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Ben Barnes is a Melbourne Man

Ben Barnes is a Melbourne Man

A brooding Ben Barnes and William Moseley keep their arms wrapped around one another at the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at the Village Rivoli Cinema East Hawthorn on Tuesday in Melbourne, Australia.

The pretty boys were joined by director Andrew Adamson and producer Mark Johnson.

Prince Caspian was pulled in an estimated $28.6M this weekend, second behind Indiana Jones. It was the worst gross in nine years for the second place film over Memorial Day weekend. The film is (unfortunately) not expected to make not even half what The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe made. YIKES!

15+ pictures inside of Melbourne man Ben Barnes

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Photos: Kane Hibberd/Getty
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  • Maria (Shorty)

    It will make good money none-the-less. It will be a Summer movie people will go and see. At least it’s not cheesy like Indy!

  • http://msn penny


  • JUC

    gosh i so love peter and i really liked edmund in this movie, but i was disappointed and loving the movie at the same time.


  • legs

    ben is cutie. lol.

  • Mike

    Indy is not cheesy they are both good movies…although I DID like Narnia better…

  • http://jj Barbie

    Narnia Rocks!!!

    Everyone go see it again and again.

    I love William Moseley!!

    He is gorgeous & talented & a magnificent artist.

    George Lucas sucks why does that hag makes movie after crappy movie and people just throw money at it. IJ4 Pleeze. Star Wars 1-3 & Jar Jar SUCKED!!

    Narnia is the BEST!!

    William is the BEST, Hottest, brilliant young man since Brad Pitt.

    Look at him–Just Look at him

    Those eyes in battle–OMG

  • suzette

    it is in fact sad that the movie is not making the millions it should because i liked a lot more than indiana jones
    and the acting in narnia is just so flawless everybody should see it.
    i’ve watched it 3 times already and tomorrow i’m watching it again

  • Well

    I knew that the movie would not do good. I hated it personally. I love Indiana though. I think that william mosely is adorable.

  • sucked!!!

    The movie sucked. Rock on Indiana!!1

  • http://jj Barbie

    William is a great actor!!!!

  • nongossipgirl

    they look great! the film is awesome! i would like to see it once more on the big screen cause there were just some many things I had to notice while i was in awe with Mr.Barnes’ looks! I mean…look at him! he played Caspian and fooled me as the naive young man while we are the same age! gosh! when are they auditioning for the next film? I ought to get a part!

  • mrs. archuleta

    Narnia was soooo much better. Indiana jones was very much overrated.

    Yeah for the british babes William and Ben!!

  • mrs. archuleta

    keep posting jared about ben and william please!!

  • http://jj Barbie

    More William & Ben!!!!!!

    PC made me laugh, cry, scream, heart pound & jump.


  • jenn:>


  • alex

    omg are u serious!!!!
    i could of gone 2 that

  • toolip

    thanks jared =)

  • shannon

    boo narina was an amazing movie they problery should have relaased it later and but it’s worth the watch i mean will and ben is enough reason to go lol

  • rolling eyes

    Indiana Jones is overrated and only is doing well because ppl anticipated it so much, so obviously its gonna do well when there’s anticipation – Indiana is crap especially when speilberg included his stupid obession with aliens in it. like honestly

    Narnia is better…Ben amd William totally rocked with the character development it sucks people are so sucked into the hype of one movie just b/c Speilberg is behind it.

  • lorna

    Im in love!

  • Indiana

    Sorry but Prince caspian was crap. People have made up thre mind which movie is better. Thats why it did so well. I loved Indiana Jones more the Narnia. Go Shia!!!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    I havent seen the movie, But i think the reason why it doesnt have much success is because of the realease date.
    I dont think it should have been realeased at this time of the year.
    It should have been realeased later in the year.
    maybe between august and november.

  • Come on

    The only reason why people like Narnia is because of those pretty boys. Other than that Narnia made know sense and didnt even stick to the book.

  • @Shonathan

    the movie was released near the Holiday. That shows you that people really didnt like it even if it was released whenever. People are going to forget this movie. It wasnt that great. Now the Dark Night, now that’s what i’m talking about.

  • manny

    i think they are gayy toghether!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mika

    I don’t know jack about Narnia, but I just want to say the darker one with feathered hair resembles a younger John Taylor of Duran Duran…

  • RottenTomatos

    RottenTomatoes gave the Movie a 64. Most of the rviews said it was I hiped up CGI movie. But Indiana Got a 74 and most of the people loved it saying it was a great movie.

