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Rachel Bilson: Shop, Shop, Shop

Rachel Bilson: Shop, Shop, Shop

Rachel Bilson and her mom, Janice, run errands near her home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

RB, 26, was casually dressed in baggy flared jeans and a purple shirt for a trip to a CVS pharmacy and an optician.

Rachel‘s been running a taxi for service for BFF Hayden Christensen! Check out her picking up HC.

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Credit: Richard Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • reedley

    SOO homely,

    SOO tiny,

    SOO nothing…


  • The Boy Next Door

    and you so don’t know what you are talkingabout

  • 007

    It’s funny how people can judge others so easily.

  • jeezzum

    Utterly TEDIOUS all over again…
    I think if this shortie would just put those bags all over her head that could be more interesting!

  • Laura


  • merckies

    I bet she’s having an “oxygen-malfunction” if she can’t go shopping (as documented) in 2 days – DAMN!

  • sweetauntie

    hey jared forgot to mention what color her bra and panties are, its so news worthy what she is wearing.

  • sweetauntie

    hey jared forgot to mention what color her bra and panties are, its so news worthy what she is wearing.

  • kelli

    What has this girl done to make people hate her so? She’s not the most beautiful woman, but she’s certainly not ugly. And she’s certainly not the best actress out there but I’d rather watch her than Paris hilton. At least she’s not flashing her v-jay-jay to the world and I’ve never heard about her doing anything unseemly. I’d rather my little girl cousins look up to her than some of the other media-whores out there.

  • kelli

    What exactly has this girl done to encourage such animosity? She’s not the most beautiful woman in the world, but she’s definitely not ugly. And she may not be the world’s most talented actress but I’d rather watch her than Paris hilton. I’ve never heard of her doing anything unseemly like falling in the streets drunk or dancing on top of tables pantie-less so I’m trying to figure out what exactly is people’s problem with her? I’d rather my little cousins look up to her than Lohan, hilton, and Amy Winehouse.

  • Lila

    @ #3
    Because we live in the world of perfect people, Rachel happens to be an exception, didn’t you know?

  • rydell

    Her “shopping addiction” makes me think of more serious world issues like the starving children in Africa, global warming, child soldiers in Darfur, endless conflict bet. Israelis & the Palestinians and all the human sufferings in the world – LOL!

  • em

    She’s a cutie.

  • Jughed

    She looks great, and I like her style.

    I’m not sure what commenter #1 is angry about, but only “tiny” girls look right in baggy flared jeans — as opposed to the chubby ones who can only wear them tight.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with a plus-sized gal..

  • a

    Short legged, midget with a learning disability.

    Congratulations on your choice Hayden.

  • kleigh

    She’s NO different to Jennifer Aniston for being vapid, trite, overrated, plain-looking, marginally talented wannabe celeb but probably lots of money for all her press releases but at least JA got lots of movies on her sleeves to back up all those media hype she’s making…

  • CEW

    Well she must be doing something right since Jared keeps posting her.

  • kate

    what an unattractive dumb girl

    why do we need to see her going shopping all the time

    it is insulting

    stop it just jared, nobody cares about her

  • unreechy


  • niles

    @ #12

    Had a good laugh at that but then I could agree much… Her utter desperation of these kind of media antics badly needs MEDICAL ATTENTION!


    NO DYE= You can’t dye your hair when you are pregnant.

    LOOSER CLOTHING= To hide the baby until its noticable.



  • Amber

    She has been looking VERY down latley and even when she was crying at the airport. I wonder whats wrong with her?

    Mood swings maybe?!

  • csxyz

    It’s hilarious how people think calling her short is an actual insult!
    And it’s not like she’s spending tons of money buying clothes – she’s just running errands and going to an eye appointment! Give her a break.

  • toni

    Please stop posting that she is pregnant. If she was she would tell the whole world. The woman does not know the meaning of subtle. She would be parading Hayden around on all these errands just to show how together they are. The H necklace just isn’t getting enough attention these days. Why not just spell out his whole name and be done with it.

