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Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling's Sweet Stroll

Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling's Sweet Stroll

Kirsten Dunst and costar Ryan Gosling smoke hand-rolled cigarettes as they stroll through the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Saturday, filming their new movie All Good Things.

The pair walked through and filmed scenes at New York City’s Carl Schurz Park.

In the film, a detective begins to unravel a missing-persons (Dunst) case that looks to spell doom, and quite possibly death, for the heir (Gosling) to a New York real estate dynasty.

10+ pictures inside of Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling‘s sweet stroll…

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ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 01
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 02
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 03
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 04
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 05
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 06
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 07
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 08
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 09
ryan gosling kirsten dunst stroll 10

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  • pete

    hmmmm he used to be MUCH better looking…shame

  • Meghan

    Ick. They are both gross and look like they probably smell.

  • Hannah

    Gosling got ugly! Karma is biting him in the ass.

  • JustJared

    Kirsten had such potential but she blew it all in Spiderman. The biggest mistake that actress ever made was not wearing a white shirt in THIS SCENE.

  • s

    I hope that Kisrsten Dunst will be better of her drink adiction too. She looks very well in these photos.

  • AI

    He didn’t get ugly. He is in character for the film, which is set in the 80s.

  • Diana

    I’m just glad he shaved off his gross beard and mustache. I hate facial hair.

  • supastahhh

    s, so she has an alcohol problem? I don’t think so. She’s clearly a drug addict.

  • Helena

    How did Gosling get ugly? Stop being so shallow, anyway.

  • non

    Ewww…whatever they are still both gross and look like crap, so they deserve each other!!!

  • Helena

    Yeah, they both look like crap… Please post a picture of yourself!

  • ….

    I think a lot of people here are hating on him because he dumped Rachel McAdams and shattered their Notebook dream. Get over it.

  • Helena

    #13, my thoughts exactly. You don’t see anyone bash McAdams. They both made the decision. Move on.

  • kate

    Why would anyone bash Rachel McAdams when this post isn’t even about her? Don’t get it. Everybody is entitled to an opinion – I don’t think he looks good either. Movie role or not. I’ve also met him and he’s a nice guy (even though I have heard different from others) – I just don’t find him attractive. The Gosling fans always make me laugh – how dare anyone criticize their Ryan!! *roll eyes*

  • sara

    I too don’t find him or her attractive either, in fact I don’t get the hysteria over him…oops, am I allowed to say that, or is it bashing!! Yeah what does Rachel have to do with this, look who can’t get over it???

  • DB

    if this is the helena I think it is—why don’t you just go be the moderator of a ryan board if you love him this much? it would definitely make rmo a much more pleasant board.

    oh, and ryan=attractive…just not in this movie, or for the past year for that matter.

  • shana

    Yay…I agree with ya DB (about the Helena part) God you can’t post anything there without her censoring everything and post only what she approves…sheesh!!

    Anyway Ryan is alright… sometimes, just not in this movie… by the looks of it, and Kirsten is never alright in my books anyway.

  • ***

    Agree with both of you, DB and shana about Helena and RMO. It used to be a great board and then Helena became a moderator. :( And why is Ryan Gosling still the number one topic over there (even over the main subject of the board)? I’m going to assume that they also frequent his own fansite, so why the need to talk about Rachel’s ex-boyfriend on her board? Crazy.

    Ryan is a good looking guy, but Kirsten – no!! This movie had potential, but not with her in it.

  • Vegas

    Hmm…I’m going with them both not looking very good. But I’ll blame it on the movie. Even though, I have never found either to be all that attractive, except Gosling when he was in Fracture. He was yummy in that movie.

  • liza

    i think she looks much better here personally, though i certainly can’t attest to what substances she may or may not be abusing. sure she’s been a little annoying since she hit her 20s and suddenly seemed to get jaded & a bad attitude, but i don’t quite get the mass animosity towards her either. did she do something awful in particular that i missed?

  • Prettyinpink

    Interesting – glad I’m not the only one with that opinion of RMO and how it’s being run.

    Agree with you, Liza, on Kirsten Dunst. I don’t mind her either. I actually think her and Ryan make a cute couple! Hope it works out for them.

