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Katie Holmes' Broadway Rehearsal

Katie Holmes' Broadway Rehearsal

Katie Holmes continues her professional move to theater as she leaves rehearsals from the Hilton Theater in New York City earlier last week.

Mrs. Tom Cruise with be starring in Arthur Miller‘s play All My Sons. The play depicts the tragedy of a man who knowingly sold defective plane parts to the government during World War II, and has to face the truth when his son wants to propose to his business partner’s daughter.

Katie will be starring alongside the likes of John Lithgow, Patrick Wilson (pictured) and Dianne Wiest.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes heading to Broadway rehearsals…

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katie holmes broadway rehearsal 01
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 02
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 03
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 04
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 05
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 06
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 07
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 08
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 09
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 10
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 11
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 12
katie holmes broadway rehearsal 13

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  • Helena

    She’s so dull.

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    She’ll probably have an affair with Patrick Wilson and that’ll be the end of TomKat!

  • Nika

    Her eyes seem empty… It’s really sad what happened to our lovely, self-confident Joey Potter :-(

  • はやーん


  • Ceci

    She looks tries to look cool but sorry to say she doesn’t look good at all with short hair, she looked so sweet in long hair.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    Ugh, someones looking – rough.

    To much sex’n from king cruise.

  • Lauren

    Bad “mom” hair. Ugh.

  • susanna

    She looks like a tragedy.

  • Amy

    Good to see her back to work. She looks good without any makeup too.

  • diane

    I like the way Katie has her hair she will probably do well in this movie

  • Maron

    She looks so normal and down to earth with those clothes. Keep them coming J. Love her!

  • ^

    That was hilarious a comment. And fanciful too. Never saw a woman looking rough from too much loving from her husband. U must be from another planet. Or are as weird as TC.

    Have u given TC any hit on his site? He needs all the ad revenue he can get from it now.

  • bejeebus

    she looks like @ss….as usual.

  • nikomilinko
  • susanna

    That’s what I heard, that she split from TC, he bought her some lines in the play to get her out of LA.

  • liza

    she’s a sweet & i personally think she looks just fine, but she’ll blend into the scenery in this play. i know broadway is constantly hard-up for profits so they have to constantly invite unremarkable celebs who want to be seen as “legit” artists, but it gets old. but she’s not so offensively bad it will ruin the play, just dull it.

  • courtney
  • Halli

    You know, that hairstyle was really stylish back in the 1930s. But seriously that hair is so juvenile. I see 3 year olds with that cut.

  • Riri

    Why would anyone pay a bad actress?

    Her husband can help her with fame and fashion, but he cannot buy her talent.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    good luck to katie

  • Locfo

    She looks sweet, but maybe she cut her hair short to do this play. Maybe she will grow it back after she is done doing this play. I hope Broadway will bring out the best in her.

  • marine


  • leelee

    The only reason they want her in the play is because they know people will pay big $$ to see half of TomKat.. not to see Katie the great actress.

  • mary

    What the hell happened to her. She is unrecognizable. TC has ruined her. The hair is horrendous! She looks soooo unhappy. Is money worth selling your soul and happiness?

  • concerned mom

    She ruined herself, she made many bad choices, nobody forced her.

  • cheche

    Well, I guess everyone has very different perceptions, but I happen to think Katie looks really cute in these pics. I wish her goodluck on Broadway.

  • mary

    TC hasn’t helped her with much, she would’ve been better off without him. Now she doesn’t have to pay rent and she can be driven around in that hearse. But, it sure doesn’t look like a happy scene.

  • Jobi

    She won’t ever leave Tom because surely she’s smart enough to know where her money comes from. She is no actress in my opinion, I think that’s what attracted TC to her…..she was of no threat to him!!

  • Miapocca

    So..Nicole says they are manipulating ehr kids and keeping them away from here..seems like they declared Nicole a suppresive person and Katie the RoBoHagHo is helping inflict pain on a mother…she doesnt know the meaning of the word mother since her head is full of what to shop for and which brainwashing sessions she should attend..

  • pr person

    She can’t hold her own umbrella?

  • Miapocca

    HMM..SOON THEY will be buying her bribing scientoloreviewers to chim her praises nonstop..ahhah

  • concerned mom

    Well, you make a good point Jobi, but for TC to hook up with this bimbo who keeps making an idiot out of herself, wearing spike heels towering over him, with her smirk expressions, can’t be making him proud.
    He could have picked a classy, put together non-actress, there are many beauties out there, he didn’t have to pick a bad actress at all.
    Actually many fabulous actresses were on his wife list but they declined him. He needed a better list.

  • Julie

    If this is the beginning of their separation, yikes, Suri stayed in LA with the cult, does this make KH a suppressive person like Nicole?

    Maybe Nicole can speak up now (Yay !) as she sees KH going down that road, will Suri be kidnapped like Nicole’s children have been?

  • tom c

    Only one way she could have gotten this part – hubby’s Scientology connections. Hope she flops. she can’t sing for beans. She sounds like a 6 yr old with a screechy voice trying to hit the high notes.

  • Marieme

    More Patrick, less Katie and her bags that can feed a village.

  • mia

    lovely and classy

  • lois

    I cant wait for this. Miss her,Tom and Suri!

  • surfer

    Yay and thanks JJ

  • Emma

    She looks sad and lost again. She turns that look on and off at will folks! When she’s with her dear hubby she has the smirk, and she looks a bit scared now too. Gee, I wonder why? Where did the arrogant smirk go?

    She’s thinking “My dear, sweet husband who was so kind to brainwash me and now my child too has bought me this opportunity since no one in Hollywood wants me after my big flop. I’m just a has-been TV actress, really. I so hope I can make my dear husband proud of me so he won’t punish me by sending me off to one of those scientology boot camps. I’m so used to my big spending money and I..I..really don’t think I could live without it!!!”

  • me

    It’s pretty pathetic to have to go to the other side of the country to get a job and a tiny one at that. I’ll bet Tom is glad she is gone. What a bimbo!
    She probably begged him to get her a big role but even Tom knew she could not handle it and it would make him look like an idiot. I think this is probably Katie’s last job as an “actress”. She’s finished in Hollywood and will probably be fired before this play premieres.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Cute little Katie she smiles today yay!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Imagine your exes calling you manupluator Katie knows she can’t see Suri and she is gettinig paid 3 million Dollars for staying married with that king of crazies.She got paid 250 tousand for Mad Money probabaliy 100 tousand for this one. It pays better stay married with that manupluator who can blame for it.

  • emily

    Does she actually SING in the play? OMG, she doesn’t have a chance, she should go back to LA and just get inseminated and shop.

  • mel

    Katie and Patrick in one play? yipppeeeee…..

  • swing

    versatile actress and so adorable even with no makeup.
    g’luck Katie.
    thanks jj.

  • Greggo

    Only threat Tom has from Katie is I think she is taller than the self-centered jerkoff! And I hate to say it but Katie looks dowdy. Greggo

  • pixie

    cute shoes and purse

  • Nana

    You made my day Jared with this Katie sightings. Hope to see

    Tom and Suri very soon. I love this Arthur Miller play.

  • blt

    her eyes are lovely. It looks green.

  • orange

    Congrats to Katie and congrats to Cruise for being no.1 on Esquire’s Most Bankable actor in Hollywood. Second man is Tom Hanks.