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Get the DETAILS on Christian Bale

Get the DETAILS on Christian Bale

Here are some great new pictures from the inside photo spread of Christian Bale in the June 2008 issue of Details. And here are some more highlights from the interview:

Taking the role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho was widely regarded as career suicide. Yes. I always enjoyed the idea of self-destructing on purpose, taking something that was important to me”acting”and just becoming unhireable. To test how important it really was for me. [American Psycho] turned out to be the opposite. That brought me much more work.

Do you remember the last time you were [in danger of not making enough money to support yourself through acting]? [Long pause.] I know absolutely when it was; I’m just trying to decide how comfortable I am talking about it. Certainly . . . what year are we in? 2008? Only going back five years. Absolutely, yeah. House repossession”all that.

Have you ever done anything just for the money? Movies? Um . . . well, I guess there was one particular time”and I won’t tell you what it was”but it was following closely on the heels of the other thing that I didn’t want to talk about very much. It ended up that I found a great many experiences from it”but the motivation was completely keeping the head above water, yes.

How good do you think you are at being famous? I don’t really understand the question. Because there are people that you would undeniably call famous, and I’m not. You can go to many, many people and say “Christian Bale” and they have no idea who the hell you’re talking about. They might have seen a number of my movies, but they’ll still have no idea who you’re talking about. So I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about fame.

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Photos: Steven Klein for Details Magazine
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  • courtney

    Hes kinda hot!!

  • Nikki G.

    love him, he’s a great actor but he HAS to be talking about
    Shaft. I always thought he did that movie for the cash…

  • Ceci

    Oooooooooooooh he looks cool!!!

  • that’s the man

    really good questions, need more interviews like this, quite telling. Christian has always been hawt and considered a real actors actor, because he enjoys his craft, not doing it to be famous and get free lunches.

  • Ceci

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii where is my message :wave:

  • maryrowery

    he is really brilliant, handsome, talented
    great man

  • e.

    One of the best actors EVER. I haven’t seen anything with him that he wasn’t just amazing in.

  • depeche

    American Psycho was his best role, and Oscar worth performance. Its quite a shame that he neither was nominated.
    And he is simple the sexiest man alive!

  • mEEEE

    Great actor….it is actually good (in a weird way) that people don’t “know him” know him; it makes his characters/roles more believable.

  • Ali

    Amazing actor! love him! :)

  • Mike


  • David


  • Lil

    beautiful body, beautiful mind – talented, intelligent, elegant, modest…perfect!
    ehh, he reminds me that all fine guys are already taken :(

  • Sarah

    Absolutely loved him ever since Swing Kids. So good looking in an unassuming way. Christian, your time has come, your name will be known, hope you don’t get lost!

  • heather

    He is totally self-destructive in his acting choices. “The Machinist” is all that needs to be said. I love this actor. He really goes for it, and “it” is definately not fame or wealth or comfort.

  • stefanie

    An actor who see acting as a craft, not just for fame and money.

    Christian is TOTALLY THE BOMB!!! LUV HIM!

  • carol

    amazing actor and very handsome..
    he’s awesome!

  • abby

    God, I love him. He is so hot and he can ACT. I love that. Gah

  • Nice

    He’s a truly talented actor and seems really down to earth. Not to mention he’s the hottest man in Hollywood. What I wouldn’t give to ask him more about the roles he’s chosen so far in his career.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    he’s cool.

  • lorna

    looks old for his age and he’s a jerk to some fans

  • REagan

    omg, hot!

  • WelshBoy

    Hot indeed, and lets ignore lorna, just being a bitch.

  • csxyz

    I agree. It kind of works to his advantage that he’s not as recognized as other actors. It makes him so much more versatile. And I’m not sure, but I don’t think he really desires that kind of fame.

    Although it is surprising that he has done so much and still hasn’t reached that status. I think it has more to do with the way he handles himself in his everyday life.

  • Ewww

    I also loved him Little Women. I thought that he was cute then too.

  • Holly

    his on and off weight loss is not healthy. Does he know that’s dangerous even if its for movies? no wonder he is aging fast.

  • Ronnie

    his films outside Batman are flops i.e. Prestige,New World,Harsh Times etc….Public Enemies will do well because mainly due to the Depp factor.

  • Johanna

    Gotta love the Bale. He’s so refreshing compared to all those fake famewhore celebrities out there(coughcough). And to the deluded poster above: Bale gave brilliant performances in The Prestige, The New World and Harsh Times. He chooses movies because he loves the scripts not for any potential box office potential. By the way, not that it matters, but the Prestige opened at number one at the box office.

  • peach

    He is the greatest. I’d love to be able to just chat with him. Of course, I’d like more – but let’s be kind of realistic.

  • lolabella

    unfortunately, he’s got a wife…what a lucky girl!

  • WelshBoy

    I suppose so!

  • Andrea

    His first movie was (Speilberg’s) Empire of the Sun and I knew then (he was about 10 or 11 when he played the lead in that film) that he was going to be a great actor and probably a star.

    He was fantastic in the Prestige and stole the show. Was great in 3:10 to Yuma as well. And Rescue Dawn – forgettabout it. He was absoulutely reviting in that one.

  • cass


  • Starmaker

    He looks like Orlando Bloom and a bit like Stephen Fry!

  • Aero

    They must of modelled their look on him this is The Bale, The Mother Fucker even Fry is the other way around