  • Kailey

    i actually think these are good pictures of both of them. Ryan is still cute. :) but, i’m glad he shaved off all of that facial hair. when i watched him in “The Notebook”, like at the beginning when he was young and didn’t have any facial hair, i thought he was cute and attractive. but, then later in the movie when he got in his like, late 20′s, and he had all of that facial hair, i was like, “ugh.” haha. but, he’s still cute.:D

  • ashley

    he and Kirsten are perfect together. Who doesn’t like seeing two stoners fall in love.

  • scarab

    Whoo-hoo…there seems to be a general concesus about Helena being a moderator. I agree with you guys on how she runs that board..she lauds it over Ryan, even though its not his board, and pretends (just like Lainey) to love Rachel…however some of her posts would suggest otherwise.

    As for Ryan and Kirsten, I couldn’t give 2 s***s about either, as my opinion of them is not worth wasting my time over…sure Ryan is a great actor and will bring something to this film, but as for Kirsten, puhleeze…give me abreak!!!


    And here I thought I was the only one worried about RMO’s fate. It sure is interesting that many share the same feelings about the RMO board now turned Ryan Gosling board. It’s always amusing when the moderator/dictator contributes more to the Ryan discussion than any Rachel topics. Why is she a moderator on RMO again? Can we vote her out of the tribe? But let’s get back on topic.

    Ryan – he’s good looking just not in this movie. Kirsten, can’t stand her since she looks like my sister in law that I hate.

  • Ferris

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who has been disappointed in RMO lately! What a funny place for this to come out too. I guess it makes sense to come out on a Ryan Gosling thread, considering that RMO has become the Ryan Gosling board – just under Rachel’s name. It’s sickening. If I wanted to read about him or see pictures of him, I would go to his board! Not his ex’s board!

    I would love to know the answer to the question about why the moderator/dictator is the moderator/dictator. Does she even like Rachel…or does she just like this fake power that she has?

  • zhaoyang

    love KK。。

  • Helena RMO

    Catherine, scarab, prettyinpink, ***, shana, DB, Ferris (and anyone else I may have left out)

    This is Helena for the RMO board, I was clueless to this talk until about 5 mins ago. BUT if you are so ballsy and outspoken here, why don’t you come over to RMO and tell me what you want to say there rather than behind my back! And stop being so spineless. You have something to say about me or about how the board is run do so, come at me right!

    You don’t like something there are about 5 other mods you can deal with and whine to, feel free! But if you have something to say come at me right!

    OH and no one is keeping you at RMO, please please feel free to pack up and go.

    Helena R

  • jodi

    I agree with what everybody has to say about RMO. That board is horrible. I’m not a regular like some appear to be, but I’ve logged in there enough to know that it’s very dysfunctional.

    As for Ryan & KiKi – what a cute couple (that would be sarcasm, ladies & gents). I like Ashley’s comment – hee!


    Why should I leave RMO> Rachel is my favorite actress and I have every right to be there to get information about her or have discussions about her. If I wanted to gush over Ryan Gosling I’d go to his board USOG, *hint, hint*

    As if whining on RMO would get me results. Funny. Not under your dictatorship.

  • XXX

    Helena R (I love Ryan more than Rachel so lets post about him on her board)

    This is probably the only place they can voice their opinions without you, barking off at them, and then you quickly delete your response and their post, so it doesn’t make you look like the bad one!

    Oh and by the way, I did leave, and do you notice that hardly anyone posts anymore…and its not due to lack of Rachel news either!!!

    Why, the only ones that get posted are Ryan news and his pics????

    Go figure???

    As for Ryan, I think hes an awesome actor and if I belonged to his board I would go there and spout about it, and Kirsten is looking better, not great…lets hope she stays off the booze long enough to remain decent looking. In those pics they really don’t look that comfortable together even if it is just between breaks!!

  • shana

    Helena…your response said it all!!!

    You wonder why people don’t enjoy RMO anymore???

    You should listen to what people are saying…obviously there’s an underlying cesspool of discontent on how you dictate how things are run on that board…maybe you aren’t the only moderator, but you are the only one who has alot to say about what can and can’t be posted.

