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Kate Beckinsale's Beach Run

Kate Beckinsale's Beach Run

British beauty Kate Beckinsale runs in her wedges as she enjoys a family day at the beach in Malibu, California on Monday, Memorial Day.

Accompanying Kate, 34, was director husband Len Wiseman, 35, and their daughter Lily Sheen, 9. Lily‘s father is actor Michael Sheen.

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  • LAKERS#1

    first??? GO LAKERS

  • may

    i think u made a typo in ‘memorial’. u put ‘memoridal’

  • steffi

    her daughters skirt is falling

  • yeah


  • yeah

    this made my day, sadly.

  • yeah

    making this comment thing that is.

  • yeah

    making this comment thing that is.

  • Mike

    I love her…

  • K

    Posh will be proud.

  • Halli

    Running with wedges on in the sand. How very practical.

  • pinkydoo

    She is starting to look really ridiculous. She always thinks she has to wear high heels no matter what she is doing.

  • parisgirl

    Is it a day at the beach with her daughter or a freaking photoshoot?
    I mean Kate looks cute and all but she cannot be serious with those shoes o_O


    Was she born in heels?. Seriously. I’ve never seen her and she’s not wearing one.

  • Kim

    The glasses? Who makes them?? I like em!

  • manny

    ewww does anyone else think her daighter looks sickly?
    uhhh *shudders* she looks as pale as a dead person!

  • jfp

    her daughter is 9, why is she in a bikini ?!

  • go figure

    her daughters gonna grow up to be a slut, like her mother.

  • nk

    Sorry but she is pathetically desperate and ridiculously tacky in her WTF outfits every single shot…. zzzz

  • shawna

    Her daughter’s outfit is disgusting and inappropriate. I would never let my girls out of the house looking like that at that age.

  • Cannes

    This woman is a total bore. She always come in where i work to shop all dressed up. Yawn Yawn Yawn!

  • jane two

    THe pics of her daughter border on disgusting. What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with her mother? I’m more than a little shocked.

  • Jase

    If there is one thing I like about celeb sites like this is it provides you with a constant reminder that having truck loads of money doesn’t guarantee you a sense of class. Only Hollywood celebs would drag their spawn on to a polluted crowded beach for a photo opportunity. I’m not sure who looks more ridiculous KB in her utterly absurd heels, kick them off girl, or LW in a dark shirt and jeans, your at the beach mate, dress the part you plonker.

    Come to think of it I know what’s missing from this wonderful scene of another day in La La Land, its the ubiquitous foam cup of utterly insipid coffee. That’s right, no Hollywood Celeb should ever be seen in public without that foam cup as the accessory of choice. One could be forgiven for thinking that Los Angeles is a town lacking in a CafĂ© culture, yes I know, I’m a snob.

  • Rae

    Kate is beautiful but she looks ridiculous.

  • becca

    wait how does kate look ridiculous? She looks so good, its a beach outfit and she pulls it off great. Im 15 and i started to wear those bikinis when i was nine! Big whopp look outside and see that every kid is. Get over yourself and stop being assholes about other peoples lives and focus on your own.

  • wig?

    gettin’ wiggy here? or what? and the shoes are absurd. hubby’s cute but….

  • MOVIEMadess

    15? ANyway I think people should stop letting their little girls wear bikinis. They are too revealing and do NOT look cute on prepubescent bodies. When I have kids, that will be a big no no

  • yily

    OH MY GOD! Can Kate looks anymore glamorous?? She is such a Hollywood mom, in a good way of course.

  • zoe

    kate does look kind of ridiculous and so does her daughter. that bikini and shorts do not look good on her. i like kate. she’s pretty and i like her dress. but those wedges are silly looking on the beach. they’re hot on the streets but not the beach

  • naty

    are you people kiding me? what is worong with a girl in a bikini? is not like she is naked. every single girl at that age wears a bikini is nothing abnormal, please people stop being so ridiculous

  • Ha!

    The only thing that is wrong with her daughter’s outfit is that her suit skirt needs to be pulled up. Kate’s shoes are beyond ridiculous for the beach or otherwise.

  • mimi

    amen, #18…completely ridic.

  • lisa

    actually the daughters bathing suit is about 2 sizes too small! wtf?????????

  • Mia

    I don’t get all your comments about her daughter’s bikini. She from Europe, where it’s a total normal look for a kid on the beach.
    Come on people!!

  • meLu

    “what is worong with a girl in a bikini?”

    There is nothing wrong with a girl in a bikini provided the bikini fits her. My daughter lives in bikinis during the summer BUT I would never let her out of the house looking like that. the top is way too small and ack -don’t get me started on the bottom.. it’s way too small also and it should never ride that low. She’s 9 years old peeps!! That is how grownups wear their suits – right down to right above the pubic area. The photo reminded me of Pink actually. Not my style but if you’re of age and that’s your thing more power to you… But not on kids… why would you want to encouages anyone to start checking out your daughter at the age of 9, because that’s exactly what that “eye-catching” suit does!

  • bejeebus

    somebody needs to help that little girl with her bathing suit b/c she just doesn’t seem to understand the basics of bikini wearing….like placement for example.

  • http://justjared Mrs.Joe JOnas

    Her daughter’s top is TO small she looks gross

  • Lala

    what’s wrong with kate’s clothes? why are you all hating?! and saying that kate’s daughter can’t wear a bikini beacause she’s 9 years old is the most stupid thing i’ve ever heard! i started wearing bikinis at 3 YEARS OLD or less, what’s wrong with that? was i a 3 year old bitch? please –’

  • Lala

    by the way, the little girl has a great body

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    kate looks great

  • Amber

    Leave the kids bikini alone geesh.. Even Target sells loads of bikinis for young girls. You shouldn’t be checking her out so hard or thinking that much about it.. it’s not your child.

  • Rayt

    Woah check out the abs on that little girl.

  • al3xx

    ^^ hehe aly&aj song lol

    herr daughters skirtt is too loww and umm
    the privatee partt is slipping outt

    herr daughter has no boobs at all and shes onlyy nine
    why the fcuk is she wearing a bikini top

  • http://justjared Victoria

    kATE LOOKS SILLY ON THE BEACH. Does anyone else think little sweet Lily looks very thin? Look at her abdomen area. Maybe it is just me, and I’m NOT PICKING on this beautiful child, but she is awfully thin and sickly looking. I saw her in another picture, and she looked just as sick.

  • Courty

    Kate you look amazing “you guys look so happy together,love to be there with you guys” call Wilhelmina if you ever want to get in contact about some movie ideas,love to hear from you guys.

  • Earnhardtfan

    Good uhm Good uhm uhm Good Rain