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Lindsay's Dad Blogs About Dina's Reality Show

Lindsay's Dad Blogs About Dina's Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan may not be featured in Living Lohan, the reality series that follows little sister Ali and mom Dina, but that hasn’t stopped her dad, Michael, from sharing his reactions.

Mr. Lohan will be blogging about each episode on OK! magazine’s website. Here’s an excerpt: “For now, let’s just say I’m still trying to figure out if this show is about managing Ali’s career and being a “real” mother, or reading tabloids. I’ve had a sneak peek at some future episodes and I will say that some of the people Dina surrounds the kids with still concerns me — again, I can address that when they appear on the show. I just hope Dina takes the high road — like a Lohan would — and rights these wrongs.”

Read Michael‘s full blog entry at Here are some video clips from the show:

Dina scanning the tabloids to find stuff about her kids (watch here)

Ali signing autographs and talking about how much she looks up to Lindsay (watch here)

Ali & Dina arguing with Ali‘s record company (watch here)

Ali listening to tracks for her upcoming CD (watch here)

Favorite quote of the episode? A quote framed in the Lohan house in Long Island: “If it has tires or testicles, it’s gonna give you trouble.”

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  • MOVIEMadess

    blah blah blah he is clearly getting paid to do that crap…

  • RIMA

    Ali Lohan should take lessons from Angham!
    She’ll teach her how to sing well!

    As for her mom, omg… no comment about her! She’s blinded by money!

  • jo

    fame whores!

  • JI

    Wow. They’re making money off each other now…

  • jane two

    Low class – Mom, Dad and sisters.

  • trish.

    Honestly, i saw this show.
    i will NEVER watch it.

    How is Lindsay lohan someone’s role model?
    lol..smh. even she was my sister, i ‘d be the first one to call her out on her bullshxt.

    and best interest from their mother? Right. lol
    if money is involved i dont think no mother will have their best interest at heart.

  • david peck

    yeah, these people are definitely low class. It seems that the more famous you get the worse you become. I’m looking for results.

  • jackiee

    ali doesn’t have what it takes to make it in hollywood..

  • OMG

    SUCH FAME WANNABEES =/ i’m gonna vomit….

    they’re pathetic……..actually really pathetic…… they’re TOTALLY PATHETIC…..

  • lene

    Lindsay is the ONLY Celebrity in that family, and her family are just mooching of her.

    Without Lindsay: THERE WOULD BE NO SHOW!
    Without Lindsay: Who are they?

    I love Lindsay Lohan, i love her movies. But her family is taking advantage of her fame!

  • melmel

    Dina is gorgeous… lindsay looks so much like her!

  • whatthe*

    What a sad family. The show was a complete disaster. I can’t tell if Ali thinks she’s the next Lindsay or Ashlee Simpson, seems she’s channeling both and making a fool out of herself. Clearly Dina is a train wreck. I feel the most sorry for Cody, he’s a cute boy having to live in this nightmare of a home and family. I did manage to watch Denise Richard’s show prior to this mess, and found myself actually enjoying it. She’s a basket case too, but she’s pretty funny and the show had some moments! I like that she has a farm filled with dogs cats and pigs…and she does have a good sense of humor…but I’m not sure she can live down the fact that she slept with her best friends husband, that speaks miles about her.

  • nikomilinko
  • imilky23

    check out more:

  • wtf

    Call these two parents, they’d sell out their kids for 30 pieces of silver, the question is could they ever get by without using their kids, I wonder how much he’s going paid to spill the beanz by the mag? Lindsay seems like a good kid, it’s her parents that’s turning her into a freak show, divorce anyone!

  • wtf

    Call these two parents, they’d sell out their kids for 30 pieces of silver, the question is could they ever get by without using their kids, I wonder how much he’s going paid to spill the beanz by the mag? Lindsay seems like a good kid, it’s her parents that’s turning her into a freak show, divorce anyone!

  • Helena

    Kind of pathetic. lol at White Oprah. Loser.

  • boycott this mess

    Why would orange Oprah put the tires and testicles sign in her house while she is raising a son? I feel so sorry for that child. He doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Stefanie

    so she has ruined Lindseys life.. now Ali has to have a ruined life aswell?? pff

  • Daniele

    yes, Dina is really gorgeous

  • ouch!