    That board used to be great, but now YOU have made it difficult for people to voice what they really want to say, without you jumping all over them…to keep the board, sweet and polite…to hell with that s**t…I wanna be able to say what I wanna say amen…hell if others don’t like it, they’ll soon let me know!!!

    Loosen up your buttons babe!! Chill!!

  • ANNA

    My, my – sounds like people are starting to FINALLY figure out what many figured out a long time ago. RMO is not enjoyable anymore and it’s mainly because of one moderator who has made it her own personal dictatorship. And the fact that the board might as well be United States of Gosling, Part II. There’s already one board where people act like 12 year olds and talk about his package and how hottttttttttttttt he is – does a Rachel board need to be like that too?

  • jane two

    Kirstin looks pretty good here – better than usual. Her face looks a little more round. Goslink has always looked geeky to me but in these pics, a little less so. Good actor for sure but not handsome and sexy at all.

  • Ryuuza

    I have been haunting RMO for a while now and I must say that the mod is just doing her job. Im a mod on another board (which has no link to any celebs) and I have to deal with crap like people picking fights, posting off topic and being general pains in my @ss all the time. If you have never been a mod before I would zip the lips and think about how difficult it can be.

    Another thing, its a celeb thread that they are posting stuff on about Ryan. Its up for grabs people. You cant control what they write as much as the next member or mod. So if you really dont want to hear about how Ryan is doing and how fat or not fat he is then dont look at the darn thread or just bring up another topic.

    One last thing. Bashing people does not make you big. If you have a real and valid problem with the mod Im sure letting her know in a PM would do it. Complaining like you are will never change anything so think before you type. I have deleted post to end topics which have no relevence too, and I can tell you that it was a hard choice to make but I thought it was the best choice I had. Post deleted = disscussion over. Im a mod I keep the peace. Simple. Hopfully what I have said gets through to some of you. But if not *shrug* Im not too worried about it and neither should the mod because I know where she is coming from and I dont expect thanks either.

  • shana

    There is a difference between moderating and doing your job…and moderating and exerting a monopoly over the boards.

    The other moderators allow you to post quite freely within a limit, and do their job when they have to. One espescially (Jen) will jump onto things when she sees them getting out of hand, but other than that, they either join in with other posters and as I said before step in when need to.

    Moderators need to look at their boards and try to read and understand why postings have dropped off. Doesn’t matter if there is no news to post of that celeb, as many other topics (besides Ryan) used to be posted, discussed and talked about on a regular basis. Now days go by and nothing is said, except for those 12 years that Anna spoke of??

    So yes moderators need to accept some responsiblity for the ways posters are frustrated at the running of the board, and try to understand why?? Don’t put all the blame back on the posters for the grumblings of the masses!!

  • Are you people 12?

    I can see why Helena has the attitude she does. You people sound like
    i diots. I am more of a Ryan fan then Rachel, but she is fine. I have no idea about her board however, but if you people act like this over there I can see why the mod deletes posts. For the record, it sounds like the juveniles bashing Ryan here (see #4 karma) are only doing so because he is no longer with Rachel. Why else would all Rachel’s fans be on a RG post?

  • jam

    If you have no idea about her board, how can you justify your comments???

    Rachel fans only jumped on here after a poster # 13 said that people were unhappy that Ryan dumped Rachel??? …telling people this was not the notebook and to get over it!! Where did that come from?? Rachel was never in the frame until they decided to throw that in…its obvious who are the ones that need to get over it.

  • #39

    #4 mentioning of karma sort of gave it away that Notebook/Rachel fans were pissed at Ryan. How would Rachel’s fans even know about R13′s comment if they weren’t already lurking on the thread?

  • jam

    Well i can’t speak for the others, but I was interested in what the piece about Ryan and Kirsten was about…hell I read whats posted about, Madonna, Angelina, Brad, whoever…doesn’t mean I’m a fan or remotely interested in them, but if its printed then I’ll read it, and if its a piece that generates interest then I will read the comments as well. I read comments on Perezhilton, ONTD, Popsugar etc…I mean isn’t that the whole purpose of these blogs??

    You obviously do the same or you wouldn’t be here either!! Nothing wrong with that!!

