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David Cook Rocks the Big Apple

David Cook Rocks the Big Apple

American Idol winner David Cook and runner-up David Archuleta arrive at a New York City airport and head over to their Big Apple hotel on Monday, Memorial Day.

Cook, 25, recently shared about his upcoming album: “It’ll probably be a rock record. I just want to make a record that’s going to make the hair on your neck stand up. Even if it doesn’t do well commercially, as long as I can put out a record I am proud of, that’s the goal right now. And hopefully the success will follow.”

And here are three more appearances Cook will be making in this week: Live with Regis & Kelly (Tuesday, May 27), The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Wednesday, May 28) and The Today Show (Thursday, May 29).

10+ pictures inside of the American Idol Davids

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  • cookie

    David Cook you Rock! we love you!

  • cookie

    David Cook you Rock! we love you!

  • cookie

    David Cook you rock! we love you

  • Rena

    Archie is in NY!!! so close to me now!!!…. go David Archuleta!!!!!

  • Rena

    Archie is in NY!!! so close to me now!!!…. go David Archuleta!!!!!

  • Rena

    Archie is in NY!!! so close to me now!!!…. go David Archuleta!!!!!

  • Rena

    Archie is in NY!!! so close to me now!!!…. go David Archuleta!!!!!

  • - guii

    David Cook *-*’

  • Rena


  • ro

    dude’s gotta smile a bit more. but i still adore him.

    it’s just funny how archie is smiling from ear to ear, and cook looks like he’s about to punch a fan. lol.

  • nice

    I’m watching him now on Regis & Kelly. Very articulate.

  • Jennifer W

    i love david archuleta and he looks so happy and thats good.

  • april

    Yeah ! We love the Davids, but especially David A. ! He looks happy and can’t wait to see him on the Today Show ! Thanks JJ

  • lol

    He just mentioned that he went on that date with Kim Caldwell. Good that he got that out of the way becasue he’s gonna be busy. She’s cute but a little on the loud side. lol! Congrats David on the number 1 itunes hit!

  • Larla

    It’s so refreshing to see a smiley face. Looks like Archie’s still so nervous with all the attentions he’s getting.

  • jenna

    I love you DC!!! Can’t wait for your album.

  • UH OH

    both great talents! congrats! finally a good story! makes me happy. David cook is HOT and Little David Archuleta is so adorable id be so proud to have him for a son!

  • O.M.G.



  • megan

    Thanks. Love both Davids. Very cute and talented. So glad to hear Cook will put out a true rock album. Has been rumors of taking him in a pop direction.

  • kylie

    im so glad he won ! he is so awesome

  • mj

    Hey Jared – I just saw Ellen and DC was on today!

  • nikomilinko
  • T j

    I think much of DC is an act, but he carried it out so well on the show, he deserved to win over DA who just seems unready for the wild world of showbiz (he’s hugely talented though and should suceed inthe future). Starting out geeky with greasy hair and a lame song like “Happy Together”, he knew how to build himself up, shedding those extra pounds (his idol-mates did say he worked out a lot and did you see his demo video for Analog Heart from 2 years ago where he looks almost exactly as he does now, hmmm) and jolting us with “Hello” and “Billie Jean” at the perfect moments in the season. Let’s not forget the tears on the finals after singing “The World I Know”. Perfect! He won our hearts and made us vote 4 hours straight, good thing his musical talent makes him deserving. Now, all his public talk about K Caldwell – hey, didn’t you even see Season 2 and how horribly mean she was on that show?! What a disconnect from the tasteful, sensitive DC he’s presented himself on the show. Makes me think this is just his opening act for the next phase of his career – throw in some bad to the clean, rocker boy image and keep people’s curiousity up, huh? DC, you’ve upset many people – could you just be yourself, please. Well, I’m going back to MJ all the way!!! Michael Johns – now that’s a GENUINELY nice, smart and immensely talented idol to watch. No acts there.

  • kokolo

    This guy (D.Cook) is getting arrogant. In two months everyone will be sick and tired of his big ego! KURAC!

  • dc

    love David Cook!!

  • Helena

    Archulet has an annoying face.

  • Helena


  • jen

    Wow! I thought the same thing about Kim Caldwell,,,thanks tj for your comment “didn’t you even see Season 2 and how horribly mean she was on that show?” Maybe the reason for ro’s comment “it’s just funny how Archie is smiling from ear to ear, and Cook looks like he’s about to punch a fan”.

