlfriend, people think *that’s* fake.

  • legs

    her dress is so short.

  • an91

    I’m not her fan at all, but some people here is very cruel. She has problems, and I’m not saying she didn’t bring it on herself, but I think there is no need to mess with her and much less with her physique, I found it very contemptible.

  • nikomilinko
  • http://none JAZZI

    i love the dress but lindsey cannot pull it off

  • go sox

    Sad to say, but those years of drug use and hard partying are showing. That lifestyle takes it’s toll on your skin, big time. But, Lindsay’s young, and with better care of herself, can turn things around.. I can only wish her well.

  • bejeebus

    i believe it….no one else wants her used up ginger @ss anymore. she better keep big pappa sam ronson happy or else she’ll have to tuck tail and go home to white oprah. one question though….doesn’t she get that she’s “done”? everyone else seems to be aware of it….except for her….and she looks like total crizap for 21. she should start telling peple she’s older….like 35…then they’ll think she actually is aging pretty well….not great….but pretty well.