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Hilary Swank is Amelia

Hilary Swank is Amelia

Hilary Swank and costar Ewan McGregor are spotted on the set of their new movie, Amelia, at the historic event space Carlu in Toronto, Canada on Sunday.

Swank plays the title character, the legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart, who disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 in an attempt to make a flight around the world. McGregor plays author Gore Vidal’s father, the great love of Amelia’s life. Richard Gere (not pictured) plays Amelia’s husband, George Putnam. Virginia Madsen plays the ex-wife of Putnam.

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Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • a

    Ugh! I hate her hair!!

  • G550

    Doesn’t matter if you don’t like her hair, so long as it is a historically faithful representation of what Earhart’s hair looked like, and she had a moptop indeed. See:

  • Rae

    She looks awful and that dress is not flattering on her at all.

  • Stefanie

    omg she looks awful!! what happened?

  • billie

    she’s playing amelia earhart & that’s what she looked like. actually, hillary makes a very good amelia, who was one of the coolest chics ever. she is an icon & i’m glad they are doing a big, hollywood movie about her. who is cooler than amelia earhart??? don’t hate on hillary for looking like her, she’s an actress and a damned good one at that. she has to look like the character she plays, not a gdamned model. she’s an ACTRESS, let’s remember what that is people, all the tabloid stuff has affected people’s minds, they can hardly remember anymore what it’s like to be an actress and not a lindsey, nicole or paris freak.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Ewan always looks so dapper in tuxes. :)

  • trish.

    Hilary is an amazing actress.
    i just saw PS i love you.
    i cried every part.

    shes great.

  • trish.

    Hilary is an amazing actress.
    i just saw PS i love you.
    i cried every part.

    shes great..

  • scornedhag

    God…he looks old

  • Pole

    I think Ewan looks great :-D Thanks Jared!

  • legs

    i’ts gonna be a great movie, i think. :P

  • bla blah

    Amy Adams is also playing Amelia for her role in the Night At the Museum 2. Both will be released next year. Who will give the better performance??

  • Time for honesty

    I hate to say this, but someone has to be honest and say it as it is:

    She is too ugly to be a film actress.

    The big screen is for talented people. She is overrated acting-wise, but her bigger flaw, is that you cannot be entertained when someone as ugly is there.

    Same goes for Zach Braff.

  • Helena

    I like the dress.
    #12, I’m assuming both performances will be completely different. Adams will give Amelia a funny side like Robin Williams did in the first one.
    This version is pure oscar-bait.

    PS. I didn’t even know Ewan was in this!

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    I remember hearing that he had a mole removed due to cancer scare, was it the one of his forehead? I loved that mole, it gave him character! But I guess there are some things you have to do.

  • hottest couple ever

    I like her much. She is such a good actress.

  • meamelia

    I am supposedly named after Amelia Earhart..
    does she actually looks this awful??
    i thought she looks prettier..
    it’s not a really good portrayal of her..

  • billie

    god, time for honesty, how can you be so shallow??? hillary swank is not ugly, that’s just unkind and not true. she may not look like michelle pfeiffer or audrey hepburn, but so what? she’s a great actress and being good looking doesn’t mean good actress. there are a million examples to back that one up. in fact, looks don’t have much to do with it, acting that is. look at the men: robert deniro, dustin hoffman, robert duvall, all have charisma but they are no lookers. you think meryl streep is gorgeous, not really. our society is so looks obsessed it’s sad.

  • billie

    and meamelia, you’re named after earhart and you have never seen a picture of her? curious much? wow, how old are you, nine?

  • billie

    and meamelia, you’re named after earhart and you have never seen a picture of her? curious much? wow, how old are you, nine?

  • nikomilinko

    The look is horrible , but she is a great actress

  • meamelia

    billie, i know how does amelia earhart looks like..
    and surely, i’m amongst those who don’t think hillary portray her well..
    her face doesn’t suit amelia’s..
    sorry lil billie..

  • Grace

    I loved P.S. I Love You. Hilary and Gerard “The Babe” Butler were hot in the movie.

  • Neil
  • JI

    I thought she was a he O_o…

  • JI

    I thought she was a he…O_o

  • Halli

    Jeez. She is playing a role!

    Also, I’m glad they are doing a film about Amelia. I did a huge project on her when I was a kid.


    Hillary is a very ugly woman, and she will not age well.

    The problem is that she has a HORSE FACE and very big teef!

  • Nutty cat

    I really don’t like Ewan’s hairstyle in this film and he….might looks old a bit. Anyway, Ewan is a good actor! I support him!

  • macor

    PSILY with Gerard Butler and Hilary… Lovely movie, they have a chemistry together…

  • Tealeaf

    Amelia wasn’t that ugly, Hilary looks bad

  • meamelia

    Tealeaf, that is soooo…true..

  • babytee

    Horse faced Swank is so hideously ugly and untalented.I shudder to think what she agreed to do to win those oscars.

  • rien

    I saw pictures of Amelia Earhart, and Hillary could be her daughter! Amelia was not stunningly pretty. But for me, she was (or is) the bravest and most intelligent woman in aviation, my respect to Diana Barnato Walker!!

    And if my mother named me after this Lady, I would be very proud.

    Hillary Swank is one of a very few actress who could cry without any voice. (Laura Linney, Glen Glose, Meryl Streep, naming a few). And for me, her acting can touch me more than Gwyneth Paltrow’s, for example.

    For me, to be able to see somebody inner beauty and skills, is a sign of being grown-up. Because looks can be very deceiving. Hillary might not a beauty for some, but for me, she is a very good actress, and I think she proved it by winning Oscar twice! For that, I don’t need her beauty!

  • http://justjared Swizzle

    I think Katherine Hepburn played Amelia a long time ago. Hopefully that wig will not look like that in the movie. And I hope she wears a full support bra, as she’s looking a bit saggy. Not so sure I “get” her as an actress, (yes, I know she won an Oscar)

  • feebs

    Is that what it is all about and what people have come to be? Most of you care about is how Hillary looks? Get a life!!!

    You don’t have to be one of those shallow actresses to have any talent! In fact, the only thing those kind of people have going for them is their looks…. no talent!!

    Anyway, I have you all beat… I have just come from watching vintage airplanes being filmed in my hometown for the movie!!

  • Bitch

    You looked so beautiful in the Velvet Goldmine on the roof!

  • Pet Dog Eye

    These are my Top 5 McGregor Movies

    1. Velvet Goldmine
    2.Star Wars
    3. Life Less Ordinary
    4.Shallow Grave
    5Young Adam

  • Bow Woah Tie

    Actually I just watched Moulin Rouge (again!) and it’s great. He has a lovely voice. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • vanessa

    She is a Beaultiful…

  • petedaugherty

    Too bad for Hollywood again. First they tried “I was Amelia Earhart” and that failed, now, well, at least they will finish the movie. I wish now I had finished my novel two years ago, then at least there would be a great representation of Amelia’s life that could possibly have been told in film. The book is already on the desk of a very big-name agency and I’m waiting to hear. Fiction is okay and film is okay, but man if you’re going to represent the life of Amelia you had better make it funny and a blast, not a memoir!