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Katherine Heigl Gets Booted

Katherine Heigl Gets Booted

Katherine Heigl rocks the boots and shops at Bel Bambini on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 29-year-old Knocked Up actress then headed to lunch at Le Petit Four.

Rumors continue to fly about Heigl‘s discontent on Grey’s Anatomy and given the show’s decreased profile, Kat‘s Izzy character may be one to get booted.

20+ pictures of Katherine Heigl getting booted…

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katherine heigl gets booted 01
katherine heigl gets booted 02
katherine heigl gets booted 03
katherine heigl gets booted 04
katherine heigl gets booted 05
katherine heigl gets booted 06
katherine heigl gets booted 07
katherine heigl gets booted 08
katherine heigl gets booted 09
katherine heigl gets booted 10
katherine heigl gets booted 11
katherine heigl gets booted 12
katherine heigl gets booted 13
katherine heigl gets booted 14
katherine heigl gets booted 15
katherine heigl gets booted 16
katherine heigl gets booted 17
katherine heigl gets booted 18
katherine heigl gets booted 19
katherine heigl gets booted 20

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  • Mike

    i love her!!!

  • ljksdf

    She is sexy.
    I have searched her photo on ” Marry Mill io naire. Co m ” which is a celeb dating site. It is said that she is dating with a rich man but i do not believe that!

  • paul

    Make her leave GA, she’s starting to have the BIG HEAD!!!
    She’s annoying

  • ……..

    JJ you really need to stop spreading lies about Heigl. The only castmember point blank has showed discontent has been Patrick Dempsey who actually threatened to QUIT THE SHOW!!! Heigl not once has expressed her desire to leave. She has mentioned certain things she doesnt like about Izzie’s character, but never said she plans on leaving the show. The only ones to put on record to do so is Pompeo and Dempsey.

    Furthermore was with Heigl yesterday, and even asked her again about leaving(this is like the second or third time Paps have asked her). And it’s always the same answer “No…do you know something I don’t?”. Check it out for yourself, and for god’s sake make your editorials more accurate on celebrities

  • hmmm

    I agree on JJ inaccurate editiorials, however; one thing i think they got right on this one is Grey’s decreased profile. This show suffered the most pre-strike and post-strike in ratings. They didn’t even make it into the top 10 for the 2007-2008 tv season year LMAO. If this show last as long as the actor’s contracts I will be surprised. So I think it’s smart that Heigl, Dane, and Dempsey are going into other outside projects.

  • ash

    Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel have the same boots, except theirs have buckles.

  • stacy

    This show suffered the most pre-strike and post-strike in ratings. They didn’t even make it into the top 10 for the 2007-2008 tv season year LMAO.

    You clearly don’t understand what those ratings were about…

    Those ratings pertain to the May Sweeps period not the whole 2007/2008 season. During that period most of the other shows aired their season finales which are the episodes that usually have the highest ratings which is why CSI and House made the list.

    If you were to check the ratings for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy which aired last week, they got the highest ratings for any scripted show in the last 4 months but since it aired out of the May sweeps period it can’t be considered for the top 10 list or you could be sure it would be in the list.

    What matters the most to networks and advertisers is winning in the key demo and Grey’s Anatomy continues to win that key demo every single week. So I’d say that GA is far from being that bad off.

  • Jen


  • mpc

    Katherine is sooooo lovely. Thanks for the links to video clip – glad she is not leaving Grey’s.

  • cam

    Personally, I don’t like Katherine’s style, its appears too over-thought and contrived. I think she HAS gotten a big head about her career when many people thought she would be one of those humble, under-the-radar yet totally lovable Hollywood stars.

    She seems like she paraded down the parking lot looking for attention, which probably reveals a lot about her true personality.

    Plus, those shades do nothing for her face. They’re too small for her.