  • cINDY

    Haha the reason why Indiana did so well was because of the hype, when so much build up is behind a movie people want to go see what the hype is all about. PLUS, speilberg can thank his past success with the franchise, ppl were expecting to see the indiana jones of yester years and so paid hoping their expectations would be met. If people had the capacity to see a movie before it actually came out and then make the choice if they would pay to see it again, INDIANA would not have done as well as it has. Thanks to PR lots of commericals, the Speilberg clout and whatever superficial additives you can think of, and boom you got a movie that will do well in its first opening night. I think comparing Narnia to Indiana jones is unfair mainly because the franchise (in terms of films) has never been there to back Narnia like it has for indiana. Narnia should have come out a lot earlier before the Indiana Jones franchise like Iron Man did. I think if Iron Man came out around the same time Indiana did do you think it would have done so well.

    Narnia wasn’t given a fair shot. But I think it held its own, granted some parts of it could have been done better, but if you understand what the director was going for then you could appreciate what the film was trying to do. I think the 3rd Narnia is gonna be better than the 2nd cause character establishment is already there.

    Indiana was a joke. Cate did her job well, and Shia up until his fight scene with Cate was pretty dull. And don’t get me started on like the last 10 minutes of the film — talk about unnecessary theatrics, and one serious way to spoil an entire plot.

    Now Batman like someone said is definately one I think will meets its expectations.

    Final verdict Narnia –> good but could have been better, Indiana Jones –> did not live up to the expectation but only delivered the action sequences people were expecting, storyline sucked balls

  • cINDY

    yeah because Rotten Tomatoes is the be all and end all for movie reviews??

    The stupid site gave INDIANA a lower rating intially until ppl started to complain that they were being “unnecessairly hard” on the film… then they probably got paid or bribed or something, to give it a higher rating or at least match their rating to box office response

    which all together is pretty pathetic for such an “indepedent” site

  • RottenTomatos

    Its not just that site that gave it a raiting evrybody tells me how crapy Narnia was and I mean everyone. Even other sites gave it a poor rating. Sorry but people have written their expriences with the film and stated how bad it was.

  • Nikki

    Narnia is one of my favourite movies!! it was so good, better than the first! I hope it does well, and i can’t wait to get it on DVD!! LOVED IT!!

    and Ben and William rock!

  • Hannah

    Now The Dark Night is something that ive been exited about all year and Mummy 3 is comming, also Jurassic park. Its going to be even better than this weeks line up. I really didnt enjoy them that much. Narnia could have been better, and I agree Indian Jones could have been better too. But between Narnia and Indiana, I liked Indian Jones better.

  • William fan

    I love Willian a lot better. Ben just isnt that great of an actor as William. William has charm, is alot more humble , talant, and cuteness that Ben doesnt have. I dont know why people like him so much. Hes a new face that’s all.

  • cINDY

    If you understand the story of Narnia, you will understand that William’s role (Peter) and Anna’s role (Susan) will not be returning in the 3rd installment, I think on that basis alone is why the director gave William and Anna more to work with, in terms of character involvment and fight sequences. The two of them got the most of the fighting scenes and the important fighting scenes than even the title character Caspian and that is because they will not be doing a Narnia movie again. So I guess the director wanted to give them more since it would be their last film. That’s why Ben ( Caspian) didn’t have much to work with, so he couldn’t stretch his acting beyond just being a relunctant leader. In the 3rd one he’s going to obviously do more and really have the title role.

    If that is what the director was going for than I don’t understand why he made Ben such the title role with the publicity, when William was more of the leader in the film. I think that was a PR mistake, they should have waited to make such an emphasis on Ben for the 3rd movie.

    Now it just looks like Ben couldn’t rake in the millions they were hoping. But its not his fault. They didnt give him much to do. Even the most important fight scene was between Caspian’s uncle and Peter rather than Caspian himself and his uncle?? I think that among some other things could have been done differently to make the film better.

  • http://jj Barbie

    cINDY @ 05/27/2008 at 7:01 pm
    You speak the truth!!!

    William is great

    Disney Marketing Exec should be fired!


    Ben Barnes IS my crush of the moment. Soo hot :)

  • William fan

    That is true cindy. Im really going to miss William. Thats the only reason I watched the 1. Its sad kind of that this movie didnt do so well, even though its not my favorite movie in the world. Question though. In the early release of Prince Caspian there was really nothing competing with it. so why did it do so badly. I know that a lot of people really didnt like it, but why?