    How can a person who rips through the tabloids each and every morning looking for stories about themselves & family turn around and say they don’t care what the tabloids say about them? That doesn’t even make sense.

  • KC

    This show is just sad. Hopefully it will be such a turn off it will make parents think long and hard about exploiting their kids for fame and fortune. It’s really not worth it.

  • naty

    he should keep his mouthg shot, is not that I like Diana(that’s her name?) but honestly he writing those comments is just making the situation worst. And who is he to criticize anyone when he is not even a good role model, he is just trying to be famous, that’s all, those people need to go away.
    PS: that reality show was awful I would never see it again

  • bejeebus

    i watched the clip of them on the phone with the record company (obviously, i have self masochistic trendencies)…..ummmmm who do they think they are???? ali is an “artist”? these lohans sure have an waaaaaaaaay overblown sense of self. i bet the stupid little girl can’t even sing…she can barely speak correctly. listening to her try to talk hurts my ears. i think they should realize that they pretty much seem to be being humored by those record execs. they should stfu and take what they are being OFFERED…..and like it. i think i hate the lohans.

  • You/Me

    This kind of sh*t makes me want to throw up. What kind of people ….parents….are these?
    I just don’t understand how Dina Lohan can look in the mirror every day and not cringe with shame and embarrassment.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    they live near me!!!! WOOO! GO LONG ISLAND!!! :D

  • Ami

    Louis Vuitton Sues Artist
    Artist Nadia Plesner created this image to show how much more press celebrities and designers get as opposed to real problems in our world, like the Darfur region. Louis Vuitton isn’t having it.

    They’ve slapped her with a lawsuit demanding she stop producing the image and $20,000 a day for copyright infringement.

    Isn’t Louis Vuitton kind of missing the point? They’re still getting publicity by the photo depicting a bag that looks extremely similar to theirs, but the focus should be on Darfur! They should be thanking the artist for thinking of them!

  • @ Sam

    You really shouldn’t brag about that.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    uhmmm…hun long island is BEAST!!!!! bettr than ur dumb ass home town!

  • @ Sam

    You’re right. Long Island is BEAST! It’s also home to BEASTS! Good job making your point! LOL!

    It seems that they must have a great school system there also! ROTFLMAO!

  • girl

    This family is crazy. You couldn’t pay me to watch the train wreck that they call their lives. They’re pathetic.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    uhmm..hun. wth are u talking about? I bet you live in the middle of a douchebag state! :D at least here in long island we have some money and fame!!!!!!!!! =]]

  • @ Sam

    No, you’re totally right. You’re state does have SOME money and SOME fame. You do seem very impressed with the Lohan’s money and fame. That would be the concerning (and laughable) part of this. I mean…I’m only from CALIFORNIA…….what does my state know about money and fame???? God, you’re stupid….but you ARE from Long Island….so what can we really expect.

    P.S. People from Long Island sure do have pretty accents and looooovely spray tans. Absolutely stunning! You’re all like a bunch of Oompa Loompas! I also commend you all on your great support for the hair product industry. LOL

  • Some chick

    Well, I guess he figured he’d end up making some money on it SOMEHOW. What a sad little family they are. Lost.

    I have been a little curious, I admit, as to what the show is like. But I won’t watch it on principle.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    okayy. andd ur gonna tell me tht in California some girls don’t spray tan!
    im not trying to say I have anything against ur state b/c I don’t. I lovee California but please don’t insult Long Island. :D
    I surrender =]]

  • me

    um this bastard is just trying to get some publicity and really feel sorry for Ali Lohan

  • Jo

    OMG Ali is so not cute. and she needs to learn to be personable. my impression of her is total b**** she is nothing compared to lindsay.

  • woodsawoodrow@hotmail.comwoooh

    ali lohan has no vocal abilities what so ever.. its a joke even watching her, she aint made for it and has got to be embarrassing for her!!!

  • lor

    I have watched the show (i’m not going to lie) and I think Ali acts like a freekin pain in the ass…….. She needs an attitude adjustment. Maybe her mom should have thought a lil harder before agreeing to do the show, she forgot to take her daugthers shitty attitude into considerations. Now people can see the real Ali before they hear her music. And to tell u the truth even if her music was good I would not buy it, why? Because her crappy ass attitude as a person sucks and I would not wanna give my hard earned money to a dumbell.

    I don’t even know why Lindsay is so famous…………

    I’m just sayin’