  • elena

    Erm, Jared, they’re all signed on for seven seasons. So they will all do seven seasons at least if the show continues on. If ABC continues buying the show is another thing, but if they do we’ll see them all for another three seasons at least. Although unlikely seeing as Ellen said she doesn’t think she’ll continue on after her contract’s finished which is stupid. Many shows are extremely successful after seven years… And without Ellen there’s no show since she is Meredith GREY! haha. I love Grey’s… <3

  • Jughed

    Natural beauty. Love the look!

  • Lee

    Greys has jumped the shark. Ratings are 25% down on Season 3. Desperate Housewives is back to being ABC’s top scripted show. Greys peaked in S2, another 3 seasons & it will be dead anyway.

    Heigl would be wise to jump ship as soon as she can. She can now earn millions headlining her own movies. Why stay to play a character even she says she doesn’t like on a soap opera ?

    She is one of the few Greys cast that has a whole career in movies waiting for her & she’s still only 29. Smart girl to use Greys as a launching pad.

  • hmmm

    Stacy, you need to check your stats again because even the Hollywood Reporter noted that Grey’s may have won the demographic but still has hit a record low in winning it’s demographic. The show is not doing fine pre-strike nor post-strike. Finales can’t save a show. You need consistent rising ratings in both ratings and demos, and Grey’s has been declining since 4.07. This is something Variety and Hollywood Reporter have been noting for months now. Even if it was considered for May Sweeps Grey’s would probably only make number 8-10. It wouldn’t be the top scripted show. Grey’s peak has been met, and the show will never be what it was before.

    Advertizers aren’t stupid. Everyone has been noticing the decline in ratings and demographics of Grey’s, and finales and premieres aren’t something to celebrate when the show can’t succeed without pulling stunts, then there would be nothing to worry about. Not to mention 17 million for the season four finale isn’t something to celebrate considering the previous two finale were above 20 million LMAO.

  • suzz

    The sweater, does anyone know its make? It is lovely, she always wears out of the ordinary but classy clothes.

  • kittylikestoscratch

    wtf is she wearing?

    that aside, ILU katie

  • taylor

    thats some bull she is not leaving grey’s anatomy…..well the reason why it isn’t so hot as it used to be is because of that dumb as helll writers strike. Next Season will be very poping

    click my name and check out my blog it is very dope.

  • taylor

    leave comments on my blog just click my name and check it out!!!!!

  • macor

    Where’s Gerry Butler? They are making a movie together “The Ugly Truth”… and I’m loving it! JJ, I miss Gerry!

  • Rae

    This outfit is ugly.

  • Fiesty

    gosh people are really being mean today. i have mixed feelings about her. she is always really nice & smiley when she is out in public. i think she handles the paps well. however, i am wondering how much of it is an act. it seems like fame is really getting to her head. i am not a big fan of her style. with that said, i do have those loeffler randall matilda boots & have had them for some time. they seem to be a celebrity favorite as sarah michelle geller has them & to #6 i think that camerons & jessicas were the kat boots from last season. lindsay lohan also has the penelope ones w/ the zipper up the back.

  • nililah

    she’s so nice!
    hope she wont leave Grey’s,she’s the meaning of the show:)

  • iLovepeople

    Rumours are just that….rumour. Few days ago Hollywood TV just proved that when one of their photographers asked Katie if her leaving grey’s and she said ‘ No, you know something that I don’t know?’ So stop it already. Katie must be tired with this question over and over again in every Grey’s season just because her 2 movies make double returned doesn’t mean she wanted to be full time movie star. She’s a smart and hard working girl , when she can do both jobs why must she choose either one. As she said ‘ you must strike while the iron is hot’. Anyway nice photos of Katie and her sister and mother and it looks like her mom-in-law come for visit. Do you know that her father in-law a doctor and even own a clinic.

  • ayla

    is it cold in america,we are burning here..

  • macor

    Where’s Gerry Butler? She’s opposite him in “Ugly Truth!!! I miss Gerry!

  • just me

    I can’t STAND HER! It would be great if she leaves Grey’s. She is so whiny and annoying. The show would be so much better without her.

  • jilly

    She is CROSS LEGGED!