  • rolling eyes

    I honestly I think it did poorly because there are other bigger and more “american” films coming out now like Indiana Jones, and Sex in the City. I think in North America people like american influenced movies with american actors, as odd as that sounds, I think there is a weird bias. I mean the first narnia only pulled in 32 million when it first opened domestically compared to its almost 300 million when it was released internationally. I also think it had a lot to do with the PR too, like how they went about advertising it, and who they emphasized on rather than the themes of the movie (that are so relavant today). I mean look at how there’s practically this count down for how many weeks for sex and the city and indiana jones. But these have had series and franchises to back them, unlike Narnian that only had the one movie 2 years ago. So its a combination of all of these… then add to the fact that you got people saying it was a poor film, so you’re not gonna get people to spend their money on it if they can spend it on more hyped up films (disposable income isnt as much as it use to be).

    The movie its self was a little bit of a let down just because, with the first film you got a lot of magic, the second one not so much and i think people were expecting the magical aspect to Narnia but the only really magical thing was the trees, and that was short, the scene with the water swallowing ppl was short and not as dramatic as they show in the previews.Narnia isnt Narnia without Aslan and his time was short too, he didnt have the prescence he had in the first movie. Also, the publicity for prince caspian makes him seem like this royal amazing person, but he doesnt fight much like you would expect a prince too, his conflict between peter wasn’t even really empasized as much as it could have been, the advertising made people focus on the wrong thing, so u go into the film with misplaced focus/expectation and then your expectations aren’t met.

    BUT If you understand what the director was trying to do, then you could appreciate the film more. There was a purpose as to why there wasnt as much magic/inoncence to it like there was in the first so people not seeing his reasoning behind the movie will not get it and therefore not like it.

  • cINDY

    I think the film itself people didn’t like it as much cause they went in thinking they would get a lot of magical scenes but that didn’t happen like what #39 said.

    I also think that certain scenes that were meant to be dramatic weren’t as dramatic as they could have been or should have been for a longer time, like the water scene, Aslan’s screen time, the ice queen, that was short but could have been more dramatic. The scene between Peter and Caspian’s uncle that fight should have been between Caspian and the uncle, for the battle scene more of the Narnian creatures should have been present, at least for nostalgic reasons if nothing else but there were only certain creatures present in the movie and not the array that was present in the first film. I also think the themes of the films should have been focused on more rather than making the film all about Ben as Caspian. He was could but they didnt give him much to work with. # 39 also made a point about american films thats interesting and possible reason too why people didn’t like it as much.

    I think its just a combination of many many things. But like you said its too bad its not going to do as well as it should, its not a bad film just some things could have been done differently to make it better than it comes across right now

  • cindy

    I hope he is not gay as many rumors are saying.I will be so crushed.

  • William fan

    Thnaks for your answers and you right the first one really had the magic and more aslan. Thankyou.

  • karma

    I want Ben Barnes to date Anna Popplewell.

  • http://jj Barbie

    “it’s the economy”
    No one can afford movies with $4 gas
    All movie receipts are down 4-6%
    People are picking only a few movies to see
    The economy in the USA is bad!

    Plus Aslan is faith or Holy Ghost (not Jesus) in this movie, which is harder to explain. And they marketed it as scary and it wasn’t Pirates was way scarier.
    * * *
    William is awesome. At the end of LWW, High King Peter is seen riding with his family as a grown man. They go thru the wardrobe and come back as kids.

    I believed William’s performance, that he was a man in a teen body with all his intensity & determination. I believed, he was a King (very regal)leading his people.

    Williams role was the hardest. He was a grown man in a teen body and was also a Monarch of a Grand Kingdom with all the responsibility that comes with that.!!!! It showed in his eyes, his brow, all of his facial expressions. He had to move as a King and a Warrior.

    Suck it IJ4

    I LOVED William

  • Annabelle

    BEN BARNES!!!!!

  • jenna

    i’m a fan of both narnia and indiana jones but i enjoyed narnia a lot better.

  • Ashley

    Narnia is way better than Indy. Indiana Jones was crappy, Narnia was amazing! Alot better than the 1st one!

  • Ashley

    Narnia is way better than Indy. Indiana Jones was crappy, Narnia was amazing! Alot better than the 1st one!

  • please

    Are they dating?

  • Noway

    Sorry but Narnia was crap, and im glad it bombed.