  • jc

    David Archuleta has an adorable face! He looks Sooo HAPPY! I’m so happy for him. He will be a huge success!

  • NaBiLLa

    ThaTs realLy hapPy to SeE u archIe..
    I’m ur fans froM indoNesia..
    RealLy far,,
    JareD the masterPiece,,
    PleaSe tell to ArchIe that i love hIm..
    And coOk..
    I hoPe u knOw,,
    The past day,now and the fuTure,,
    U r the MOst anNoying people for me..
    Lets seE,,
    AlL people wilL hate u
    BIG MOUTH..!!
    N seE,,
    He has bIg head too..
    Like an aliEns..

  • alice

    enjoy nyc david archuleta. new york loves you you rule!!!!!!!!

  • Soco63

    I’m an Archie fan too but I’m embarrassed by your comments about Cook. Why can’t you just love Archie and not put down Cook? You’ve probably seen lots of interviews where Archie has praised Cook’s talent and says how much respect he has for him…
    They seem to be both great guys with lots of talent and I wish them both tremendous success…
    Great pictures by the way!

  • leslie

    david a did not win so why is he tagging along with david cook? becasue david cook is a kind person and feels sorry for the little dude? has this ever happened before? the one who didn’t win tagging along?

    and the inarticulate little david will be on the american idol tour. maybe they will spare the audience and not allow him to talk.

  • courtney
  • justin

    to leslie-
    If you look carefully, the davids are not together. these are pictures of both in nyc but they are doing different shows at different times. so, since you know so little maybe you should not say anything. too bad you’re not inarticulate. besides, david archuleta expresses himself so well in his music and he his an amazing person…maybe you need to take a lesson from him and from cook (because cook told archie that he loves him when they hugged each other after the winner was announced on Wednesday night)

  • Vickie

    I love David Archuleta!
    Archie!!! <3

  • alice

    archuleta belongs there in nyc because he’s the better singer. keep smiling archuleta, you’re the real deal and deserve all the attention you’re getting. you’ve always acted professional and never a slight bit arrogant and that’s one of the reasons, along with your incredible talent, that i love you so much. both davids will be successful, but archuleta is the real dea.

  • Lucy

    someone said Archie’s face is annoying… If you’re a guy, you’re prob jealous (who wouldnt be?), if you’re a girl you have problems. lol

  • nes

    Awww, I love how Archie is always so smiley. lol, Cook does look like he’s about to punch someone.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    david cook rocks! good luck to him

  • Whitney

    Omg David A. Cuteness aha teddy bear :’]
    goshh he so should have one xD

  • angel

    Helena has an annoying attitude…..David Archuleta is ADORABLE!!!

  • pauli

    OMG I love David Cook he is so hot on his hat, I missssssss himm.

  • inbar – Israel

    David Cook rocks!
    Can’t wait for the album, should sound amazing!

  • tina

    He is a great IDOL! I read where he would love to win a grammy some day and an oscar. I say go for it man. His commercial for guitar hero was so great I think he would be super in the remake of Footloose. He has so much talent and would be so much better with the adult audiences as compared to girly boy efron.

  • cookiedough

    Why the anti-hate on D.Cook all of a sudden? The minute he asked KC out I’ve been reading so many negative comments, not just from here but from other sites too. It’s ridiculous. He has the right to date anyone he chooses too…

    Keep on rocking DC! I cannot wait for the tour this summer and your album to come out!

    Thanks JJ :)

  • rita

    Love them both for their talent. Archie is so cute and adorable and Cook is so masculine and edgy with both having great pipes. Saw Cook on ellen and he said he’s love to do a movie someday. I agree with Tina he would be so much better in Footloose then Zac Efron. Sick of the HSM cutie pie crap….time for real men to show up on the screen.

  • cookiedough

    oops I meant hate not anti-hate, my bad…lol

  • sienna

    Wow they are both in NY and I live here. would love to see them both perform. Two great voices with different styles. David Cook in “Footloose” would be excellent. What a following he would garner, old and young alike. Stop the presses gang …..move over Zac Efron a real talent is about to challenge you.

  • beenie

    Loved both the Davids and wish then much success with their singing careers. Seriously, David Cook in Footloose? How awesome would that be. Hope they haven’t inked in Efron to a conract yet becuase this guy would be fantastic in that role. I read that he played baseball and was in drama in highschool. He is very versatile and quite intelligent.