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Tori Spelling is a Specialized Spouse

Tori Spelling is a Specialized Spouse

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott go shopping with their son Liam on Rodeo Boulevard in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Liam is 14 months and Tori is expecting a daughter next month.

The 35-year-old actress will join former castmate Jennie Garth in the new 90210 spinoff. In that premiere ep, Tori‘s cameo is limited to a few lines in a brief shopping scene.

10+ pictures of Tori Spelling, the specialized spouse…

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  • =]

    aww thier son is so cute!! x


    Tory looks like Miss Piggy, only uglier!

  • Zanessaroxursox

    Tory is really ugly

  • nikomilinko
  • tommy

    who cares about this UGLY thing

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • jared practices censorship

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Yawn, yawn

  • james the atomic meatball

    That is so good to see that Tori can still find happiness after her stepmother stole 90 billion dollars from her. Well, I can’t remember the details, I know something happened between her and her step mother. However, that is neither here nor there. As the legendary Lenny Kravitz one surmized, “love conquers all”, and I think we are seeing that with young Tori. God bless you, Tori. God bless you to the ends of the earth.

  • drey

    Cool to see that such an ugly person can have such a cute kid.

  • Sam

    Tori met her husband on the set of some movie they made (anybody seen it? – CRASH!). She was married, he was married. He has a little boy and a new baby girl (just adopting her at the time). BUT Tori’s claim to meeting her soul mate and of Dean being such a ‘hands on’ father (among other stupid things she says) are such crap. Soul mates after 3 months of knowing each other – hahaha Dean may be a ‘hands on father’ to Liam but he left his other son behind so he’s not so ‘hands on’ with that boy which is pathetic of Dean. Seems like Tori’s claims are self centered which is nothing new with this person. I give them till 2010 tops – then one or the other will cheat AGAIN. Their poor chidren!

  • n

    to:james the atomic meatball

    Candy is her bith mother not her stepmother. Just letting you know! But I do agree with your post.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Poor Tori and her story’s. But look at who raised her. Candy Mandy pants who had a boyfriend on the side in her late husbands ailing years, and a father who was never home, but placed all values on what you had; what you looked liked; where you came from; and who you associated with. It’s a wonder she has done as well as this. The least we can do, is wish her well with her son and soon-to-be born daughter, and hope she will do much better with her children, then her parents did with she, and her brother.

  • joan

    Thanks Victoria I totally agree with you. All these people just hating on someone they don’t know . Plenty of people do the same thing she & Dean did every day except they aren’t front page gossip so you don’t hear about their bad deeds. At least now they are happy & going on with their lives. If you think she is so ugly then don’t look at her or buy any mags or watch any show she is on, then you won’t be annoyed & they won’t have her photo displayed if no one plays any attention. The more negative comments that are posted, the more they are going to show her!! Move on folks!!

  • kiki

    joan, a lot of ppl do drugs as well but that dont make it right. to make the claim everybody does it just shows your ignorance and immaturity. btw, dont speak for everybody; just speak for yourself. i will be so glad when this ugly whore finally gets what is coming to her. Sam, you are being mighty generous giving them all the way to 2010. i give them until the end of the year. dean’s lame ass career hasnt taken off like he thought. when you get to the point where you have to start begging for roles you need to hang it up( talking to you tori).

  • Sandbitch

    Does cash outlast unconditional love? I wonder if TS inherited enough to keep McDermott locked up in denim for the next 20.

  • tv

    U G L Y!

  • joan

    Gee Kiki I’m neither immature or stupid. However from your comment it shows that you are. I didn’t say it was ok to cheat on your spouse only others also do it but are not vilified like they were. I doubt many people know how hard it is to live with people constantly watching your every move. Not being able to step outside without people snapping your photo at every chance they get. If you don’t like her, then don’t look or comment & they will stop showing her.


    I am Nurse from Lewiston Maine. I have been watching Tori Spelling since she was a young girl on 90210. I think she is a wonderful, beautiful woman with a big heart. Dean is very lucky to have Tori as his wife. I think the people that have written such awful things about Tori are cruel and should not be allowed to use the internet. She is my fan and I wish her the best. Diane

  • sherfly6969

    Tori Spelling first off is by far not ugly, I mean people get real, do you realize how jealous and ugly that makes you sound. She is still extrememly beautiful, 9 months pregnant at her worst she still looks better than most…… Ok, so she was a very, very , very rich spoiled brat, so what!!! You would be to, if you grew up with that much money, people!! please stop being so dam jealous, you could never be her or like her, so just stop already……..

  • sherfly6969

    My god , I have never in my life read so many jealous, ignorant comments about 2 people before. So, what if they were both married, 75% of americans cheat or have cheated at some point in their life… They fell in love, you cannot help who you fall in love with, his wife obviously was not the one for him or he would not of left her, he def. was not the man for her or she would not have left him. I think their love is real and I could only wish I could have a love like that… I hate reality shows, I always thought they were stupid. But!! theirs seems so real and happy, I love their show and despite all the ignorant negativity, I think they will last….. If they don’t life will go on and at least they were happy while it lasted, get a life people and stop being so ugly……..

  • bla bla bla

    Yes, she’s ugly. But why? I can’t figure out what makes her ugly. Maybe she’s not, maybe she’s just average but tries so hard to be pretty that well she’s just ugly. shame.