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David Cook Dating Kimberly Caldwell

David Cook Dating Kimberly Caldwell

The newly crowned Idol winner David Cook and runner-up David Archuleta make an appearance at MTV studios in Times Square, New York City on Tuesday after an appearance on TRL to promote the upcoming American Idol Tour. (Their segment will air on Thursday.)

Earlier today on Live With Regis and Kelly, Cook, 25, admitted he recently had a dinner date with former Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell. Watch the video at TMZ.

When asked if he had a good time on his date at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Cook replied: “I did. We’ll probably hang out again. So we’ll see.”

It’s an Idol romance!!

Caldwell, 26, appeared on the second season of Idol and met Cook through the show.

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Credit: Daniel; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Sophie

    Who are these people…

  • yeahhh

    no!!! ahhh…i love david cook!!! :)

  • i love pink

    Jared you’re a retard.
    Get your facts right.

  • yeahhh

    nooo! i love david cook!

  • yeahhh

    no!!! i love david cook!

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    thats not cool!!! i love david cook!!!

  • Amy

    Great to see ARCHIE smiling!!!

    Will buy David A’s album whenever it comes out.

  • i love pink

    Yeah Kimberly Caldwell sounds like a man and she is ugly an a crappy singer.

  • Buzzkut
  • Kay

    Noooo! I was just thinking how cute he’d be with Carrie Underwood!

  • berlynn

    don’t worry, he’ll be so busy in the next year, he’ll be lucky if he gets to shower. He won’t have time to date, trust me….Kimberly Caldwell, eww, she’s a fame whoore.

  • Kira

    This is so lame… that girl is really trashy! She even flirted with Chris Richardson last year and now Cook? For god’s sake…

  • Bebe

    Yea, they are friends, so of course they will hang out again. Blah blah blah

  • MILEY’S #1 FAN

    this is very disapointing…….

    I agree with Kira, she is a flirt! DC is better than her!
    I meet Chris Richardson last year so maybe this year my time is to MEET DAVID COOK!! ahhh!!

    sorry, i had a moment.

  • lois

    I like DC but not Kim.

  • Laeve

    Kimberly strangely like David Archuletta in this pic!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    So whats next?
    American Idol babies?

  • Kira

    MILEY’S #1 FAN thanks for that LOL

    But well… I’m really tired of reading this over and over again. So okay, let’s face it, David’s dating Caldwell. Can we do something about it? NO. Is he going to sit down and consider what he’s doing to us fans? NO. Why? Because he’s a grown up and he can do whatever he wants to do with his life.

    We’re supposed to be his fans, and support him NO MATTER WHAT!

    I’m still against the whole relationship but, is his life, his choices, his relationships, NOT MINE

  • Jennifer W

    i love david archuleta and its great seeing that smile its wonderful

  • Mandy

    she is a white trash chain smoker!
    i thought cookie would have better taste than that!
    oh well i doubt it will last, but if it does, God help us!!

  • Your name

    your comment

  • taylor

    HE can do SOO MUCH BETTER THAN that.

  • jenna

    Cookie and KC won’t last long. Don’t be upset, ladies. He has a looooooong tour coming up, this is totally a “scratch the itch” relationship. He’ll be single again before you know it.

  • nes

    I love how Archie is always so smiley!

  • fakename

    lol, Jenna. True that.

  • ejtl

    Thank you Just Jared for updating us with David Cook. I am definitely watching TRL thursday.
    Even though I’m a little disappointed that DC is dating Kim Caldwell, because I think he should date Mandy Moore. lol. that’s just my wishful thinking. Nonetheless, I still love David Cook.

    Also, I love his style–the boots, dark jeans, and black jacket. it’s totally gives off this rockstar vibe from him.
    I hope he goes far, in terms of music career, like Carrie Underwood’s fame or Kelly Clarkson’s.


  • ks

    I wish he wouldn’t talk about it. It’s really putting his fans off. His people needs to tell him NOT to talk about his personal relationship. I’m still a fan but not that big of a fan now. Of all the idols, he end up dating the most annoying idols of all! Is this the first sign that my vote was wasted on the wrong idol?! Still love his voice thought, so please David start working on your album now!!!

  • ejtl

    David Cook is pretty much the coolest guy ever coming out of American Idol. (in my opinion)

  • jenna

    ks, Honestly, you’re going to turn your back on the most talented Idol ever because he has bad taste in women. WOW.
    I seriously hope most of his fanbase is not like you, because that would just be sad. Give the guy a chance to have some fun, and maybe, just maybe, make some mistakes too.
    He’s not marrying her. She’s not even his girlfriend. They had one date! This is ridiculous.