    JJ why all the BFF now after all this time and posts of them together. Do you know something we don’t?

    She really needs to do something with her hair it looks awful.

  • gilmorie

    @ She has been looking VERY down lately and even when she was crying at the airport. I wonder whats wrong with her?

    I bet she’s been reading all the loving (s-a-r-c-a-s-m) comments that JJ has religiously posted on her. And why not, its her OFFICIAL & PATRONIZED blog site!

  • anonymous

    When Hayden the vampire is here, Rachel becomes his human utensil. I doubt she goes shopping for herself, poor dear.
    Or Hayden is the boring and sticky buddy which she can’t get rid of.

  • @# 24

    @ She really needs to do something with her hair it looks awful.

    It doesn’t matter, hair-color or hair styling CANT fix a homely face & a talentless starlet – it’s just the way as it is!

  • perky

    adam and rachel should get back together. she does not looks as happy as she was usedto with adam.adam is doing well in his career to slowly but surely.too bad , jla got canceled.

  • hahahaha

    weird she was all happy the 2 1/2 weeks she was away from her “bf” and now he’s in town she looks depressed…so much for a great romance!

  • liz

    kelli – agreed. one hundred percent.

  • Laura

    @ kelli
    ‘What has this girl done to make people hate her so?’

    Dated Hayden Christensen who all these pathetic little haters have a crush on, so anyone that dates him (apart from their idol Natalie Portman) gets hated on basically. :)

  • @#28

    Both of their so-called popularity is just tied up during OC heydays and that’s it. But since OC is now in the graveyard, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched, if they would follow through.
    Besides, it’s the Gossip Girl (another lame show) who’s doing & making the headlines right now so why still bother about those another set of one-hit-wonders!?

  • summer

    Rachel has a great style,she’s cute and I think she’s a GOOD actress!O.C. was my fav show and Summer my fav character because of Rachel played her very well!So I don’t understand why some crazy people say that she”s ugly and not talented and etc. ….:P
    But everybody can have own opinion…:)

  • luna

    She looks great

  • tessa

    love her!!

  • Ally

    Rachel’s cute as a button, has a great sense of fashion and is one of the rare actress in her 20 who hasn’t a DUI, but she’s not a good actress at all.
    She should take some acting classes to learn how to act because she can do comedy (The OC, basically she was okay when her character was a brainless spoilt girl) but can’t do the rest.
    She was painfully bad in Jumper.
    If she wants to have a real career and not only act in her friends’s movie/Tv shows, she needs to work on her acting. I don’t see why she couldn’t improve her skills.

  • andré

    all i have to say is that i don’t know what’s going to to fashionistas like her, sienna miller, keira knightley and mischa barton wearing these HIDEOUS clothes everytime nowaday.

    Get over this high-waisted jeans trend, plp. It ALWAYS looks awful.
    Serioulsy, I’ve never seen anyone looking good on them.

  • Laura

    Lmao Mischa Barton stopped being a fashionista about two years ago.

    And to be fair to Rachel, Summer was only brainless and spoilt in the first half of the first season. And she was quite good in The Last Kiss as well as in Chuck and amazing in her rape PSA Unbroken. It’s only Jumper she was bad in IMO.

  • irina

    She’s so cute. Thanx Jared

  • Gwen

    I love her style

  • alison

    Rachel is cute, but unintelligent, simplistic, no better yet, primitive, not very good looking, I do not like her short legs

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Hey, she is acting normal, in normal clothes. Plus she’s cute. At least it is not some 6 inch Beckham heels and a mini-skirt with body guards. There is something homey about her, for once.

  • sweethayden

    So lovely !

    she’s cute, i don’t understand why there’s so many mean comments on her.

    Rachel rocks !

  • The Boy Next Door

    I love how all these people hate her soooooo much that they have to leave comments on her pictures. lol

  • oakling

    celebrities shop at cvs?

  • lisa

    Are they supposed to go to designer pharmacies?