  • cecily

    People, Helena writes freakin’ “fanfictions” about Ryan and Rachel. That just shows you her level of maturity — or lack thereof. LOL.

  • Kim

    Wow, it’s like a chat board on here! Uuum, yeah.. weird.

    I think Kirsten looks better then she has in a long time and I also think she looks lots healthier.. good for her.

  • Ryuuza

    shana from what I see of the RMO board is that the other mods are just sitting there with there heads up their butts. They are not saying or doing anything to resolve conflicts and Jen is the same. The last time I saw her (Jen) “pick up” her key board to write anything admin wise was on Feb 12 of this year. So unless she is saying something specific to you I just dont see it. As can see since we are stating names now that Helena IS doing her job. Just because other mods/ admins (since both Helena and Jen are admins so therefore more power) dont do anything when a immature fight breaks out doesnt mean that they should allow it to be that way. Mods and admin get a lot of flack and it IS very often the fault of the posters. I dont fault them for wanting to be liked so therefore not saying anything but you have to “do your job”, as you so like to put it and that doesnt always have people liking you.

    Now cecily…what can I saw to you that wont make you sound like a complete moron. I hope you relize that even though you have just insulted Helena you have also insulted her fans and everyone who writes R & R and reads R & R. Sooo…are you saying that the people who posted 1,190,000 website pages, 15,400 pictures and 60,500 fanfiction websites not counting the fanfiction about R & R; are childish a.k.a immature…Wow I dont think I want to piss off as many people as you just did. And since your post lacks, shall we say c-l-a-s-s. by mentioning levels of immaturity, which you dont yourself own, I would not be pointing any fingers.

  • Helena

    I’m confused, you people have the wrong Helena. I don’t post on this RMO board. WTF is RMO? LMAO.

  • cecily

    “Now cecily…what can I saw to you that wont make you sound like a complete moron. I hope you relize that even though you have just insulted Helena you have also insulted her fans and everyone who writes R & R and reads R & R. Sooo…are you saying that the people who posted 1,190,000 website pages, 15,400 pictures and 60,500 fanfiction websites not counting the fanfiction about R & R; are childish a.k.a immature…Wow I dont think I want to piss off as many people as you just did. And since your post lacks, shall we say c-l-a-s-s. by mentioning levels of immaturity, which you dont yourself own, I would not be pointing any fingers.”

    Fanfiction involving REAL LIFE PEOPLE, is creepy and weird, because, y’know, THEY’RE REAL PEOPLE.

  • Ryuuza

    Sound it out for me. Fan. Fiction. Fic-tion. Not Real. Fan-ta-sy. People write fiction about other people all the time; real life, fannon (what the fandom thinks) and cannon (what actually happens). I dont see the problem with it. If you think its “creepy and weird” thats YOUR opionion. OTHERS have another opionion. THEY think its fun and good and not creepy at all. If you dont like it…say it with me everybody…DONT READ IT.
    Thats what myself and other fans say to people who dont like reading/writing fanfiction that we, the readers and writers, ourselves like. So what if they are real people…the writers and readers are not hurting anyone and are not giving statements to the press. Im sure Danial Radcliffe and Alan Rickman are not gay together, no matter what the fanfiction writers say. So no harm no foul.
    Get over yourself and your idealistic thinking.

    Helena we are talking about the Racheal McAdams Online. Its a board devoted to Racheal. And the Helena there is a admin. She posted here under helena_rmo. Some people thought that was her (but really you) earlier. Sorry for the confusion ^_^.

  • NANI

    Kirsten looked great! Ryan looked nice too. Hope they’re hooking up for real ;p They just make a cute couple!

  • Hannah

    #40 – I wrote comment #4, and it had nothing to do with Rachel McAdams. It had to do with hooking up Kirsten Dunst, who I can’t stand. But yeah – people are right about Gosling fans. They’re a tad sensitive about their boy!!

  • Abbie

    What interesting morning reading! RMO sucks – plain and simple. Anybody who thinks that it would be easy just to message Helena and tell her their concerns is fooling themselves. They’d probably find themselves banned. She’s a horrible moderator, and it has nothing to do with keeping the peace on the boards.

    As far as everybody’s concerns over it being a Ryan board -AMEN sisters/brothers…amen.