  • ashley

    I can’t believe I spent so much time voting for this fameho. I deleted him off myspace when I read about his sudden need to share his private life. I thought he wanted to be an artist, not a celebrity. All respect I had for him is lost. Kimberly Caldwell???? At least he’ll have a job on TV Guide channel when his 15 minutes is over. I’m not buying his CD. I think it’s probably a PR relationship but that means he went along with it and that’s pretty lame. And if it isn’t, then he’s got bad taste. This could have been the time of your life, David, but you just shot your career in the foot.

  • Sal

    Poor poor David Cook. Was he kept away from women for 4 months?
    AI should get the contestants hookers on a regular basis, so they don’t make these horrible dating choices when they leave the bubble (out of desperation to get laid) … not to mention alienating future record buyers.

    Why is he so desperate that he has to date Kim Caldwell. She’s horrendously untalented and loud. A party girl skank. She’s been with everyone … check for STI’s David.

    I’m losing respect for the guy …. this fan is fading away!

  • reality check

    Am I the only one who thinks they make a good match. If you are looking at him through rose colored glasses, he is okay looking I guess. Truth is he has a huge melon with a comb-over on top of it. Kinda fug in my opinion.

  • Peace-out

    David Cook is soooo HOT. Let the man get some action he deserves it. At this point who ever he dates will be hated by all the fangirls but KC is annoying and loud so don’t worry he’ll be on back on the market soon.

  • katy

    blah…not a big fan of kimberly…I love david but he should know better…him with Carrie Underwood would be another story, that’d be a hot couple


    If I have to see David with anyone it would be Carrie Underwood. Kimberly Caldwell is so blah. She sounds like a man and seems immature. He is smart and is dating a girl with no brains who has been with every man off of American Idol. I hate her.

  • bella

    Cook is so unattractive, pasty faced with a bad comb over, eeww

    I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who was voting for him, in an LA times article it said it was mostly COUGARS, I wonder what he will think at his first solo concert when he sees women in their 40s and 50s screaming his name, lol.

  • Cookfan

    Bella you are ignorant. David Cook is not unattractive. He is very easy on the eyes. The guy who wrote the LA Times article is also ignorant. There are women and men from all age groups who voted for DC. Don’t be such a hater.

    As far as this little fling I hope it is very temporary. I’ve been doing my homework and it looks like she is an idol junkie. She seems to have picked one up each year. Get it out of your system DC and move on. This will not help your career. We all know you’re better than her. I still love your music and I’m going to buy the CD the second it hits the shelves. Can’t wait to see you on the tour.

  • Christina

    LOL, the comments here are funny.

    You can totally tell that David Cook will date starlets. He wasted no time out of the gate at all. All season long all he talked about was wanting a girlfriend, not having a girlfriend, how he looks at magazines to see how to get a girlfriend. Its pathetic.

  • kitkat 07

    luv him!!!!!!! he’s so downtoearth, but I was hoping for Archuleta

  • Ann

    Jenna, everything you say is so spot on what I was going to reply, lol. You go girl!

  • formerfan

    This fan done gone too. If he had a longtime girlfriend, a wife, or said he wanted to concentrate on his career, he’d have me. But jumping in front of the tv cameras to ask a B-rate celebrity out the second he wins sounds like someone who has a desperate need for fame. What an idiot. He could have had legitimate respect in the industry but now he’s a joke.

  • isabella

    can’t stand that loud mouth Kimberly. can’t believe she is his type. sad

  • MiHay

    IMHO, one dinner does NOT equal dating.

  • please

    and David Archuleta is dating his dads cock.

  • please

    and David Archuleta is dating his dads C0CK.

  • please

    and David Archuleta is dating his dads ccok.

  • http://JJ.COM BLIP


  • Topaz_blu

    U guys are so funny…esp u Jenna spot on! Love it! I just realise their initials are alike.. DC and KC. All together now…EWW! I thot i was the only one not feeling the whole kim thing. I hope he upgrades after her.. There is still love for Cookie rite guys? We’ll forgive him…soon. haha.. It’s not worth pondering on…maybe KC will go to Archie next…I hope not. Yuck!

  • LOL

    LMAO..these Uglii Ppl…sO DAMN FuQen UGlii..BiatCces..LMAO..


  • yoda

    i agree with ks @ 7:45, he needs to stop flapping his yaps about her. it’s his business who he dates, but we don’t need it broadcasted.